My Daughter Jackie

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Ernest “Ernie” Haberfeld sat in his recliner, his feet propped up in the air while he rested leisurely in his sweats. His wife, Agnes, was out with her lady friends at her weekly bridge club, probably gossiping up a storm as they played cards to wile away their time. Ernie never begrudged his wife her time away from the home, it gave him time to do the kinds of things she found distasteful. Agnes was seven years older than his fifty five years, a fact that had put a cold sweater on their sex life. Instead of being upset by her lack of interest in making love, Ernie found that her time out of the house gave him the opportunity to indulge his penchant for pornography, a past time his wife never understood.

With a flick of the remote control the local news changed to an FBI warning of piracy and within a moment there was the menu of the latest DVD he had purchased, Dirty Debutants 8. Ernie’s eyes narrowed in devious pleasure as he gazed lasciviously over the naked and near naked forms of young women. A young brunette in a bathing suit came on the screen causing the older man to remember his own daughter, Jackie, in nearly the same outfit nearly a decade ago. Agnes had scolded him when she realized he was turned on by his own flesh and blood, a fact that Ernie was not ashamed of. It only meant he was working properly and that his daughter was pleasing to look at. Agnes had not taken the episode so lightly though.

With a few punches of his thumb on the remote control the screen faded to black and within seconds the young brunette in the black one piece bathing suit came on the screen. She walked away from the camera along the edge of a pool, dipping her toe into the water casually as if there were no one around. Her tight rounded ass was a very close match to the memory of his daughter’s and he could feel his penis begin to unfurl beneath the cotton sweat pants he wore. Without a thought he lifted his ass off the recliner and pulled them down around his knees, freeing his growing cock to the cool air conditioning. The girl on the television lay down on a lounge chair and began to run her hands across her breasts until her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. She did not have the humongous breasts as some of the more popular models, but they were a healthy handful and very firm.

Ernie poured some KY into his hand and began to slowly stroke his cock. His fingers slid up and down the shaft, alternating pressure as he approached the head. His thumb and forefinger pressed together formed a tight ring he used to tease the underside of the crown. He was really getting into it as the girl pulled back the crotch of the suit and was teasing her pussy as a loud rapping noise came from the door.

“Fuck,” Ernie cursed. He pretended that he said it under his breath, but in reality he wanted who ever was at the door to know they weren’t welcome and to keep their visit as short as possible. With a grunt he levered the recliner to its normal position and pulled up his pants, fully aware that his erection was lewdly visible beneath. He didn’t even bother to wipe the lube from his hand, instead covering the door handle with it when he jerked it open.

“What?” He said annoyed and then opened his eyes to see his daughter Jackie standing in the afternoon sun. “Oh, baby, what are you doing here?”

Jackie, seven months pregnant and burning up from the late summer heat, stared back at her father. “Is this a bad time?” she asked simply.

“No, no baby. It’s always good to see you. Come in.” Ernie offered, pushing open the screen door that separated them. Jackie stepped into the cool house and noted that the television was on, but the screen was black. “You want something to drink honey?” Her father asked. Jackie’s nod sent him into the kitchen, leaving her to close the front door.

Shutting the door and then reaching down to twist the lock in the handle she pulled her fingers away from the sticky knob, examining them curiously. Jackie turned to watch her father coming back into the room, the lump protruding from his groin setting the last piece of the puzzle in place for her.

“So what’cha doing dad? Mom around?” Jackie asked cheerfully, picking up the remote from the arm of his recliner before sitting on the sofa.

“No, your mother is out at her bridge club,” Ernie answered handing her a glass of iced lemonade. “And I was just watching some television.”

“What were you watching?” Jackie asked after taking a long pull of the cool drink. The sugary sweet lemonade would make her unborn son a little rambunctious, a feeling she always found comforting. She eyed her father, waiting for his response as he fidgeted nervously before her. Did his sweats just twitch?

Ernie couldn’t help but notice that his daughter’s tits had gotten a lot bigger since she became pregnant. Her once modest cleavage was now overflowing as the tops she wore became filled out nicely with the added weight of her impending motherhood. Her once girlish figure was now indeed that of a woman, a fact that had not gone unnoticed before, but today with such heat she had worn practically nothing to hide her womanly charms. The floral top was tight around her bosom and belly but loose in the arms. When she turned just so he could see most of one breast through the gaping sleeve. The lacy bra caused his heart to race and his mind to kick in the notion that he should feel guilty.

As he looked over his daughter appraisingly he suddenly saw that in her hand was the universal remote that worked the television and dvd player. He looked Jackie in the eye and considered her pretty face. He could feel his cock lurch within his sweats as he imagined her lips pressed up against something besides glass. For her part Jackie upended her drink, pushing out her chest as she felt the growing stirrings of her own arousal.

Her pregnancy had been fine at first. Her husband, Mark, excited about the prospect of having their first child had been attentive and even extra amorous. After the fourth month when she started to really look pregnant his desire for sex had dropped off the charts. Now, with two months to go, she hadn’t been touched in over six weeks and it was starting to take its toll. Jackie gauged the lump in her fathers pants out of the corner of her eye. Despite every instinct in her body that knew what she was considering was wrong, she felt her heart race at the prospect.

“Mind if watch with you?” Jackie asked casually, her finger hovering over the play button.

Ernie could feel the panic painted all over his face and he hastily reached for the remote control but Jackie jerked it out of his reach, twisting her body to hide it between her body and the back of the couch. Jackie began to laugh as her father tried to pry it from her grasp, his fingers tickling her arms and lightly pressing into her breasts.

“Why won’t you let me watch, daddy?” Jackie asked in her sickly sweet manner she used as a child to get her way. She batted her eyelashes escort gaziantep manken bayan at him coquettishly all the while squirming against his prying touch. “Oh daddy,” she cried as his palm pressed deeply into her right breast. Instead of shying away she pressed against the back of his hand with her own, her fingers pushing against his in an urging for him to grope her properly.

Ernie was taken aback by the deep moan his daughter let out as she used his hand to grope her body. He looked down to find her biting her lower lip as her eyes looked up at him with desire written on her face. With uncertainty he stepped back, nearly collapsing when the back of his legs found his recliner. With resignation he sat down heavily and tried to fight the urge to make a pass at his daughter welled up and made his cock ever harder.

“Now let’s see what daddy was watching before I came,” Jackie said aloud as she pointed the remote control at the entertainment center and pressed play. Immediately the brunette was on the screen, her pink pussy pulled open and glistening filled their view. The sound of the girls soft moaning came through the surround sound speakers along with the delicate sloshing of her fingers that were sliding in and out. “Oh dear, daddy was being naughty!” Jackie said, laughing at her father’s shocked look.

“Now look, its not what you think,” Ernie began, trying to cover up that it was indeed exactly what his daughter thought it was. “Look, your mom doesn’t like to watch this stuff and I just like to -” He was cut off as Jackie stepped over to his recliner and put her finger over his mouth.

“You just like to jack off looking at porn,” Jackie finished for him. “It’s okay dad. Your a guy. I know guy’s like to jack off to porn. Heck, Mark does it all the time, especially as of late.” Her last words came out softly, but the hurt was evident in her voice.

Emotions roiled in Ernie’s head and for a moment he felt a little nauseous. Here was a beautiful young woman in obvious need of sexual affirmation of her desirability and at the same time it was his daughter hurt and need of a fathers understanding. He felt like a heel that his cock would not go down, in fact an obscene wet spot began to appear on his sweats where his tip was leaking copious amounts of precum.

“Do you think pregnant women are sexy dad?” Jackie asked at last, her eyes searching his for any sign of deception. For a long moment they stared at each other in silence. “I guess you’re like Mark, you think pregnant women are repulsive too.” She turned from him, her eyes on the verge of tears.

“No baby,” Ernie said his hand catching at her elbow before she could get out of reach. “I think pregnant women are very sexy indeed.”

“You are just saying that,” Jackie sobbed into her hand, hiding her face from his view. She felt silly and stupid for thinking that her father would want her. Her emotions were a raging white water river that threatened to take her over a fall and make it all come spilling out uncontrolled.

“No darling,” Ernie said slowly, “I truly believe that pregnant women are incredibly sexy. You might think I’m disgusting for saying this but I like pregnant women for the reason that a guy can have sex with her and not worry about getting her pregnant again.” He squeezed her arm gently, finally pulling her back so that she sat upon his lap. He could feel his cock resting against her plump ass.

“Mark doesn’t like pregnant women,” Jackie said at last, wiping the stray tears from her eyes. “He hasn’t touched me in oh so long and I ache for the feel of a man. Do you think I’m disgusting daddy?” she asked turning to face him.

“No baby, you are human. Just like the rest of us. We all need someone to love us.” He explained gently, his hand rubbing her back for support.

“Is that why you are watching porn while mom is out at her bridge club?” Jackie asked. Ernie looked to the screen and then away in embarrassment.

“It’s different when you get older. One person’s desire to be physical can drop off because of age or illness.” Ernie looked at the carpet, unable to face his daughter though he could clearly feel the heat of her body as it pressed against the underside of his stiff cock.

Jackie stood up and faced her father, straightening her top and loose shorts. When he looked up into her eyes he marveled at the love and understanding she beamed at him. He was never prouder to be her father than at that moment. His wonderment changed to shock when her fingers began to unbutton the blouse and his mouth gaped when she shrugged off the loose cotton material baring her bra encased breasts to him. Jackie took his hand and placed it upon her left breast and moaned softly as he began to squeeze her gently.

“Baby, this isn’t right,” Ernie began.

“But it’s what we both need, dad. Mom can’t and Mark won’t,” Jackie cut him off, her eyes closed as she relished this forbidden touch. “And I can tell you like the idea of getting away with being very bad.” She opened her eyes and gave him a wanton look, lust blazing in her gaze. “You love the wicked idea of fucking someone’s pregnant wife, especially if that someone is your son in law, huh? The ultimate taboo, a cheating wife and your very own daughter. What else could top that?”

Jackie leaned down and kissed her father full on the mouth. The scruffy beard tickled her lips as he pulled her in deeper, his tongue dueling in her mouth as she released her will to his. Ernie slid his hand over the smooth skin of her protruding belly and across her hips, pulling her shorts down until they fell from her body. Jackie undid the clasp in the front of her bra and slowly pulled the cups back until her tits plopped out into his face. Ernie grabbed the hefty globes in his hands, his left thumb pressing into the nipple while his mouth covered the right. His tongue stabbed at the nub before he lightly grazed his teeth across the rapidly stiffening tip.

“Oh dad,” Jackie whispered, her fingers entwining in his hair and pulling him tight to her body. She could feel her pussy becoming sopping wet as his mouth worked her breast over, causing the nipples to become stiff and ache with desire. Her pent up need became the fuel for the fire that was consuming her and the attention of her father was so out of bounds, so wrong that it made it all the sweeter. “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” she chanted in a whisper, reminding them both of their roles in this incestuous play.

Finally, her breasts covered in saliva, she pushed him back in his chair and pulled off his sweats, his stiff cock springing free. With a lecherous smile she swiped her tongue over her lips in exaggerated desire causing his cock to twitch and a pearly drop of precum to ooze out the tip. Sitting on the floor at the foot of his recliner she scooted up as close as she could, her naked body pressed up against the fabric while her father’s legs were on either side of her. escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan Pulling his cock down to point at her face she stuck her tongue out and pushed it directly into the slit of his penis. Ernie watched in wonder as the precum oozed out onto his daughters tongue and make a small pool. He looked up into Jackie’s eyes as she brought her tongue back into her mouth and savored the taste, licking her lips as she finished.

“Mmm,” Jackie moaned in approval. “I love it daddy,” she said her eyes closing slowly. “I want more,” she said after a moment, looking at him directly. She pursed her lips as if she were going to give a kiss and moved her face forward so that the head of his cock was pushed up against her plump lips. Her tongue slipped out and tickled the underside of the tip lightly. Holding him still for a few seconds she looked at him questioningly until her father gave out a small whimper accompanied by a weak thrust of his hips. Opening her mouth and covering her teeth with her lips, she stuck out her tongue and drew his cock deep into the wet confines of her oral cavity. Slowly she drew him in, her tongue sliding steadily across the underside of his shaft with a swirl every now and then. When he was as far in as she could comfortably take him, she sealed her lips around his cock and then began to suck in pulses.

Ernie slid his fingers through his daughter’s hair and held her in place, afraid that she might change her mind about blowing him. He could feel her tongue lash at his manhood over and over all the while the pressure of her sucking was bringing him dangerously close to exploding. It had been years since he had felt a woman’s mouth on his cock and he could never recall it ever being this good. His own daughter was sucking the cock that had created her, giving thanks to the very penis that had provide the seed of her being, and she did it willingly, lovingly, and with delight. There was no doubt in his mind that his daughter was enjoying this as much as he was. No woman could fake liking to give blowjobs, not this much. Just as he was settling in to enjoy the luxurious feeling of this naughty moment his daughter began to hum.

Jackie almost laughed as her father’s penis stiffened in her mouth. The uncontrollable jerk of his hips as the vibrations of her throat reverberated through his manhood was almost comical. Ernie began to pant, his stomach tensing as he tried to remain in control of his orgasm. His standard method of reciting baseball stats, a technique not used in twenty years, failed miserably as his mind could not uncouple from the fact that it was his daughter sucking his cock and she obviously, unbelievably, wanted him to cum in her mouth.

Her mouth was pressed almost to the base of his penis. Just enough was left out that she could wrap her thumb and forefinger around his shaft and squeeze it gently in time with her other hand massaging his balls. Jackie swiped her tongue along the underside of his shaft rhythmically, the pulsing of his member announcing that his orgasm was approaching. His breathing became labored and he grew even stiffer. Quickly Jackie pulled her mouth off his cock and began stroking him into her waiting mouth.

“Cum for me daddy, cum in your baby girl’s mouth,” she whispered. With a gush his seed erupted from the tip of his cock, splashing her upper lip and nose before she closed her lips around the tip and took his load onto her tongue. Two more solid pulses pushed out even more of his pent up seed before she released his spent member and sat up on her knees. Ernie looked down to see his daughter open her mouth, his cum pooled on her tongue and spread across her face. Jackie wiggled her tongue, relishing the taste of his seed before she locked his gaze with her own and swallowed deeply. Opening her mouth she showed him that she had taken it all and felt his cock twitch at the sight.

“Good, glad to feel there is still some life in this old bugger,” Jackie said squeezing her father’s cock gently.

“Well it will be a little while,” Ernie warned her with a sheepish look.

“That’s okay dad. I know what we can do in the mean time,” she replied pushing herself to her feet and then sitting on the sofa.

Ernie watched as his only daughter pulled her feet up onto the cushions and spread her sex open before his very gaze. The hair covering her pussy was sparse and neatly trimmed, though the lips were puffy and wetness practically oozed from her open slit. Jackie slipped a hand down and held her distended tummy out of the way while the other hand opened her nether lips to his gaze.

“I need you to lick me daddy. I need to feel your tongue on my pussy.” Her voice cracked, filled with need. “Mark hasn’t eaten my pussy since I got pregnant. You’ll do it for me, won’t you daddy?”

Ernie couldn’t deny his baby girl anything in the world at that moment. He sat on the floor before the couch and pulled her into a more reclined position so that her ass was almost hanging off the couch. In this new angle he could maneuver around her baby filled belly and get his lips onto her sex. The smell of her aroused pussy was overwhelming and he was heady with her scent. Ernie slid his hands up his daughter’s trim legs and across her soft thighs until his fingers came to the edge of her pussy lips. Light as a feather he began to tease her with gentle touches.

“Fuck dad, don’t torture me,” Jackie cried out, thrashing against his hands.

Spurred on by her words he slipped two fingers into her sopping cunt with ease. As soon as the second knuckles on his fingers disappeared within her he could feel the contraction begin. She was cumming on his fingers already! Jackie’s breath came in ragged gasps as she tried to thrash her hips and increase the friction she felt. Ernie could hear his daughter babbling and moaning throughout the orgasm but all he could focus on was the feel of her pussy gripping his fingers tightly. He could feel his cock begin to stir at the thought of fucking her clutching cunt.

“Daddy is gonna eat you baby, gonna eat your pregnant little pussy,” Ernie said in a throaty whisper. He had deduced that she must enjoy the dirty talk considering how she had talked to him before and sure enough his words caused her to squirm and moan above him. He pressed his mouth into the humid intersection of her thighs and his tongue took a swipe from the bottom of her pussy to the top, bouncing on the nub of her clitoris.

“Oh god,” Jackie cried out, pressing her pelvis up into her father’s face. “Oh god yes, lick me daddy,” she whispered.

Ernie dove in with abandon. His tongue pressed into her open sex, trying to delve as far as he could. He teased her clit by rubbing and pinning it between two fingers. His tongue flickered over her clit as fast and as gentle as a butterflies wings. Jackie moaned and groaned against his assault, her hands holding her thighs and butt cheeks apart. Ernie gaziantep masöz escort bayan returned to fingering his daughter with two fingers. Rapidly he was plundering her pussy with his hand, her juices flowing freely now covering her legs, his face and the couch cushion. In his haste Ernie pulled his fingers out completely and on his way back in missed his target and slid one greased finger into her anus. Jackie cried out in surprise but when he tried to remove his finger she stopped his hand. In her aroused state, the slippery finger did not hurt, it just felt full in a different way. Never having experienced any anal play before she was intrigued by this new sensation.

Catching on, Ernie slid the finger in and out gently as he continued licking her pussy. Her breath was becoming more ragged accentuated by gasps as he continued to play with her asshole. Bearing down he concentrated on licking her clit and soon he could feel the tremors of her orgasm begin to overtake her. Jackie’s hips began to shake and then it exploded everywhere at once. Gushing waves of her release washed out of her pussy and covered Ernie’s hand as he felt her asshole convulse tightly around his finger. Her over sensitive body jerked whenever he moved his hand so Ernie pulled free from her and crawled onto the couch to hold her tightly in his arms.

After long moments of heavy breathing Jackie finally turned her face up to her father and kissed him deeply. She tasted herself on his tongue and lips and relished the thought that her mother might taste the same when Ernie kissed her good night. The absolute wrong of having sex with her stodgy mother’s husband was a delicious little thrill that sent tiny shock waves down through her pussy. The child parent battle that had raged for years through adolescence and early adulthood had never truly been resolved, simply set aside through the maturation process. Now, in the after glow of the best orgasm of recent memory, Jackie was suddenly driven to one up her mother.

“Daddy, I need you to fuck me,” Jackie said innocently. “I need you to put your hard cock in my pussy and show me what a woman is supposed to feel like. I need you to be the man my husband could never be.” Deep down Jackie understood her father’s true desire in fucking a pregnant woman was to possess that which belonged to someone else. The taboo thrill of doing something so dishonest was such that it overrode any rational thinking. Her father’s motivation to have sex with a pregnant woman was the same as her’s to have sex with her father, to claim something that belong to another. In her father’s case it was the son in law he never thought was good enough for his daughter. For Jackie it was the prudish mother who took her father’s attention for granted.

Jackie slipped from her father’s arms and knelt on the floor, pushing a pillow underneath her belly for support. Her legs were spread open and her sex was wide open, unable to repel any invader. Wetness glistened on her thighs and trailed down to her knees. The lips of her pussy were red, swollen and gaping, awaiting for the insertion that she knew would come. Ernie knelt behind her, his cock rising slowly at the sight before him.

“Oh daddy,” Jackie cooed, “fuck me with that big, hard cock. Fuck me deeper than Mark ever has.” Ernie growled with desire, his cock becoming stiffer at her words. Stroking himself a couple of times, he lined up his cock with her matted cunt and drove deep into his daughter in one plunge. “Ohhhhh!” Jackie cried, bracing herself on the carpet against his lunge. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jackie panted. His cock filling her nicely, rubbing inside her sheath places she had forgotten since the last time a man had possessed her.

“Am I better than mother?” Jackie asked between thrusts. Ernie toyed with the thought that his wife would catch them in the act. He could feel the anger and jealousy his wife would have and it spurred him on. “Tell me dad,” Jackie insisted, “is it better than mom’s?”

“Oh fuck yes baby,” Ernie answered, punctuating it with a long slow thrust while his thumb circled her asshole. “You are so much better than your mother ever was. Your body was made to be fucked and I can tell you just love it.”

“Oh yes, daddy, I do love it. I do love your long hard cock fucking me,” Jackie assured him, wiggling her ass back onto him when he paused in his rhythm. “Tell me I’m better than mommy, I want to hear it again. Tell me how much you love fucking me, daddy,” she pleaded.

“Oh baby, I love your pussy. I can’t believe I’m actually fucking my daughter. The one girl in the world I’m not allowed to fuck and here I am fucking her on my living room floor. I love fucking you baby and you are so much better than your mother ever dreamed of being.”

Jackie’s eyes rolled back in her head as her father’s words washed over her. In a distant world she could feel his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, the thrilling feeling was there, but muted. It was his words, his elevation of her sexuality, her body, her everything over her mother that made Jackie slip into ecstasy. Her possession of her father’s desire burned through her and suddenly it clamped down on his thrusting member and Ernie could feel the orgasm wrack her body as if she were a sail in a storm. Twitching spasms rocked her body as she came again and again on his rock hard cock that was embedded in her pussy.

“Oh god,” Jackie whispered at last. Her father was still now, amazed at the physical response she had undergone. “Are you ready dad?” she whispered at last. “Are you ready for me to give you what you need?” Ernie could only nod when she looked back at him over her shoulder. “Fuck me daddy,” she rasped sweetly. “Fuck me like the bad girl that I am. Fuck me hard, the way Mark has never been able to do.”

Ernie began stroking in her pussy again, his cock had softened some while she had recovered from her orgasm but it was rapidly hardening now at her words. ;

“Oh god, you are so deep daddy,” Jackie cried out. “It hurts when you go so deep,” she said but when Ernie tried to slow up she slammed her hips back and took him fully again. “Don’t worry daddy, I can take it. I like how it feels. You can hurt me a little, if it feels good to you.” Soon Ernie was riding her plump rump for all he was worth. Sweat poured from his brow as he tried to achieve a second orgasm within an hour of the first, a feat he had not done for a number of years. His cock was harder than he could ever remember it being and Jackie knew he was close.

“Daddy,” Jackie said in her sickly sweet voice, “next time you can get me pregnant.”

The very idea of making his daughter pregnant was more than he could handle. Ernie saw stars as the orgasm tore through his body and Jackie swore she felt his seed reach her womb. He gripped her fleshy ass for all he was worth just to keep upright for a long time before he simply slumped to the side and lay on the carpet breathing heavily through his mouth.

Jackie wanted nothing more than to fall asleep right where she was, in the middle of her parents living room with her father’s seed seeping out of her well used pussy. She knew better though so she got up and cleaned herself and then helped her father get his clothes back on. Once she poured him into his recliner with a beer she kissed him on the mouth.

“See you next week, daddy.”

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