My Daughter and I are Great in Bed

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I have just hit the big double 5’s (55) but can’t complain because all my parts are still working pretty well but I just learned that my only kid, Marie, has a major problem with her back. It is a form of spinal stenosis that will require a serious operation with no guarantee that the operation will provide her any relief. She had been married, but when the scum bag she was married to discovered how much assistance she was going to require with her back problem just to have a somewhat normal life he bailed out and we have no idea where the SOB moved to. As I said, I just learned about her back problem and I’ll have to get with some medical people to see what can be done about it.

Her ex had left her with nothing but the clothes on her back and those in her closet. She can’t work because of her back so with no income she was somewhat helpless. She’s filed for disability but that’s been dragging for more than a year. My place has a spare bedroom with a full bath just off it so I moved her in.

Everything was going pretty well and she doesn’t require too much help to do many of the normal things around the house with one exception and that is bathing. I had a couple of aluminum hand-holds installed around the bath tub so when she is ready for a shower she pulls off her pajamas while still in her bedroom and pulls on a robe before giving me a call. I come in and roll her into the bathroom in her wheelchair and help her getting into the tub. Once she’s in she pulls the shower curtain closed and tosses her robe over the shower rod onto the bathroom floor and takes her shower. When she finishes showering she reaches out to a towel rack just outside of the shower, grabs a towel, dries herself, reaches down and grabs her robe from the floor, pulls it on and gives me a shout. It all goes a lot faster than the words I needed to explain the procedure here.

A few weeks ago when she gave me a shout I was in the process of getting dressed and was in a pair of socks and underwear briefs when I heard her shout. I went into her bathroom dressed just like that and soon had her in her wheelchair and was rolling it back to her bedside. Somewhere along the way her robe slipped open and I was staring down at the loveliest pair of tits I had seen in a long time. One look at them and my cock quickly began to rise. By the time I was ready to lift her into her bed I had a full-fledged hard-on and it was doing a great job of stretching my briefs out to the point of almost tearing them. When I had her seated at the side of the bed my briefs were only inches away from her face and I couldn’t take it any more. I reached down and freed my cock and it sprang to within an inch of her mouth.

“Open your mouth Marie; I’m so hot this will only take a few minutes.”

It was only a few seconds later that I was buried about four or five inches deep in that lovely mouth and I began to face-fuck her. It had been such a long time since I had been laid that my cock was pulsing as the heat rose deep inside of me.

No more than a couple of minutes later and I was yelling “Marie, I’m coming”

When she heard that she took one of her hands and lightly caressed my balls squeezing them ever so tenderly as I shot stream after stream deep down her throat.

She pulled her face back from my cock as she was gulping down my load saying, “Dad, I hope that made you feel good for I think it was terribly wrong.”

“It may have been wrong sweet thing but yes it felt terrific.”

As I was saying this I dropped to my knees in front of her and used my hands to separate them. I could hear her gasp as I lowered my face between her legs and soon had it poised inches from her pussy. I slipped two fingers deep inside of her massaging her clit and then began to swish them back and forth. As I did that I dropped my mouth between the lips of her pussy and soon had my tongue licking up and down the sides of her pussy lips. She then threw herself back on the bed and swung her legs up clamping my head between them and locking them around my head so there was no escape for me. I had the fingers of one hand and my tongue buried in her pussy with both of them doing their best to drive her over the top. Sure enough it didn’t take her long before she was screeching “I’m going to explode.”

Explode she did. As the juices poured out of her she was throwing her hips up at me and gyrating her crotch so that she was actually massaging my face with her pussy. “Oh my God, that was unbelievable.” She said as I moved my hand up to lightly caress her tits.

“Dad, I changed my mind. I no longer care if this is right or wrong. I loved it.”

“Honey, give me maybe a half hour before this cock of mine recharges and I am going to slip it deep in your pussy.”

“Dad, you are way bigger than my ex-husband’s and I’m not sure if I can take you in me.”

“I’ll go in very slow and easy and I will guarantee you that I’ll have it buried to the hilt and you’ll be screaming for more.”

After saying that I slid up on the bed while pulling Escort bayan her up with me. Her robe slipped completely off in the process and I reached down any yanked my briefs down to my ankles and then kicked them on the floor. She is thirty-five years old and it looked as if she had the body of a twenty one year old. Whew, it was terrific.

As she began talking to me about a ton of things her hands were roaming all around my crotch and spending a significant amount of time both cupping my balls and then letting her fingers go up and down my soft shaft while letting a couple of fingers slip and slide around the purplish head of my cock. It wasn’t going to take long with that kind of attention before I would be ready for business again. I was right; I could feel the twitching deep in my groin as my cock came back to life. As soon as she felt that she slid down and took it almost completely in her mouth I have about seven and a half inches and she had a solid four inches of my semi-hard cock buried. I guess she learned that from her ex and she sure had mastered the technique.

“Hold up babe. Pull up here and lie on your back and spread your legs. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

She came up in a flash and I quickly rolled on top of her and then knelt between her knees. I put my hands under the back of her legs and lifted them a foot or so and then lined up the head of my cock with the warm red lips of her pussy. She was cooing and moaning at what she was expecting to happen when I put the head of my cock against her pussy and gave one hard thrust as I slipped in to the hilt.

“Oh God, I’m going to split wide open.”

“Nah, I won’t let the happen” as I started slow thrusting. I had the backs of her knees in the crooks of my arms while my hands went up to fondle her breasts. She was going crazy.

“Oh God, this is wonderful. I never felt like this before.”

I took her nipples and held them between the index fingers and my thumbs of each hand. I lightly rotated my fingers as I leaned forward and took first one and then the other in my mouth. When I had my mouth wrapped around a nipple I let my tongue flick back and forth across the end of it and that started her moaning.

“Go ahead and cum when you’re ready Dad. I had my tubes tied years ago so I’m not a baby factory.” She whispered.

Once again I unloaded. I had let my cock rest inside of her and let the pressure she was exerting on it with the pulsing of the walls of her vagina gave it all the help it needed to shoot my juice deep inside of her.

When I was coming down from my orgasmic high I slid up and gave her a huge kiss only to find that she was crying.

“What’s the problem babe?”

“All I could think of was my back and what the hell am I going to do about it. If I get the operation they are talking about and it doesn’t work the way they hope it will I’m really no worse off than I am right now. BUT, if it does work I’ll be as good as new for at least a little while and then will you make me move out of the house?”

“Honey, you are welcome to stay here as long as you want. Do you hear me?”

“Oh God yes, thanks for that.”

There was another advantage to the great sex we just had; she didn’t have to go through all the fuss about getting her pajamas off and a robe on just to take a shower. We could also shower together if she started sleeping with me in my bedroom with its king-size bed and used the huge master bath with me.

“Babe, let’s get some sleep. We’re both dead tired and certainly need our rest if we are going to have a repeat performance of the last hour or so.”

“Great idea” as she rolled off to one side of the bed in order to be able to pull the sheet and blanket up over us.

Daylight was coming through the bedroom blinds when I awoke and she was only a few minutes behind me. We had slept the whole night through!

Sometime during the night I had slid over to her and was spooning to her ass with one hand around her clasping a breast. She felt the way I was and laughingly push her ass back at me asking, “Ready for another go round big boy?”

“Yes but maybe a little different”

“What do you want to do different?” She asked.

“This time I want me to lie on my back with you riding my cock like a cowgirl.”

“Ooooh, that sounds terrific but I’m not sure my back will be able to stand the strain.”

“That does it” I blurted out. Let’s talk about your back”

“Honey, you and I are going to do some searching for the best back surgeon and when we find him or her we’re going to call for an appointment.”

She answered me back with, “That’s fine but when we get their name how are we going to pay for the operation?”

“Leave that to me but first things first.”

A number of local docs all quickly recommended an orthopedic guy up at the John Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

I had my own doctor call and make the appointment and up we went.

The guy took Bayan escort all kinds of X-Rays and finally told us that he would be happy to take the case and he felt that there was an excellent chance of a complete recovery with pain relief for at least several years before there even would be the possibility of a calcium buildup rearing its ugly head again.

We made the appointment for the upcoming surgery and hopped back in the car for a trip home that was filled with all kinds of upbeat language chats.

I put her mind at ease about how she was going to pay for the surgery by saying it was going to be my treat.

The operation went well even though it took an hour longer than what the medical team anticipated.

Two weeks after returning home she was out walking the neighborhood getting the exercise the doctor ordered and a week after that to see her walking you would never have thought she had had a major operation less than a month earlier.

“Marie, you’ll remember that a few weeks before the operation I suggested that I’d like to fuck you with me on my back and you on top of me. You were going to ride my cock like a cowgirl so to speak. You thought your back wouldn’t be able to handle the strain but it should be able to handle it now that you are a new woman. What do you say?”

“Let’s give it a try. Hell, that was one of the main reasons for the operation wasn’t it?” she joked.

I stripped and was in the bed a few seconds later and watched her drop her jeans and panties to the floor as she reached around unfastening her bra and dropping it and her T shirt alongside her jeans. My cock was still a little soft but she took care of that as she took it in her mouth and started bobbing the way you would bob for apples. It only took a minute and I was rock hard.

She knelt on top of me and positioned her pussy on top of the head of my cock as I reached up and lightly massaged her tits. She didn’t just slide down on my cock but rather she dropped all the way down so she had taken it to the hilt in one smooth move. God that felt unbelievable.

Her smile could have lit up a room as she whispered “This feels a lot better than I even dreamed it would” and she began a slow rise and fall of her hips as I let my hands slide up and down the sides of her tits while twirling my fingers around her nipples. We quickly got into a great rhythm with my upward thrusts matching her downward drives.

“Whew, this is going to go a lot faster than I thought it would” she screamed as she was licking her lips and tossing her head from side to side letting her long hair fly out in each direction.

“Baby, I am going to fill your pussy with my white hot juices in a minute and I’m not sure whether I’d rather fill your pussy or your mouth”

“Fill my pussy this time, you can get my mouth the next.” She shouted as she screamed, “I’m coming too.”

I dropped my hands from her tits and put one on each of her hips and pulled them down as hard as I could. That was all it took for me to fill her pussy with my cum as her juices were covering my cock. Damn, that was one of the best pieces of ass I ever had.

As she rolled off of me she joked, “It was worth going through the operation just for that.”

We lay facing each other as we relaxed just talking about a ton of insignificant things for the next couple of hours. As usual she dropped one hand to my crotch and lightly caressed my balls. What a woman!

She got up out of the bed and I went into the john. I stopped off in the recreation room to flip on the TV to see who was winning the golf tournament that was being played that day.

We were still both bare ass naked so as I saw her walking through the rec room on her way back to the bedroom I rose from the Lazy Boy and walked behind her.” When she got behind the sofa I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and she twisted her head back to me and we kissed. But that wasn’t what I had in mind. As she was directly behind the sofa I cuddled close and then pushed her gently over the back of the sofa so her lovely tight little ass was staring at me while her head was almost down on the sofa cushions. My cock only needed a little encouragement before I was able to slip it in her all the way in one easy move.

“Oh my God, the angle you are in me is letting your cock touch places inside my pussy that are virgin.”

With that I was holding her hips tight against me as I drove in fast and deep. Her sphincter muscles were holding my cock tighter than a drum and it felt terrific.

“Oh God, fuck me hard honey. I’m going to explode”

She was having a hard time throwing her pussy back at me but I damn sure was able to drive my cock deep and hard into her. Once again we were both going to come at the same time. Whew, this was unbelievable. “Marie, I’m coming” and with that I shot stream after stream deep in her tight pussy. Her orgasm was only a minute or so later and she was squirming her ass around and around as she threw it back at me Escort as hard as she could.

“Oh my God, that was too good to really happen. We are certainly going to do it this way in the future again and again.” She screeched.

Damn, I wish this woman was an available gal rather than my daughter…. I would marry her in a heartbeat.

“Marie, it’s time for dinner. How about hitting that steak house we passed by the other day on the way to your doctor?” “This time you won’t be needing your wheelchair”

“Sound good. I’ll need a shower and a douche for some madman just put his huge cock in my pussy and filled me with his juices. Give me about 30 minutes or so.”

I phoned ahead and reserved a quiet table in the back area away from the crowd.

Forty five minutes later we were sipping a glass of wine and just chatting. I had something to talk about and wanted some privacy to do it and I wasn’t sure at all what her response was going to be. I told the waiter I would signal him when we were ready to order and for him not to bother us before then, He agreed (of course the twenty dollar bill helped him see what I wanted)

“Marie, I want to chat about something and I want your promise that if what I am going to be talking about offends or upsets you that you will just tell me and I promise to quickly change the subject.”

“Damn, you sound as if you are going to plan some big crime.” She said laughingly

I had to laugh at her response but said “No, nothing as dramatic as that.”

“Marie, we have been living as man and wife ever since you moved in with me and then recently with all of the sex we have enjoyed we have gotten even closer. In fact, I’d have to guess we have enjoyed more sex in the last month or so than most married couples ever do.”

“Now that your back is back in shape I would imagine you will be looking for a job and when that happens I don’t know what your decision will be if the opportunity will require you to move elsewhere. I have to say it will break my heart if you have to move away.”

“Hold on Dad, let me interrupt you. Yes, I’ll be looking for a job but I am hoping it will be far away from here. The reason I say that is that I am hoping that you and I can go on living together as husband and wife and not father and daughter and the only way we can do that is for us to move to an area where we aren’t known.”

“Holy Shit ….that’s exactly what I wanted to talk about. I love you so much that now that we have been so close I’d hate to think some other guy was going to step in and take my place in the sack.”

“I feel the same way. I don’t want any bimbo taking that lovely cock of yours deep in her mouth or having you ram it into her pussy while you have her bent over a sofa like you did to me today.”

I roared saying “Honey obviously the old saying about ‘Great minds thinking alike’ is true”

She started a new line with, “Now that all that stuff is settled we have to decide where we want to live.”

“Well, dear one, everything is not settled. You were going to look for a job for you figured you’d need the money to live on. You never knew what I did for a living before I retired nor how much money I earned. Let me tell you that I have more money invested in stocks and tax free municipal bonds that will keep us both very comfortably forever and that is in just with one brokerage. I also have a number of other investments just like it. Sooooooo sweet thing, you never have to work again for the rest of your life and I’ll make sure there is trust fund invested in your name that you will have enough to live on after I am long gone from this earth. You can retake your maiden name back again so for all legal purposes we could be considered man and wife”

“Hey stud, let’s eat our dinner in a hurry. I want to get back to the house and take that lovely cock of yours as far down my throat as I possibly can and then I am going to caress your balls until you are almost begging for mercy.”

“Oh hell, that’s what the gal did to me the other night. Can’t you think of something different?”

“Other gal my ass, I’ll cut off that cock of yours if you ever look at another gal.” she said with just a touch of sincerity in her voice.

We had been living in the Maryland area ever since Marie was born so it was time to move anyway. I put the house up for sale and agreed I would sell it completely furnished with any furniture the new buyers didn’t want going directly to the needy. For some reason San Diego appealed to both of us so Marie contacted a realtor out there and gave her our requirements and told her to pick out a bunch that would meet them and we’d fly out in a few days.

“Hey stud, I better stop calling you Dad and revert to your given name of Bill. OK?”

“Yeah, that will avoid some raised eyebrows.” I answered.

Well, we went out to San Diego and fell in love with the third or fourth home we were shown. They accepted our offer and we went on a furniture hunting expedition that was more fun than I have had in a long long time; other than sex with Marie. What was even more surprising was that the house in Maryland was bought by the second couple who looked at it. They wanted most of the furniture so that solved that problem.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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