My Bull Uncle Pt. 01

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My Bull Uncle

My boyfriend, Bill, has quite a close family. They do everything together, and adjusting to this has proven to be difficult. From birthdays, to holidays, to vacations, our schedule is always packed. And this closeness of time and place has led to some very interesting outcomes. One such is the story of how my boyfriend’s uncle came to be our personal bull under everyones noses:

It was the middle of July and, as always, the whole family was at the beach for our annual ocean trip. This included his grandparents, my boyfriend’s parents and siblings, his aunt and cousins, and of course his uncle. Uncle Sean was married into the family before I stepped into the picture and was an older, well kept man who instantly caught my eye when I had first met him. He was a typical suburbanite dad. Overconfidence in addition to a graying, hairy body that carried a few extra pounds all around made him stand out to me, but I had never imagined I would get to know his body and personality as well as I did.

On these vacations everyone stayed in close quarters at the grandparents house. Everyone arrived that Friday evening at different times. My boyfriend and I showed up a little late, around 10. As we entered and set down our bags stuffed with everything we would need for the next week, everyone looked over and exchanged greetings with us, asking how the drive was, if we were tired, etc. As we walked our way upstairs everyone began discussing the plans for the next morning, an all day fishing trip at the docks. As me and Bill settled into our room I inquired, “do you really want to wake up at 5 tomorrow and go on that trip?”.

“Of course, I haven’t been able to fishing in ages. And I really want to spend some time with my brother. You know I never get to see him anymore.” Bill had always been an active person and had a notable fear of missing out on any event. Bill was my first and only love. He was a funny, high energy man who I had started talking to roughly 6 years ago, and ever since then I have more or less become a fixture in the family as a whole. Bill’s personality was not his only attractive quality though. He was just my type, standing over six feet tall with a large body and hair in just the right places. Being together so long we had hit a dry streak, but I was still happy and considered myself to be the luckiest man alive.

“Well that’s fine, but I hope you don’t mind Cebeci Escort if I take a break and sleep in tomorrow. That drive kicked my ass.” I was desperately hoping to get some alone time before I had to spend a whole week with everyone.

“The drive was only 3 hours! You didn’t even have to drive the car,” he said with a laugh. “Are you sure? I really want you to be there.”

“Yeah, I think I just need some time to myself. I promise I’ll do everything else!”

“Ok, ok. I get it. Let’s just go to bed. I’m gonna need to get up early.”

We each changed into our pajamas and wrapped ourselves up in each of the guest beds. Falling to sleep in a matter of minutes while everyone else prepared to do the same through out the house.

I awoke around 9 the next morning surprised that I didn’t wake up once in the commotion that certainly took place early that morning. I stepped out of bed and remembering I had no energy to take a shower the night before decided to go downstairs to the nicer master bedroom shower. I looked around and no signs of life were to be seen. So I took myself downstairs armed only with a towel to take a long, balmy shower. I removed my pajamas and enjoyed the air on my skin. My body was quite a bit different from Bills. I was a bit hairier all over and stood at an average height. And compared to Bill my dick was a little smaller as well. He averaged around six inches or so, while mine below average at four inches hard and around one and a half soft. I stood in the shower gently cleaning all over and just letting the steamy water fall over me. When I was sufficiently relaxed and ready I made my way out with only my towel wrapped around my legs.

Much to my surprise when I walked out the master bedroom I saw uncle Sean seated on the couch. He quickly turned his head, surprised as well. I exclaimed “Oh sorry! I didn’t know anyone else was home.”

“I didn’t either! I figured you would’ve been out with Bill. Say, why don’t you come sit down?” The sudden change in events had my face flush red and wondering what to do next. I cautiously replied:

“Uh sure. Let me throw something on first.”

“No need, we’re both men here! No need to be shy, I won’t bite.”

I made my way over quickly noticing uncle Sean was in nothing but his plaid boxer shorts. “Isn’t it nice to just sit and air out while relaxing Kolej Escort with some good TV?” I had no idea what to make of the situation, and sat in my wet towel on the couch, trying my best not to stare at Seans hairy chest or thick legs. “What are you doing in that towel? I said you didn’t need to be shy. Trust me, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” exclaimed with a hearty laugh. I nervously unwrapped my body and sat back down feeling the cool air on my most sensitive parts. “That’s better! Heck maybe I’ll get more comfortable too, besides it’s just you an’ me. You ok with that?”

I was always good natured and agreeable, so despite my reluctance I automatically shook my head and replied with a quick “yeah”. But perhaps it wasn’t my agreeableness that took over, but my curiosity and lust for this older man. He rose and quickly yanked down his shorts revealing to me first his pale hairy ass that immediately stirred something in me. As he sat down his meaty cock and balls came into view resting easily between his legs. I couldn’t help but steal a few glances, and neither could uncle Sean. He was trying to be subtle, it was obvious we were both curious what the other looked like. We sat for a while watching the news and weather, easing more comfortably into the couch and the rare sight of another naked body.

“I’ve never really done this before. It’s really nice to just be naked and comfortable for a change,” I said nervously.

“I do it anytime I get the chance. That’s why I was so excited to see everyone had left this morning! Of course I knew you wouldn’t mind much, right?”

“Not at all! I ought to do this more often.”

“That’s the spirit! Hey, wanna play a game? It’s one me and my buddies used to play all the time.”

“Sure I guess, what is it?” I didn’t actually care about the game, but any opportunity to continue to see this real man in full view was too good to pass up.

“It’s easy just stand up with me.” We both rose simultaneously, each getting a full view of each others bodies. “Ok, since I know you’re not shy hold your dick up.” I knew before he even asked what would be happening, but what I did not know was the specific rules of his game. I held my soft cock up and Sean did the same with his. He walked right up to me and rested his cock head right up against my pelvis. “Haha no contest! Sorry bud!” Yenimahalle Escort This sudden contact immediately made my soft penis a full hard-on. “Hmm, trying to cheat are we,” he said with a smile. “Well I’ve still got an inch on you soft, easy. You wouldn’t want to see the difference hard boy!” Suddenly he grabbed my head and forced me onto my knees, eye level with his meaty cock. “Ok here’s the rule, whoever wins gets to have the loser. You’re mine now tiny.” I had never been so humiliated and turned on at the same time. The clear switch from congenial old man to master was abrupt and incredibly hot, I could feel my cock jump and leak.

Sean sat down and leaned back into the couch, his cock beginning to grow a little. “Grab me a beer boy.” I obediently ran to the fridge and grabbed a cold beer. After opening it and serving it to him he demanded, “now get on your hands and knees boy and lick my feet.” In a frenzy now, I lowered myself, sticking my ass in the air as I licked the bottom of uncle Seans rough callused feet. Savoring the taste and smell. “Ok I’ve had enough, turn around tiny.” I turned still with my ass in the air, and felt his feet land on my back. Under the pressure my legs gave a little. “Hey! Sit back up boy, I want a good view of that hole,” he barked. I did as was told and sat for minutes on end thinking of how odd and exciting this was. I had no idea uncle Sean would be interested in mens holes, much less mine.

After a while Sean moved his feet off my lower back and demanded I turn around. As I laid on my back, cock still at full attention Sean looked down at me and said “I bet you want this cock bad boy, right?” I wavered for a second and he yelled, “I wanna hear you say yes sir when I address you boy!”

“Yes sir! I want to taste your cock so badly,” I whimpered. In this moment I thought of Bill. I didn’t know what to do. Obviously this was cheating, but I had gotten so swept up and was increasingly becoming intoxicated on the thoughts of letting his uncle use me like a toy.

“Well guess what boy, I have other plans for my cock. I bet you and Bill don’t fuck much, I’m not sure how you could please him with a cock like that. I was thinking he might need something bigger.” I hesitated again, not quite believing what I was hearing. “I better hear a yes sir, remember boy I own you now.”

I weakly muttered “yes sir” thinking of a way to rationalize everything that had just happened. Sean was right. Bill and I never fucked anymore. He had never said so explicitly, but I could tell Bill was unsatisfied when it came to sex, and the idea of seeing him get fucked by his hot uncle was seeming more and more tantalizing by the second.

“Don’t worry it’s just a game,” Sean said with a smile.

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