My Birthday Surprise

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My wife and I love to surprise each other. Sometimes it’s with material things, she’ll get me tickets to a sporting event or I’ll get her a trip to the day spa, sometimes it’s by one of us doing the other’s household chores to allow the other to relax, and sometimes it’s with sex. We’ve been together for almost five years now, so we’ve pretty much tried everything we’re comfortable with in the sex department and we know what each other likes. Beyond just knowing what the other likes, we also are quite aware of those one or two things that I like to call “chart toppers.” You know, those couple things that your significant other does especially well that just put you over the edge every time.

With that as background, I very fondly remember the surprise I was treated to on my 32nd birthday. It was on a Friday, so unfortunately I had to work. But, the day wasn’t supposed to be busy, so I knew I’d be able to somehow muddle through. We set it up so that she would pick me up from the office and then go straight to my favorite steakhouse for a nice dinner. We left the rest of the night unplanned, or so I thought, to see what we felt like doing after the meal. Friday morning came and I quietly got ready for work, kissed my sleeping beauty good-bye and walked the few minutes to the train station.

Just about a half hour before it was time to call it a day, the phone on my desk rang. I hesitated before picking it up, fearing it was the boss with a last minute task I needed to complete before checking out for the weekend. My worries quickly evaporated when I heard her voice on the other end.

“Happy birthday Baby.”

“Thanks,” I said, “I can’t wait to get out of here. Where are you now?”

“Not far from the office,” she replied. “Do you have any ideas for what you’d like to do tonight?” she asked.

“No, not really. Although I’m leaning towards just going home and relaxing. We haven’t done that in what seems like forever.” I answered.

“Sounds fine with me. Remember, tonight is all about you. I’m just your humble servant.” She giggled.

“I like the sound of that,” I breathed quietly in the phone in case any of my coworkers had prying ears.

“Yes Baby, it’s all about you tonight.” She repeated. She moaned seductively into the phone and then hung up before I could say anything further.

The sound of that moan acted as an instant aphrodisiac and as soon as quitting time came, I fairly raced out of the building to where she waited in the car. To my surprise, she was standing outside the car. As I got closer, I saw why. It was to show off a new outfit; a short black skirt that came a couple inches above her knees and showed off her smooth tan legs, a matching sleeveless top that revealed ample cleavage, and a pair of heels. Her hair was down, just the way I like it.

“Hey Sexy.” I called, “waiting for anyone in particular?”

“Just my birthday boy,” she replied with a smile.

“You are extremely hot,” I informed her as I gave her a hug and kiss, breathing in her delicious perfume.

“I bet you tell all the girls that,” she kidded, getting in the car.

We drove the thirty minutes to our favorite steakhouse, talking over our respective days and possible plans for the coming weekend. The meal and service were excellent as usual and a little after eight we left the restaurant for an evening stroll through the nearby park. We stopped in a secluded area by a bench and she planted one of those deep passionate kisses on my lips, sliding her tongue deep in my mouth and softly moaning. After a minute we pulled apart and as we did, her fingers gently brushed against the front of my pants, pausing just for a second to tease my already hard cock.

We walked back bahçeşehir escort to the car and she handed me the keys, “you drive,” she said.

As I navigated the car homeward, she leaned over and gently sucked and nibbled on my ear, every once in a while giving me one of those seductive moans or, better yet, looking at me with those world famous “fuck me” eyes. As we pulled into the driveway, she placed her hand in my lap, gently rubbing my cock through my pants.

“Here we are,” I said, “let’s go inside.”

“What an excellent idea,” she replied as she stepped out of the car and walked to the front door.

We entered the house and she said, “why don’t you go down to the rec-room and watch baseball? I have some things up here to take care of and then I’ll be down.”

“Ok,” I said, struggling to remember the last time I actually had time to sit down and enjoy a game, “but hurry, I want to watch it with you.”

I went down stairs, flipped on the Red Sox, and settled back on the couch to await her arrival.

About five minutes later I heard her coming down the stairs. I turned to greet her as she walked in the room and nearly lost my breath at the sight. There she stood in another new outfit. I’m not good at all the fancy names, so I’m not sure if it was technically a negligee, all I know is that it was black, lacy, skimpy, and incredibly sexy. She smiled a sly smile and her brown eyes sparkled mischievously as she walked over to stand in front of me.

“You like?” she asked.

“Like isn’t the word girly. I love. You look amazing.”

“I brought you this too,” she said, handing me an ice cold bottle of beer.

“You’re the greatest,” I said, “what guy could ask for anything more.”

“Well,” she said matter of factually, “my guy is going to get even more, so be prepared.”

With that, she began to model her new outfit, striking one of her famous seductive poses and allowing me to trace every curve of her body with my ravenous eyes. She stepped over to where I sat and forced my legs apart.

“It’s time for your own private lap dance,” she said slowly beginning to grind first her ass then her pussy on my crotch. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face between her big boobs, gently smacking them off the side of my face. As she stood there suffocating me with those perfect 36Cs, I reached my arms around her and grabbed a nearly bare ass cheek in each hand, gently squeezing.

“I think touching might be against the rules,” she warned.

“Yes, but you said it’s whatever I want since it’s my birthday, right?” I reminded.

“Ah yes, I forgot about that. Now sit back if you don’t mind, please. I have something I’d like to finish.”

As I leaned back, she slowly knelt down between my legs, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and emphatically stated, “these need to come off.”

I no sooner had my slacks off then I felt her hands gently tugging on my boxer-briefs and heard her say, “these too.”

I sat back down on the couch with her between my legs, her face just inches from my throbbing cock. I knew what was coming and couldn’t wait to feel her warm wet mouth sucking on me.

She started teasing me, licking from the base of my balls all the way to the tip of my cock, spending an extra minute there to lick off the precum that was beginning to drip.

“Stop teasing me, ” I demanded, “I want my cock in your pretty little mouth right now.”

She did as she was told, opening her mouth wide and taking me in all the way. God, I have no idea how she does it, but boy am I glad she can and does. She began to bob her head up and down very slowly, bakırköy escort pausing now and again to swirl her tongue around my shaft.

“Yes girly, you suck it sooo good. Keep sucking me.”

Now I know I was taught from a very early age that speaking with one’s mouth full is quite ignorant. However, when my little cock-hound has a mouth full of my manhood and starts talking to me, nothing turns me on more. It’s one of those “chart toppers” I mentioned at the beginning of the story. Granted, the words don’t always come out so clearly, but I think that’s what turns me on so much; listening to her struggle to move her tongue and big beautiful lips because my cock is in the way.

“I love to suck on you baby. I love it even more when you fuck my face and talk dirty to me.” She murmured around my cock.

She went back to sucking me, alternating between long pulls that started at my balls and ended at the tip and rapid head bobbing with a swirling tongue. As she continued to suck, she’d occasionally moan and use the fingers of her left hand to play with my balls, gently caressing and stroking them.

“Oh yes, girly, you’re such a good little cocksucker. Such a dirty little cocksucking slut. I bet you love the taste of cum, don’t you?”

“I love the taste of cum,” she replied, barely missing a beat in her continued head bobbing.

“I know you do. And if you keep sucking on me, you’re going to get a mouthful,” I said, as I felt my orgasm slowly beginning to build.

Now that my cock was slippery with a mixture of precum and my beautiful bride’s spit, she wrapped her hand that she was using to play with my balls around the base of my cock and gently began to slide it up and down in perfect rhythm with her mouth. This was something she had learned just before our wedding from a porn DVD and had first used the technique on me during our honeymoon. It was a big hit.

Gradually she began to build speed with her hand and mouth, and I began to gently thrust my cock.

“You like it when I fuck your face girly?” I asked, knowing full well the answer to the question.

“Yes, I love it. Fuck my mouth. See if you can make your little whore choke.”

Faster and faster we moved, my cock ready to explode. With a final grunt and one last thrust of my cock deep in her mouth, I erupted.

“Yes baby! Swallow my cum.”

She did as she was told, only missing a little that ran out the corner of her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled, stood up wiping her hand on her bare leg, and said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I barely had time to catch my breath when she returned to the room, again wearing a different outfit. This one was red, equally as skimpy, and even sexier. She again modeled it for me, concluding the show by sitting down in front of me on the coffee table. At this point she revealed the fact that this new outfit had a simple snap on the crotch. Once this snap was undone, it basically meant she had on a pair of crotch less panties for bottoms and a lacy bra as the top. Once the magical snap was undone, she slid her naked ass further back on the coffee table, lifting her legs and placing one on either side of where I sat. Finally situated, she took the first two fingers of her right hand, placed them in her mouth for a second or two and then slid them both in her tight little pussy. My view was pretty much Heaven, my sexy woman facing me, leaning back with her legs spread open to reveal her pinkness and two fingers slowly working in and out. She also began to rub her clit with her thumb, moaning with delight as she traced circles around it.

“You like what you see?” she asked a little breathlessly. başakşehir escort

“I love what I see,” I replied. “What guy wouldn’t want to see the hottest chick in the world fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit?”

She laughed, continuing to move her fingers and beginning to gently move her hips. I saw a couple drops of wetness bubble out of her hot slit and drip down the inside of her thigh towards her ass. I wanted so bad to stick my head in between those amazing thighs and lick every drop of wetness up, but I refrained, captivated by her performance.

The pace of her rubbing and fingering continued to increase, as did the movement of her hips and her breathing.

“I want to see my baby cum,” I told her. “Cum for me.”

“Oh yes, you’ll see you’re baby cum. Don’t worry about that,” she said.

Faster and faster she rubbed and fingered, her naked ass smacking off the wooden table as she bucked her hips.

“Oh God, yes! Yes! Make me cum! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she nearly screamed, grabbing the side of the table for support.

After cumming, she stood on shaky legs, and turned around to sit on my lap. If the evening had ended right there, I would’ve been an extremely happy man. Not many other guys could say that for their birthday they were treated to their own personal lingerie show, complete with lap dance, an out of this world blowjob, and a chance to sit and watch an extremely hot chick get herself off. And it didn’t cost a thing. However, my little vixen had one more surprise up her sleeve.

We sat cuddled up on the couch for another 45 minutes or so, just enjoying being close and talking. Finally she said it was time for bed, so we shut the TV off and headed upstairs. I climbed into bed first and waited for her. Instead of going to her side of the bed, she came over to mine, standing there completely naked. She climbed in and straddled me, looking deep into my eyes.

“There’s one more part of your birthday present,” she said. “Can you guess what it is?”

“No, tell me,” I said.

“Well, I know how much you love it when I ride your cock. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” she informed me. As she said this, she slipped the head of my cock into the opening of her still drenched pussy. She lowered herself down on my cock, letting it slide up inside her all the way to my balls. Then, thanks to her amazing sexual skills and muscular thighs, she began to do my favorite thing of all times. She raises herself so that just the tip of my cock is in her pussy, slowly lowers herself till I am all the way inside, tightens the muscles that make the pussy contract, and slides back up to the tip where she releases the muscles, slides back down, and starts again. When she gets her rhythm going it’s absolutely amazing. The combination of that friction, pussy juice dripping down my balls, and the visual of watching her bounce up and down on my cock, her tits and long hair keeping perfect time, is just too much.

“Oh yes, ride my cock girly! You are sooo good!” I exclaimed, reaching up to grab her boobs. “Oh God, yes! Tighten that little cunt around my cock!”

“You want it like this?” she asked, tightening those love muscles and sliding up my cock.

“Yes, yes, just like that! My God woman, you’re amazing!” I said.

“I’ll keep doing it, but I want one thing from you,” she replied, never breaking her rhythm.

“What is it? I’ll do anything,” I answered.

“I want you to shoot every drop of your hot sticky cum inside my tight cunt,” she requested.

“You know I will girly,” I reassured her. “Keep riding me! Fuck my cock you gorgeous little slut! I wanna fill that amazing twat of yours with cum.”

She rode me for another couple minutes, bouncing up and down, gently squeezing and moaning. I thrust my hips up to meet her pussy as it was coming down, slamming my cock deep inside her, and shot my cum. She collapsed on top of me and we lay panting on the bed.

“Happy birthday baby,” she whispered.

“Thanks girly,. That was the best birthday I’ve ever had,” I assured her.

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