My Ex Introduces the Professor

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I was a bachelor for the week while my wife was at a conference. She speaks at many professional conferences around the country. I find this great time to catch up with old friends and Petra was on my list this week. My ex, Petra and my wife do not get along all that well. So my friend, invited me over Thursday night.

When I arrived, she met me at the door and invited me in. She quickly turned around and introduced me to Mike. This was not fair. Petra knew I was curious about being with a man. Long after we had broken up we have become great friends. She knew all my secrets. She and I had once talked of having a gay massage. I could not get my nerve up. She knew that even acknowledging that desire had peaked my curiosity and she was quite enthused about being an enabler.

Petra met Mike a couple of years ago, an art opening. Mike was in his late 30s and I in my early 50s. She knew that Mike was a good-looking, open-minded guy that might be interested in teaching a straight guy some new tricks so to speak. Mike stood about 5-foot-ten and was slim and in very good shape. His hipster haircut set off the details of his Mediterranean genetics and a chiseled, thin face. Obviously he hadn’t shaved for three or four days and his dark, curious eyes had me infatuated.

We all moved out onto the balcony with the glass of Merlot. The conversation flowed just as easily as the wine. Turns out, Mike was a professor at the local university. He had moved to town about eight years ago from a medium-sized, mid-west city. I have been in town about 20 years and am quite established in my career and my relationship (which Petra didn’t necessarily agree with).

The three of us laughed quite a bit as the conversation ranged from work to social and eventually got to relationships. Petra was single and quite happy showing off her great body to a multitude of men. She’s gorgeous, outgoing, and incredibly fit. The exact things that attracted me to her eventually scared me so much that I had to quit the relationship or go nuts with my jealousy. Mike on the other hand, was at the start of a relationship with a pilot who traveled a lot and was out of town. They were still testing so it didn’t sound as though it was exclusive. My situation was long-term and stable, but Petra pushed at me until I admitted that things were a bit stale.

Not only was Mike a good conversationalist, but his eye contact was constant. I too like a lot of eye contact. I felt myself a little uncomfortable with his charming smile and great energy. I am normally not all that submissive, but not very good, nor comfortable Gaziantep Saatlik Escort with flirting, especially with guys. He sensed that and held his gaze for just that one second too long. I am sure it was just to make me uncomfortable and see what I would do. I like that kind of playful cockiness. He wasn’t aggressive but he was open, therefore if anything was to happen it would require me sending a signal. This was new territory for me. Sitting beside me at Petra’s 3-ft-round patio table, Mike would touch my leg with the back of his hand to emphasize points in his various stories. About a half an hour into the conversation it changed from a nudge to resting his hand gently on my knee. Petra, sitting on my other side, could see through the glass tabletop and winked knowingly at one point when Mike was looking away.

I was excited like a 15-year-old going to ask out his first girlfriend. My shoulders tingled with excitement and tension. When Mike talked I sat forward with my elbows on the table to give him access to my knees and thighs. Part of this was the interesting stories but most of this was that I was enjoying his touch. It felt strange but I wanted this man.

About one hour in, Petra got up to go to the washroom. Mike and I were left at the table. I was in the middle of a rather humorous story about Petra and I dating when Mike put his hand on my knee. I felt a lump in my throat. I didn’t know where to go with this. Petra would be back soon, and on one hand I didn’t want to show her that she had set me up with “Mr Right-now”. On the other hand, who was I kidding, this guy would be fun, safe and patient. Mike waited for the punchline then laughed and slid his hand halfway up my thigh. He gave it a gentle squeeze. As he removed his hand I instinctively grabbed his knee to emphasis one more point to my story. I let my hand rest on his leg for what seemed like an eternity but was only about 4 seconds.

At this point I think we both knew. My mind raced. It felt crazy flirting with a guy; knowing that I had come over for a drink with a friend and was now, if all went well, going to end up being nude with another man. I was totally enjoying the thrill and spontaneity of this encounter.

Petra rejoined our little group. She asked what we are talking about and I told her. She remembered that funny incident and laughed. She asked if I told Mike about the sex we had after that. I just smiled. Mike said he would have liked to have been there and reached for my leg again. Petra announced she had dinner plans but invited Mike and I to stay and enjoy some more wine. She excused herself to go get ready.

As she was walking inside and with her back to us I thought it was now or never. If I didn’t do something I would back out again. I don’t know where this came from but I put my right arm behind Mike’s neck and pulled him close and kissed him directly on lips. I had never kissed a man before but as Mike returned the kiss, he slightly parted my lips and I could feel his tongue touch my teeth and tongue. He was firm but gentle. I knew where the day was going. It felt strangely exhilarating; almost a relief, that I would finally check this experience off my bucket list.

With Petra gone to get ready, Mike asked me how I felt. I said that I was nervous, scared and curious. I asked him how he felt. He replied by sliding his right hand from my knee up towards my crotch and giving a subtle lick of his bottom lip.

Mike asked me if I wanted to stay at Petra’s or go to his place. I replied that I couldn’t wait long enough to get to his place so we decided to let Petra leave and then have some fun. With that we clinked our glasses and engaged in small talk for a few minutes until Petra came out and announced she was on her way and that she would be back after dinner. She said we were welcome to stay and that she could join us for drink afterwards. She winked and teased “have a good time”, all the while knowing that she would get the full details from me at some point.

As soon as Mike heard the door shut, he stood up and motioned me into the apartment. He walked over to the wall by the hallway and turned around facing me. I walked over awkwardly not quite knowing what to do. As I got close, he reached for my shoulders and swapped positions so my back was against the wall and he was in front of me, sort of pinning me to the wall. I told him I had never done anything like this so he would have to be patient. He smiled and agreed to take his time.

Mike’s hands slid from my shoulders down over my pecs, past my ribs to my waist. As he got to my belt buckle, I took a deep breath and raised my arms above my head. I was now completely submitting myself to him. He took his right hand and put it on my left knee and slowly dragged it up to my crotch. It felt so weird to have a man put his hand on my dick, but it felt so nice. My cock was starting to get nice and hard. With his other hand he undid my belt buckle and somehow, my zipper. I so wanted him to grab my swollen dick but he teased me first. Then he took his left hand and put it on my right knee and very lightly dragged it up to my crotch again. This time I closed my eyes and inhaled through my nose at this ecstatic feeling. Mike eased my pants down to my knees, grabbed my underwear and slowly exposed my rock hard member. He bent down and kissed the tip. I was in heaven. I have never had another man kiss, lick or put my dick in his mouth. All of this was about to change.

With the hands of the pro, he grabbed the shaft at the base, licked it like a slow melting ice-cream cone and slowly parted his lips to let my hard-on work its way to the back of his mouth. I gasped. I thought I was going to come way too quickly. Mike expertly squeezed the shaft and pulled my dick out of his mouth with that little bit of a vacuum like a kid pulls a popsicle. He stood back up to face me with my hands above my head. Smoothly, he opened my shirt so my chest was exposed. Caressing and pinching my nipples for 10 ecstatic seconds, he then ran his nails down my ribs. It tickled but it made me so fucking horny. I lowered my arms to flick my shirt off and kicked my pants down the hallway.

Now I was nude in front of a man. I reached out to the buttons on Mike’s shirt and fumbled my way until the shirt fell away from his body. I played with his belt buckle, opened it and grabbed for the zipper. Now I was in totally new territory. I lowered his zipper and I could feel his crotch swelling. I reached around to the side and pulled his pants down exposing an 8-inch cock straining the material of his man-thong. I flicked the elastic waistband over his cock and now had my first glimpse of the hard-on of another man; a man who was obviously about as excited as I was. Following Mike’s lead, I knelt down, grabbed his cock and placed my lips on the end. It felt so warm and inviting. I hesitated a moment and then inhaled and gently parted my lips. His cock slipped onto my tongue.

This was the most exhilarating feeling I’d ever had. It was a strange mixture of excitement, guilt and extreme horniness. I begin slowly bouncing back-and-forth on my first cock. I licked around the head, I licked under the shaft and I gently sucked it. I let it pop out of my mouth and I devoured as much as I could take. I settled into a rhythm of going from the tip of his great hard cock to sucking it in as far as possible. As I looked up to Mike’s face, I could see that contented smile of a man who on one hand was enjoying the sensation of the moment and on the other was about to take on a new freshman and advance him to PHD level.

Mike gently put his hands over both of my ears and was now taking over the rhythm. This was exactly what I wanted; a willing man-instructor to teach my straight-ass what gay sex could be about. He was about to school this curious pupil like no other.

PART TWO: to cum

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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