My Day

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Female Ejaculation

This is the fourth story submitted about Jessica and Eric. It can be read alone, but does reference passed events. I apologize for the delay in submitting and appreciate all the likes and comments. Please keep them coming as it is my motivation.


Dammit. I was running behind. I was rushing back home a good 30 minutes late. Today I had a great meeting with a customer. They had added a lot to the projects at their home. Unfortunately discussing these additions had added a lot of time to our meeting. Good for my business but bad for my next “appointment”, my rendezvous with my neighbor/FWB/lover. I’m Jessica, 40 year old, non-pass CD.

I pulled my truck; yes I drive a big pickup as I am normally a masculine guy who works outside, into the driveway. Quickly climbing out, I crossed the lawn to the side entrance to my neighbor’s house. I let myself in and found him sitting in the kitchen waiting. Eric is a few years older than me and his 6’3″ 250lbs body makes me at 6′ 210 seem smaller. He looked at his watch and chuckled. We were both horny and had been delayed.

“Sorry,” I said as I kicked off my work boots, “meeting took longer than I thought.”

I continued into the house and started up the stairs. We had planned this meeting last weekend. We had both been busy getting ready for spring and hadn’t been together much since Valentine’s. Last week I had surprised Eric when I wore panties to help him in his garage. As we worked on his truck I made sure to bend over a few times to he could see my thong. Once he had noticed he kept feeling my ass and smacking it as we worked.

I noticed the bulge in his pants and went for it. As I stroked him he got harder and harder.

“You want me?” I asked.

“Right now!” he said turning me.

I handed him a rubber out of my pocket before dropping my pants and bending over the wokbench. I wasn’t dressed any more then panties but it didn’t seem to bother Eric. He pulled the thong aside and I heard him spit and felt a wet glob on my pussy. He worked it in with a finger and then put the head of his cock against me. I was in for a rough fuck and I knew it. I pushed back against him to give him the ok. The head popped inside and he slid all the way in until I felt his pubes against my bare skin. I was glad I had taken to cleaning myself thoroughly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he said as he withdrew and plunged back in.

“Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh,” was all I could respond.

“You ok?”

“Yes baby,” as I adjusted to him again, “Go ahead and fuck me.”

Fuck me he did. I proceeded to get pounded from behind, bent over the workbench. The slap of our skin and guttural moans from each of us were the only sounds for the next 5 minutes.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” I would pant with every stroke. The feeling was incredible.

“Jess, you’re a great fuck,” Eric said in an awkward comment as his hands tightened on my waist.

“I’m your fuck baby, get it,” I replied encouraging him.

The pounding got quicker and more intense. I knew he was going to cum soon. He always announced it, something I really liked. Knowing that I had made him cum or he had used me to cum gave me a lot of pleasure.

“Yes, Yes, YES! Jess, cummminnngggggggggggg.” He trailed off as he stopped thrusting and just held me impaled on him. I squeezed myself on him as I felt his pulses.

He leaned over onto me and we stayed in that position resting for a while. Finally he shrunk and pulled out, replacing my thong. As he removed and disposed of the condom, I pulled up my pants.

“Sorry Jessica.”


“You didn’t…”

“Eric,” I stopped him, “That was great and all we could do right now. I love the romance and affection you give me, but also realize sometimes it is just you getting off. Do you know how good I feel to be part of that?”

“Next week baby, let’s meet for a longer time,” He responded as we got back to work.

That was where we were now, me heading up the stairs after having been late to our get together. Eric followed me up.

“Sorry, sorry sorry,” I said as I entered the bedroom and noticed it ready. I headed right into the bathroom.

“It’s ok Jessica, we still have time.”

“I just need a few minutes; I did some prep this morning.”

That was true. I had cleaned myself that morning so as I disrobed from my male clothes, I just did a quick external cleaning and applied a little scented moisturizer.

“So what happened?” Eric called from the adjoining bedroom,

I brushed my teeth, donned my wig and went into my makeup routine as I related the story about the project to him. Finally I turned to my bag and withdrew my outfit for today. I had selected a nice lacy mint green babydoll which I slid over my head. Next I attached a black garterbelt around my waist and the slid black lace top stockings Pendik Öğrenci Escort on, attaching them to the garters. Finally I stepped into a matching green lace panty and pulled it up. It was a little fuller then a thong and I made sure my clit was tucked in. I added a bracelet and a couple rings.

“I just need to put on my earrings babe,” I said as I looked out into the bedroom. I was going to continue but stopped when I saw Eric in the bed.

“Jessica, come to bed,” Eric said as he pulled back the covers. He was nude and the first thing I saw was his hairy chest and big stomach. These things, which may have made him unattractive to some, really aroused me. He wasn’t “fat” but he was big. Below that big belly was his cock, already hard and sticking straight out from his hairy crotch. I finished clipping my earrings on and walked to him. No heels today as we were getting right into bed. I slipped into bed and lay on my back beside Eric as he covered us with the blanket. It felt good to be in the warm bed with him as winter still had a grip on us.

“Hi,” I said finally taking a breath and relaxing.

“Hi yourself. You look great.”

“Thank you,” I managed to get out as he pulled me to my side and we came together in a deep embrace.

“I missed this,” I whispered into his ear.

I pulled back and our lips met. We were both filled with passion and anticipation. Our lips were open and tongues were wrestling. Eric rolled me onto my back and came on top of me. He was on his elbows but still I took some of his weight. I loved this. He made me feel small, slightly submissive and feminine. I could feel his 8″ poking at my belly as our legs intertwined and my hands ran up and down his back. After minutes of being lip locked we ended our kiss. Eric rolled off of me and onto his side and his free hand lay across my body and stroked my arm.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked

“How lucky I am that I saw you through the window a couple of months ago.”

“Baby I am the lucky one. You could have ruined my life and instead have become my lover.”

“Where do we go from here?” He followed.

“Well obviously we aren’t just fuckbuddies anymore.”

“No, but we still have lives.”

“Exactly,” I returned, “I don’t want to end that life but I want to do more with you. I am comfortable with this now. It’s fun. I would like to spend the night with you or longer.”

“What more do you want to do?” Eric asked, “What are your fantasies?”

“Oh I have lots.” We hadn’t really discussed this ever. “They mostly center around being the girlfriend/wife. Being treated like the total feminine women. You know I like dressing like a business women, secretary or classy housewife. I really don’t need fantasies, anytime we are together in anyway is great. That being sad I wouldn’t mind roleplaying.”

“Such as?”

“Oh you know. Like I would play nurse or maid for fun” I laughed. There is…” I paused.


“I. I.”

“Jess you can tell me.”

“I have kind of a dream fantasy. I think secretly a lot of dressers probably have it but I don’t know if I can tell you”

“What? If I don’t know I can’t help you.”

“Ummm,” I pondered, “I would like to be a bride.”

“A bride.”

“Yes. You know, wear a wedding dress and roleplay, being all dressed up and then you know the wedding night and honeymoon.”

“Ahhh. And would you have bridal lingerie underneath?”

“Of course! I have thought about it. I have even looked online at used dresses and what not. “

“Would you have a groom?” Eric asked.

“Of course, if he would have me,” I came back looking right into his eyes.

Our lips came together again as our hands began roaming each other’s chest. I was feeling Eric’s hairy, torso. Eric felt my body through the lace of my babydoll. This covered the thinner chest hair I had remaining. As he rubbed my stomach and worked up to my little titties I wished I didn’t have the hair. I wished I could be more passable for him. I was brought back to reality as he pinched and rubbed my nipple, before trailing his hand down to my panties.

Meanwhile my hand was also descending, down his stomach to his cock. I was always taken aback when I first touched it. I had that momentary thought of “I am a guy” yet it literally made my mouth water when I would see it and as my fingers tickled it, all I could think of was having it inside me. My hand wrapped gently around him and I was giving him full, gentle strokes as we continued to make out.

Eric’s hand reached my panties. He began rubbing his hand in a circular motion on my clit. This drove me crazy and I was writing all over.

“Please,” I moaned.

“What Jess?”

“Get me ready”

“Need lube,” he followed as he stopped rubbing and began Pendik Çıtır Escort reaching over me.

The lube was out of his reach and as he came up over me to reach it, I pulled his cock right to my mouth. I gave it one lick and then took it into my mouth. Eric sat back on his knees beside me as I continued sucking. I heard the lube pop open and a few seconds later felt a cool finger sneak under my panties and into my pussy.

“MMMMMMMM,” I moaned, his cock still in my mouth.

Eric gently added another finger to loosen me. He wanted me to enjoy it and I did. My pace quickened on his cock. I loved being filled at both ends. I reached for the nightstand and grabbed a condom while letting him slip from my mouth. I rolled the condom down his shaft.

I pulled my panties off and grabbed the lube from him adding a dollop to the head of his cock which jutted straight up from his thick pubes. As I laid back Eric positioned himself between my legs and up on his arms above me. I felt his cock poking between my legs.

“Put me in you,” he told me his face inches from me.

I reached down and took hold of him and brought the head to my opening. I looked up and gave him a nod of approval. He pushed forward and I felt just a moment of discomfort before he slid all the way in me.

“Come here baby.” I beckoned him down on top of me.

We kissed deeply as I spread my legs and brought my arms under his and grabbed his shoulders. This allowed me some leverage. Although Eric was on his forearms, I still felt his weight on me. The lace between us felt great. My head was buried in his shoulder as I inhaled his scent. He was always nice and clean but still had a very manly scent. We just lay like this for a bit, he was kissing my neck, I was just making small movements underneath him.

“Oh baby, you feel so good. Please,” I said.

Eric rose up to his knees, brought my legs up onto his shoulders and began thrusting into me. His hands went up and down my stocking legs as he looked down at me. I brought my own hands to my chest and began playing with my nipples. We were taking our time and enjoying the sensations. He was giving me nice long but gentle strokes that I would meet. Then as he withdrew, I gave a little squeeze. Nothing was said as we would just moan at each thrust.

This went on for quite a while. When we are together it is always hard for me to track time. We don’t stare at a clock unless time is limited. Today it wasn’t. I can’t say how long we had been moving but two things made us pause. One his back was starting to hurt and second we needed to add some more lube. As he withdrew, I knew I was gaped a bit as I felt the cold air rush in before I clenched myself closed. Eric rolled down onto his side and brought me to him in a spooning position. I grabbed the bottle of lube and applied some to my hand before reaching back and stroking it onto his shaft.

“All set,” I said as I again lined him up with my pussy.

He eased back into me in one full stroke.

“Ahhhhhhh. Yes,” I gasped as the wonderful fullness I loved.

Eric pulled me tight to him in a spooning postion. Buried in me I met his gentle movements. He was kissing my neck and shoulder while his free hand squeezed my titties through the babydoll. I ran my stockinged feet up and down his legs. I knew he loved the feeling of the nylons. I loved this position. It allowed us both to “rest” while still being joined. It felt great to be held and penetrated by him the same time. Eric was almost silent as he continued his gentle thrusts into me. I was wimpering quietly as my hand went to my clit. Neither one of us was ready to cum yet but rubbing it a bit increased my excitement a bit and I squeezed on his shaft and turned to kiss him again. Once again I felt that feeling of needing to pee and as he thrust into me hard a couple times I dribbled some out of my clit. I was glad I had my hand there as I was able to dry it on the sheet. I was in a daze, this man had made me lose all control.

A hard slap on my ass brought me back to reality.

“Fuck,” I yelped, enjoying the sting.

“Having fun?” he asked.

“God yes.”

“Let’s change,” he followed as he withdrew and rolled onto his back.

I rolled onto my tummy and turned back to look up and down his whole body. His cock was still rock hard and sticking straight up. My eyes continued up to his face hoping he would let me ride him.

“Want to ride?” he asked and I laughed as I rose up and grabbed the lube, stroking a bit more onto his rubber cover penis.

I stood straight up on the bed and straddled him, letting him see me in my babydoll, garterbelt and stockings. My little clit showed a bit of excitement. I squatted down over him and reached behind me to line his penis up. Down I went and again he was smoothly Pendik Elit Escort inside me.

“MMMMMM,” was all that I could muster. I sank to my knees and laid on top of him, my head next to his.

“Yes baby.” He said as his arms came around me holding me securely once again.

I felt so comfortable and feminine like this. I was his. We had fucked before and on our Valentine’s date we had made love. Now we were doing both. As I once again made little gyrations on him he squeezed me even tighter. Little moans escaping our lips.

“Love you,” I said gently.

“Love you, Jessica,” he responded, “I almost forgot,” he followed stopping me.

“What hun?” I asked rising up on my arms his hardness shifted inside me.

“I got you something,” as he reached for the drawer of the bedtable.

“You didn’t need to.”

His hand returned with a small jewelry box. I must have had an expression on my face.

“It’s not that Jess,” he said as he opened the box.

Inside was a belly dangle. The kind that teenage and college girls wore. I took it out and realized it was a magnet not a piercing.

“Really? Are you kidding me?”

“Jess, I thought it would look hot on you and add to your femininity.” He undid the magnet and as lifted my babydoll he place the two pieced between the skin above my belly button. The super magnets pulled together and pinched my skin, the force surprised me with a little pain. I looked down to see it dangling off me.

“That’s so hot!” came from my lover.

“I’m not sure, I have the body for this,” I said as I wiggle my tummy, “but is does add to that feeling.”

My little movements had reminded me that I was still impaled on Eric’s cock.

“Where were we?” I asked as I started moving on him again.

Eric’s hands once again were on my waist, helping me move back and forth on him. I was moving at a steady but not fast pace. When I move back and down on him he would thrust up gently to meet me and I would feel his hairy sac against my butt. As I focused on his eyes I noticed he was looking at my tummy, watching the dangle move back and forth.

“I’m up here,” I joked bringing his eyes up to me.

“It’s pretty hot.”

“It feels sexy against my belly.”

Eric’s right hand had moved to my clit and he was gently tugging it. I couldn’t take the pleasure like this anymore so I rolled off him and onto my back next to him.

“Come fuck me big guy,” I said.

As he sat up and came between my leg I pulled them open and back and used my hands to spread myself and show him my pussy.

“Fuck my pussy baby!”

Eric approached and placed the head at my opening. He was teasing me, jabbing it at my opening and rubbing it up and down while gently tugging my semi-hard clit. Fuck I was so aroused, I needed it back in me.

“PUT THAT BIG COCK IN ME NOW!!” I ordered him.

In one motion Eric slammed it back into me.


He fell on top of me and I immediately wrapped my arms and legs around him, relishing his weight on me in a tradition missionary fuck. Masculine grunts came from Eric as he thrust into me and little moans were my reply as I held onto him and tried to meet him.

“Fuck my pussy.”

“Fuck my pussy.”

“Fuck my pussy,” I said as he continued into me.

Eric’s grunting like his thrusts became harder and faster. I knew he was getting close. So was I. Between the plowing I was taking and him rubbing on my clit I was really close. I knew telling him this would help him.

“I’m close baby,” I said and immediately felt him go deeper in me. That was all I needed.

“I’M GONNA CUMMMMM!” I yelled as it hit me, “CUMMMMINNNNGGGGGG!”

I spasmed on him as my clit leaked between us. Eric gave one final deep thrust and a deep guttural moan.

“YESSSSSSSS!” he yelled and he collapsed fully onto me continuing with erratic thrusts as he filled the condom inside me.

I rubbed his back as I enjoyed the afterglow of our orgasms. No longer was I ashamed. I held onto my man tight as we both came down from the high. Finally he slipped from me and rolled off onto his back. I immediately saw the cum filled condom and once again knew what was my “duty”. I pulled the condom off and while he watched me fed the contents into my mouth. I savored the load before swallowing. Then I bent to his cock and softly cleaned him up before he pulled me back up for a kiss and to lie with my head on his shoulder. We could feel the wetness on my babydoll and knew we had both fully enjoyed our time. Nothing was said, instead we just dozed in each other’s arms.

Finally I realized it was time to go. Sadly I rolled away from Eric and got to my feet. I picked up my panties and walked into the bathroom. Once in there with the door closed I removed my earrings, belly dangle and wig and undressed before turning on the shower.

“Bye Jess,” called Eric through the door.

I finished showering and redressed as Jesse. As I opened the door I noted the bed had been stripped and Eric was gone. I quietly left the house looking forward to our next get together.

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