My Day with Ellie

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The front door slammed and I was rudely snapped into semi-consciousness. I took a deep breath and nearly choked, the air in my girlfriends room was stale and reeked of sex. Her parents had gone away for the weekend so we had wasted no time making use of the empty house.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, I should say nearly empty house.

I looked down at myself, I was completely naked, there was debris from the previous night strewn around the room, there was a thin sheet covering me which tented in the middle where the morning wood was making it’s presence known. I rearranged the sheet to cover my lower half a little more and brought my knees up so that the wood wasn’t quite so obvious. “Yeah, come in” I said gruffly.

A scantily clad angel came bounding in and stopped in the middle of the room, “Jesus it smells funny in here!” she said, giving me a sly look.

“Yeah, um, should have really opened a window last night I guess.”

“What so the neighbors could hear everything as well as me?” she said, hands on her narrow hips giving me an amused but reproving look.

Ellie was perfection, plain and simple. Don’t get me wrong her sister is stunning, I’m not a shallow man but I believe that you should find your partner physically and mentally attractive, Louise did this too, but Ellie had the excitement of youth. Being ten years younger than her sister, Ellie was treated like the baby of the house and although she had just turned eighteen she still acted up to her reputation. At least that’s what she portrayed to her family. She was short, 5ft nothing. She had a tiny frame, cute peach of an ass and perfect C cup breasts which occasionally she acted as if she forgot were there, or at least seemed not to notice the attention they drew. They appeared too large for her frame but in a strange way just added to her innocence. She had long brown hair, almost to her ass, which I don’t know if I’ve mentioned already was perfect. She could switch from sweet and innocent to the biggest cocktease you’ve ever know and back again. This was the great allure of Ellie.

I looked up at her and only Escort bayan now clocked that she was almost naked. She was just wearing a baby blue push up lace bra and matching French knickers. Both were clearly quite new but looked like they had been bought for someone a size smaller. Her perfect tits, pushed tight together into the most wonderful cleavage you could ever imagine, looked as if one deep breath would have them spilling out. Her knickers formed her ass into a perfection that I just wanted to bury my face in right there.

Her soft voice broke my fantasies “I said, do you want me to open the window for you?”

Jesus, I’d been miles away.!Um, yes please, sorry, still half asleep” I grinned sleepily at her.

She smiled sweetly at me then walked over to the window, stretching up to the top window to open it but not being able to get enough purchase. She looked over her shoulder at me, giving me a coy look “I can’t reach, you’re going to have to open it” She said, looking over at me, “can you come help me?” she asked, giving a little pout for good measure.

I looked over at her, my eyes wandering up her long legs, her ass, her slim hips and slowly up her body to her eyes “You see, Ellie, I’m not exactly in a position to”, I nodded at my boxers laying on the other side of the room in explanation.

“You’re naked under there?!” she asked in macabre surprise. She grinned at me again “what ever would my sister say” she said, moving to sit down on the desk chair, twisting it round so it’s facing me. she sat there, her legs slightly parted; was that a damp patch between her legs, I asked myself?

Her demeanour appeared to change, she’d gone all sultry. Her eyes wandering slowly around the room as she sat there, across the floor and our discarded clothes from the night before, up to the side table with the broken wrappers from condoms, across my torso and down to where my cock was laying, semi hard under the sheet just feet away from her.

“You know I could hear you both very clearly last night” she said, staring at me, her face unreadable, “I lay in bed hearing you both grunting Bayan escort and groaning.” Her hands resting on her thighs started moving ever so slightly across her legs inwards, drawing playfully on herself. She twisted the chair slightly from side to side, one of her hands touching her inner thigh delicately, the other playing with the hem of her panties, plucking at it, seemingly unconsciously. “I was listening to you fuck my sister, I couldn’t sleep, I just lay there, imagining….” she stopped mid-sentence as if changing her mind and shook herself out of a trance. “I was so frustrated last night I couldn’t have my boyfriend round” her fingers had now slipped down the front of her panties, only the tips, only slightly, applying light pressure to herself and she gave an almost inaudible sigh.

“Um…. sorry” I said. Well done, I said to myself, smooth moves there Casanova. “Well why don’t you have him round this morning?” I asked a little too quickly “I’m sure I can make myself scarce so you can have time together”, my eyes darting down to her panties then up to her cleavage and briefly up to her eyes. I felt I shouldn’t be watching, like I was invading her privacy despite her putting herself on show right in front of me.

“Erm, Ellie, I’m not sure you should be doing that in front of me.” Not what I wanted to say but I felt like I should put up some kind of resistance to what she was doing. My cock was aching now, having grown thick again by the tantalising show in front of me. My hands were very close, I could afford a few strokes as my knees were up, she might not notice the movement under the sheets…

She gave me an almost scornful look at my first suggestion “I don’t want to wait for him to come round for some light relief” she said, her fingers moving down further between her legs, the other hand sliding up her own body. her eyes were now closed, she sighed as her fingers reached the desired location and started giving the attention needed. my hand had crept to my cock and I began stroking it, long, slow strokes as I watched my girlfriends sister pleasure herself right in front of me, Escort massaging her own tits as she did. her eyes flicked open and saw me stroking myself under the covers, a smile flashed across her face then her eyes closed again, she arched her back and audibly groaned as her fingers evidently stepped up their action.

my legs slid down the bed, now I stroked my cock a little faster and far more obviously, I stared at her perfect body writhing under her own touch, while one hand it’s fingers between her legs the other removed the strap of her bra, a move I’d been praying for. Her strap gently tumbled down her shoulder and she coaxed her breast out of the cup, her beautiful pale nipples erect in her excitement. She grabbed a handful of herself and moaned, looking directly at me now as, all pretence was gone.

I stared at her, pulling back the covers I let her get a complete view of what I was doing, my muse in front of me inspiring my cock to it’s thickest, hardest state in a long time. I began pumping furiously at it, watching her finger herself faster and deeper now that the covers were off of me. Her smile widened as she saw my cock, knowing it’s her that’s got it to the state it’s in.

I was sitting up on the edge of the bed, staring at her, she was staring at me, both wanting to attack each other with lust but both holding back, knowing we shouldn’t but knowing it’s also gone too far for there to be any other conclusion to this.

I felt myself getting close and started groaning louder, in response Ellie slid off the other strap and took off her bra completely then knelt in front of me, her arms folded under her tits, ready for me, like a blank canvas. As soon as she took her place, she looked up at me, innocent eyes staring into mine, as if she wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

Thick and heavy streams of cum shot out, covering her cheeks, more cum then came out the whole of the previous night. She still looked up at me but now had a mischievous smile on her face. My hot cum dripped down onto her tits, leaving trails of my seed across her body. She traced a finger along a trail and sucked on it, ‘Mmmm, I certainly hope there’s more where that came from’ she said, ‘I’ve not even started with you’.

I looked down at her, the beautiful angel covered in my seed. I had a feeling today was going to be a good day.

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