my ex slave

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My (ex)girlfriend (19) and I (21) dated for a long time, we became very sexual, always trying new things and going further. I found out towards the end of our relationship that she really enjoys being controlled. I took advantage of that once in her dorm at college, but only so much you can do there. Now, not together, we both want to fuck each other, she is coming for a day trip to my house, alone, all day, and night…

She knocks on my door. I come down and let her in. No hello or other greeting is exchanged other than a smile. She walks up to my room, me following, eyeing the ass that, before this date was off limits. She puts her things down in my room and waits for further instructions.

My room is small, i have a queen size bed, a desk, a dresser, and a closet with no door. With about 5 feet of rope you could easily tie a person up from one wall to the other.

She looks around to see if there is anything out of place, obviously she is expecting what she got last time, a blind fold, a neck strap, her hands tied. None of that lay around.

I tell her to go take a shower, get really clean for me. She leaves the room, I stop her and make her undress in front of me. She follows and leaves her things in a pile next to my wall. She walks naked into the bathroom, which is out into the hallway around the corner.

I hear the water start and I get a bag out from under my bed. It has 6 ropes in it. I just make sure it all is here, she will be able to see when she is done, so i can’t bring any of these toys out till she is blind folded.

After about 4 minutes, i strip naked and go walk into the shower. I open the door, I’m sure she can hear it, and i whip open the shower curtain. Very confused she starts to say something, I interrupt her and tell her to turn and face the wall. She does as she’d told. I give each ass cheek a nice smack, i can see her grin from the side.

I step back for a second, gaziantep swinger note i am not in the shower with her, and take in the sight of this naked girl that i once loved, that I am going to destroy.

I grab the soap and lather up her ass and pussy. I grab the shower head, turn it to pulse and start to clean it all off. I make sure to pay attention to her pussy and get her a little warmed up. Only about 5 seconds though, very short. I lean down and lick her pussy for a second and put a finger in her ass. I need her to get nice and loose for me. All of this is happening very quickly and she is still not ready to get started since i stopped her mid shower. After only a few seconds of licking her pussy i stand up, and place the head of my now hard cock into her pussy. Extremely shocked how fast things are moving she jerks up and tries to turn her head around to see. I’m already ahead of her and have my hand on the back of her head pushing it up against the shower wall. I slide my dick into her pussy, and begin pounding her, with harder thrust each time. After about a minute of fucking her I pull out, smack her ass and as I walk out of the shower tell her to finish up. I close the door behind me.

I grab a sheet and lay it on my floor. I put my clothes all back on and wait for her to get out. She walks into my room in a towel covering her tits and her whole body. Her wet hair is so sexy, and the towel fits so well over her 40D tits.

I grab my home made blind fold and wrap it around her eyes. I test it by asking if she can see how many fingers I am holding up. She cannot see a thing… Perfect. She stands in the towel in the middle of my floor blind folded as I grab the bag of things from my bed.

The tie spots are as follows:
The left and right ends of the curtain (very secure on the wall)
The 2 feet of my bed facing towards the center of the room
Through one of the rungs of the shelf in my closet
To a few bolts in the bottom of the closet.

I tie a rope on each ankle. I cover her hands with bandanas and then tie a rope to each wrist of the bandanas. I take another bandana and put it in her mouth and tie it behind her head. I have a felt belt that I tie around her neck and let it fall onto her back onto her ass. I tied the right hand rope onto the right side of the curtain anchor. Her arm is now up in the air. I tie her other hand onto the closet shelf. Both arms are up and in a Y position. Her towel falls and her tits just stare at me so beautifully. So hot. I tie her ankles, one to the bed and one to the bottom of the close. Now she cannot move her feet either. She can’t even kneel because her arms are tied too high up. She must stay put.

I lean down and lick her tits and lightly bite her nipples. I can tell she is chilly so I lift up her towel and re tie to her, covering her whole body again.

I open my macbook up and turn on an application I rigged up that allows me to see my isight cam on my iPhone. I point my iSight at her front, and check the connection on my phone. I can easily see her entire figure on my phone. Perfect.

I cue up a 24 minute porn video which has a lot of sexual sounds. Multiple girls getting fucked, girls screaming, some smacking, just lots of audible sex sounds.

“Ok, I’m leaving” The look on her face (or at least the only expressions she could make since I couldn’t see her eyes and her mouth was stuffed) was priceless. She couldn’t believe i was going to leave her like this.

Truth Is, i needed to get her to this point before I went and spent any money. Now that she is here, and ready, I’m going to the sex store and buying 2 vibrators, a 10 inch, and an 8 inch. She will be triple penetrated.

Unknown where I’m going, I turn on the porn video.

“Listen to these girls get fucked. Don’t even try to get out of this, I’m monitoring you on my phone. If you try to get out, I will know and you will be sorry” I go over to her ear and kiss her on the cheek. I walk out and close the door.

I thought about it for a second, and I realized, she needs to be naked when i get back, so i walk back in after a minute and rip the towel off of her and then leave again.

I get what I need and return. I look at my phone a few times and even showed the sales guy at the sex store what I’m coming home too. He gave me a discount!

I open my door and there is my naked sexy bitch waiting for me. I also notice a slight wet spot on the sheet under her, i take a finger and feel her pussy, she is literally dripping with anticipation.

I get naked, sit down in the desk chair and admire my work so far. This is only going to get better. I under her mouth gag and the 2 ties to her hands. But i Don’t let the tension out. I am holding on to both ropes basically making her upper body on a pulley system.

With my cock standing straight up, i easily let some tension out and let her fall closer and closer to my dick. Using the ropes to control her I let my cock go into her mouth. She accepts my cock so well. I lowered her just a bit too low that she started to gag a bit, but obviously couldn’t move. I let go of one rope and grabbed her neck strap, pulled it a little tighter and told her to deep throat my cock. I grabbed the rope to her arm and lowered her onto my cock again. I did this a few times before she finally loosened up enough that I could get my dick in her throat.

I am using 2 ropes controlling her upper half as my dick is fucking her throat.

After about 6 minutes of smacking her with my dick and making her throat soar, I tie the ropes back to where they were and open the packages of vibrators. I put one up to her stomach to shower how big 10 inches is. it goes up from her pussy almost to her tits. I can tell she is not quite ready for that.

More to come if you like where this is going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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