My Evil Wife, My Loving Daughter

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Janet and I had rather mixed feelings when our daughter asked if she could move back with us to attend grad school. Of course, we knew it would be great to see her again after being separated for so long. Visits didn’t come very often with us on the East coast and her attending school in California. But after our son had left a year ago for college, I think in a way, we’d both become accustomed to our life as empty nesters. But the college Amy would be attending for grad school was only ten miles from our house, so she’d save a bundle by being able to stay with us. Of course, we agreed.

On her first day back, we decided to treat Amy to dinner out. I studied them as they looked at their menus, realizing they could almost be mistaken for sisters, even though Janet, at forty-four was exactly twice Amy’s age. The similarities between them were remarkable. Both had jet-black hair, though Janet wore hers a bit longer than Amy’s. Both had smooth, white skin and bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle as the talked. They both smiled easily, and tended to giggle frequently. As my eyes went back and forth between them, I realized Amy had inherited her mother’s large, full breasts. Despite their difference in age, I saw that Janet’s waist was every bit as slim as her daughter’s, a result, I knew, of many hours spent at a nearby health club.

Their tastes in clothing were different, though. I’d known that for years. My wife tended to be very casual in her dress, but for some reason, Amy had always been more formal. Even as a teenager, she’d preferred skirts to jeans. It was the family joke that since the age of twelve, when mom had a formal event to go to she’d check with Amy to help pick out her clothes and review her makeup decisions.

Even now, their different tastes in clothing was visible. When we’d decided to eat out, Amy had immediately changed into something fancier than the slacks and t-shirt she’d been wearing. As I looked at her, I realized how elegant my daughter looked. She wore a light green, knee length skirt that showed off her long, trim legs. Her blouse was a matching light green color, with ruffles around the collar and the sleeves, the ruffles having the effect of highlighting the shape and contours of her full breasts. She wore a simple pearl necklace, and earrings with stones that matched the color of her eyes.

Where Janet hardly ever wore makeup, tonight Amy had used a bright red lipstick that gave her lips a full, pouty look, and she’d applied eye shadow that highlighted the intensity of her deep blue eyes.

In demeanor, too, they were different. It was almost as if their roles were reversed. Amy had been a straight A student, she’d rarely misbehaved as a child, and while mom listened to rock and roll, daughter preferred classical music. Her room was always kept neat and tidy, whereas my wife tended not to care about the house’s appearance. Our daughter always had a reserved, almost sophisticated air about her, while Janet was more laid back and open.

I watched my wife as she took another sip of wine. She could go for days without having a drink, but when she did drink, maybe at a party or some other social occasion, she tended to get a little wild. Once, we’d been at a party and she started arguing with our host to the point where I was sure punches were about to fly. I quickly took her home. Another time, we were at a fancy dinner party where she’d had a little too much to drink. One of the husbands bet her she wouldn’t get on the dining room table and do a strip tease routine. Never one to refuse a dare, Janet was already on the table with her blouse off before I could drag her away.


“Things have changed a little since you and Davie went to college,” Janet said after we’d ordered our food. Amy stared at her with a confused look on her face.

“I mean, some of our habits have changed,” Janet continued.

“What?” Amy asked, still confused. I wasn’t sure what Janet was getting at either.

“Like our clothes when we’re at home. Lot’s of times we don’t bother wearing any.”

I could see a slight blush come over Amy’s face. I think I blushed a little also. But it was true. In the year since Amy’s younger brother had left and we had the house to ourselves, Janet and I frequently wouldn’t bother wearing anything around the house. I had a sneaking suspicion that Janet had a little exhibitionist streak in her and got a secret kick out of being nude.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to get accustomed to wearing them again,” Janet continued with a giggle, “what about you, Tom?”

I could feel my blush deepen. I didn’t answer so Janet continued.

“You won’t mind will you, Amy, if we dress… casually… around the house.”

“God, mom!” Amy exclaimed, her blush now matching mine, “that’s every kid’s nightmare, to have their parents run around naked in front of them.”

“Maybe we’ll be able to convert you, too,” Janet smiled at her.

“I highly Beylikdüzü Sarışın Escort doubt it, mom,” Amy said, rolling her eyes.


Janet was true to her word. Later that evening, Amy and I were sitting in the kitchen. She was getting me caught up on her plans for grad school. Amy was facing the door into the kitchen and saw her mother first. She let out a little groan and her face immediately turned red.

“I told you I wasn’t going to change my habits just because you’ve moved in, Amy,” Janet said.

She had on her favorite silk nightshirt. It was my favorite, too, because she looked so sexy in it, but it probably wasn’t appropriate to wear in the presence of our daughter. She’d told me she wore it because she liked the feel of the silky material against her skin. It was blue with short sleeves, and the bottom of it came only three or four inches below her waist. Rather than buttons, the shirt originally had a cloth sash that tied at the waist, but Janet had long since gotten rid of the sash and now, the nightshirt simply hung open at the front, it’s sides somehow managing to loosely cover her breasts. Lower, she had on a pair of blue silk panties that left most of her hips and ass exposed.

“I feel comfortable this way,” she announced, “and I don’t care what you guys think about it.”

I glanced at Amy and shrugged my shoulders. She shook her head and looked at me with an expression that seemed to say ‘I guess we’ll just have to put up with her craziness.’

Amy continued to fill us in on her grad school plans, what classes she’d be taking and what her schedule would be. As Amy talked, her mother reached forward for the bottle of wine across the counter, causing the top of her nightshirt to part, and I watched as the sides of the shirt slowly slid off her breasts until her breasts were completely exposed, hanging out full and bare in front of her. Janet didn’t seem to notice, or if she did, she didn’t do anything to cover herself up. She poured her wine and took a sip.

Meanwhile, Amy paused, maybe waiting to see how long it would take her mother to cover up. But it soon became clear Janet had no intention of covering her nakedness. A few minutes later, Amy covered her mouth and yawned.

“It’s late. I think I’ll be heading to bed,” she said as she stood and went upstairs.

Janet took another sip of wine and turned toward me. Her feet rested on either side of the stool, her legs slightly parted, and I allowed my gaze to travel up the length of her thighs to the point where they came together, the mounds of her pussy pushing against the fabric of her panties.

“I think I’ll be heading to bed, too,” she said, “I didn’t get much sleep last night.”


“I woke up a few times in the middle of the night. From a dream.”

“What was it?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you,” she said with a giggle, “it was too weird.”

“Dreams are supposed to be weird,” I said, “you can tell me.”

“OK,” she said, “I’ll try. But it’s really silly.”

She took another sip of wine and giggled again.

“I came home from work,” she said, “like any other day, and I hear noises from upstairs, except no one’s supposed to be at home, so I creep up the stairs and I hear the noises are coming from our bedroom, so I look in.”

“And?” I said.

Janet took another sip of wine.

“It’s too weird.”

“Tell me.”

“OK,” she continued, “in my dream, I look in the bedroom and I see you and Amy and Davie. And you’re all on the bed. And you’re all…naked. And Amy’s kneeling there while Davie’s, you know, Davie’s doing it to her from behind. And you’re in front of her and she’s, she’s, you know, sucking you off. And in my dream, I want to scream, or cry out, but I can’t. I’m frozen there, unable to move, watching my husband and two children fucking on the bed. And then suddenly, in the dream, all three of you look in my direction and you and Davie have this evil smile on your faces and you get up and grab me and throw me on the bed and you strip off my clothes and you take turns…you take turns….doing me, while Amy watches, laughing. And in my dream, it goes on for hours. You each, you know, you each…cum, then you do it again, and you both cum again and again, until in my dream there’s cum everywhere, flowing out of my mouth and from my pussy and from my ass and the bed is covered with a layer of white, gooey cum, but you both keep going and going.”

Janet giggled and took another sip of wine.

“I told you it was strange,” she said with a sheepish smile on her face.

“Hey, we’ve all had strange dreams,” I said, “They don’t mean anything.”

“I guess you’re right,” Janet said as she stood to go upstairs.


Between work and Amy’s schedule at school, our lives were so hectic during the next few days we didn’t really see much of each other. Friday came, though, and we decided to get together and eat out. After dinner, we had a couple of drinks at a bar Beylikdüzü Şişman Escort near our house and on the way back, we stopped to rent a movie.

“I think you guys will really like it,” Amy told us, “I’ve read some great reviews about it.”

“We’ll meet in the TV room in ten minutes,” Janet announced when we got to the house, “I’ll get the wine and some popcorn.”

“Get me a glass, too,” Amy told her.

I was a little surprised; Amy had already had two glasses at the bar. I hope Janet wasn’t being a bad influence on her, I chuckled to myself.

I went upstairs to change while Janet headed to the kitchen. I threw on a pair of cotton gym shorts and a t-shirt and headed downstairs. Amy was already there, movie in hand. I sat on the sofa facing the TV and Amy plopped down on an easy chair to the side and a little in front of the sofa.

“Will you be able to see from there?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll just turn it around a bit,” she said, getting up and rotating the chair to face the TV.

“I’ll be right there,” Janet shouted from the kitchen, “just let me go up and change.”

A minute later, Janet came in with our wine and plopped down beside me on the couch. She’d changed into a knee length nightgown. It was fastened at the waist with a large bow and I couldn’t tell what she had on, or didn’t have on, underneath. Amy got up from her chair to start the movie.

“Jeez, Amy,” Janet exclaimed, “you can’t watch a movie like that.”

Amy turned and looked at her.

“Like what?”

“Like….wearing the same clothes you’ve been in all day. Go put something comfortable on.”

“I’m comfortable,” Amy said, “besides, I don’t have anything better. Remember, I just got here three days ago and haven’t had time to buy any new clothes.”

“Come on,” Janet said as she stood from the sofa, “I’ll loan you some things.”

“No, it’s really not…” Amy began.

“Come on,” Janet interrupted as she grabbed Amy by the arm and pulled her out of the room.

A few minutes passed before I heard Amy’s voice from upstairs.

“No, mom,” she said loudly, “I can’t.”

Janet said something, but I couldn’t make out what.

Then Amy’s voice again, “Mom, come on,” she said in a pleading tone, “I can’t wear that.”

Two or three more minutes passed before I heard their footsteps on the stairs.

“Mom, it’s too…” Amy began.

Janet interrupted her with a loud, “Shhh! It’s fine.”

Janet came through the door first, dragging her reluctant daughter behind her.

I let out a little involuntary gasp. Amy twisted her arm out of her mother’s grasp and flew to her chair and quickly sat down, her back to us.

“Amy,” Janet said, “stand up and let daddy see your nightie.”

Amy didn’t move.

“It’s Ok, mom,” she said softly.

“Come on, Amy,” Janet continued, “Daddy would really like to see your nightie, wouldn’t you, Tom?”

I didn’t respond, sympathizing with Amy’s embarrassment.

“Stand up and show it to him,” Janet went on, “let him see how sexy you look.”

“God, mom! OK!” Amy exclaimed, obviously resolved to the fact that her mother wasn’t going to give up.

Slowly, Amy stood and faced me, her arms crossed in front of her, her face beet red.

“Put your arms down, dear,” Janet said, “so daddy can see you better.”

Amy slowly lowered her arms to her side. It was a red outfit I could remember Janet wearing years before. At the top, it was cut low, revealing a wide expanse of Amy’s breasts and the deep cleavage in between. The top was cut short, leaving her stomach bare. Lower, a pair of red silk panties clung tightly to her hips. Cut high on the sides, the panties seemed to be nothing more than a little triangle of fabric at the front and back connected at the waist by a thin ribbon of cloth.

But the most remarkable feature of the outfit was the fabric itself. While not transparent, it was translucent enough to leave nothing to the imagination as to what was underneath. From where I sat, I could clearly see the outline of Amy’s large, full breasts through the material. Her aureoles were clearly visible and I could see her dark little nipples trying to push their way through the thin material.

Lower, the panties did little to hide the dense mound of her black pubic hair, and lower still, the bottom of the panties tugged at her crotch, outlining the mounds of her pussy and the valley in the middle.

“Turn around, Amy,” Janet called out, “so daddy can see the back of your outfit.”

Amy glared at her but did as she was asked. The silky material clung to her skin, accentuating the round, full contours of her hips and ass.

“We’ve got one sexy daughter, don’t we Tom,” Janet said.

“She’s very pretty,” I mumbled softly, not wishing to encourage any further embarrassment to Amy.

Meanwhile, Amy returned to her chair and grabbed the remote. She quickly clicked it on, maybe thinking the movie would stop any further harassment Beylikdüzü Sınırsız Escort by her mother. Janet took a seat beside me on the couch.

Amy was right, the movie was good, and the three of us settled into our seats and watched it intently. Ten or fifteen minutes, Janet asked Amy to pause the movie so she could get another bottle of wine. I noticed that between the three of us, we’d already gone through two bottles.

“Amy, I apologize if we’ve embarrassed you,” I said after Janet had left to get the wine. She swung her chair around to face me.

“That’s OK, daddy,” she said, “it’s not your fault. I know mom gets a little crazy sometimes. I’m a big girl, I can handle it.”

“I just don’t want you to think I in any way encourage her to do what she does. I know it’s embarrassing for you. It’s embarrassing for me, too. I mean to see you… dressed…like…” My voice dropped off and I lost my train of thought. I suddenly realized I’d been staring at my daughter. I blushed and turned my head to the side.

“I mean… it’s embarrassing…for a father to see…” I mumbled, trying to explain.

Amy saved me.

“It’s OK, daddy,” she said, “you don’t need to be embarrassed. And you don’t need to feel bad about…about looking at me.”

“Thanks for…understanding,” I mumbled.

Meanwhile, Janet returned with the wine. She filled our glasses and Amy hit the play button. As the film progressed, I soon realized it certainly wasn’t what you’d call a family film. Some of the sex scenes were as explicit as I’d ever seen in an R rated movie. It had an engrossing plot, though, and with the little buzz I had from the wine, it drew me in completely.

Every once in a while, Amy would lean forward for the glass of wine on the little table in front of her chair, and I found my attention momentarily diverted from the movie. I tried not to look, I really tried, but as she leaned forward, the bottom hem of her loose nightie fell down and away from her stomach and I couldn’t help but stare at her the bottom of her bare breasts as they hung heavy beneath her.

And on the couch beside me, my attention was also diverted by Janet. With her legs tucked underneath her, the bottom of her nightgown had spread apart, and I realized that she was naked underneath the gown. With the combination of the wine, two scantily clad women and a sexy movie, I soon felt the familiar twitching between my legs and realized whether I wanted it to or not, my cock had come to full attention.

The TV screen suddenly went blank, and it took me a moment to realize Amy had paused the movie.

“Is anyone in the mood for more popcorn?” she asked.

“Your turn to get up,” Janet said, looking at me, “get us some more popcorn.”

I started to stand, then sat back down. I’d neglected to put on any underwear under the shorts I was wearing, and glancing down, I saw the large mound in the front of my shorts as my full-blown erection pressed outward. Too embarrassed to get up, I glanced back at Janet with an exasperated expression on my face. I must have looked down, and her eyes followed mine until she saw the cause of my embarrassment.

Janet’s hand came to her mouth and she let out a loud giggle.

“He can’t get up… He can’t get up…” she sang out to Amy, “Your daddy’s got a harden, your daddy’s got a harden,” she chanted in a sing-song voice.

I watched as Amy turned toward us. Her eyes went to my crotch, and after a moment she covered her mouth and let out a loud giggle.

“I guess the movie was too hot for your daddy,” Janet said.

I could feel a flush coming to my face.

“It’s OK, daddy,” Amy said, “the movie made me a little excited, too. Don’t worry about it.”

I saw a motion out of the corner of my eye, and suddenly, I felt Janet’s hand drop down on my shorts.

“Ooooh,” she said with a laugh, “Amy, your daddy’s really, really excited! Look how excited he is, Amy.”

“For God’s sake, Janet,” I muttered, holding my arms over my lap, “Amy doesn’t want to see her father’s… you know.”

I should have stood and walked out of the room right then and there. I knew things had gotten out of hand. But for some reason, I didn’t. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was just too late and I was too tired, but for some reason, I just sat there, unmoving, on the sofa.

I glanced toward Amy. She still had her hand over her mouth.

“Fair’s fair, daddy,” she said with another giggle, “mom made me show off in my nightie, now it’s only fair you show off your…your stuff.”

She giggled again.

“Yeah, Tom,” Janet said, “give us ladies a little show.”

“You’re crazy,” I said, “both of you.”

Suddenly Janet stood, and turning toward me, she grabbed my hands in hers and leaned backward, pulling me off the sofa until I was standing in the middle of the room. She released her hold on my hands and darted behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist. I could feel her breasts pushing against my back.

I glanced down and saw the huge bulge in the front of my shorts. The outline of my cock, hard and erect, was fully visible. Instinctively, I moved my hands down to cover my front.

“No, fair,” Janet said as she pushed my arms away, “we want to see what you’ve got, don’t we, Amy?”

Amy giggled again. She’d shifted her position so she was facing us.

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