My Beloved Brother

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I can hardly remember what it was like before my mom married my step dad. I know people always expected me to act like my mom, all fiery and quick to anger, since I looked just like her. Short, fluffy brown hair, and light green eyes. Except my step brother, Mateo, was a lot more like her. Except he looked just like his dad. Tall, darker skin, intimidating to say the least. I know everyone is tall coming from a 5’2 perspective, but he was at least a foot taller than me so I think I can speak.

I wasn’t anything like them, quiet, not really into sports like my brother was, and a quarter of the amount of friends compared to him too. I never cared that he was more charismatic, popular, and funny (though I never found his jokes humorous). I only hated him because he made fun of me constantly. I had a break when he left for college, and a few years later I did too. He even got into my top college before I graduated and I didn’t have much choice but to go there too. He didn’t bother me in my first year, but I knew it’d be different once we were both back home for the summer.

Mateo didn’t wait at all to start picking on me again. He came into the bathroom while I was in the shower and snapped a picture, I hadn’t even noticed until he approached me and showed me.

“Who knew your dick would be so tiny.” There was an obvious sarcastic tone in his voice. I gave him a weird look. He showed me the picture he took, making my face go red. It was a picture of me from behind, my ass out leaning against the wall, dick in hand. Showing that even my hand, which was on the smaller side, covered my dick completely.

“Wh.. What..? Why did you take that picture?” He looked at the picture again, looking like he was holding back a laugh. It made me want to crawl up in a ball and die.

“How could I not?” He laughed at me. I wanted to put my hands in front of my crotch, it felt like he was staring right through my clothes. “I bet our baby cousin has a bigger dick than you, and he’s nine!”

“Shut up, Mateo!” I snapped at him, I wasn’t super self conscious, but the worry had always been there. “At least my dick is bigger than your brain.” He shoved me into the kitchen counter as I said that.

“You really want to be saying that when I have the picture?” He towered over me, holding me against the counter. I gulped, my saliva feeling stuck in my throat just like any words I might have wanted to say. “What if I told your nerdy little friends you whimper like a little girl when you cum?”

“I- I don’t!” I tried to struggle against his hands on my wrists. “Leave me alone.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” He let go of one of my wrists, reaching down and snapping the waistband of my shorts. “You’re wearing your cute, tight booty shorts, huh? Why don’t you put those to use and prove to me you don’t moan?” He pressed into me, and I felt the monster hiding in his pants. I dared to look down for a second, feeling scared.

“This isn’t funny.”

“I’m playing with you. You’ve never asked if a doll was having fun when you played with it, huh, fag?” I looked up at him, though I glanced to the side before I had to look him in the eyes. Was he messing with me in this way because he thought I was gay?

“I’m not gay, Mateo.”

“You really expect me to believe that?” He touched my waist, looking down at me. I could feel him admiring my figure, less like an artist would and more akin to a wolf before it devoured its dinner. “Femboys like you always end up being dick-worshipping fuck-holes.”

“What? I’m not a femboy.” I looked at him, wanting to punch him just so he’d stop talking and get off of me. But he’s our parents’ golden child, and I’d be the one in trouble even if he is harassing me.

“Really? You think a normal guy would show off their fat ass in booty Anadolu Yakası Escort shorts?”

“It’s 100 degrees out! I’m trying to not die, dumbass.” He groped me, grabbing my ass cheek, making me squirm. Only because I hated it and wanted him to let go.

“I think I know a good way to cool down.” The look in his eyes and that disgusting smirk of his made a shiver run down my spine.

Mateo threw me in the shower, cold water running. I yelped in surprise, I knew it was going to be cold but it was freezing. He shut the glass door on me, laughing as he saw me getting soaked. My white shirt clung to my slender frame, and well, my shorts were already pretty skin tight. I reached to go shut the water off before banging against the shower door.

“Asshole! Let me out!”

“Why would I do that, Liam?” He stared at me, I felt like every crevice was exposed despite not being naked. “You should take those wet clothes off, they’re only going to make you colder.” I glared at him through the glass, I could see the bulge in his shorts was bigger than before.

“Are you getting off on this?”

“So what if I am?”

“Yet I’m the gay one?” I hit the door again, not that it’d budge with Mateo holding it closed.

“It doesn’t count if I get off on looking at your fat ass, it’s no different than a girl’s.” He smirked at me, looking me up and down. “Why don’t you get your tiny dick out again and stroke it for me?”

“No fucking way.” I told him, giving him the middle finger. “Let me out already.”

“If I let you out, then you should give me a good look at your hard nipples. I can see them through your shirt.” I went to cover my chest with my arms as soon as I heard him say that. I was sure my face was bright red, the whole situation was embarrassing. “Or would you rather me show that picture to your friends? Tell them how cute you are when you cum, moaning and shit?”

“No! Don’t…” He saw the desperate look in my eyes. “Anything but that.”

“Then lift your shirt up, show me your nipples before they get soft again. Actually, why don’t you rub them for me?” I hesitated, but grabbed the hem of my soaked shirt and lifted it all the way to my chest. I’ve been shirtless around him before, but this felt so much dirtier. I reached up to my chest and rubbed around my nipple in a circle. It was more sensitive there than I thought, never having touched myself there before. I whimpered involuntarily and felt my dick press against my already tight shorts.

“Mateo..” I muttered, and not in a sexy way. I glared at him as he took his phone out.

“What? You’re giving me a show.” I took the opportunity while his hands were busy to open the shower door. I swung it open as hard as I could, it slammed into him and knocked his phone out of his hand and smacked into his head. “Fucking bitch!” He grabbed me and tossed me onto the floor. I hit the carpet, but it still hurt like hell. I yelled out in pain a second before he knelt down behind me. He grabbed my shirt and forced my head up while I was on all fours facing away from him.

“Let go!”

“You little fucking whore!” I heard a tear, realising he was ripping away my shirt. “You deserve what I’m about to do to you.” He tugged my wet shorts down until they were around my knees. A sharp pain spread through my asscheek.

I practically screamed out as he hit me mercilessly. I was only saved after the sound of the front door opening stopped him.

“Lucky bitch.” He pushed me over, making me smack my head against a cabinet. He left the bathroom, leaving the door open an inch. The sound of him and our dad talking in the living room was muffled. I could barely focus or think. It took me a second to sit up. My vision became clouded as tears pricked the corners of my eyes, Avrupa Yakası Escort soon running down my cheeks.

I fucking hated him.

I didn’t know how long it was until Mateo came back into the bathroom. He tossed some clothes onto the ground and told me to change into them. I just saw the item on top, a small pink skirt, and wanted to laugh.

“Ha ha,” I said sarcastically. “Are you done making fun of me? I don’t want to fucking see you.” Mateo knelt down in front of me, forcing me to look at him as he grabbed me by the collar.

“Then go tell dad why your shirt is ripped and why your shorts are down. Tell him you were about to get ass raped by your brother, because you’re a little fucking whore who loves getting his nipples touched.”

“Let… Let go of me.” By some miracle, he actually listened to me. He dropped me, and stood up.

“Put the fucking clothes on.” I sat there, shaking. I reached for my shirt and took it off before moving onto my already half off shorts. I stood up to put the skirt on, looking down at the rest of the items.

I held back the urge to say anything about it. I put on the ruffly white and pink shirt, noticing it was slightly see-through. Then, saving the best for last I guess, I put on the lacy thong. The front wasn’t big enough to hold my balls comfortably and smushed my dick. The skirt was short enough that it still showed off my ass and the thin strip of the thong. Not to mention there was a huge gap between the end of the shirt and the beginning of the skirt. If I tried tugging the skirt up, my whole dick would be out.

I stared down at my body, like it was foreign to me. I only looked up when I heard the snap of a photo. “Mateo, don’t, please…”

“It’s my house, your slutty self just happens to be in my photo.”

“Is dad still out there?” I asked, not wanting him to see me dressed like this. I was already humiliated being in front of Mateo.

“I don’t know. You better get to your room fast.” I frowned at him. He was a lot of help. “Go on, run to your room.” I moved past him and glanced outside the bathroom. The coast seemed clear. I stepped out into the hallway.

“Liam, I heard you…” He trailed off as he fully looked at my body. I didn’t think my face could get redder but I got even more embarrassed. I didn’t think I could ever recover. “Uh.. I..” He rubbed the back of his neck, glancing to the side. I was frozen, wanting to cover myself but I couldn’t get myself to move. “Mateo told me he was helping you out with your D&D costume.. It uh… It looks good.” He gave me an awkward thumbs up.

“Th- Thanks, Dad..” I rubbed my arm as a nervous habit, while that arm was trying to tug my skirt down further. I quickly turned my back to him, forgetting my ass was out, and sped walked to my room. I shut the door, quick enough that I accidentally slammed it. I jumped onto my bed, not even caring that my skirt flipped up.

I should’ve fixed it before Mateo burst into my room. He shut the door behind me, which made me know what he was up to. Since, usually, he never shut my door whenever he came in. He knows how much it irritates me.

“You’re already ready for me, huh?” He walked toward me. I didn’t have the energy to try and run away. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them. “Love how I can see your tight asshole through your tiny panties.”

“Please don’t, Mateo. I’ll do anything but this.”

“Well I don’t want anything besides this.” He bent down and began licking my asshole. I covered my mouth, eyes widening.

“No! Get off me, fucking-” I cut myself off as I tried wriggling out of the position. He held me down, it was no use fighting against someone of his size. I moaned out, whimpering. It felt tingly, in a much different way than stroking İstanbul Escort my dick. “Mateo, ahh…”

“Mm yeah, moan my name.” He slapped my ass, making me let out a short squeal. “Liam, your ass is so sexy.” I felt him pull my cheeks apart again, pulling the thong string to the side.

“Mateo, wait, please.” He didn’t listen to me again, him and his selective hearing. “I don’t- Ah!” I yelled out when he stuck his finger into my ass. “Ow-! No, no, take it out!”

“It’ll hurt, but I gotta do it. I don’t need to hurt my dick by sticking it in your dry ass.” He plunged his finger in further, making my eyes water again. I inhaled sharply, trying to keep my complaining to a minimum. I was scared of what he’d do if he got too annoyed with me.

It only took a few minutes for the pain to subside, even after he stuck another finger in me. Though I was still uncomfortable. I wanted him to get out of my room, out of my life really. His fingers reached deep inside of me, spreading my ass by scissoring his fingers. He spat on my ass, using that to lubricate and slick up my asshole a bit more. I was disgusted by it, but almost thankful. I’d rather it be slimy than dry.

Mateo reached beneath me with his other arm and pulled the front of the thong down, letting my dick and balls out. “Your little guy is enjoying this, I haven’t even touched him yet.” He commented, I could hear his sadistic smile through his voice. He stroked my dick and I could feel it hardening.

“Stop..” It was bad enough I was letting him do this to me. I didn’t need to feel actual pleasure from it. “Please, Mateo.”

“For once, I’d like to hear you fucking beg for me to give you more.” He gave my dick a break just to slap my ass again. I inhaled sharply, but I didn’t yell out. I didn’t want our dad to hear. I already embarrassed myself in front of him. “Such a fucking impatient little bitch.” He muttered and pulled his fingers out. I had some relief for a moment but my heart quickened, pounding when I heard him pull his shorts down. I felt the large head of his dick press against my still-tight asshole.

“No! Mateo, wait, you’re going too far!” He spat again and just a few seconds later, I felt the excruciating pain of his dick being forced into my ass. I screamed out, not being able to keep myself quiet anymore.

“Shut it, bitch!” He grabbed my throat, grasping it with way too much force. I choked trying to cough and struggled against his hand.

“Please..” I croaked as his grip loosened enough for me to get something out. “I don’t want this.”

“I don’t care what you want.” He slammed his hips against my ass. No matter how many times I cried out, Mateo refused to stop. He only hit me harder and fucked me deeper.

I lost track of time while he was fucking me. I was sure I was fading in and out of consciousness from the pain. I only regained full consciousness of what was happening when I felt something new, something hot in my ass.

“No…” I tried telling him again with much less energy than before. The sun had already begun to set. “Not inside, please.”

“A little late for that, dumb piece of shit.” I was laying on my back now, he must’ve flipped me sometime when I had fainted. He finally pulled out once his dick began to grow soft. “Try and get me in trouble for this, and I’ll share your photos with everyone.” He threatened me as he took another photo. I tried covering my face, but he held my arms up above my head with one hand. I didn’t have the strength to fight it.

Mateo stood up, getting off my bed. “Take a shower or you’ll smell like shit.” He told me like I wasn’t going to scrub myself raw after he raped me. He left my room, leaving the door open an inch like usual. Fucking asshole.

I sat up, looking down at myself. My sheets and skirt were soaked with piss. There were spots of blood on it and cum was beginning to flow out of my ass. I couldn’t get myself to move for what felt like forever. Out of pain, exhaustion, and disbelief. Why me? Why did Mateo choose to destroy me, out of every other piece of shit in his life?

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