My Cheating Girlfriend

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Nearly two years ago, my ex-girlfriend didn’t come home from work on time. I texted her endlessly to try to find her, but she did not respond. I decided to try hacking into her facebook and that was when i found some chats from a guy with only an address. Nothing else. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I checked internet history and saw google history for “how do you delete chat history on facebook?”. My heart sank. That was when I knew she was hiding something. It was three hours after she usually gets home and she was nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, I receive a text. “At Target, lost track of time. Be home soon”. Now, if you have a girlfriend as obsessed with Target as I did, you know that their store hours would have them closed at 10pm on a weekday and it was 10:50pm. I tried calling. Nothing. By now of course, I knew what was happening. She had told me about this guy just a week prior. How he thought she was so funny on facebook. How he invited us to go see his band, but she knows i wouldn’t want to go. I checked our phone bill online and saw her texts had doubled for the month and she had an hour long phone call the night before when she told me she had gone to bed early. She called some local number and talked for an hour while she was in the next room.

Eventually, she came home. It was just past midnight. I was partly aroused, but mostly horrified. I didnt want to let her know that I hacked her facebook but I wanted to confront her. She came in with a bag and a nervous look on her face. I looked down at the bag and I realized my new course of action. “I didn’t know that going to Target required you to take a change of panties.” She looked down to see a pair of panties neatly folded on the top of her bag. They were clean, so she hadn’t changed them. Maybe a good sign.

“I knew I should have been cautious about that guy. I fucking knew it. How much happened?” At first she denied it. Then she came partway clean. “We just made out for a while. I know I fucked up. It was a huge mistake.” We talked through a lot of the night and she said she had no intention of seeing him again.

The next morning, she was more defensive. Sending texts in front of me. She said it was her sister. I asked to see and she said no. It occurred to me that I didn’t clarify what making out entailed. I asked “Did he feel you up?” She told me she didnt want to talk about it anymore. I persisted. “Yes, okay, it was over my clothes, I made him stop. Can you please just… give me this morning to think?”

I was angry all over again “wait, he felt you up? Did he reach under or what?”


“So no clothes came off?”



“Not exactly.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“well he unzipped his pants but they didn’t come off.”

“Why did he unzip his pants?”

“Cause he was hard. He wears faggy emo skinny jeans and there wasn’t room for his dick in them, so he just pulled it out.”

“He pulled it out?!”

“Yes, can you please drop it?”

“Well what did you do?”


“You didn’t touch it?”


“Did you suck it?”

“NO! I said we just made out.”

and then, i knew i shouldn’t have but: “so it was just too pathetic for you to do anything with?”

Her: “No, it was the biggest cock I’d ever seen.”

“What?! You told him that?!”

“I told him I didn’t think it would fit inside me.”

I stormed off. How much wasn’t she telling me? Could I trust her? arap porno She spent the day texting me, calling me, apologizing, telling me that it would never happen and that it’s over. We were okay for a few days, then I saw the phone bill and saw some short calls. I asked her what was going on. She said it was nothing but a couple days later, she said she wasn’t sure if it was over. She said she felt like there might be feelings and said she has to know for sure. She said she had to see him one more time and promised me that nothing would happen. I said it was unacceptable and she said she was doing it anyway.

I sat around that Saturday morning… the day she decided to see him again. I asked her not to go. I asked to take her to the beach, to the little seafood place she likes. I said “blow him off, you already know how you feel”. She was very close to doing so. Then said, “Everything will be fine. It’s the middle of the day and I’m not meeting at his place. Nothing will happen.” She left.

I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I went to the movies and spent the whole time thinking about her going wild and riding this little shit. The movie let out, I turned my phone back on and I had texts “where are you? I ditched him.” ‘It’s over!’ I thought, relieved.

I met up with her and she told me nothing happened. They went to a museum and she kept running off, ditching him and said she only kissed him goodbye. Then she went home. She came to a party with me that night, but in the middle, started crying and i drove her home. She told me to go back out. I did.

When I got home later that night, she was no longer acting like it was over. She said she thought she had to see him one last time. I said absolutely not. Her car broke down the following day and I would be giving her rides all week. I said “If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what would be.” She said “Please, just once more.”

“Well, I don’t know how you will do that, I’m not driving you there.”

She looked at me offended. “If your car broke down, I’d give you a ride!!”

“Not to go cheat on me!”

“I’m not cheating! It’s just hanging out as friends!!”

“He’s not your friend. He’s manipulating you and using you!”

“Stop it! That’s really rude and disrespectful to me!”


The fight went on and on. I refused to drive her. She let it go for a couple days and everything seemed fine. By this point, she had changed passwords to everything. Then Friday came around and I came home from work to see her waiting for me in our room. I kissed her and I said “you look nice” then I saw her panties peeking out from her pants and I unzipped them and they were very slutty and definitely not for me.

“What’s this?”

“He’s going to pick me up since you won’t drive me.”

“Please don’t do this.”

“I have to. Just this last time. We’re just going to go to the movies. That’s all.”

Her phone rang. He was already parked outside. I grabbed her on her way out and kissed her hard. Almost as if kissing her goodbye. She stared at me for a good three seconds, then turned and left.

She texted me almost immediately “I think maybe I should have stayed. I love you. I’m sorry. Nothing will happen, I promise.”

It was April 15th. I sat at home doing her taxes. Three hours went by, she wasn’t home. Okay, sure. Drive time, plus the movie. Okay. Fourth hour “maybe they got some food.” Fifth hour I texted “everything okay?” It bedava porno wasn’t till seven hours later that he dropped her off.

She came in and I followed her back to the bedroom where she didn’t say much and I couldn’t read her.

“So is it over?”

“Yes, definitely?”

“What happened?”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

I nearly died.

“Did you fuck him?”

She nodded and started crying. I punched the door frame nearly hard enough to break my hand. She begged me to hit her. I couldn’t. She layed down and cried and told me how sorry she was and how she felt terrible and I didn’t deserve this, that it immediately felt wrong and disgusting, etc.

She said he ate her out for a bit and then she asked him to stop and he put a condom on and fucked her. Later when they were about to leave, he was hard again but because he was out of condoms, she said no way. I asked if she sucked him, she said I made her too afraid that he had something and she refused.

She fell asleep. I grabbed her phone and finally got a chance to read his texts. They were pathetic and manipulative, but the last one got me. “I am the best at u!”

In the middle of the night, she woke up and kissed me and reached down for my cock. She said she had to fake an orgasm with him but she needed to cum and wanted my cock cause it was thicker. She started sucking me and then asked me to eat her out. I got down there and started licking the pussy that some stranger had just fucked. I could still smell the latex of the condom mixed in with the scent of her juices. She started telling me “he was licking me just like that but he didn’t care enough to make me cum so i stopped him. He just wanted to use me. You always make me cum.” Okay, that was weird, but it was kind of hot.

Soon she pulled me up and crammed my cock right into her. I could feel it was looser. I asked her what position they fucked. “He did me missionary like this, but then I rode him for a while” and with that, we rolled over and she climbed on top of me and rode me. “Mmmm, and then he did me doggie and he got so fucking deep.” We repositioned and started fucking doggie style.

“How deep?” I asked.

“All the way.”

“Deeper than me?”

“Way deeper”

“How did it feel?”

“Really good. Plus he did it forever.”

“For how long?”

“I don’t know, but nobody ever fucked me that long. He was able to last as long as he wanted, but he didn’t care about making me last long enough to cum.”

I tried to hold out, but i was getting too close. I pulled out and shot a load all the way up to her tits and her chin. She pulled me in to kiss her and said “when he came, he pulled off his condom and came on my tits just like you did.”

“Did you lick it off?”

“I wanted to, but I was scared.”

Then she shoved my head down and made me lick my own cum off her tits. For some reason I imagined it was his. I reached up for the cum on her chin and dangled it over her mouth. “Do you think he tasted like this?” She ate it up. “I bet it was better.”

Then she pushed my head down to her pussy and had me start licking again until she came like crazy and accidentally called me by his name. Or maybe she did it on purpose. She passed out. We both passed out.

It was over. She never saw him again.

The next day, she was still acting a little weird while chatting to a friend. She had a penpal that I knew about and I always thought cüce porno of it as official and platonic. I managed to hack into her gmail and have it send her email alerts to my phone. I read his emails as they came in. She was telling him what happened. He was calling her stupid. But there was more. He was asking her to go on cam and she said she’d have to lay low for a while. I found out that she had been stripping for him to jerk off to for six months. That the reason she bought a webcam (she had told me was to communicate with me while i’m overseas) was actually because he begged her to. He was married too and she would make him call his wife a fat pig and talk about how much hotter she was. I was reading these emails while sitting across from her on her computer. Suddenly, she heard my phone vibrate as a new email came in and she realized what I had done. Her face dropped and she said “I need to tell you something else.”

She had never met him. It was strictly online while he was in Afghanistan. She promised to be good and we were fine for a month. Then there was another married soldier and she said she was in love with him. I told her that I would report the infidelity and have him court-martialed and she broke it off.

We broke up, but i still lived with her. She started fucking a co-worker. Occasionally we would fuck and when we did, she would bring this all up and rub it in. It got meaner but more exciting.

She came home one night from getting fucked and wanted me to eat her out. “He’s so fucking hot.” She said about her co-worker. “I always eat his cum too, even if it’s out of a condom. It’s so good.”

“Better than mine?”

“It’s the same I guess, but he’s so much hotter.”

“Is he better at fucking?”

“It’s the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Why do you still fuck me then?”

“Cause how else are you gonna get any? Plus you let me think about him out loud and it’s easier than masturbating.”

She used to hate when I asked her to suck me, but she would suck him gladly and told me she was doing it in the parking garage at work. She told me she would never do anal but said she would if he asked her to in a heartbeat. She’d also be with another woman if he asked. He was getting the version of her that I never had but always wanted.

I started using these free-speech fuck sessions to dig into that cheating that started it off.

“When you were in that motel room, did you really not suck him?”

“No, I really wanted to. But you ruined it for me.”

“Have you talked to him since?”

“No, he’s written me, but I haven’t responded.”

“Would you fuck him again?”

“If he asked me to.”

“Even if he just used you again? And didn’t make you cum?”

“He did make me cum. Like three times. I just needed another when i told you he couldn’t get me there. I thought if I told you the truth, you wouldn’t have eaten me out.”

“So he didn’t use you?”

“Yes, he didn’t give a shit. That’s why it was so hot. He didn’t care about me at all. It was so manly.”

“When he got hard again, why didn’t you fuck him again?”

“There wasn’t another condom.”

“That stopped you?”

“It almost didn’t. He rubbed his head against my clit a few times and started pushing in but then he stopped and asked if it was okay. I said not without a condom.”

“What if he didn’t ask?”

“Then I probably wouldn’t have come home that night.”

“You’d have let him fuck you bare.”

“If he wanted it bad enough. And I still would have made you eat me out.”

“Was he that hot?”

“He was the second hottest guy I’ve ever been with.”

“Who’s the first?”


“Where do I stand?”

“Let’s not do that, okay?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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