My Discovery

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Even in my mid-20’s some of my friends were a little rounder than they should be. I tried to get to the gym regularly to avoid that. Having a routine and going on the same days each week you see some of the same faces each time at various points during your workout. There were always nice sights to see at the gym and many times on the treadmill I would see the same blond working up a sweat. She had a few years on me and was doing what she could to hold off time.

After a while we started some chit chat as we would run into each other. Her name was Kathy and she was actually in her early 40’s. If she had asked me to guess her age I would have said early 30’s. She had genetics and fitness on her side. We discovered that we had a few common interests as we were in the same field of business in a round about kind of way. Kathy always had a nice tan and some great blue eyes. She was a very attractive woman, but maybe it was my conservative upbringing that did not even allow me to consider some things that I should have…

When I strained my shoulder playing softball, I was in some pretty good discomfort. Amazingly Kathy had a watchful eye and asked me one day why I hadn’t worked out with weights all week. I told her about my shoulder and she mentioned that she was great at giving massages and thought that my shoulder would feel much better after one. Hmmm…I had never gotten a massage before and anything that might make my shoulder feel better was worth a shot, so I agreed. She gave me her number and address and we agreed to meet up the next Saturday at 2.

Let me be perfectly clear that I did not read into her offer in any way except for it being an invitation for a massage and an opportunity for my shoulder to feel better. I in no way considered anything beyond that.

The day of our meeting I put on some basketball shorts and a t-shirt and headed over to Kathy’s apartment. She welcomed me at the door of her apartment in a plain t-shirt and shorts, and asked if I wanted anything to drink. White wine was her choice, so I just made it easy on her and had the same. We chatted for a bit and then Kathy told me that if she was going to give me a massage, I had to give her one. Sounded good, but never having had a massage before I had no idea on what to do so I agreed and told her that I wanted to get my massage first. At least that way I could see what to do when I gave her a massage.

Kathy asked if I wanted to take my shirt off because she was wanted to use some massage oil. Sounded good to me and she had me lay face down on her bed where she had placed an extra sheet. She then proceeded to first warm oil in her hands and then work the oil into my muscles. At first her working on the strained muscles hurt, but then they started to relax. She massaged me from the tips of my toes to my neck and did so with considerable expertise. I was really starting to feel pretty relaxed after almost an hour of the treatment.

Before I knew it, Kathy said that it was my turn to give her a massage. I was still oblivious to any subtext that was going on, but not for long. She then asked if I would mind if she was naked for the massage. She assured me that she would cover up, but wanted to be sure that I could massage as much of her as possible. DING DING DING…it struck me on what could be going on.

I told her that I was comfortable with it if she was, and volunteered to leave the room for a second. Walking out of the room, my mind and my heart were racing. What was I getting myself into here? Was I making some kind of mistake? Before I could think about it too much Kathy called me back into the room.

There, laying face down on the bed with an extra sheet covering her ass, was a stunningly beautiful woman. Her work at the gym was paying off and she kept herself tanned to perfection. Upon closer inspection I didn’t see any tan lines and I liked that.

Climbing onto the bed and positioning myself next to Kathy, I poured some oil into my hands and rubbed them together to heat the oil, just as she had done. I then started on her left foot, kneading every toe, moving to the arch of her foot, and then up her leg. Kathy complimented me on my strong hands, as I moved onto her right foot. As I worked my way up her right leg, I noticed that the higher I got the warmer her leg was. Something was heating this lady up.

On to her back. I found that trying to give a massage on a bed while sitting next to your subject is kind of awkward. I mentioned it and Kathy simply replied, “Kneel above me then.” I knew then that it was about to get interesting.

I warmed up more oil in my hands and threw a leg over her, hovering just below her ass. As I was working on her lower back, kneading in small circles, she started to let out some low moans, “Oh Chris that feels so good…mmmm.” Hearing her start to moan got to me and my cock started to stiffen in my loose shorts. I wondered if Kathy would notice, but didn’t stop the massage. I looked down to see my excitement visibly pushing out the thin mesh material of my shorts.

Then alanya escort I moved upwards on her back, massaging the muscles around her shoulders and neck. This required that I lean forward and Kathy took full advantage of that. She arched up her ass right into my cock and let out a groan of appreciation as my shaft fell in between the cheeks of her ass. I kept on kneading her upper back, but began to slowly grind my cock into the sheet covering her ass. In no time I could feel the heat of her body through the thin layers of material between us. It felt amazing and I had to concentrate on not letting a groan of appreciation escape my mouth. As I slowly thrust my cock against her, she kept moaning and her breaths started to get deeper. That drove me even more wild and my rod grew harder and harder.

Then she dropped her ass, propped herself up on one elbow, and looked back at me. She stared down at the bulge in my shorts and smiled as she pressed her hand onto my cock. Then she traced her fingers up my shaft to the top of my shorts and untied them. I was frozen like a statue. Not missing a beat she slid her hand inside my shorts and took a firm hold of my tool. Her hand started to slowly stroke my cock and I was so hard that I could have put it through the wall.

Kathy looked up at me with a knowing grin, “Did I do this to you?”

“Yes.” was all I could say.

“Mmmm…it’s so hard,” she said and flipped over to face me. That move showed me her magnificent breasts. They were perfect C cups, tanned with full dark nipples. I sat up on my knees as she kept eye contact with me and worked my shorts down my thighs. My cock sprang out from my shorts at full attention, pointing straight up at her face. “Chris I think you need a special massage because you seem rather tense right here.”

With that she gave me a few slow strokes and then ran her hand down the shaft and grabbed hold of the base. “I use a different technique on this muscle,” she said and then leaned forward and ran her tongue up the length of my cock taking the head into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet and I could feel her hot breath.

I could not help but let out a loud groan as her mouth moved down to cover the first few inches of my cock. What a feeling. She slowly moved my cock in and out of her mouth, circling her tongue around the head. Her mouth took in just a little more of me with each stroke. I could not believe it, but my cock got even harder as she skilfully teased my now aching member.

Before long I felt the first tingles of an orgasm starting to build in my balls. No way could I cum now. I had to make this last, so I eased my cock from her wanting mouth. She kept a firm grip on the base of my shaft and looked up at me. I leaned forward and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips. Our tongues danced together as we explored each other’s mouths.

I ran my tongue down to her neck. There I gently sucked and nibbled at her, making her moan. She stroked my cock gently all the while until I pulled back further and ran my tongue down to her navel. I teased it a little and slid a hand down to her pussy. It was hot to the touch and her juices made everything slippery down there. I ran my fingers over her love hole and then slipped in a finger. The sounds that she started to make let me know that I was doing the right thing. As I slid my finger in and out of her I started to rub her clit with my thumb. She started to moan louder. Then she managed to let out just a faint whimper and her body started to buck. I slid in a second finger and shortly after she started to have an orgasm.

It seemed to last about a minute and she finally open her eyes and smiled. The sounds of her deep breaths and the passion of her kisses told me that she was enjoying the trip down from her peak. I then trailed my tongue to her red hot pussy. Her juices tasted so sweet. I licked around her pussy, not wanting to let a drop of her passion be wasted. This was not the time for teasing, so I pressed my tongue between her pussy lips and ran my tongue up and down her slick slit. Again she started to moan louder and louder. I let my tongue rest on her clit for a second and then started to circle it, pausing every once in a while to suck on it.

Her hand moved to the back of my head, pressing me into her, and she exploded in another orgasm. Her body convulsed over and over while I kept massaging her clit with my tongue. She slowly started to relax again and I slowed down my efforts.

“Oh my god. I need to feel you. Fuck me baby. Fuck me with that cock.” Believe me there was nothing else that I wanted to do. I crawled up between her legs and placed the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy. I could feel the heat from her loins as I teased and rubbed by cock up and down her slit, catching some of her slick cum on the head. “I can’t stand it,” she said in between gasps for air. “Fuck me…” and I pushed about half of my cock into her.

Kathy’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, her back arched, and she moaned loudly. The feeling was incredible. Her pussy was tight and when she moaned it tightened up around me. I slowly worked my cock in and out of her. With each stroke I pushed more of my tool into her. Finally I was in to the hilt. I paused and gave her a big kiss. Her hands grabbed for my head and pressed her mouth into mine. She was breathing so hard and her body was jumping with pleasure. I pulled back my cock leaving only the head in, and then eased it all of the way back in. Ready to fuck her with everything I had, each stroke I pushed in with more force. In no time I was fucking her like a piston. Kathy’s moans got longer and louder.

“I’m cumming!” she almost screamed. Her body started to convulse and she wrapped her legs around me squeezing me harder and harder as her orgasm pounded her with ecstasy. I slowed my strokes down as her orgasm subsided. I could not believe that I never felt the urge to cum too. I had gotten lost in watching her reactions and I wasn’t about to stop.

I pulled out and rolled her over. As she laid on the bed, I spread her legs and then positioned myself above her ass. I guided my cock toward the dark lips of her pussy and pushed in. For control I put a hand on each of her shoulders and began to repeatedly jam my cock into her. She loved it and started to buck back on my rod to show me that she liked it. She raised her ass up and I pushed into her even farther, our sweaty bodies now making a slapping sound as they met.

While continuing to fuck her I licked my forefinger, leaving a dollop of spit on in and moved it to her little asshole. I circled the spit around her pucker for a while and then pushed my finer into her ass up to the first knuckle. She made an amazing sound when I did this and I slowly moved my finger in and out of her. Then she came again. Hard. This time she was making high pitched squeals. I fucked her harder and faster, feeling her pussy grab at my cock as the waves of her orgasm hit her.

I was long overdue. “I’m going to cum!” I pretty much yelled as I kept pumping. My balls started to raise and I announced, “Here it cums!” Then my cock started to pulse in time with my balls and I started to unleash jets of cum into her hot pussy. They just kept coming and coming. Kathy was loudly moaning as my body emptied itself into her.

I almost blacked out from the pleasure and being just plain spent. I collapsed onto my back and heard myself breathing like I had just run ten miles.

“Oh my goodness,” she said and laid her head down on my stomach. I looked at the window and the sun had almost set. We laid there for a few minutes until Kathy said that she needed a shower to cool down. I agreed. She hopped up and excused herself, shutting the bathroom door. I could hear the shower turn on and a cabinet door slam shut.

When she opened the door again she said, “Come on” and threw a towel at me. I got up and followed her into the shower. The warm water felt great and we proceeded to shower off the oil and sweat that we had just gone through. I took my time soaping her gorgeous curves while we exchanged the occasional kiss. Feeling her body in the soapy water started to excite me and my cock started to recover. Kathy got out of the shower first and toweled off. I watched her and admired her tanned body.

“You are gorgeous,” I said.

She smiled and moved over to me and gave me a quick kiss. She started to towel me off and cooed, “That was amazing.” I could not have agreed more. Her touch was like electricity to me. That put a grin on my face and made my cock jump again.

She got behind me and wrapped her arms around me, kissing and licking my back and neck. Then her hands moved down to my soldier and she started to slowly jack me off. One hand teased and stroked as the other caressed my balls. After only a few minutes of this I was hard again. “Chris darling I think your cock likes me. Look at how hard it gets for me.”

Watching her hand pump me drove me wild and I started to breath heavy again. She paused a second and caught a drop of precum on her finger. She rolled it around between her finger tips and then stroked it into my hard cock. I wanted to fuck her again so badly.

Kathy then led me back to the bed and had me lie down. She didn’t waste any time and climbed on top of me. She slid her pussy up and down against the length of my cock. She was so wet that my rod was quickly slippery with her juices. Then she sat up and looked at me with a grin. Her pussy was hovering above my cock, so I reached down and angled it up towards her. She slowly eased herself onto me and then started to rock back and forth.

“Fuck!” did that ever feel good. I reached up to cup her tits and play with her puckered nipples. God did Kathy know how to work a cock with her pussy. Her rhythm steadily got faster as the tone of her moans also grew. As she rode me, the feeling of her pussy on my rod was intoxicating. I pushed my cock up into her every time she slid down on it. She closed her eyes and started buck, lifting herself up and falling back to the hilt of my cock. Then she came. She hung her head down and dug her nails into my chest, continuing to slam down on my cock.

As her climax subsided, she leaned back as if to try to snap off my cock inside her. What a sight. The lips of her pussy stretched around my shaft hypnotized me. Then Kathy slowly spun herself around while keeping my rod buried inside her. Wow. She laid her sweaty back onto my chest and brought my hands up to her tits. I obliged her by pinching and teasing her puckered nipples. Without thinking my body pushed my hips up into her to once again feel the magic of my cock sliding in and out of her. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, keeping up a slow and steady pace of my thrusts. I ran my hands up and down her body, teasing her nipples at times and just stroking her whole body at others.

Kathy began to take in deeper and quicker breaths and I knew what that meant. She sat up and with only her pelvic thrusts began to work my cock. We moved faster and faster, our grunts and groans getting louder as we continued. I wanted her to cum and so reached around to play with her clit.

We kept this up until I could feel her pussy starting to clench up on my cock. She gasped for air and announced her orgasm, that brought on my own and we started to cum together. As she told me repeatedly, “Cum for me baby!” I was splashing my load inside of her.

Kathy collapsed on top of me, both of us gasping for air as our bodies tried to recover from our exercise. As we caught our breath, my cock started to deflate our juices started to spill from inside of her and she quickly rolled over and made a dash for the bathroom. While she was in there cleaning up, I thought to myself what an incredible experience I just had.

Before I could think about it too much, Kathy returned with a warm washcloth to clean off the residue from our session.

Then I heard my cell phone ringing…somewhere… I jumped up to find it and saw that I had missed a few calls. Scrolling through the call log I saw that I had missed three calls from my friend Jim. Oh shit I had made plans to meet him and some other friends at a bar this evening, but I had gotten sidetracked.

Kathy asked, “Who called?”

“My friend Jim called a few times. I planed to meet him and some other guys at bar tonight.”

“Do you have to get going then?” My mind raced. Would it be ok if I left after what we had just done? Staying wouldn’t be so bad if we were going to fuck again. Would Kathy want to do that? I was in a pretty relaxed mood now, so maybe hanging out with the guys and catching a few drinks was a good call. Was it?

I snapped back to the here and now when I realized that Kathy was standing at the foot of the bed…naked…hands on her hips…waiting for an answer. She was just a beautiful and having just been intimate with her was amazing. “Nah I don’t have to go. They’ll manage to have an OK time without me, I’m sure.”

“Cool. Do you want anything to eat or drink? I’m a little thirsty,” she said turning to walk out of the bedroom.

Rolling out of the bed I landed next to my pile of clothes and leaned down to pick up my boxers.

Kathy quickly chirped, “What are you doing? No need for those darling” and she walked out of the room. I followed her, realizing that I too needed something to drink and that I was pretty hungry from the days activities.

We shared her last bottle of water, then I had a few beers and Kathy finished the bottle of wine. She had some cheese and crackers to nosh on and we climbed back into her bed to watch a movie. We got cozy, but only about twenty minutes into the movie Kathy was asleep. I watched the rest of the movie, then gave her a light kiss on the lips and closed my eyes to get some much needed sleep.

I was awoken by the sun light coming in from the window and laid there enjoying the warmth of my legs being under the covers and scent of Kathy next to me. Lying on my side I surveyed her amazing body again. What beautiful curves she had. She had a better body than most twenty-somethings I knew. The small patch of hair that she left over her clean shaven pussy made me smile.

Then I noticed that I had the usual morning wood and realized that I was really horny. I didn’t know if Kathy was a morning sex person or not, but I was going to find out. Closing my eyes I made a very deliberate roll onto my back, being sure to shake the bed and brush her with my arm. Now my hard-on was exposed to her. Pretending to still be asleep, I heard Kathy start to stir and let out a quiet yawn. Then she took the bait.

She gently rolled over and then I felt her hand on my cock. Her fingertips ran over my shaft a few times and she then moved again. Wrapping her hand around my cock, I felt the warmth of her mouth over just the head. She moved it in out of her mouth, teasing it a little with her tongue. Slowly she started to take my length into her mouth. As she did I pretended to wake up and let out a groan of pleasure. Kathy looked up at me, my cock in her mouth and started to slowly suck me off. Her hand pumped the base of my shaft while she bobbed up and down on the rest of it. I was in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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