My Aunt , Her Maid Ch. 02

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It had been a night of fitful sleep to say the least. Hours earlier, I had witnessed my aunt Kelly and her maid making out right in front of me; almost as if to be teasing me. If teasing was their intention, it worked well. Even after two quick jerk-off sessions, I couldn’t find rest; my mind’s eye continued to play out the way Kelly’s hands had milked Lita’s pendulous breasts as they had kissed deeply, and afterward seeing how Kelly’s own nipples were leaking causing liquid to darken the filmy night gown she was wearing.

For some reason, the idea of suckling my aunt’s milk-laden breasts was intensely appealing yet made me feel somewhat ashamed. I just had no idea why – I just felt that those thoughts, those – lusts, should not be present. She was family – my mom’s sister. Would I dare think those things about even my mom? Oddly, my nearly flaccid penis stirred – was I even thinking that way about my OWN MOM?

It was during those early morning hours of deep sexual introspection that I thought I heard a noise in the hallway outside my bedroom door. It sounded like my aunt (or Lita?) were passing by my room and had stopped just outside my door for a moment, as if someone were listening. I stayed still in the dark, the coolness of the sheets comforting against my swelling manhood. My god, I thought – I get hard at even the sound of her being nearby… I MUST be a perv.

But then whoever it was left and I heard the unmistakable sound of the bathroom door open but yet I didn’t hear it shut. I could see the dim light from under my door, knowing then that whoever it was must have left the door open. I couldn’t hear anything other than perhaps the sound of water in the sink but my mind was racing – was my aunt or her maid in there going to the bathroom? Had she left the door open on purpose or did she just assume I was asleep and wouldn’t even hear? Did she WANT me to see her peeing? My cock was now hard again and it strained for release yet my testicles felt a little achy, having been emptied twice only a couple of hours ago. I was a mess…

So, being the horny but curious young man that I was, I sat up in bed and slid my feet to the floor. Getting up ever so slowly, I crept to the door to listen closely and it was then that I hear what sounded like gentle moans or crying – I couldn’t tell which. Having my curiosity as well as my libido running at full alert I gently turned the door knob, being extra careful as to not make a sound and pulled the door open just an inch or so. Instantly, the sounds were clearer…

It sounded like crying but still, I could not be sure.

Slipping on my boxers (over my deflating penis) I then softly padded out into the hallway, faking a slight cough so as not to surprise who ever it was in the bathroom.

It was Kelly.

She was partially wrapped in a dark purple robe, sitting on the Escort bayan edge of the tub. She was looking at the doorway as I walked near and stuck my head around to look in. Her eyes were red and a little puffy and I am sure I saw moisture on her cheeks.

“Kelly? Is everything ok?” I asked timidly.

She tried to fake a smile and just shrugged her shoulders. “I really shouldn’t trouble you with this…” she softly said.

“It’s ok”, I mumbled, noticing that her robe just barely covered her beautiful breasts. “It’s Lita… we had a fight.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Well, I don’t know… it was kind of about you.” Now, I was definitely more curious than ten cats.

“What about me?”

It was then that she stood up and walked near me. I could smell the sweet smell of her lotions and creams. Her hair, although a mess, looked beautiful at the same time. Coming nearer to me, she wiped her eyes a bit and then leaned back against the vanity.

“I guess you’re old enough to know about this – your mom told me you knew all about the birds and the bees.”

Where was she going with this?

“Dan – Lita wanted to seduce you tonight but I wouldn’t let her. And because of that, we had a big fight. I told her you were too young, that you were impressionable and that it shouldn’t be her to help you discover the joys of sex. Surprised?”

Surprised? I could not have been more surprised if I had woke up with my head sewn to the carpet! Lita – the comely Spanish wench of my fantasies – had wanted to fuck me and here my aunt was talking her out of it – for my own ‘benefit’! Oh, the thoughts that were racing now! The irony!

Unfortunately, I could only stare. Stare at my aunt’s face as oddly a silly little smile began to appear upon her face. But I could still only stare… Stare wantonly at her nearly fully open robe, seeing the entire orb of her left breast – was that a tear or a droplet of her milk I saw on poised upon the end of her nipple? – spilling out and hanging heavily against her chest wall. I could only stare at her left leg that was in front of the right, uncovered nearly to the top of her thigh, the closeness of being able to see her nether-regions causing havoc upon my ideas of what was right and what was wrong…

But Kelly brought me back to the moment with a bombshell.

“I told her no because… well, because I want to fuck you myself. And that is what we fought about. Oh god… I’m such a bad person… but I felt you ought to know. Do you want me to go?”

Oh no. It was all over now. I had to be dreaming I thought. My own aunt had not only been talking about sex – she had said the “F” word! And it was in regards to ME! How should I answer? Was this a bizarre test of some sort? Was her husband secretly watching me, waiting to see if I answered yes and then come Bayan escort in to shoot my too-young-to-die ass? I just didn’t know how to respond – or if I even COULD respond.

Yet somehow I did.

“No, Kelly. It’s ok… “I was believing my own words. “I know you mean well…” But I couldn’t speak anymore – all the blood in my body had to be gathered in my cock at the time, causing my brain to lose control. My lips just couldn’t say anything else.

I stood even more motionless, my mind a whirlwind of dirty thoughts mixed with shame and worry about what if someone found out we were even talking about this, much less found out that I was standing here in the soft light of the bathroom’s night light looking at my aunts essentially naked body hoping I could at least look at all of it! What if someone would find out???

Kelly didn’t care. Oddly, as if something sort of ‘snapped’ in her as she had listened to me, she stood straight up and moved against me.

“Let’s go to your room, ok? We can talk more there….” As I looked into her beautiful eyes, I noticed she untied the belt around her robe and let it fall open as she slowly pushed me back out into the hallway and closed the door behind us.

Back in my room with the light on low, I sat on my bed and watched my aunt disrobe completely. For a moment she stood there, just letting my eyes take in her nakedness. Her breasts were so full and heavy, the shadows and light playing in and out upon her curves. Her hips were so full and yet perfectly formed… I could see her pubic hair clearly, noting that while she trimmed it somewhat, it was still fairly bushy. And as I was looking as if upon cue, she took her forefinger of her left hand, reached between her legs and probed her cunt deeply with it, pulled it back out and then sucked it for a moment, just staring quietly at me.

“Mmmmm….,” was all she said.

Slowly, she then came to sit beside me on the bed as if it were completely natural for her to be naked beside me. My cock was at full erect and throbbing; each heartbeat caused a pulsing in my boxers which were gaping a bit. It was then I noticed she was looking down at the tent in my shorts. She reached down and caressed me through the material, smiling a lust-filled smile and I nearly ejaculated right there.

Sensing my anxiety, Kelly just whispered in my ear. “Careful, now. We’ve got more to do than just me touching you.” She had me stand and then she pulled my boxers down my tan legs, my angry manhood inches from her face as she helped me step out of them. “My, you have certainly grown…” she smiled.

Oddly though, she simply sat back on the bed and asked me to lie beside her which I did willingly. Pulling me down beside her, she slid next to me offering her left breast to my mouth since it was closest. The texture and color of her nipples Escort had me in awe. Her nipples were even larger than I thought, protruding nearly an inch out from her areolas and nearly three quarters of an inch in diameter. I could see droplets of milk already leaking from both of them and I hungrily began to lap at the droplets. It was warm; sweet and warm. Pushing her teat into my mouth, primal instinct took over.

The roughness of her nipple felt incredibly against my tongue. Long spurts of warm milk cascaded freely from her nipple into my mouth as my left hand began to milk her right breast. I could see small pearlescent arcs of milk shooting in the soft light from her right nip, some of it hitting my hand, some my face. Her face was tilted back and her eyes were closed. She was lost in my suckling, as was I.

I didn’t notice at first but my erection was against her leg and it was then that I could feel her gently rubbing her leg against it. Her thighs were parted and I could see from the corner of my eye that her furry mound was entirely visible, the hair a nice dark vee of moisture. I took my left hand from her breast and touched her thigh, her pubic hair just barely tickling the side of my hand.

I nearly came right there. Just knowing that I had my hand against my aunt’s hairy pussy was about to cause me to come all over her leg. Yet, I restrained myself, sensing even more was to come.

I emptied her left teat completely. She motioned for me to cross over her and do the same to her right which I did gladly. Even though her right breast had already been milked manually by my hand, it was engorged as much as the other. I drank hungrily from her, her milk satisfying a yearning unknown before that night. And even more oddly, I wondered if my own mother’s nipples might feel the same in my mouth as Kelly’s?

After emptying both breasts and stealing a few furtive touches of my aunt’s mons (but still no actual finger to cunt contact), I paused. Looking up at her face I could see her smiling. “Are you ready for more?” she asked. Now, I was really confused – more ‘what’ I wondered? I knew her breasts were empty – I could still see my saliva on both nipples.

She sat upright, her breasts jiggling as she did so.

“Did you ever wonder what it was like to see a woman pee?” My god, how could she know this? (I didn’t realize that nearly every young man wants to watch a woman pee – just to see her pussy! And obviously, Kelly knew this more than I did.)

Now, I was really stammering. “Well, sort of. I just want to really look between your – er, a woman’s legs and watch”. There – I was being honest. I HAD thought about it; jerked off to actually; a lot.

“Well, if you want to watch, you can only do it up real close – are you adventurous?”

I had no idea where this was going other than I thought I might get to see Kelly’s pussy up close! I could die tonight and be happy.

“Ok, lay back on the bed, ok? I’m going to straddle your face and pee – into your mouth. Can you handle this?”

Yes. My god, yes. Please – lets’ do this.

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