My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 18

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My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch 18

Wife Enters Cock Eating Contest

***Note to readers: Thank you for your votes and comments. I’m wide open to suggestions for what happens next at the hedonistic playground.

Sally was feeling good, really good. She felt powerful and for the first time in a long time, sexy. The plump 35 year old had come to the resort to reignite a spark in herself and her marriage. Over the last couple of years she had become disappointed with herself and her life. Physically, she was upset for still carrying the extra weight she had picked up from birthing two babies and mentally she was disappointed for having lost her confidence and with it, her zest for life. The ‘Real Sally’ had disappeared as Sally totally immersed herself in the ‘mommy role’.

Sally was feeling a bit like her old self as she sat at the bar in a skirt and just a bra drinking her free Vodka tonic and engaging in small talk with her confused husband, Sam. Sam was rattled. First, his wife booked them a vacation at a hedonism resort without telling him and then before he had a chance to adjust to that shock, she ended up sitting in a public place with her shirt off. He was upset that her big white breasts were practically on display for everyone to gawk at.

“Thank you Wendy” Sally said to herself. She raised her glass to the resort woman that had convinced her to be audacious, to be more daring. The plan was to cause her husband to see beyond her mommy role and to see that Sally was a fun, desirable woman.

“Paul,” Sally called out to the bartender as she stood and removed her skirt, “Sam and I are ready for the complimentary shrimp cocktails.”

As Sally folded her skirt and laid it on the counter Paul smiled and said,

“Coming right up.”

Sally sat down clad only in her utilitarian white bra and white ‘granny’ panties. Hardly, a super sexy sight considering her heft; however, to her stuffy and staid husband, this was a problem. She was drawing attention to herself, sexual attention. Sam also worried that she was flirting with the handsome nude bartender. Sam said,

“Sally, your behavior is uncalled for…it’s outrageous.”

Sally laughed and said, “You’re right Sam it is outrageous. Remember when we did fun things, outrageous things. Like the time we went skinny-dipping at the river.”

“That was years ago before we had kids…”

Sally interrupted him and pleaded, “Sam, I feel like we’re turning into stuffy fuddy-duddies. We used to be fun. I want to have fun…with you.”

Sam was stunned by his wife’s appeal. He took a moment to actually think about what she had said. Sally continued,

“Just because you’re a three piece suit wearing accountant and I’m an overweight mother of two, that doesn’t mean we have to be boring people living a boring life.”

“You’re right Sally. Over the years, we’ve kind of let our jobs and children define us, but you know, we aren’t dead yet.”

Sam called out in a loud voice, “Hey, Paul. Set up a round of drinks for everyone! On me.”

Sally jumped into his arms and gave Sam a big kiss as the other patrons in the bar shouted out cheers and thanks. Sam said,

“Paul, we need some music. Can you help us out?”

“There’s a karaoke machine on the stage in the back.”

“Oh lets try it,” Sally said.

“Race you.”

Sam and Sally sang a song from their college days. They were good and had a ton of fun. They basked in the applause of the other bar patrons. After a run of songs, they returned to the bar for a drink.

Paul told them, “You guys were bursa escort great. You’re a good team and you’ve got great stage presence. There’s a contest tonight at 6:30. You two should enter, I bet you could win a prize.”

“Maybe we will,” Sam said.

“Yea, it sounds like fun,” Sally said. “In the meantime, let’s go for a swim.”


Andrea and Andy woke from their post-coital nap. Andy asked,

“Do you feel like going for a swim?”

“Yes. Give me a minute to slip into my new bikini.”

Minutes later Andrea and Andy lay on the sand in the warm sunshine. Andrea thought she looked really hot in her French cut bikini. The blue color matched her eyes. She was a little disappointed that she wasn’t causing her usual commotion. She was use to turning heads and attracting more than her share of attention. How ever nice her new suit was Andrea was the tame girl at this beach since every other woman was topless if not completely naked.

Andy sensed her mood and asked,

“What’s a matter, baby?”

When he didn’t get a response, he said,

“You sure look hot in that bathing suit.”

“Hhmmph,” she grunted in disgust.

Andy knew she was mad, but was clueless as to why. He lay quietly in the warm sunshine hoping the sun and beautiful scenery would get her out of her funk.


Sam and Sally strolled onto the beach. Sally had on a one piece with special lycra strips that the sales girl told her would control and shape her body making the extra 15 pounds she was carrying magically disappear. When Sally got on the beach, she was surprised at the almost universal lack of clothing. She steered Sam towards the young couple to the far left. The girl was young and pretty, but at least she had a top on.

“Is this spot taken?” Sally asked the clothed pair when they got near them.

“No,” Andy replied.

“Ah…hi, my name is Sally and this is my husband Sam.”

Andy stood and shook hands with Sam and said,

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Andy and this is Andrea.”

Andrea smiled at the pleasant older woman. The two sat beside each other and soon were chattering like old friends. The men got along well too talking about sports and fishing. When the guys heading into the water Sally asked,

“Have you been at a resort like this before?”

“No, never. To be honest, I was shocked and upset when I found out this was a hedonism resort. Andy and I were both caught off guard. We’re here because my brother played a practical joke on us. How about you?”

“No, but at least I knew what I was getting in to. I admit the nudity here is a little intimidating especially for a chubster like me, but I wanted an erotic place that would jolt Sam and me out of our boring suburban rut.”

“How is it going?”

“Good. I’ve surprised him already. My plan is to keep surprising him, to tease and tempt him. I need to remind him and myself that I can be playful and sexy.”

‘What’s your next move?”

“I was going to let the girls out. A dull, joyless, uninteresting woman wouldn’t go topless, right?”

“Well, no I guess not, but then I’ll be the stodgy prude.”

“Let’s do it together. We can prove to our men we are frisky, unpredictable vixens.

Sally stood and with a ‘here goes’ shrug she slipped the straps off her shoulders and rolled down the top of her bathing suit exposing her large, torpedo-shaped pale breasts. She had huge dark saucer-like nipples a gift for having breast fed her kids. Andrea was proud of her body and wasn’t about to be altıparmak escort the only covered woman at the resort. She nonchalantly tossed her bikini top away revealing her firm B cups and her ever present erect nipples.

Together the topless women walked to the edge of the water. They drew a few long looks and smiles from the strangers around them. Finally, their men noticed them. Sam and Andy grinned broadly at their brave risqué women. Sam gave an encouraging wolf whistle.

Sally and Andrea got the responses from their guys that they were looking for. They were recognized as foxy, provocative women. Their men ran to them hugging and kissing them and telling them how beautiful they were.

The spunky, titillating women laughed and frolicked in the water and on the beach with their attentive and turned on men. They allowed themselves to be groped in public. Sam and Andy were on a sex fueled high. Their woman were flaunting their assets and allowing sexual contact in public. The guys had throbbing hard-ons for over an hour.


That evening around 6:30 everyone turned up at the bar. Bree addressed the crowd nude, her silver piercings gleaning in the spotlight,

“I see everyone heard the news about free drinks. Men, if your lady participates in our erotic banana eating contest, you both get free drinks for the night. One couple will also earn a free night for a return trip to Lake Hedonism. While you think it over, we are serving a complimentary ‘Hop, Skip & Go Naked’ cocktail.”

A buzz went through the assembled crowd. The guys could be heard encouraging their women to give it a try while some of the woman balked. Bree gave them time to chat and enjoy drinking the powerful, high alcohol drink. Ten minutes later, she said encouragingly,

“Girls, any effort will get you the drinks. Please join me on the stage.”

Five women came on stage. Andrea was there in her backless peach color halter top. Her pokey nipples made indentations against the shear material. An obviously braless Sally was there too. She was wearing a red silk blouse. The ‘girls’ were very active bouncing all about. Chloe and Tracey walked along the line of women handing out the bananas. Bree announced,

“We have a distinguished judge for tonight’s contest, Wendy.”

A small cheer went up. A nude Wendy waved to the crowd causing her pendulous breasts to sway. Bree introduced all the contestants after which she said,

“Ladies, starting at the far end with Linda. One at a time step forward and give us your most erotic performance.”

Linda stepped out of the line and quickly peeled and ate her banana. The men in the audience cried ‘Ouch” as her teeth snapped through the soft fruit. The next two contestants took it a little more seriously giving a more erotic show. The crowd “Ooohed” and “Aahhed” at their performance.

Andrea was next. She whispered into Sally’s ear and the two of them stepped forward and face one another. They left the peels on and took turns caressing and then molesting each other with the bananas. They rubbed the fruit sensuously on the other’s face and then provocatively in between the other’s breasts and crotch. The audience got into it and was cheering them on. Finally, they peeled the bananas and slow feed it to each other after multiple slow and sexy insertions into their accomplices’ mouth. They received a standing ovation.

Bree came on stage and asked,

“Wendy who is our winner?”

“Bree, everyone was sexy and a good sport. Sally and Andrea did such a görükle escort fabulous job, I can’t choose between them. I suggest we have a sudden death play-off between the two of them.”

Again, the bar patrons cheered pleased with her decision.

Pablo wearing a chef’s hat ran on stage and spoke to Bree. He was highly animated and pretended to be upset following the script they have written earlier. Bree spoke to the assembled,

“People, it appears we have a problem. We are out of bananas. We’re going to have to cancel the contest UNLESS you can help me convince Sally and Andrea’s mates to come to our aid!”

The spotlight spun into the tables and searched out Andy and Sam. Bree led the crowd clapping and chanting,

“Come on stage. Come on stage…”

The men were shamed and prodded on stage and seated in chairs. They had a banana peel draped over their crotch. The crowd hooted approvingly as the good sports played along.

Wendy came to center stage and appeared to be thinking out loud. She had her chin in her hand and said,

“Thanks for helping us out guys. It has been very HARD for me to judge between these two accomplished banana eaters. I’m could use some help. Then it hit me, who would be a better at judging the banana eating skills of these women then the men who know them most intimately.”

Wendy paused for effect and then said,

“Sam, Andy. I bet you have you seen your sweetie eat a fair amount of fruit, haven’t you?”

Everyone laughed including the contestants. Sally blushed. Sam and Andy confirmed that they had witnessed fruit consumption.

“Well, there you have it,” Wendy postulated, “People, I propose we have the most knowledgeable person make the comparison. Sam will judge Andrea and Andy will judge Sally. The woman that helps her judge reach a…conclusion first wins!”

The crowd was cheering wilding in anticipation of the erotic encounters. Sally and Andrea looked at one another and then looked at their men sitting in the spotlight. The men had a big shit eating grin on their face. Sam knew his wife would never suck another man’s dick on stage in front of a crowd of strangers. He was enjoying her predicament.

Sally listened to the cheering crowd and looking at her smug husband. That clinched it. Sally turned to Andrea and said,

“Look at those two; they are so sure we won’t do it that I have to with or without you joining me. I’ve got to prove to my Mr. Know-it-All husband that he doesn’t know what I’m capable of doing.”

Sally knelt before Andy, grabbed the banana peel with her mouth and tossed it away. She began chewing on his shorts and generating a firm response. Andrea heard the crowd roar in response to Sally’s actions. She was caught up in the momentum of the mob and went down on a surprised Sam.

A minute later, the girls had fished the hard pricks out of the boys’ pants and were administering full contact blowjobs to the delight of the crowd. The stunned men slowly forgot about the rabble as their focus was directed to the strangers sucking on their cocks.

A determined Sally pulled out all the stops working on Andy’s firm five inches.

Andrea discovered that chubby Sam had a chubby penis. His girth was a problem for the small mouthed girl. She had trouble keeping her teeth at bay. It was an erotic, but painful experience for Sam to have this hot twenty something year old choking on his meat in front of a cheering crowd. He endured more than enjoyed the experience.

Andy was feeling no pain. Sally’s mouth was warm and welcoming. He blew his load down her throat as the throng cheered them on. Sally jumped for joy and opened her mouth showing proof of her success.

Bree announced,

“Folks, we have a winner. Sally is our erotic banana eating champion and as such, she and Sam will be returning as our guest for another fun filled night at Lake Hedonism!”

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