My Favorite Student

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Hi this is a story I created as a fantasy I wished really played out. The only thing not real is the sex. (I’m sorry to say). Please comment.

As a college teacher I also have my own office, and receive many students there for the simple fact that I’m there more often than at the college. But let me take you to the beginning of the story.

It was during the summer semester that I noticed her; she stood out because she arrived late the first day of class and took a seat at the front. Red hair, short skirt, button down blouse open to show some cleavage but not too much, nice firm breasts, and a beautiful ass.

I had broken up during the break and started having some fantasies about this girl in my class. And as a good ethical teacher I didn’t make any advances. I always have some time for my students between classes and like to talk to them about other things than class and also solve any doubts of course. She was always there listening doeda never really taking part but I was sure I saw something in her looks at me. For the final project they had to implement a plan and write an essay, I gave them my office address and the normal hours they could find me there so if they had any questions they could go to the office; since for finals there were no classes scheduled.

A few days later a group of my students went to ask me how they’re doing in their paper, we went to a larger room and I took some time reading the papers and gave my ideas in their plans; she was the last one and it had gotten late; I’d let everyone go for the day I finished reading her essay and returned it to her with my notes, she read them and said thank you and left, I felt dumb for thinking she’d notice me but since I’m in the mid 30’s she could maybe not see me too old for her. I returned to my office and let my daydreams aside to clear eş değiştirmeli porno for the day; then I heard a knock on the door; it was her! Surprised I opened she told me she had lost an earring and wanted it back because it was her grandmother’s; we went back to the room and we got on all fours looking for the earring and after a moment we were face to face under the table. I was telling her that I can tell the cleaning staff to look for it in the morning when she suddenly gave me a kiss. I’ve must put a shocked face because she started apologizing saying she got the impulse to kiss me and I didn’t let her finish I grabbed her and pulled her to me and kissed her back we melted into each other. I put my hand under her shirt and started fondling her breasts, taking her bra off I sucked on her nipples, I was hard by her stroking. I go down on her and lift her skirt sucking her pussy lips until she cums and I genç porno drink her juices to my fill.

Then she gets on the table and opens her legs and hungrily says “fuck me!” I start putting my cock in gently at first, feeling her she is very wet and then I take out my cock then I thrust it in than start an in and out movement she pants telling me that she’s enjoying we keep going until I tell her I ready to come she moves out and I cum on her face and tits. Then she takes my cock to her mouth and licks me when I’m ready again she gets on top and rides me for a long time moving slowly I played with her breasts she got down so I could suck on them and sometimes I gave a small bites her moans are loud. I feel my balls ready to shoot again and tell her she just says “come in me” and she comes too, we lay together for some time then she gets up and gives me a kiss and leaves I stay a while not really believing my luck.

The next class she sits as usual and ignores me like the entire course. A few days after the end of classes she goes to my office and we talk about what happened that day. She said she needed a job and since she’d be here we could get to do it again. I told her that I’d give her a job as my personal assistant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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