My Father, My Lover

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The first time he slid his cock in me I felt emotions that I had never felt before while doing it with any of my boyfriends till then. I felt secure and loved. A cocoon formed around me. And I pleasured inside this sublime cocoon, safe in my father’s arms as he fucked my pussy. His hands were under my ass, holding me up, as he slid his cock in and out of my wet wet wet pussy.

“Ally, you are so beautiful…I love you,” he whispered in my ears as he fucked me. I lay in his arms enjoying his fuck, rubbing his chest, nibbling his nipples as he moved on top of me. I reached down and squeezed his balls as he came inside my pussy whispering “I love you” in my ear. I came with him feeling his cock spurting his jizz onto the walls of my vagina. This was heaven on earth! Then he lay on top of me out of breath before sliding off me. I put my ear on his chest and listened to his heart beat.

My name is Ally and I am nineteen-years old. I am five-seven, blonde hair, and green eyes. My dad, Jack, is forty-five, three inches taller, brown hair and brown eyes. My mom, Ann, and I have similar hair and eyes but she is a couple inches shorter than I am. She is a nurse and has to work night shifts every now and then at the hospital. That leaves dad home alone some nights. I often lay in bed and listened to my dad and mom having sex in their bedroom. My mom was loud and I recognized dad’s groan when he came. Once they were done, mom would go to the kitchen for a glass of milk. I followed her into the kitchen pretending I needed a drink. But what I really wanted to see was mom! Mom who had dad’s fresh cum between her legs. I was so jealous of my mom! I would watch her flushed face from the Escort bayan fuck, steal glances at her fucked pussy area, and wonder how dad’s cum would feel in my pussy. Then one night I decided to find out.

Dad was sleeping alone when I sneaked into my parents’ bedroom. He was lying on his side and I got under the sheets with him. I kissed him on the lips. He was half asleep but he responded by kissing me back and taking me into his arms. Maybe he thought I was mom! I didn’t know but I started running my hands all over his body. I unbuttoned his pj tops and licked his nipples then reached under and wrapped my palm around his cock. His cock grew in my hand as my touch excited him. This pleased me. I felt so powerful! I could excite my dad with my touch. That thought made me feel good. I kissed my dad and felt his tongue explore my mouth. His hands reached under my night dress, found my pussy wet for him, and his mouth was on my nipples. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. At this point he woke up! He realized it was me and not mom! But he couldn’t stop himself.

“Oh God…I have to fuck you, Ally…I can’t stop now,” he moaned.

“Yes, dad,” I whispered back. I wanted him to fuck me so bad and as he did so I felt a wave of triumph. I had successfully seduced my dad and I had got what mom got! I guided my father’s cock into my eager pussy hole. But I hadn’t bargained for all of what was to happen that night.

My head on his chest, I listened to my dad’s heart beat as it pumped blood through his body. Then I reached down and held his drooping cock which had just filled my pussy-hole with cum. His cock was still leaking. So I put his cock in my mouth and sucked Bayan escort his cock dry of every last drop of juice. Dad just lay on his back still slightly out of breath. I licked his balls. These same balls had produced the sperm that had conceived me! As I flicked my tongue on his balls dad grew hard again.

Dad sat up and reached for a jar of Vaseline on the bedside table.

“Ally, honey, lie down on your stomach,” he said. I did as directed. Dad inserted a finger into the Vaseline jar and took out a big dollop of the greasy stuff. Then he put the finger on my bum hole and started greasing the opening. My butt muscles contracted in surprise at this move.

“Relax, sweetheart…I love you,” he said as he inserted a finger into my asshole. Waves of pain ran through my body. I let out a little scream.

“Dad, that hurts!”

“Do you do this with mom?” I asked.

“Never, Ally. I’ve never fucked your mom in the ass. I’ve never fucked any woman in the ass…have always wanted to though.” He stopped and looked at me. His eyes begged me silently.

I felt ecstasy! I could give my dad something that he never got from mom or any other woman. Wow!

“Fuck my ass, dad…just tell me that you love me and you really want to fuck my ass,” I said.

“I love you Ally and want to fuck your ass,” he repeated at my request.

His finger was opening and greasing up my asshole. As he inserted his big cock into my tight asshole I screamed in total pain. He pushed my head roughly into a pillow and mounted me from behind.

I continued screaming into the pillow as dad’s cock pounded my ass. My father tight-fisted my hair as he pushed my face Escort down into a pillow drowning my screams. His mouth was close to my ears and he talked to me.

“Oh this feels so good Ally…you are so sexy…so beautiful…I love fucking your ass…I love you Ally,” He repeated these lines again and again as he fucked my ass.

At first my body wracked in pain from this intrusion into my asshole. Then a strange thing happened. My pussy started quivering as a cum started building up inside of me. I started cumming with my father’s cock inside my ass. This cum was longer and more intense than any cum I had ever had before! Waves of pleasure coursed through my body and I moaned loudly.

Dad was fucking me hard and fast now. I could feel the cum growing inside him. He pulled my hair back sharply hurting me and slammed the entire length of his cock into my bum hole. I could feel his balls slap against my open and cum-leaking pussy hole. Then dad groaned as I had never heard him before.

“Oh Ally my baby!” he said aloud.

“I am going to cum…love you so,” he gasped in my ear.

When he came I swear I felt each time his cock vibrated and spurted fluid filling my ass. His groans of sheer pleasure in my ears will stay with me forever. I love my father for loving me the way he did that night. Afterwards I sucked his cock clean and we went to the kitchen together for a drink. We were friends and thirsty from our exertions! The man I love and admire most in the world had filled both my holes with his cum. I walked around enjoying the sensation of his cum in my pussy and asshole. From time to time I would rub my palm on either hole and smell our combined cums on my fingers. Dad laughed when he saw me do this and asked me to dip deep. Then he smelled my fingers, licked them dry, and kissed me. Both our mouths tasted of our mixed-up cums and we hung out in the kitchen till I wanted him in me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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