My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch. 19

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My Family’s Nudist Colony? Ch 19
Erotic Sex between Strangers

***Note to readers: Thank you for your votes and comments. I’m wide open to suggestions for what happens next at the hedonistic playground.

As their guests sat down to dinner, a nervous Angie met with her husband Dave. She said, “Thank goodness our first contest went well.”

Dave gave his wife a quick hug and celebratory kiss and then replied, “Yea, Bree and Wendy did a good job. Who would have guessed that our two most nervous couples would turn out to be stars?”

Angie revealed the true cause of her anxiety by asking, “Are…are you ready for tonight?”

“I don’t know,” Dave replied honestly. Their mid-west roots were showing. They each wondered if they were selected by a guest for a sexual adventure could they go through with it.

After the plates were all cleared away and the guests had enjoyed coffee or an after dinner liquor, Angie stepped back onto the stage for an announcement. Nervous sweat ran down her sides. Her tea bag size breasts sported her trademark ridiculously long erect nipples as she stood in front of everyone and said,

“I hope everyone is having a wonderful time. Some of you have asked about the poster board by the entrance. We are soliciting suggestions for future activities, anything that strikes your fancy. So far we have ideas ranging from watching nude women do jumping jacks to receiving a foot massage.”

Angie paused and cleared her throat. She was getting to the part of the announcement which was troubling her,

“Emm….Ladies and gentleman…For those of you looking for company this evening…”

Angie paused again this time to give Dave, Chloe, Bree, Carl, Tracey, Peter, Clay, Piper and Pablo time to join her on the stage. They all took their striped wrist bands off their right wrists and put them on their left arms. Her face blushed red as Angie transferred her band and announced, “We are all available.”

A buzz went through the crowd. Some could be heard arguing over the idea of inviting a stranger to their bed while others discussed the humans being offered as if they were picking a fine wine or a new puppy. Others like Sally, Sam, Andrea and Andy were silent. This group was afraid to even broach the subject. They had not yet discussed their feelings about what had occurred earlier tonight when these women each sucked the dick of a stranger in front of the man they loved.

One voice rose above the crowd. It was Linda, the woman whose man had forced her to be in the banana contest. She shouted, “Stop telling me what to do!” Then, wearing a micro mini-skirt and a form fitting top her sugar daddy had selected for her, she marched up to Clay, smiled graciously and asked urgently, “Can I suck you here…now?”

Clay nodded ‘Yes’. The young white woman climbed up on the stage on her knees and wrapped her lips around his 5” soft black dick. She was gentle, but insistent in driving him to his full potential. Many there paused and watched Linda and Clay. Linda dropped her hands from his tool and pulled her short skirt up exposing a sheer black thong and a firm little ass.

Linda’s boyfriend, Tom, an older, controlling man came up to her and said, “Linda, you’ve proved your point.”

Linda pulled off Clay’s prick and shaking the 7” of black steel at her fiancée said, “No Tom, you were right. This is what I need, this is what I want.”

She turned to Clay and asked sweetly, “Be a dear Clay and shove your big, hard, black dick in my tight, white pussy.”

Linda got on her hands and knees shook her ass provocatively at Clay and faced her angry man, Tom. She reached back and pulled her sheer thong out of the way to give Clay access. Clay said, “Ma’am. I don’t want no trouble…”

Linda stared hard at Tom and hissed, “Tell him Tom…tell him this is what you want…that you told me to go on stage and fuck a stranger.”

Tom didn’t like being told what to do. Tom scowled at Linda. He had been dating her for 6 months. He had been attracted to her because she was a pretty and young and overly trusting. He had been re-making her, molding her into the woman who would do exactly what he wanted. His plan had been going well until today. Tonight Linda was finally balking, pushing back.

Linda wasted no time. She grabbed Clay’s dick and used it to pull him to his knees behind her. In the deafening silence as the pressure built, Linda guided Clay’s dick into her. Linda closed her eyes and rocked back into Clay slowly taking him in and out of her vagina a couple of times.

Then Linda smiled at Tom and pretended to be embarrassed and confused. She said, “Uh oh…I’ve made a mistake haven’t I? When you told me to go fuck on the stage, you said anyone but the black man didn’t you?”

Tom jumped up knocking over his chair. He stormed out shouting, “Bitch! Needless to say the marriage is off.”

Linda laughed and looked over her shoulder at Clay and said, “I like the feel of your dick. Please fuck me hard, make me forget Uşak Escort about the six months of my life I wasted with that controlling racist jerk.”

“Yes, ma’am. Gitty-up!”

Clay grabbed her narrow hips and began thrusting deep and hard as Linda began to squeal.


While Linda was introducing herself to Clay, a causally dressed couple in their early thirty’s, Becca and Bill Carr, were saying hello to Angie. Becca complimented her saying, “Angie, you’ve got quite a place here and quite an attractive work force.”

“Thank you. Are you finding everything you need?”

“Well,” Bill responded beating around the bush, “everything has been great, lovely really lovely…”

Becca interrupted her husband and got to the point.

“Lovely is nice, but… sometimes you don’t want ‘nice’. Bill and I like to play with ropes and whips. Can you recommend someone?”

“Yes, I believe I can.” Angie called out, “Tracey, can you come over here?”

The nude redhead strolled over. Angie said,

“Tracey, this is Becca and Bill Carr. You share common interests, whips and ropes.”

Tracey smiled and purred, “I hope your interests include leather too.”

“Indeed they do,“ Bill responded favorably to the hot redhead.

Angie said, “Enjoy yourselves. I’ll leave you three to become better acquainted.”

They barely noticed her walking away. Tracey tugged on her wrist band to emphasize the blue and pink swatch before saying, “Do we need another player?”

Becca said, “By the look in my husband’s eyes, I can see if we don’t find another man, I’m not going to get any cock tonight. Who would you recommend?”

“What are you in the mood for? Young? Considerate? Rough?”

“Oh, definitely rough.”

“I’ve got just the man for you. Shall we go to the stables or do you have the needed accessories at your place?”

Tracey picked up Carl and the four of them headed off to the stables.


Phil and Phyllis Smithe introduced themselves to Dave. Dave said,

“Yes, I remember you checking in. You’re from Pennsylvania. Philadelphia?”

“Hardly, we live on the Main Line,” Phyllis said with a hint of snobbery. The Main Line is a wealthy suburb just outside the city of Philadelphia.

“Listen, old man, my wife and I were hoping you and your daughter Bree could join us.”

Dave was suddenly wary wondering why they wanted a father-daughter combo. He gave these two wealthy 40 year olds a discerning look. He was a fit man wearing an expensive tuxedo. His receding hair was parted in the middle. He had a long aquiline nose and vacant black eyes. Phyllis was wearing a low cut evening gown exposing her well shaped natural breasts. She had on a fabulous diamond necklace and matching diamond earrings. Her elegant face had a long nose and the same black eyes as her husband.

Dave thought that their black eyes would’ve been equally at home on a shark.

Phyllis smiled at Dave and then castigated Phil,

“Darling, you have spooked the poor man. Dave, we have nothing sinister in mind. We find you and Bree most attractive and would like the two of you to join us in our cabin. After a glass of fine wine, we were hoping the two of you could…get us warmed up and then stay and watch us?”

“Ah yes Dave. I hope you can accommodate us. We do so appreciate an audience,” Phil said hoping to reassure the father.

Before Dave could answer, Phyllis waved and called out to Bree.

“Bree, darling can you join us?”

Bree joined the group. Phyllis gave her practiced insincere smile and said,

“Bree, my husband loves your piercings and I think your father is a ruggedly handsome man. Phil and I like to be watched. I was just asking your father if the two of you would do us the honor of getting us warmed up and then observing us.”

Bree, unaware of her dad’s concerns said,


In Bree’s mind, Phil and Phyllis were just another wealthy, attractive, horny couple.

Phyllis smiled and turned to Dave to see if he would raise any objections. Dave had forgotten all about his stage fright over being able to perform sexually with strangers. He was too busy trying to figure these two out. When Dave did not say anything, Phyllis said, “Excellent. Shall we go?”

As the foursome prepared to leave, they heard Linda’s orgasmic cry and turned towards the stage to watch the shuddering young woman climax. Her face contorted before she dropped her head into her arms and slumped to the floor. Clay roared as he quickly pistoned in and out of her tight white pussy striving for his own fulfillment. Concerned about cumming inside the young woman, Clay pulled out and sprayed ropes of cum across her back, her ass and the clothes her ex-fiancée had bought her.


Sam, Sally, Andy and Andrea had not discussed their sexual adventure. They sat quietly at adjoining tables watching Linda and Clay spellbound. The four of them were caught up in the heat and the eroticism Uşak Escort Bayan of Linda and Clay’s powerful sexual experience that was taking place only five feet away from them. Awestruck, Andrea murmured, “Wow! That was hot.”

The guys silently nodded in agreement their hard-ons straining against their pants. Sally spoke to her husband,

“God, it’s been a long time since you or I came like that. Sam, why do you think that’s the case? It can’t be love. They just met.”

Sam didn’t know and didn’t answer. Andrea from the next table offered her opinion,

“There’s something special about being in front of others and doubly so being with a stranger. I felt that added heat and excitement when I was on stage during the contest. Being naughty felt really nice.”

Andy spoke honestly, “I never came as hard as I did today.”

Andy was shocked at what he heard himself say. He quickly added,

“Emm…I mean…”

Teasing him his girlfriend, Andrea, interrupted him and pretending to be upset said, “You mean Sally sucks cock better than I do?”

“No. No. I love you. You’re great…at everything. I…I mean it’s like you said…breaking a taboo…” Andy was scrambling desperately trying to dig himself out of a hole of his own making.

“It’s okay. I understand. You love me and you lust for Sally….Is it just her or all women?” Andrea laughed to show she was teasing.

Sally laughed too hearing herself described as a woman to be lusted after. Andy was silent, he hadn’t figured out what the correct answer was. He was relieved when Andrea spoke again, “Seriously Sally, didn’t the fire in your crotch burn a little fiercer when you were on stage with Andy?”

Sally looked at Sam and still answered truthfully, “Yes.”

Andrea said, “I think that’s your answer Sally. If we want an orgasm as powerful as Clay, Linda and Andy had, we need the extra boost that comes from releasing our naughty inner selves. How about it guys, shall we join the hedonistic party?”

Finally Sam spoke, “Sally, I think Andrea is correct and we should join the party.”

Carl and Tracey were nude as they chit-chatted comfortably with their partners for the evening, Bill and Becca. When they made it to the stables, Tracey said,

“Becca, would you join me in the Tack room?”

As the women walked away, Becca stopped and removed her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. She tossed her skirt over a wooden rail and looked over her shoulder to make sure the guys saw her ripe round ass. The guys had their eyes glued to her backside. After the women had exited the stable room, Carl whistled appreciatively and Bill said,

“That’s a spectacular ass, am I right?”

“No doubt, primo,” Carl replied.

“Tracey’s something special too. I love the red hair. Her tits aren’t much, but you can’t complain about her caboose. Have you tapped her? Have you fucked everyone here on staff?”

“Man, I wish,” Carl answered. “This is the first time I’ve been with Tracey. Of course, I’m hoping to hook up with them all.”

“I hear you. So many pretty pussies and only one dick.”

“Amen, brother,” Carl said with a laugh.

In the tack room, Tracey asked,

“I just wanted to get a feel for what you’re expecting. Bondage, dominance, pain – giving or receiving…”

“My husband and I like your look. We are suckers for broad hips, a nice big ass and a woman not afraid to use ‘em. You be in charge. I like bondage. Bill likes to be whipped.”

Becca moved in close to Tracey and kissed her. Then said, “We both want a taste of you. Be sure to tell Carl to ride me hard for the big finish.”

Tracey kissed Becca hard and grabbed that ripe ass before answering, “Gotcha. Shall we dress up?” Tracey pointed to some leather vests, chaps and pants.



Naked and still leery, Dave walked arm-in-arm with Phyllis into her cabin. Close behind them was his nude, eldest daughter Bree laughing at a witty remark Phil had just made.

Phil opened the wine saying, “Dave and Bree, you are going to love this burgundy from France. It is 30 years old and absolutely fantastic. The bouquet alone puts to shame any wine most establishments serve…Oh sorry Dave, nothing personal about the pedestrian selection you offered with dinner tonight. It’s just that a 2-3 year old California pretender just can’t compare to this work of art from a French vineyard run by the same family for over 120 years.”

Phyllis tried to calm things down by apologizing, “Please forgive Phil while he is a wine connoisseur, he can behave as quite the wine snob sometimes. This wine really is delicious.”

Seeing Bree lift her glass and swallow half its content caused Phil to scream, “Stop!” Phil fanned himself as if her actions were going to make him faint. He took a deep breath and said, “Bree let me educate you. With a fine wine, first you swirl it in the glass and breathe in the bouquet. Now hold the glass by the stem, not the bowl. Escort Uşak You don’t want your body temperature to affect the wine.”

Bree look at him as if he was crazy and then dismissed that thought reminding herself “He’s the guest. If this makes him happy…” Bree pretended to be fascinated and listened intently as Phil gave her a 10 minute wine lesson.

After they had finished two bottles of what even a skeptical Dave had to admit was a great wine, Phyllis stood and said,

“Let’s begin. First I need to banish Cousin Phil to…”

Phyllis started giggling. She was inebriated and had accidently let something slip. Dave looked up quizzically, cousins? That would explain their similar eyes and nose. Phil frowned. Phyllis obviously was not supposed to say that. She compound her mistake by explaining,

“In our station, it is not unusual for cousins to wed…”

Phil interrupted her. She needn’t explain anything to these people. He took control saying, “Let me direct this affair dear. I will sit across the room observing. Dave and Bree please have a seat on the sofa. After Phyllis removes her clothes, we can begin. She would like to orally please you.”

Phyllis removed her expensive gown and tossed it causally on the floor. She kept her jewelry, but otherwise stood naked before Bree and Dave slowly rotating showing off a slim, toned body. For a forty year old she was smoking hot. She had pretty feet and tanned shapely legs leading to a full, thick, black bush that completely obscured her sex. She was 5’ 8” tall with slim hips, a narrow waist and a gorgeous bust. Her natural breasts were ripe, round orbs with small, pink nipples. She was tan all over.

Dave’s first thought when he saw her boobs was “They’re beautiful”. His second thought was “these are the breasts of a teen-ager. Certainly, not a woman that ever had a child”. Bree just thought they look scrumptious and wanted a crack at them.

Phyllis undulated sensuously for Dave and Bree. Then she dropped to her knees and engulfed Dave’s hard dick. She sucked him lovingly; humming as she gratified him. To Dave, the sound emanating from her stuffed mouth sounded like “otter”.

After many minutes, she released him, slid over to Bree and kissed her full on the mouth. Bree found her lips to be very soft and very warm, warmed by the heat of her father’s cock.

Next Phyllis went down on Bree. She lingered enjoying Bree’s pungent sex. Again she hummed. Bree found the vibrations a wonderful extra stimulus. The sound Phyllis made this time sounded like “mmm udder”.

After several pleasurable minutes, Phyllis broke away from Bree’s vagina and returned to Dave. Phyllis grabbed his cock and stroked it as she leaned up to kiss him. Dave found the kiss passionate and acidic. Phyllis’ lips were covered with Bree’s musky fluid.

Phyllis repeated this procedure 3 more times. When she caused Dave to produce some pre-cum fluid, she made sure Bree got a taste. The whole time a fully clothed Phil watched, sipped wine and was delighted by her actions.

Dave began to wonder whether Phyllis’ goal was to pleasure her guests or was it to share a father’s flavor with his daughter and vice versa. Dave could not be sure.

Phil stood, stretched and stripped. He had obviously been thoroughly enjoying the show as his penis was now rock hard. He said, “Dave, please sit on the edge of the couch. I want Bree and Phyllis to face each other sitting on your knees. As the two women kiss, please caress Phyllis’ breasts and later grab her nipples and rub them against Bree’s nipples.”

The women took their position as instructed. There was little space between them as they necked and French kissed. Phyllis pulled back, ran her fingertips along Bree’s neck and torso saying, “Dear, you are so lovely. Your throat and shoulders remind me of my mother.”

Phil impulsively spoke out, “Her derriere is very reminiscent of her too.”

Phyllis leaned in and kissed Bree’s neck and shoulders. Dave reached in between the two women following Phil’s directive. He touched Phyllis’ boobs and he invariably touched Bree’s breasts as well. He ended up manipulating, caressing and fondling both females. The two women grew heated from his touch and from each other’s kisses. Dave was as hard as he could be and yet still uneasy and suspicious about the Smithes.


Tracey and Becca rejoined the boys. The women each had on chaps that covered their legs, but not their sex or ass. They also wore leather vests which they did not button up so visual and physical access to their tits was only slightly impeded. They handed the men cowboy hats.

Becca said sweetly, “This is all you get to wear.”

Carl was nude so he just pulled the hat down on his head. Bill removed his clothes and donned his hat.

Tracey took control ordering in a loud commanding voice,

“Everyone on their knees. Follow my instructions completely or you’ll feel the bite of my whip!”

Tracey lashed out at Bill smacking him across the ass. Bill yelped in pain.

Tracey herded the three of them into a straw covered stall. There were two bales of hay in the center of the stall. Tracey tossed blankets on both bales to make them a more comfortable perch for her charges.

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