My Dream Lover

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This story is my first submission to any erotic writting site. I hope you enjoy it. It is based on a true encounter with my nextdoor neighbor. Please feel free to write me and express your thoughts. I will answer all.


I had been lying in the lounge chair by the pool absorbing the last few rays of the fast disappearing sun. It had been a lazy day and I had been lying around reliving the same morning scene that seemed so obsessive. It stirred a familiar feeling in my loins. My hand instinctively responded by slipping under my bathing suit and stroking my now semi-hard cock.

Faith was beautiful. She had a set of store bought tits that just stood straight out and said “fuck me”. The rest of her body was trim and fit and was a testament to the benefits of exercise, something she did by their pool on a regular basis. Faith was my neighbor that lived right next door with her husband. She and her husband were what we call empty nesters. Their two children had grown, married and were living somewhere in Kansas. Her husband worked as an engineer for a very large construction company in town and his work often had him burning the midnight oil on many nights. I would guess that they were in their mid forties but it was hard to tell as Faith hid her age very well.

I had often watched Faith working out each morning in her little shortie tops and cut offs, by the pool. It had become a ritual as I sat at the kitchen table, drinking my coffee and watching her run on one of those new fangled machines. The bottom of her tits were visible as they hung right about at the same line as her top bottom. Her large, dark nipples were clearly visible against the fabric that masqueraded as a piece of clothing. When she bent over, I was treated to a view of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. It’s what kept me coming back to this corner each morning as she started her workout. From time to time, she would look over my way and smile. Although I did not think she could see me, it was obvious that she thought she might have an audience. It had become my practice to watch her do her thing and stroke my cock as I daydreamed about what a great piece of ass she would be. That was the extent of our neighborly relationship until this morning.

Faith had just finished her daily regiment and had disappeared into the house. I got up to pour another cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. It was unusual to have hd porno someone ring so early and as I approached the door, I could see the faint silhouette of a female form. As I opened the door, there stood Faith. Sweat was visible on her headband and top. She had a towel thrown over her shoulders and had a big smile on her face. “Hi Bill, I saw that you were up and I wondered if you wanted some company,” she said. “The coffee smells wonderful”, she said. I could say nothing. I was like a kid in a candy store. I swung the door open and led her to the kitchen. I managed to stammer a few syllables but nothing coherent. I poured two cups and she took a seat across from me. She sat comfortably in the chair with one leg raised and hanging over the armrest and made idle chit chat. Frankly, I couldn’t hear a word she said. My eyes were glued to the gap between her cut off shorts and her inner thigh. I could clearly see her bush. She had no panties on and as I watched hoping to see more, she continued her dialog on God knows what. I had been leaning against the sink with a clear line of sight to the treasure that was exposed before me. My cock started to rise and I suddenly became conscious of the bulge in my shorts. I put my coffee on the sink and placed my hands in front of my shorts trying to hide my excitement. From time to time, I would retrieve my cup and take a sip and as I did I would catch a key word and nod in agreement.

“Bill, I do believe you are looking up my shorts, you naughty boy” she said. I was busted but I quickly stammered out a response proclaiming my innocence. To my surprise, she did not move her leg to cover the gap. In fact, she moved her other leg farther apart making the gap even wider. “Do you like what you see, Bill?” “You can try to hide that bulge in your shorts but I can clearly see you are enjoying the view”.

“Remember this morning when I said I saw that you were up? I saw you, in your window, stroking your cock while watching me work out”. “Come here, Bill, let me help you with your problem.” It was like I was in a trance. I had no will except to slowly move across the kitchen to the front of her chair. Her hand and fingers kneaded the fabric of my shorts and my hard cock jutted out straining against her hand. With purpose and deliberation she lowered my shorts and they fell to the floor. “I thought you were big from a distance, but I never dreamed how japon porno huge you actually are up close and personal”, she purred. She knew just what to say to take the awkwardness of the situation away and bring me into the action.

I stood proudly before her as she raised my cock skyward and licked the underside from top to bottom. When she got to the tip, a drop of pre-cum had formed and her tongue snatched it into her mouth, like a prize taken by the winning contestant. This girl displayed amazing talent as her lips surrounded the purple head of my cock and slowly four, six and then all of my cock disappeared into the depths of her mouth. I was like a man possessed, gently stroking her short blonde hair and guiding her head on and off my cock. I could feel her tongue swirl around my shaft as it violated her willing mouth. I felt like my knob was tickling her tonsils each time she deep throated me. As the veins on my cock enlarged and I felt myself getting ready to unload, she gently squeezed my sack and the base of my cock and slowly withdrew her beautiful lips from my organ. Grabbing me by my cock, she lead me to the stairway and said “Lets go shower, I have plans for you”.

I followed Faith obediently to the bathroom, which is off the master bedroom. It is flanked by a wall of floor to ceiling mirrors. The shower is a modern glass encased shower with two showerheads strategically located one above your head in a normal position and the other about waist level. I loved this shower because it felt so awesome directing the lower head slightly down so that the hot water would beat against my cock or my ass if I turned around. It was the best feature of the house.

As she stood by the mirror, she slowly raised her top over her head. As she did her beautiful tits swung free and begged to be manipulated. I would have to say she was perhaps a 38D but they were soft and not like any store bought tits I had ever felt before. Her fingers grasped the sides of her cutoffs as she unclasped them letting them drop to the floor. She grabbed my hand and led me into the shower.

We embraced and kissed passionately as the water beat down on us. This caused my cock to, once again stir to life and press against her V and then shoot skyward sandwiched between our bodies. Her tongue explored my mouth as we kissed and as my hands explored her beautiful ass. As my mouth left the warmth lezbiyen porno and comfort of her lips, they forged a trail south to her eraser tipped nipples that were at least a half an inch long and getting bigger. I sucked a nipple gently into my mouth as her hands encouraged my head to continue my journey. As I approached a neatly trimmed pussy, she raised her leg slightly giving me complete access to the folds of her sweet treasure. I kissed and licked and finally sucked her clit into my mouth as water from the showerhead and juice from her wet pussy filled my mouth. My tongue probed deeper into the folds of her pussy as my finger explored the entrance to her puckered sphincter. I was on my knees sucking her pussy for all I was worth and she was arched back presenting her pussy to my eager mouth. Her fingers played with my hair and gentle guided me up again to eye level. Without missing a beat, she grabbed my cock and guided it into her waiting snatch. We didn’t move for what seemed like an eternity. Our embrace was tight and it seemed that we were both just savoring the moment. I then started to move pulling out ever so slightly only to retrace to my previous position. As we continued, my strokes got more rapid and longer so that almost the end of my cock would be visible at her pouting cunt lips and then it would plunge back into the depths of ecstasy. As I felt my cock starting to pulse, I held her ass tight and released a torrent of cum into the depths of her being. I was completely spent.

Our legs were like rubber and we were almost unable to stand. We leaned against each other and embraced as the water showered our entwined bodies. Without speaking, I shut off the shower and we slowly moved away into the bedroom. I wrapped her body in my terrycloth robe and held her as tight as I have held any woman. We remained in this tight embrace for an eternity, as her body seemed to fit completely within my arms. I kissed her gently on the neck and my lips nibbled gently at her earlobe. Finally, my voice broke the silence as I held her out in front of me and declared that she was the absolute best thing that had ever happened to me.

While I couldn’t yet say it was love I was feeling, it was strangely very different from any previous experience I had had to date. We dressed and I escorted her out of the house. I still awake early to watch Faith work out by the pool. From time to time, when her husband was away, we would hook up and have wonderful lovemaking sessions. Faith and her husband moved out of state, last year and we have not seen each other since. While she is no longer in my bed, she will always be in my memory. She and I went to places we had never been.

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