My Despicable Family Pt. 02

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.


Chapter 8 – Sharing

I am up early. I go down to the gym and workout hard. I am getting soft, and this feels good, my muscles are burning. I do some legs, arms, and core. It’s been a while since I’ve worked out, I need to get all my muscles limbered up. When done, I take a quick shower and find mom making breakfast.

Mom, “You’re up early. The staff isn’t up for a while yet. I decided to get you some breakfast. I need a few more minutes, I’m not quite a short-order chef.”

Coffee is ready, I grab a cup and some cream. I am tired and sore. I worked too hard today. Mom places some pancakes, sausage, and juice on the table, enough for the two of us.

Mom snickers, “Nobody else will be up for a while.”

We eat for a bit; no words are spoken.

Mom, as expected, is the first to talk, “What are your intentions with Laura?”

I am flippant, “Oh, I was thinking a hollow-point .38 between the eyes.”

Mom drops her fork. She looks at me with the eyes of someone that see’s their own death on the way. That chilled me.

I am more relaxed now, “That was a joke, mom. If I were going to kill her, I would have done it already.”

Mom is furious, “Never joke about that. She’s had a hard time the last year or so. She used to run Escort jobs from time to time. Something happened, something bad, and she stopped. I don’t know who or what, but it changed her.”

That’s interesting, that might be the customer I want. Not a current one but a former one. I will ask about that later. Right now, I need to find out how they know who our customers are. That’s an inside job. We have a call center and an accounting firm; both have access to the people and the money. The call center has access to who will be scheduled in the future.

There are a lot of reservations to go through. I am surprised at how infrequently an escort gets work. When they do, it’s great money. Perfect college work. Interestingly, there is more demand for a man than a woman. Half are asked for specifically. New guys are the busiest. It’s also unusual in that Janet Norwood is the person that booked the last night for each person that died. Wow, this lady is dumb.

I go up to my room, and Laura and Alice are still there. I shake Alice awake.

Alice looks at me with sleepy eyes, “Whattttttttt?”

Clinically, I ask for the facts: “Where is your call center located? Are they people you hired?”

Alice asks, “What?”

Laura answers, “It’s a big company, and they handle many companies. It’s called JJ Industries, they’re at 250 Industrial Blvd, suite 300. Why?”

I smile, “I found a rat.”

I go out to the garage, and I find an old ’69 Barracuda in rough shape. It hasn’t been restored yet. They say the engine has been restored but nothing else. Perfect. Any better and it gets stolen while I am inside.


I walk inside the office of JJ Industries, and there is an older chunky woman behind the front desk.

I try to sound sexy, “Laura called over, you should be expecting me. I need a conference room and Janet Norwood. She has done an exceptional job, and we want to single her out.”

Trisha is more than happy to help me out. She has love in her eyes, and that amuses me. She places me in a conference room big enough for twenty people. An overhead projector and top of the line chairs. It’s a nice room.

It’s a few minutes later that Trisha brings Janet into the room. She is a young twenty-something woman. Nothing special about her. Average all around. She is married if the ring is correct.

I use a low deep voice to say, “My name is Ken, and I am here representing L & A Industries.”

The smile has left her face.

I continue, “Let me put my cards on the table.”

I place a stack of 3 x 5 pictures, face down on the table, then I take out my revolver and put it on the table as well. Janet stares at the weapon. She is trembling, she looks at me pleading.

I slam my hand down on the pictures my laser printer spun out. I pick up the photos and offer them to Janet. She reluctantly agrees to take the images, and then looks at them. In three seconds, she flashes through all twenty pictures. She is staring at me, questioning me with her eyes. Her eyes are now swelling with tears.

I tell her softly, “When you give out the information about an escort, that’s what happens to both bodies.” She looks sick. “I used to work for the CIA, killing people. I never caught the four people doing this in Iraq. How did you get involved?

She is weeping softly as she starts her tale, “I’m a young newlywed. We are short of money. I was at a bar with some personal friends when a guy asks me if I want to make 10k cash. I wake up in the morning, and I feel like I had all three holes stuffed with a baseball bat. I am in a cheap motel room. I take an uber bursa evi olan escort home. I have no money, no 10k, no credit cards. My husband had to pay, and I had to explain what happened to him.

“The next day at work, I get an email with a video of what they did to me. I then get a call explaining that unless I want the video going out to my family, husband, and coworkers, I will give them names when they ask for them.

“Giving out a name doesn’t hurt anyone, so I did it. I knew they were up to no good, but what choice did I have?”

I pick up the pictures and lay them down face up in a line.

I use my angry voice, “This is the result of your choice.” I pause several seconds for effect. She is bawling. “Now, you are going to fix this mess. Next time they call, give them my next appointment. Then call me, I will make sure they never hurt someone again.”

I watch her for a moment. Something is wrong, she stopped crying too soon. She didn’t ask about her safety. I smile, stand up, say “goodbye,” and then walk out the door. I scan the room to see if anyone is watching me.”

I hear Janet make a call, “Hey, it’s me. He showed up and just left like you said he would. Ok, thank you. Yeah, I know, what a schmuck, right? See ya later.”

I run straight to the reception room door and close it as I hear her opening the conference room door. That was close. My heart is beating hard. Swell, I might know when they are coming for me, but they will have time to prepare for me and know when I am coming. This isn’t looking good.

With surprise, I had a hard time winning, now it is damn near impossible. I go home, ignore a mean comment from Laura, ignore a sexual favor from Alice, and walk to my room. I hear Alice mutter, “Oh shit, this is bad.” It is.

I strip and walk into a hot shower. The steam quickly builds. I have my arms on the wall and my head on my arms. I am sad and feeling sorry for myself. I can’t believe it’s going to end like this.

I am so distraught; I don’t hear someone sneak up on me from behind. I feel two large perky breasts push into my back while two willowy arms try to wrap around me. She doesn’t say anything nor ask for anything. She is just here with me. This woman makes no sense, everyone wants something.

Her hands are slowly working around my chest, feeling my muscles.

She is very soft when she asks, “What’s wrong? You ignored us when you came home, you looked like a zombie.”

I lay the facts out, “They are going to kill me. I can’t stop four of them. I had a chance when I had surprise on my side. The girl that is helping them is one of their people. She will tell me, but they know that.”

Alice is upbeat, “Someone helped you in Iraq. Someone high up knows you and wants to help you. Now sounds like a great time to ask for help.”

I am the voice of reality, “You don’t understand, the people I used to deal with. They don’t have published phone numbers, they don’t have a desk, they are loosely related to our government for easy deniability. I have no way to contact them.”

Laura asks, “How did they know you were going to Iraq?”

What the hell is she doing here? Laura is naked in the shower with her daughter and me? Well, fuck me. Now I have seen it all. Laura turns off the water and hands a towel to Alice. Laura and Alice both dry me off and then lead me to the bed. I am pushed down on my front. I hear bottles opening, for I assume oil again. Sure enough, I am being oiled up on my arms, back, and legs. They are working together.

Both rub their breasts on my body parts, and that feels awesome. I feel four hands massaging my oiled body, four breasts dragging up and down my body. Oh yes, this feels great.

Laura grunts her words as she applies pressure to my legs and feet, “You, must, find, a, way, to, contact, your, friends. They, want, to, help, you. Send, email, to, everyone, or a few, at, a, time. Damn, you, are, a, mess.”

Alice is snarky, “Well, he doesn’t see how he survives this. I think I would be stressed as well. Geez, mom, way to help.”

Laura’s temper flares, “Hey, young lady, there are people out there that will help him. We need to contact those people. There must be a way. Then he can plan a solution to wipe out the four of them. Hell, hire a Seal team.”

Alice is mad now as well, “Yeah, let’s go down to the corner store and tell them we want to rent a local US Navy Seal team to help kill some bad people. Awesome plan, mom.”

I have an idea, “One of the first people killed, was the daughter of an admiral. I remember reading that somewhere.”

I got up out of bed, still naked, and ran to my office. I checked my boards and then cross-referenced the data. Sure enough, Lizzy Mulbern is the granddaughter of Philip Townsend, US Navy Retired.

I log on to my laptop and send him an email with my information. I tell him enough to get him hopefully interested. I mention Iraq and the help I got. I also explain my trouble, four vs. one. They know the house that I will altıparmak escort be coming to, and when.

I go back to my room and find it empty. I put clothes on and then head back downstairs. They have probably started dinner. I have the TV on, but I am distracted, I am worried about my life. I don’t want to die.

Alice nudges me, “Um Ken, don’t you think you’re a bit old for cartoons?”

I look, and there is an old Bugs Bunny cartoon on the screen with Elmer Fudd chasing him.

I give her a blank look, “This is classic stuff. Nothing beats good old Bugs Bunny. Poor old Elmer Fudd never won. Bugs was way too smart and fast for him. Dinner ready?”

Alice kisses me and says, “Yes, just a simple spaghetti and garlic bread.”

We spend a good hour talking and enjoying dinner. Alice and Laura split a bottle of wine. I still won’t use alcohol; afraid it will slow my needed life-saving skills if we get attacked.

After dinner, we retire to the living room. I learn about tomorrow’s client, a new woman that has never used an escort before; she is nervous. I am instructed on how to handle nervous clients and help turn them around, so they have a fantastic experience. They describe a lot of things that are above and beyond sex.

There is a knock at the door. I ask security on the radio, and they say it’s okay, they checked out. I have no idea who this is, we aren’t expecting anyone.

As I open the door, two men quickly push me on my ass and have assault rifles pointed at my head. Four more rush in and have both girls covered. They scream, like that will help. I know it’s a coping mechanism.

I shout out, “Laura, Alice, these are American servicemen, it’s ok. I sent an email, and I expect this is his answer. Calm down, we’re in no danger.”

My calm attitude calmed them down.

I point out to the men that none of us have a weapon, they ease up.

I ask the guy closest to me, “How long until he shows up?”

One of them says, “Thirty-two minutes.”

I offer, “Do you mind if I take my family with me to a couch so we can sit comfortably. There is some good spaghetti in the kitchen and chairs in the dining room if you want to sit.”

I turn the TV back on, and Bugs Bunny is now dealing with a Martian. That amuses everyone. At thirty minutes, we turn off the TV. The Admiral will be here soon. The guns are aiming at us again. It needs to look suitable for the Admiral. There is no knock at the door, the frail old man by the name of Gene comes in. He is slow to get around.

I stand up, all guns are on me, I tell Laura and Alice, “I want you two to stay in here. A lot of the things in my room are disturbing. You really don’t want to see it. We’ll be there a while, how about making some chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies.”

Laura comments, “In other words, get lost.”

Gene says with a slight slur, “Listen to him. The pictures will haunt you for years like they have me.”

They go with a guard to make cookies.

Once in my office, I use a loud, clear voice, “I know who the four men are, I will know when they come for me, I just don’t know how I survive yet. They’re extremely intelligent. I’ve had no luck finding even a trace of them. The woman that will tell me when I am being set up will also tell them the same. Heck, she may not tell me. I’m in a terrible position here.

“The only thing I have going is that the women meet me outside or I don’t stop. That will keep them alive until I am there, and hopefully, I can save them. What I need is backup. Someone to surprise them from the back. No guarantee they haven’t foreseen this and are expecting mercs.

“These boards document all the knowledge I have, and this box has all the forensic evidence from the two doctors and their statements. I also recorded their statements.”

Gene looks impressed, his sole question is, “Why?”

I explain, “I hate to lose to bad people. We tracked their killing in Iraq but never caught them. It was a cold case forever. My sister contacts me because her employees are being killed sadistically. I put two and two together, and I have a start. It goes from there. I am forced to be a male escort, though, so I have a reason to meet women.”

Gene looks at me, “You poor man. The things you must endure to catch criminals.”

The men snicker.

I shoot back, “Some of these women are crazy. One tried to drug me and make me a BSDM slave. I got one tomorrow that’s afraid of men.”

More serious now, “Can you help me? I sure could use some backup.”

Gene is unsure, “I need to make sure this is the same team.”

I am hopeful, “Maybe there were duplicates over there. Well, it was the Iraqi doctor that noticed the people had medical school training. I don’t know if you have pictures or not, but that is how you tell.”

Gene dismisses that, “They had no idea who she was, they cremated her and sent the bits back. It took DNA to identify her. I would bet this is the group. Either way, we need to take them out and see gemlik escort if the killings continue. We will take pictures of everything, and some people may come back. I want to help you.”

I try to sound upbeat, “I appreciate the help, but as early as tomorrow, I might get the call, or they might be there. I do a job every other day.”

Gene tells me, “I’ll put a team on you. When you get the call, you will wear a mic. Continue using a unique car every time you go out. Don’t worry about being followed, you will be. If there are others, we will take care of them.”

Gene has seen enough, he leaves.

His people stay for two hours, getting copies of everything I have and two dozen chocolate chip cookies. I only got one.

I ask the man before he leaves, “Have any of you lost … someone … to these monsters?”

He looks me square in the eyes, “We all have. Each of us lost a sister that was a nurse.”

I ask tentatively, “You think I’ll get any help?”

He hugs me and pats me on the back, “Try and keep us away.”

Exactly what I wanted to hear. They leave with cookies in hand. I feel much better. I sit down on the couch and put my hands over my face. I don’t want them seeing these emotions of relief in me. I need to keep my distance. When this is over, I am done here. Time to go back to the Rockies.

Alice comes to me and pulls down my sweatpants. When I move my hands to assist, fuck me, it’s not Alice.

I am about to say something, but Alice cuts me off, “Ken, shut up. Enjoy.”

I was expecting some jealousy. Nope. Alice sits in a chair and is watching her mom perform a near-perfect blowjob. With so much hate and nastiness, what changed?

She is deepthroating me. Oh my, everything touches my knob. As everything slides down her throat, it catches, and it feels glorious. She plays with me, in and out, in and out, her tongue glides along the underside of my cock. She uses some hand, saliva, and some pressure while sucking with different intensities.

It’s too much, the ice queen sucks a mean cock. I shout out, “LAURA!” moments before I spew my cum down her throat. That was precisely what she needed to pull off the deep throat yet remain poised to suck my balls dry. Suck she did, up to and including me running dry.

I am light-headed and in a bit of a daze that Laura did that. I thought she hated me. I am confused and fall over on the couch. Alice puts my legs back up on the couch and gives me a couch pillow to rest my head on. I assumed I was going to take a nap. However, Laura wrapped me in her arms, with her naked breasts stuck to my face.

That’s when the waterworks turn on. I have no clue what I did, but if Laura is involved, it must be me.

Annoyed, I inquire, “What did I do now?”

I get no response. I look at Alice, and she shrugs her shoulders. I sit up and hug Laura back. She stops crying.

Laura explains, “I forced you to come here, I forced you to have sex with your niece, I forced you to have sex with a few women, and now as a result of my action, your life is in jeopardy. I am solely responsible. If you die, it’s as if I pulled the trigger.”

Everything she said is true. Well, more or less true. Shit, I better fix this, or she will get worse.

I look at Laura, “I was hiding from the world in Colorado, I needed to join society again. Those four monsters need to die. I left Iraq frustrated because I never caught them. I knew the odds were long when I agreed to this. With the new help, I’ll get through this.

“I am glad you came around and no longer hate me. Forcing me to come out here and then set me up with the psycho mistress was harsh. I almost left. I gave you my word, I’m forced to stay and see this through. What changed? What made you stop hating me? Have you stopped hating me?”

I can see Alice begging her mother with her eyes to speak up. She does.

Laura is looking at the floor with tears in her eyes, “I was working as an escort right before my daughter started. I don’t particularly like sex with men, I prefer women. There are some things that only a man can provide, and I sometimes need that. Servicing men fulfilled my needs. It was a Monday, and I was meeting a new client. He was a rich oilman from Texas.

“He was soft, gentle, and kind as he kissed me and played with my nipples. I gave my body to him. Snap, snap, I have handcuffs on my wrists behind my back. Snap, snap, my ankles are handcuffed together. I am placed on the bed on my back, a ball gag is placed in my mouth. He throws a bag over my head and cinches the bottom. I am blind now.

“Let’s just say, he was a bit rough. A maid found me and called 911. He left five grand in my account. Alice didn’t want to be an Escort, but that day I retired, and she took over.” Now crying. “She never wanted to take over.”

They are both crying now.

Alice continues while crying, “Mom got beat up bad. She was in the hospital for a week and wouldn’t talk. The police came, she talked to them, but he was never charged.”

I ask, “What’s his name?”

Alice spits out the name like its satin, “Billy Bob McKenzie.” His dad owns half of Texas.

Alice continues, “She wouldn’t talk for a week. Her will was broken. It took two months to heal physically. As you can see, emotionally, it’s been harder. She doesn’t like men so much, even you.”

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