My First Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: Sorry for the long wait! Enjoy this chapter!


It’s a week later, and I’m feeling fine. I’m no longer sore, and I’m very eager to sleep with him again. I admit, I was ready the morning after, but it was too much to take in at once. I’d been a virgin for twenty-five years with the intention of waiting until marriage. Well, atleast I made it this long.

I send him a text to let him know that I’m ready. God, I want to feel his lips on my body again. He responds back letting me know that he’ll meet me at my place tonight.

We don’t talk much at work. Every now and then, he comes to our division just to bug us. He’s one of those employed that they call “retired on the job.” Plus he’s lonely. Two divorces can do that to a man. He has three children whom he loves dearly. They are all a few years younger than me. It doesn’t bother me because we’re not serious. It’s just sex, and that’s all we both want.

I leave work as soon as my time is done. As soon as I get home, I do the three Ss. Shit, shower, and shave. I spray some light perfume on my body, and choose a simple black negligee.

I wear it when I answer the door, and we don’t even make it to the bedroom.

He’s still fully dressed in his work clothes, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He has me on my couch, and within seconds my negligee is pulled off. His hands cover my breasts, his fingers rolling my nipples as he places kisses on my neck.

I Gaziantep Gecelik Escort mewl, moan, and encourage him on. I hook my leg around his waist and am irritated by how many clothes he’s wearing.

His pants graze my clit, and I rub against him.

“Clothes off,” I demand. He wastes no time in obliging me. Soon, I feel his bare skin against my body. I would savor the feeling, but I’m demanding and horny.

I reach down and grasp his member. He swears and nips my lip. I hook both legs around his body and use momentum to turn us over. I’m straddling his waist, and I can feel his cock against my pussy. I slide against him, and we both groan. I want him so badly, but first I want to taste him. He didn’t give me a chance last week.

I turn around and bend down to take his member in my mouth. He lets out string of curses as I suck on the head and let my tongue swirl around the tip. I treat his dick like a popsicle and am rewarded with his moans.

I feel his hands on my thighs, and he’s pulling them apart. He pulls my lower body close, and then I feel his tongue on my pussy. I groan onto his dick, I know he loves the vibrations.

I feel his mouth move away from my pussy, and I’m confused.

“Get off the couch for a second,” he orders. He moves off the couch and lays me down on it. He fishes through his clothes for something. He pulls out a foil packet and rips it open.

He rolls it onto his cock while muttering, “I hate these fucking things.”

I’m curious as to what it will feel like when he uses a condom. I don’t have to wonder for long. He climbs on top of me and rubs his tip against my entrance. I take a deep breath, and he plunges into me swiftly.

I feel so full and sensitive. The condom is ribbed, and it rubs against me with every breath he takes.

“Move,” I moan, trying to rock against him. He pulls out partly and sinks back in. The feeling is delightful as I feel him rubbing my insides. There is no pain, only slight discomfort. I barely notice because I am too focused on the pleasure.

He moves at a slow pace, driving me wild with his teasing.

“Harder,” I beg.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he replies and continues his torturous pace.

“You won’t. Please, fuck me harder,” I moan. He increases the force of his thrusts, and I’m riding a pleasure wave.

He stops for a moment to grab my throw pillow. He slides it underneath my lower back, and thrusts into me again. He hits some point that makes me lose my mind.

I breathe hard. “Do that again.” He does, and I let out a strangled cry. The sensation. Oh god, I won’t last long.

He really starts fucking me hard, and I love it. He’s pushing me closer to the edge, and I’m waiting for it with open arms. He slams into me again, and I’m lost.

All the colors of the rainbow flash before my eyes. My voice is hoarse, and my entire body is trembling with pleasure. I barely feel his lips against mine as I ride wave after wave of pleasure.

When I come back to consciousness, he’s giving me his arrogant smirk.

“I’m good,” he says in a cocky voice. He’s right. That orgasm was indescribable. He’s no longer inside of me, and I feel an emptiness.

“Do you have another condom?” I ask.

“You want to go again?” he asks. I nod eagerly. He laughs as he retrieves another condom from his wallet.

We make the most of that last condom and end up collapsing on the floor with me astride him.

I’m too tired to move off him, so I lay my head on his chest. I can hear his heartbeat. The steady sound lulls me into sleep.

When I wake up, we’re both in my bed. He stayed, I think. He has both arms wrapped around me, and I am up against his chest. I thought it was women who liked to cuddle.

His body warms me. I stay in his arms and go back to sleep.

The next day he buys more condoms. We spend the entire weekend together. We eat, have sex, talk, joke. He’s easy to be around and comes with no complications. It’s a nice feeling.

I look at him while he sleeps. He fell asleep before I did, so I watch him. His short salt and pepper hair is softer than it looks. His skin is tan and slightly wrinkled, but that comes from age.

I don’t know his exact age, but I know it’s somewhere between 45 and 50. He looks good for his age. He eats well and exercises. The only things that have aged him are his two divorces and three children. If I was his girlfriend, I’d be concerned about that. But I’m not, so I won’t.

This uncomplicated arrangement is just what I need.

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