My Favourite Patient, Sam Ch. 05

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I really don’t know how I got home that night. I figured I didn’t crash my car and kill myself as I woke up safe in my own bed. I do remember picking up the unopened bottle of vodka in my drinks cabinet and having a couple of sips though. I sat up in bed and immediately regretted doing it. I didn’t feel too well at all, and then I noticed the empty bottle next to me. I felt around for a damp patch on my sheets, from where the bottle must have spilt, but there wasn’t one, in fact my fully clothed body was dry as well.

‘Oh shit’ I said out loud. ‘How the fuck did I manage to not comatose myself?” I wondered. I tried to get up and found that I couldn’t do that without feeling sick all of a sudden, but then my morning hard-on was calling to me to take a well needed piss. I struggled to the bathroom and did my business, had a well needed shower and shave. Frankly, a good kick up the ass would’ve helped to get me going, but nobody could because I was on my own.

It then suddenly dawned on me the reason why I was on my own. Sam. The fucking bastard, how could he? I was hoping to stay over in his bed. I should have been there, waking up with him in my arms. We would have been taking a long, hot shower together and then relaxing back in bed again to make love for the tenth time. Yeah well, a guy can dream can’t he? Tears filled my eyes as I recalled the previous night’s events again in my head. Just the way he had talked to me like I was nothing to him upset me enough, then the fact that he had this orgy happening in his house. I wondered how often he hosted these parties and how much he played a part in those sex games. It made me feel sick just thinking about it, thinking of how many he had been with. I could’ve caught anything from him and he wouldn’t have given a shit. He really didn’t care about me; maybe I was just a quick fuck all along, another notch on his bedpost. He didn’t even try to explain himself. He just let me walk away. Why do I fall for guys like this? I asked myself. God, I’d been such an idiot.

The phone rang at just as I left the bathroom. I looked at the clock in my room and noticed it read 13.33. Fuck! I answered the phone next to my bed and spoke.

“Hello?” I asked. I hoped I didn’t sound too out of it.

“Jake. Listen, before you hang up, I know why you’ve been ignoring me all morning and I’m sorry baby, really sorry. I just want to explain a few things.” Sam spoke quickly, as if he was in a rush trying to get it all out. He sounded bad, really bad.

I didn’t answer, just sat down on the bed. I felt my self cry again. All morning? Did he say all morning? But I’d have heard the phone, surely?

“Jake? Speak to me, say something.”

“Bye Sam.” I said and hung up. I walked into my kitchen and found my phone. 23 missed calls. He even had the cheek to phone me after what he did. I didn’t see why I should speak to him. He’d literally ignored me for 3 days, then I find out the reason why, it’s because he was busy with his fuck buddies and the party.

I figured that if I did let him talk, he would just apologize over and over again, telling me how much he loves me, how it was a mistake, it didn’t mean anything, and how he didn’t do anything and just stayed out of it. I mean, yeah right! All those guys and girls, he could have his pick of any one of them. He’d just say anything to get out of the situation he was in and he wouldn’t have told me about it anyway. He’d have just let me believe things were going well between us. I’d get all the usual bullshit you hear from liars and cheaters. All the things I’d fallen for before. I realized that maybe I was better off knowing about his kinky games now, rather than later when my feelings went even deeper than they were.

That was what pissed me off the most, the fact that he claimed to like me, that he had grown to love to love me over the weeks that I’d known him. Why would he say those things if he didn’t mean it? Why do some guy’s do that? I really couldn’t get my head around it, and frankly I didn’t want to. If that’s the way it was gonna be, then I would have to put up with it somehow. Maybe I’m just a soppy bastard and like all that romantic shit. I need to get a life!

I got dressed and decided to eat, and then get on with my boring single life again. The phone rang at least 15 or 20 times during the day, even on my mobile phone. I’d lost count after the 10th or so time. I did pick it up on the odd occasion, just to check it was still him, and it was so I hung up. He sent me text messages saying things like “Sorry” and “Please talk to me”. I didn’t reply to any of them. He wasn’t going to humiliate me anymore. The best thing was to forget about him. It wouldn’t be easy but I could try. I sent him one last message, telling him that he was wasting his time; I wasn’t interested in him, and not to contact me again.

I was sure he could get what he needed from his ‘bum chums’.


The next couple of weeks went by slowly after that. I went to work as usual and came home. Cebeci Escort I hardly went out, even when my friends came to see me or dragged me to the pub for a drink, I just couldn’t be bothered. I wanted to be alone to drown my sorrows and I cried so much that I didn’t think I could cry anymore. That’s what love does to a guy sometimes, eats you up until you can’t take anymore. Sam had even stopped calling so much after a week. I knew he’d have to give up at some point and I was glad he didn’t know where I lived. Anyway, with his looks, he could have any girl or guy he wanted. Just flashing that gorgeous smile and showing his sparkling white teeth, would have them swooning. I remembered when he used to do that to me. His eyes would look right through me and I’d just melt.

I know we didn’t really have much of a relationship, we hadn’t even got onto the fucking stage, but I loved him. All those weeks spent getting to know each other, flirting, touching. I couldn’t get him out of my mind and to be honest I didn’t want to. But then I figured I couldn’t have meant that much to him if he’d given up so easily.

It was about three weeks since I’d last seen Sam and I’d not been out properly for a while. I needed a good drink, a good dance and some good friends to join me. I also figured I needed a man to get Sam off my mind and out of my dreams. Even if I didn’t want a one night stand, I decided that it would be what I had to do to leave him behind. Hell, I knew my dildos couldn’t satisfy me forever, and to be honest, my right hand needed a break.

So, the lack of sex in my life was driving my insane. I knew that going out was the only option, and I hadn’t been to my favourite nightclub for a while.

On the Saturday night, I’d decided to get myself dressed up and go out to ‘PLEASURE’, a gay bar in the next town. I was determined to do something with myself. I called a couple of gay friends that I’d not seen for a while, and they agreed to meet me there.

8pm came around, and my taxi pulled up outside ‘PLEASURE’. I saw Danny and Martin waiting for me. Danny and Martin were in a relationship, had been together for nearly 3 years, and were very much in love as anyone could be. It made me jealous at times, it was what I wanted and what I’d longed to find. But whenever we went out anywhere, they never made me feel left out. I appreciated it and often told them so. Even though they were together, they had their own flirting fun with guys as well.

Both Martin and Danny were very open about their relationship, even in public. They didn’t give a shit what people thought, and although they weren’t butch guys (in fact far from it), they stood up to anyone who disagreed about their sexuality or relationship. Martin was the slimmer, shorter of the two at 5ft 7, and was the more feminine bottom. Danny the ‘jock’, stood at 5ft 10 and although not overly muscled, had more definition than Martin or me. He was the top in the relationship, but they did swap occasionally when the mood took them. I thought they were cute together, but didn’t fancy them at all. They just weren’t my type, which I suppose is a good thing as it made us better friends. We never had a threesome, and it never actually crossed my mind to be that way with them, even when we first met two years before.

I’d explained everything about Sam to them as soon as it happened, the next day. They were brilliant friends, who supported me, and I loved them to bits. I knew they would help take my mind of him, and probably get me pissed at the same time. We exchanged hellos and kisses, paid, and then went inside.

The club was packed out, and I could hardly hear myself over the music. Danny went to the bar to get our drinks and I found us a table. We were just chatting for a while, me drinking far too much all at once. Well that was what I went out for. Suddenly, a guy came up to me and asked me to dance. I looked at Danny and Martin who nodded and smiled, encouraging me to go. I thought ‘why the hell not’ and stood up. He introduced himself as Alan, and led me to the dance floor. He was good looking, about 6ft 1, shoulder length brown/blond hair, and a swimmers type build, well defined chest that showed through his dark green shirt. I couldn’t help but eye my way down to his lower half, and from the looks of his crotch, he had something to be proud of. He immediately grabbed my waist and pulled me close. I was a little surprised, but flattered. His hands moved to my ass and he gave it a squeeze, so I did the same to him. His ass felt firm and tight. He ground his crotch into mine in time to the music, and leaned in to kiss me. I thought that maybe it was a little too soon, but he really didn’t give me any option to back out. He literally pressed his lips against mine, and what a great kisser he was! His tongue found mine and I was getting really into it. In fact, I started to get hard, but I also felt that he was, so I moved myself closer to him and smiled through the kiss.

I pulled Kolej Escort off, grabbed his hardening manhood, and whispered in his ear. “I see you liked that as much as I did.”

He replied by kissing me more. We moved to the music, and I was actually enjoying myself for the first time in ages.

The next thing I felt, was another pair of hands around my waist. They rubbed up and down my back and a set of lips pressed against my neck. I shivered. I pulled away from Alan and looked around to see who it was. It was a handsome black guy. I gave him a curious look.

“Jake, this is Larry, he’s a buddy of mine. I hope you don’t mind if he joins us.”

“Err….no I suppose not.” I replied. I then smiled at Larry, who grinned back. He was massive, stood at least 6ft 3 and had huge muscles. I looked him up and down. His legs were like tree trunks, and whether I liked it or not, I wasn’t gonna mess with him. I found that I actually started to enjoy it. I hadn’t felt that wanted in ages. I turned around to face Larry, kissing him while Alan rubbed his hands along my ass and my back. I became hard as rock and knew I would be in need of some relief soon. I had never been in a threesome, and even though it was on the dance floor and not in a bed, I got the feeling that it would be quite similar. I started to wonder if this is what they had in mind and it made me question my intentions with this couple.

As I was getting really into it, with Larry and Andy paying me loads of attention, sweat was starting to drip from my body and Martin kept getting up and handing me my drink to sip on. Him and Danny gave me knowing smiles and winks and I felt that they were egging me on a little bit.

It must have been after half an hour of dancing, when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I looked over to see Danny and Martin finally dancing together. We smiled at each other and carried on with what we were doing. We must have been dancing for another half an hour until Martin pulled me away slightly.

“Hey, why did you do that? I was having fun.” I asked him slightly pissed off.

“‘Cause I want to tell you something.”

“I hope it’s important.” I replied, feeling a little annoyed. My cock deflated a little from the non-existent touching. I excused myself and moved away from Alan and Larry to talk with Martin privately.

I looked at him with a curious expression, so he explained. “I think you have another admirer. There’s a guy sat at the bar and he’s been staring at you since we came in.”

I smiled. “Are you sure it’s me who he’s staring at?” I asked. Martin nodded. “Well, I am popular tonight aren’t I?” I laughed back. Oh yeah, so I was a little giddy from the drink. You can’t blame a guy though.

I looked at the bar, but couldn’t see anyone in particular as it was so busy. I didn’t know who he was talking about. I shrugged at Martin.

“He’s over there, at the end of the bar, sat on his own. He’s wearing a blue shirt and black pants. He’s a looker Jake. You could be in there if you take a chance. Here, get us all a drink and take a look. Tell me what you think when you get back.”

I was interested. Who wouldn’t be?

I smiled back at him and gave him a ‘thank you’ kiss. He went back to Danny, who had started dancing with Alan and Larry.

I pushed my way to the front of the bar and looked over to my right, searching for this mystery man. There was someone there, but it was still difficult to see him from the crowd. I moved myself nearer, and from the corner of my eye I saw him. He looked nice from the back. If he’d just turn around to face me, I could get a better look at him.

He did. It was Sam.


I automatically sighed. I couldn’t believe it, why would this happen to me? Of all the people that could spoil my night, it was him. What the fuck was he doing there? Had he come to check on me? How would he know I was here? Although I do remember telling him I came here on Saturday nights. I figured it could just be a coincidence though.

I wasn’t going over to talk to him. I turned away, pretending I didn’t see him, pretending that I didn’t care if he was there, but I did. I could feel my heart breaking in two yet again. I didn’t want to show him that though. I ordered the drinks and went back to find Martin and Danny. The look on my face must have shown that something wasn’t right.

“Ok let’s sit down and you can tell us what happened.” Danny said, grabbing his drink off me.

“Tell you what?” I asked innocently, downing my drink.

“The reason why you look like you’ve seen something you shouldn’t have.” He answered.

“I suppose I just have.” They looked confused, so I explained. “That guy over at the bar, the one that you said has been staring at me. It’s Sam.”

“Ohhh!” Danny and Martin replied together.

“Yeah I know, so now my whole fuckin night has been ruined.” I sighed in frustration, trying to stop myself from hurting. Yenimahalle Escort I stood up. “Why does he have to do this? I want to go home.”

“No Jake. You aren’t leaving here because of him.” Danny told me. He pulled me towards the dance floor. “Come on, let’s dance. Show him that he being here doesn’t bother you.”

“But it does. Look at me Danny; I’m a nervous fuckin wreck.” I explained shaking. I was nearly in tears now, and this wasn’t what I wanted. I was there to enjoy myself, to help get him off my mind. “I love him.” I sighed. “After all this, I still love him.”

They looked at each other and sighed.

“My God Jake, I can’t believe he’s having this affect on you.” Danny said. “You need a man. Soon.”

“Yeah I know. If you don’t get some action tonight, WE’RE gonna take you home and fuck that tight little butt of yours instead.” Martin suggested with a sly grin.

“Okay, I agree to that. Shit, it will be fucking tight as well. It must have been about three months now eh Jake?” Danny asked.

I nodded, a little embarrassed. Actually it was 3 months and 1 week. But who’s counting?

“Well, come on. I’m taking you home now buddy.” Danny replied laughing. He pulled me towards the door, ready to go.

I laughed with him. He stopped and smiled.

“See, it can’t be all that bad if you’re laughing. Come on, let’s dance. We’ll show him a thing or two.” Martin told me.

I agreed and walked over to the dance floor. I had their hands all over me, rubbing my ass, crotch and body. I danced between them both, as they sandwiched me. It felt great to be like this, to know that I have friends who loved me. I knew they would always be there for me. I don’t know why, but I suddenly had the urge to kiss Martin, so I did. He welcomed my lips and opened his mouth to let my tongue in. We must have kissed for a minute or so, and then Danny moved in his place. I soon got aroused again, and Danny pulled back and winked at me when he noticed. I blushed. He’d never got me like that before. I must have been really fucking horny for that to happen.

Martin whispered something to Danny and they smiled back at me. I wondered what they were planning.

Danny grabbed my arm and led me to the toilets. I pulled away, but he wasn’t letting me go.

“Jake, come on let me help you. You need this, and Martin agrees with me.”

“No. It doesn’t feel right. I can’t do this with you Danny. Please trust me on this. As much as I need it, and as good as it would feel, I can’t do it with you, you’re my friend. I certainly couldn’t do it in some smelly toilet cubicle.”

“But Jake, nothing would change between us. It would only be this once, we just want to help.” He must have read the look on my face. “But, if you’re sure.”

“I’m positive. But thanks for the offer. I appreciate you trying though.” I said smiling.

“Ok, but if you change your mind, let me know.” He said, winking back.

I smiled and hugged him. “I won’t.”

We walked back to Martin who had sat back down. He looked at us with a funny look in his eyes.

“Jesus Danny, that was quick, even for you.” Martin said grinning.

Danny punched him playfully on the shoulder. “Yeah? You didn’t say that this morning. Baby you were begging me to stop, especially after the third time you came.” He answered laughing. “Or don’t you remember screaming out my name as I pounded you hard and fast and…..”

I didn’t let him carry on. “Okay okay, too much information guys. I mean, please, have some mercy, you know how much I’m in need right now.” I said sitting down.

They both laughed. “Anyway, Martin, you won’t get a fuck out of him tonight. He wouldn’t let me.” Danny said laughing.

“Jake…what are we gonna do with you?” Martin asked.

I laughed and turned my ass to him, wiggling it near his face. “Well, not fuck this that’s for sure.” I said.

He slapped my ass hard and I yelped.

“Cheeky bastard.” I told him

“You asked for it.”

I blew them both a kiss, and then went to the dance floor. I joined Alan and Larry, who were still dancing. They smiled and let me jump in between them again. I grinded myself against them, letting their hands wander all over me, grope me. I enjoyed myself again, and started to forget all about Sam.

Larry was stood in front of me. His hand rubbed my crotch, and started unzipping my fly. He put his hand inside and found my cock. He gave it a squeeze and it made me jump. He kept on at this, until I became hard. When I first felt him stroke me inside my pants, I moaned out loud. His hand was almost as big as my cock and I felt a little ‘small’, although my 7 inches was nothing to be ashamed of. I wondered if he would take my cock out of my boxers, it was hurting a bit, being confined into a small space, and it certainly didn’t hold much room for his hand as well.

Behind me, Alan had his hands up my shirt, twisting my nipples and running his hands up and down my front, back and sides.

I was so fuckin hot and didn’t want it to stop. I was even getting a few admiring looks from guys, who were staring. I was really hard now, and felt myself getting wet. I looked down and noticed a wet patch on the front of my pants where the head of my cock was. It was so hot watching Larry fondle me. I could have shot right there if they hadn’t stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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