My affair with Summer

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A few years ago I was working at a large government complex in the Southwest. I periodically went there and spend a month at a time working. Some places on the site were classified, so I had to have an escort. The last two times I went out there, my escort was a woman named Summer. Summer was tall slender brunette, who seem to be very professional.

The project I was working on was going to take two months. I’d spend month there, go home for two weeks, and then go back for another month. We had to make appointments at each facility before we could go, so scheduling was big issue. The site was about 50 miles from the nearest town. So we’d have to get up early and drive for an hour before we can start working and it was the same going home in the evening. We end up spending a lot of time together talking on the drive to and from site. Since we were in a government vehicle, she had to drive.

I learned that Summer’s husband was a bishop in some small local religion that I had never heard of before, called Church of Loving Forgiveness. She didn’t talk much about it, but did say she was very active in the church. During the first week we got to know each other fairly well and I really liked her. Slowly during the week, she started open up a little bit and I got the feeling that she was in a very strange relationship.

She started asking me questions about my life and even got into my sex life. I didn’t really have a problem telling her anything I’ve done, including both mine and my wife’s infidelities. She seemed really interested that I have share her and had affairs. Some she knew about and others that she didn’t

On Friday, after lunch, we went to a new facility, but we had to skip our meeting because they were having a drill, which we were told was take the rest of the day. We tried to make appointments at other facilities, but it was pretty late. So Summer asked me if I wanted to get a drink. I said sure and she started driving off the site. She took a turn off the main highway and drove a few miles to the small hole in the wall bar in the middle of nowhere.

She told me this is big hangout for people that work at the site. We went inside and there was no one there, because everyone was working at this time of day. She ordered two beers, I took mine went to sit at a table. Before I can even take one drink, she had chugged her first beer and ordered a second. Then, she came over and sat down. Started to talk about what we do next week, but the conversation soon turned sex, and her marriage.

After second beer she really opened up and told me about her religion. It turns out that her husband’s church was a cult that used sex to forgive sins. Women in the church have sex with a bishop to have their sins forgiven. Her husband openly had sex with many women in church. Summer was expected to have sex with the men in the church, while her husband watched. He had to be there or the sins wouldn’t be forgiven. She complained that there were more women in the church than were men and he was always screwing other women. She said that he quit having sex with her, but would get completely naked and masturbate while she screwed other man. She was really getting frustrated. She didn’t mind screwing other guys as much as not having an intimate relationship with anyone. Since he became a Bishop, she never had sex without him watching.

She also said that she had to entertain the other bishops and the Prophet. I asked her about the Prophet was and she said he was the leader of the church. He had s vision from God that he, his bishops could forgive sins by having sex with the sinners. A bishop’s wife could have sex with a man, but a bishop had to be present to have his sins forgiven.

Every other weekend a bishops or the Prophet would come to their house and she would have to entertain them sexually. Her husband would sit in the corner and masturbate while she submitted completely to the other men’s desires. On the other week ends, her husband went to another bishop of the Profit’s house. She didn’t know if he fuck the other bishop’s wives. He never did when she was around. Also, once a year they would have a “convention”, which was just an excuse for an orgy. She enjoyed the convention more, because she liked the audience; however, she really wanted to have sex with just one person in the room for a change.

And she suddenly said, “Will you fuck me!”

I’ve been thinking about that ever since I met her and especially since she started asking me about my sex life. I said, “Sure!”

We chugged our beers, jumped in the car, and drove to my hotel. We went to my room and she started kissing me before I can close the door. We practically ripped each other’s clothes off and jumped in bed. I kissed my way down her naked body down her leg and up her inner thigh down the other leg and up her thigh again. I stopped at her delicious shaved pussy began kissing and licking her. Her pussy lips quickly opened and she became extremely wet. I continued to lick her, until I heard her moan and I tasted her cum. Then, slowly kissed my way up until I was on top of her and she grabbed my cock slid into her gaping, wet pussy. We both came quickly and rested for brief time.

While we rested she kept telling me how beautiful it was how much she wanted me. The more she talked, the more turned on I became. It quickly became hard again and began thrusting without ever şişli escort coming out of her. While we were fucking, she kept telling me how much of a slut she was how much she enjoyed cheating on her husband at this moment.

She kept saying, “Cum deep inside me. I want be your slut, and I’m a fucking whore. I can’t believe finally to make love without someone watching. I want you so much. I want to cheat on him so much. I want to be taken without him knowing about it. I want to commit adultery so bad. Take me. Use me. Fuck me.”

She got me so turned on that I squirted a second load deep inside of her and she screamed with every squirt. Then, we laid there and kissed for a long time. After I came out of her, we took a shower together and I washed every inch of her naked body, exploring every inch of her. She became really turned on again, I masturbated her two orgasms. Then we rinsed off and I dried her with a towel.

We went back to bed, just for a long time but she told me she couldn’t remember the last time she had sex without someone watching her. She thanked me for giving her pleasure, and asked if we could do this again. I told her I would be there for the next three weeks and for another month after that. She told me that we had to keep this from her husband. She wanted this affair to be kept quiet. She wanted to cheat on him. She wanted to commit adultery.

Then, she told me that this was a weekend she had the entertain one of the other bishops. So she wouldn’t be able to see me until Monday. Then, she got up, got dressed, and left.

I spent the whole weekend thinking about her, and masturbating. She was so completely willing completely unashamed of being naked. In fact, I think she really enjoyed being naked.

On Monday, as we drove out to the site, she told me about her weekend and how she fucked the other bishop. She went into great detail about what he did to her and how her husband just sat naked in the corner and masturbated while he watched. She said that it was enjoyable and she liked fucking the guy, but she would have rather been with me.

It was hard keeping my mind on work while she sat next to me in the car. She is wearing a very short skirt that day and every time she moved her leg, skirt seemed to ride up higher. While we were driving I reached over and put my hand on her thigh, and she pulled her skirt up to her waist. She wasn’t wearing panties, so I moved my hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She told me not to go too far while she was driving. She didn’t want to have an accident.

The day dragged on very slowly and I had a hard time concentrating on work. Finally, we finished up a little early and drove back to town. We went right to my hotel room stripped completely naked. She pulled the covers back and laid on the bed her back with her legs spread. I pretty much repeated that I did to her on Friday. After we showered, we laid on the bed talking and she told me more about what the other bishop did to her over the weekend. I got really turned on again and mounted her. She reached down and grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. While I fucked her she continued to tell me about what the guy did to her. She said that he handcuffed her to bed, spread her legs wide, and fucked her. He kept telling her husband to watch, to see his cock in her pussy. However, her husband just sat there and masturbated.

I was so turned on couldn’t take any longer squirted deep inside of her. And we laid there kissing she kept thanking me. After a while I came out and she got up. She cleaned up got dressed and left

The rest of the week was pretty much the same, until Friday. Then she told me that her husband was going to visit another bishop and his wife that weekend and we could be alone for the whole weekend.

On the way back town, we stopped at a grocery store and bought food. And put it in little refrigerator in my room. There’s also a microwave so we could cook. We spent the entire weekend naked, except Saturday evening when we ordered pizza. I put pants on when I answered the door, but Summer just laid on the bed naked and put on a show for the pizza guy. She really enjoyed showing him her body. The pizza got cold while we fucked again.

Summer told me that she really enjoyed showing off, especially since her husband wasn’t there. I found out that she was really an exhibitionist and enjoyed showing her body off.

The weekend went by too fast, and Sunday afternoon she had to leave, because her husband was coming home.

On Monday, as we were driving to the site, Summer told me that her husband wanted to watch us fuck. I asked her how he found out. She didn’t know, but she thought and neighbor told him that she wasn’t home all weekend. So, that night we went to her home after work. Summer fixed dinner for the three of us. During dinner, her husband, Jim, told me what he wanted me to do to Summer that night. He also expected me to spend the night in their bed. In addition, he said that he enjoyed watching Summer give herself to other men; seeing her naked, on her back, with her legs spread wide apart. He hoped that I could satisfy her better than the other guys from his church.

After dinner we went to the bedroom, Summer and I began kissing and touching each other. We slowly began to undress each other touch explore each other’s bodies. Jim quickly undressed and sat on a chair in the corner. I wasn’t embarrassed, because I let other men watch while I fucked their wives.

Summer and I laid on the bed, kissing and touching. We wrapped her legs around each other and began kissing my way down her naked body. Similarly down her back spread her legs wide and began to lick her. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jim leaned forward and stroking his cock harder. Summer began to moan loudly and I licked her until I tasted her cum and heard her scream. Then I moved up between her legs spread her wide.

I rubbed my cock against her pussy and said to Jim, “do you want to see it go in. Watch while push my cock into your wife’s pussy!”

He moved his chair closer to the bed, while I knelt between her legs and slowly pushed my cock into her. She moaned as I entered her and began telling Jim how good it felt with my cock in her. I fucked her in the cowboy up position, so Jim could see every stroke of my cock inside of his wife.

Summer told Jim, “Look what he is doing to me; his cock is inside me. He’s fucking me Jim. Oh my God it feels so good! He’s been fucking me for the last two weeks. It’s been the best sex I’ve ever had. And I intend to keep on fucking him.”

I started to feel that I couldn’t control myself any longer; I turned Jim and said, “I’m going to cum in your wife Jim. I am going to fill her full of my cum!”

I started thrusting harder began squirting inside of her, and Summer screamed, “Oh my god he’s coming. It feels so fucking good!”

I looked over at Jim, and he had a paper towel over his cock and was cuming into it. He got up and ran into the bathroom and I lay down on Summer began kissing. We laid there until I came out. Then, I crawled up on top of Summer and put my cock into her mouth, so she could clean me off.

Afterwards I fell on top of Summer and we began kissing. Jim seemed to object and told Summer to get up now, but Summer said no. She told him that this felt good she didn’t want to stop. Jim didn’t say anything, but left the room. We just made out for a while and then got up

While Summer was cleaning up, Jim told me that he had never seen her like that any other guy. He almost seemed jealous, but didn’t say anything more.

Later we went in the kitchen still naked, and Jim fixed drinks. We didn’t say much just drank. I was done I went to the bathroom. While I was in there, I heard Summer telling Jim that he could have all of his little church groupies that he wanted, but he would not tell her how to have sex with me. He can watch her while she was doing her church duties, and tell her how to do them; but not with me. She wanted me. She would fuck me however she wanted and if he wanted to watch we could come over once a week; but the rest of the week she wanted to be alone with me.

That night, the three of us slept them same bed naked. Summer slept between us. Early in the morning, I felt Summer playing with my cock. She got me really hard rolled over on top of me and guided me into her. This was the first time that she got on top of me and road my cock until she was satisfied. She fell on top of me and we rolled over just for a while and we both fell back asleep. I don’t know if Jim heard us are not; although, I did feel the bed shake for a while afterwards.

The next morning, I got dressed, went back to my hotel room cleaned up went to work like nothing happened. The rest of that week, Summer and I spent evenings in my hotel room completely naked and making love until late at night. After we were done, she would get dressed and go. On Friday of that week, she had to entertain another Bishop, so I didn’t get to see her until Monday.

The next week, Summer and I spent even more time together she didn’t seem too concerned about when she got home. Also, she started telling me all of the nasty things that she had done, opening up about what she liked and all of her fetishes. The sex became wilder as she described every little detail of every sex act that she ever performed. On Friday, Jim went to one of the other bishop’s homes. So once again, Summer and I spent the weekend naked; however, this weekend spent making love instead of the wild animal sex we had the last weekend we spent together.

After work Monday, we went directly to Summer’s home. As soon as she walked in the front door, Summer stripped completely naked. Then, she turned and undressed me. She took me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom. Jim followed us upstairs. Summer pulled me in the bed; while Jim stripped and started masturbating. Summer rolled me over and started sucking on my cock.

Then she stopped sucking, and stroking my cock with her hand. She turned Jim and said, “I am going to fuck the shit out of him. You better enjoy this, because I sure will! I made love him all weekend! I gave myself to him totally.”

Then, she got on top of me, slid my cock into her pussy, and rode me. While she was fucking me she kept telling Jim how good it was with me inside of her, how much she enjoyed it and how good it felt when I came inside of her.

As I started squirting inside of her, she turned, looked at Jim and she said to him, “Oh my god I’m coming! I’ve never enjoyed fucking anyone this much in my entire life!”

As she said this, Jim grabbed paper towel and started coming. Then, he ran to the bathroom. While he was still in there we got dressed. She yelled to him that she was spending the night at my hotel room.

When we got there we took off our clothes and they love again. Then, she told me that she started her period tomorrow. She spent the rest of the week sucking my cock, sometimes twice in one night. She never went home except to get clothes. We stayed together until Friday when I had to go home.

I was home for two weeks, before I flew back. I got in late Sunday night, so I didn’t see Summer until Monday morning. On the way to the site that morning, Summer told me the next weekend was the annual conclave of bishops. She said that Jim wanted us to be the entertainment on Saturday night. I asked her what she meant by that. She said that Jim wanted us to fuck in front of the other bishops, the prophet, and their wives.

I asked her if she was serious and she said she was. She told me that these weekends were just an excuse for an orgy. She said she’s put on a show before, but never with anyone from outside the church. The rest the drive out and back that day, we discussed what we would do as the entertainment.

That night at her house, while we were fucking in front of Jim, he made suggestions on what he wanted see us do. The rest of the week, Summer and I practiced our show. One night after work, we drove to an adult store and bought costumes.

The more we practiced and discussed what was going to happen the more excited I got. When the night finally arrived, I was little nervous, but really excited. When I got to their house, Summer answered the door and took me to the bedroom. Everyone else was in the basement conducting church business. We put on our costumes and then went down to the basement. There were two doors at the bottom of steps. She opened one slightly and peeked in. And she told me to wait while she went in first. She left the door cracked slightly so I could watch.

Summer walked to the center of the group. There’s a twin size mattress on the floor she stood next to it. I noticed Jim went to the back of the room and put on some music. Then he stripped completely naked and started masturbating. When the music started, Summer began to dance first slowly and then more and more erotically. Slowly she begin to take off her costume until she was completely naked she begin fondle herself. Even though I knew she was going to do I still became extremely aroused by watching her dance. Eventually she lay down on the mattress and began to masturbate spreading yourself wide, and exposing every inch of her naked body. She showed everyone group how she performed her most intimate pleasures. Everyone gathered around the mattress stared down at her until she completely satisfied herself.

The whole group applauded wildly. While she was lying there, she pointed to me in gestured for me to come in. I was completely naked, except for a tube over my cock and balls similar to a G string. As I came in the room everybody stared at me and there was some strange looks. They were not expecting an outsider to join them. As I walked up to the mattress, Summer slowly pulled down my G string in my cock sprung to attention. She began kissing my cock, rubbing it, and finally she began sucking on it.

And when the room sat back in their chairs and watched as she knelt in front of me making love to my cock. I look to the back of the room, and Jim was the only other one naked sitting his chair rubbing his cock and staring us.

After a few minutes, Summer laid back on the mattress spread her legs wide. I knelt next to her began kissing her body exploring her with my hands. She was already very wet between her legs, so I bent down began to lick her she quickly started moaned and I noticed everyone began moving in closer to the mattress.

After licking her for a few minutes, Summer had a very obvious orgasm and I tasted her juices. I moved up between her legs. Kneeling between her legs, I began rubbing my cock against her pussy, letting everyone see as I slowly entered her. Someone handed me a pillow, and I placed it under hips, so that everyone to get a better view of her pussy bulging wide with my cock inside of her.

I looked into her eyes, they were wide open and she was panting. She began moaning and suddenly whispered to me, “They can see us fucking. There watching us; they can see your cock inside me! Oh please cum inside me! Fill me with your cum! Oh my god, I’m cumming!”

That she looked around screamed, “look at me I’m naked fucking another man in front of you all. I am such a slut! I love having crowd watch me! I loved being naked!”

She looked at me and said, “Please come in me! Please squirt it deep inside me!”

I lost all control and began squirting my cum inside of her. I pulled out and got a couple of squirts in her mouth. Then, she began sucking my cock clean.

I fell to one side of Summer and watched and the Profit’s wife began licking Summer’s pussy, sucking my cum out of her. I looked to the back of the room and saw Summer’s husband sitting naked and masturbating.

It is all a blur after that. I don’t know how many time I came that night, but I was sucked and fucked by the Profit’s wife and at least two of the other bishop’s wives. I woke up the next morning, naked and in bed with Summer.

Summer moved into my hotel room for the rest of my tour, but I never saw her again. I wanted to go back, but we never got another job at that site.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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