My Beautiful Stepdaughter

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Story Note: No one is minor in my story.


I have always had this fetish since early age of a woman’s menstrual period, I used to be able to tell when a woman was in that phase, but alas my sense of smell is not what it used to be. I would visit other peoples homes either with my parents or friends home when I could, I would ask to use the bathroom and go in and hope the clothes hamper would contain under garments waiting to be washed. If I was lucky and would find a pair of soiled panties I would fold them up and put them in my pocket or sometime inside of my panties or brief’s as after I left home I bought my own panties to wear.

I worked at a service station and one of my jobs was cleaning the bathrooms when we closed for the night, I had noticed four girls I think from the local Collage go into the girls bathroom and they were there for quite some time. When I went in to clean up I found out what had taken them so long, they must all have been on there menstrual cycle and wearing dirty pads, as I did find four blood soaked pads in the waste, but it was what they had done that got me so fired up. Seems they all wiped there pads all over the walls before throwing them in the trash. The smell was so strong Ataşehir Escort and I got so hard I just had to take my cock out and I almost did not make it; I shot cum all over the place, figured that would be it, but it did not get soft, and I still seem to have this desire to masturbate.

I picked up one of the pads and held it up to my face and the smell was so good, I just had to lick the pad, even knowing they had wiped them on the walls. I held one up to my nose to smell and stuck one in my mouth to suck on, my cock was just sticking straight out and dripping pre cum for a little bit but then as I was smelling and sucking on the two bloodiest pads I ejaculated all over the floor. I actually came three different times, and made quite a mess on the floor. I finally had to stop and clean everything up as the owner had knocked on the door and said he was leaving and to make sure everything was locked up when I left.

After this I did not have much chance to repeat this, although I tried when ever I could to get my sister or my mothers pads when they used them, darn it my mother burned them in the stove so I did not get many until later on when I was visiting my soon to be step daughter. I was helping her Anadolu Yakası Escort put out the trash and happened to grab the waste basket from the bathroom, as I was dumping it into a trash bag I noticed the rolled up pads in there covers. I started to tremble all over and my cock was dripping pre cum and making my panties wet. I managed to grab five or six of the little rolls and stuck them into my car, I wasn’t sure but thought she seen me do this, but she did not say a word. When I got home I took them out and unrolled them and it was just like before, I got so hard and pre cum was dripping, I smelt them and actually came without even jacking off.

Later on after I married her mother she was living with us and I had lots of chances to get her little pads right after she took them off. I would take them out to the detached garage, lock the door and unroll them and suck on them and smell them and ejaculated all over the garage floor. The mess is behind my table saw and no one goes back there so it’s safe. I have done this now for the last few years and it’s so nice to have her either living here or visiting us.

This brings me to the night she was here a few months ago, she went in to use the Kartal Escort bathroom and when she came out she smiled at me and said now it’s your turn. Well I had to pee so I got up and went to the bathroom, I always lock the door because of her child wanting to watch, which I do not allow. As I was always taught to sit to pee on a commode I took my levi’s down and my panties and sat down on the commode and when I did right at eye level was her rolled up pad. It was still warm and I just couldn’t pass this chance up, I unrolled it and stuck it into my mouth and sucked it from one end to the other. When I first unrolled it, it was dark red with blood, after I finished sucking on it, the color had changed to a light pink, and I had ejaculated twice in the short time I was in there.

My step daughter is in her early 30’s and is so beautiful, I would love to be able to someday make love to her but alas that will never happen. I think she understands what my desire is but as I, she knows it will never happen. But her remarks about its my turn tells me she knows what I am doing. She also leaves her laundry here while she is at work, and yes I pull her panties out and smell them and jack off when I can do so with out the wife catching me. Almost wish the wife was still having her menstrual cycles but she has passed that time already. So when we make love you know my mind has the picture of her beautiful daughter under me, or when I am sucking her pussy, its always her daughters not hers I am thinking about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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