My First Frat Party

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[This is a true story, happened about two weeks ago. The character Mandy is described in one of my previous stories, “My First Threesome.”]


Some people might have found it to be awkward, but Mandy and I remained close friends after our threesome and began spending even more time together. Not only was she beautiful, we had an amazing experience to draw us together, and even when Mandy starting dating someone, a frat guy named Dave, we still made time for each other.

This summer, however, we both begun having trouble with our boyfriends, and were quite frustrated. By the time classes were back in session Mandy and Dave had all but broken up, and James and I hadn’t seen each other for over two weeks.

My roommate and I decided at the last minute to have a back-to-school party at our apartment, so naturally I called and invited Mandy. I told her Dave could come if she wanted, but he didn’t have to, and that James wasn’t going to be able to make it.

I spent the better part of that Saturday getting ready for the party – straightening up the apartment, running back and forth to the ABC store to make sure we were stocked up, and making myself look absolutely stunning. Around 9 I got a call from my roommate – he made other plans and ended up not inviting anyone. I hadn’t invited too many people myself, so when Mandy arrived at 10:30, there still wasn’t anyone else there. A bust.

We wouldn’t let that stop us, though – we were dressed up, and ready to party. Mandy suggested that we call Dave and get him to pick us up – they were having a party at his frat house, and although I’m a Junior, I’d never been to a frat party, so I jumped on the suggestion. Mandy called Dave and he said he would be there in a bit, and knowing we had a driver, we started drinking. First were the jager bombs, which were followed by half a bottle of wine each. By the time Dave got there, we were already tipsy.

Each of us uncorked a new bottle of wine and downed a third jager bomb before heading out to the car. We sat in the back together and giggle while Dave drove us across town to the frat house. He didn’t seem thrilled, but hey, we were chicks, and they seemed to be in short supply at the parties.

We arrived to a dilapidated house with a HUGE porch, which of course was filled with rowdy, drunk guys playing beer pong and hitting on sorority girls. Mandy and I headed up the stairs to the porch, and Dave disappeared back to wherever he had been when we called. Mandy and I made our way into the house and sat down at their makeshift bar and started drinking our wine. When we decided we were thoroughly drunk enough, we filled our cups and ventured back Uşak Escort out to the party.

It wasn’t long before we were each chatting up a frat guy, but I was still bored. I ran my fingers down my chest and looked straight at the guy I was talking to and asked…

“Hey, do you think my tits are too big?”

I giggled as he stared at my chest and came close to rub his fingers across the top of my breasts. “I don’t know, I’d have to see them to tell you.”

I pulled my shirt down, revealing a lacy pink bra. “Is this better?”

He licked his lips… “Better, but I’m still not sure.”

“Okay, well, your loss.” I winked at him and walked away, my heart pounding in my chest. What was I doing!? I hadn’t even so much as looked at another guy since James and I had started going out, almost four years ago. I walked back towards Mandy who seemed to be getting a stern talking-to from Dave.

“Mandy, is everything okay, sweetie?” She was crying.

I gave Dave a nasty look, and grabbed Mandy’s arm, guiding her away from him.

“It’s okay. It’s my fault,” she said. “I shouldn’t have gotten this drunk. Now Dave started drinking and he’s angry, and he can’t drive us home.”

I sighed.

“It’s NOT your fault. Come on, let’s find a ride home.”

Mandy shrugged my hand off her arm.

“No, Chloe. Go have fun. I’ll be fine.”

By this time we had polished off our wine, and I was pretty drunk. And who was I to argue with Mandy if she said she was going to be fine? I turned and walked outside to try to get a drink off another guy.

I walked around and finally found a guy who would give me a beer. I don’t even like beer, but hey, I wanted something more to drink.

“Thanks so much for the drink! I’m Katie. Can I give you a kiss as a thank you?”

I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his.

Do you think my tits are too big?” I asked him.

“I’m Jim. And no, I think they’re nice, but I’d have to see them to get the whole story,” he told me.

I giggled. “Don’t try to take advantage of me just because I’m drunk. I’m not an easy sorority girl, you know. I’m just having a bad week – I got in a fight with my boyfriend.”

He smiled and we kept chatting for a while.

“What’s your major?”

“History,” he replied. “Yours?”


“Ohhhhhhhh you must be smart,” he laughed.

“Well, I could kick your ass at chemistry, but I don’t know shit about history. Here, ask me a question about history. Anything.”

“Ummmm… what year was Taft elected?”

“1907? Am I close?”

He smiled. “Yeah, 1912. Now ask me a question about chemistry.”

“Okay, Uşak Escort Bayan how about an easy one? How many bonds does Carbon normally make?”

“No idea.”

“Four.” I stepped closer and ran my finger down his chest. “See you taught me something about history, and I taught you something about Chemistry, cool, huh? I’d love to learn more about history, though.”

“I could show you my books,” he replied. “They’re just in my room.”

“Sure,” I breathed… “Just let me go tell Mandy.”

I walked away from him slowly. I headed back into the frat house, in search of Mandy and Dave, but they were nowhere to be found. I asked a couple of the brothers and they told me Dave had left for the night and Mandy went for a walk.


I walked back outside and found Jim, right where I had left him.

“Okay. Well, I’m fucked. Dave went home, and Mandy is gone, and I’m too drunk to drive home. Plus my keys are in Mandy’s car. Do you think you could give me a ride home?”

“I’m too drunk to drive too. You can crash here if you want. Sleep in my room – I’ll make sure no one bothers you. I’ll take you home in the morning.”

I hesitated. “Sure, I guess that will be okay. So you wanna show me your room?” Jim took my hand and led me up the stairs to the house and down the hall to his bedroom. I sat down on his bed.

“Fuck, I’m tired. Sorry to be a total dork, but I’m exhausted. Mind if I get to sleep?”

“Not at all,” he told me. “In fact, I think I might, too.”

Jim slipped off his pants and shirt and climbed into bed next to me. He ran his fingers across my chest and slipped his hands into my shirt.


I shifted my weight and let him slide my shirt off and the slip my bra straps down, revealing my breasts to him. He flicked my nipples with his fingers and I moaned quietly.

“Your tits…” he said, as he took one of my nipples into his mouth, “are perfect. They are not too big.”

I smiled and arched my back, pressing my chest against him, as he expertly teased my nipples with his mouth and fingers. I began pressing my body harder against him, and could feel the hardness of his cock against my pelvis.

I moaned, feeling an orgasm approaching, and pressed harder against his face.

“Fuckkkkk that feels good. Yessssssss…” I groaned as he continued to suck and tease me. “I’m going to cum.”

My body shuddered, and I felt myself cumming. I moaned and rubbed myself against him, my hands in his hair, pulling his face to my tits. I lay there for a moment, quivering with pleasure until Jim pulled away from me.

I ran my Escort Uşak hands down his bare chest. “That felt wonderful. But what’s the equivalent of that for you?” I asked him.

“I’m kind of afraid to ask…” he said.

“It’s okay,” I said.

“I really like… BJ’s.” he told me.

And with that, my hand traveled down his chest to his boxers and rubbed his hard cock through the material. I reached my hand past the elastic and slipped his cock out, rubbing my hand up and down it for a few strokes as I shimmied down the bed to knee in front of him. He wasn’t huge – about 7 inches, but still impressive.

I teasingly licked the tip of his cock and then took just the head into my mouth. I ran my tongue around it and felt him gently pushing his hips upward, urging me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I obliged and expertly sucked his cock into my mouth and began bobbing my head up and down.

I alternated my rhythm, listening to his moans, trying to gauge what he liked, and finally, I seemed to be driving him wild with my mouth. I reached a hand up and fondled his balls as I sucked him, and his hand came down and grabbed my hair.

“Look up at me, baby,” he said.

I turned my eyes towards his and relaxed my throat and deep-throated his cock, gagging slightly, but pressing my head as far down as I could. He groaned and tugged at my hair, face-fucking me. He rammed his cock against the back of my throat, over and over, and I took as much of it as I could, until finally he pulled my head back, and I left a string of sticky saliva between my mouth and his cock.

As I looked up at him, he pressed my head back down on his cock, and used my hair to guide the rhythm he wanted. I sucked and licked and enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth, the feeling of being used by him.

Jim thrust his cock far down my throat and announced to me that he was going to cum. I nodded, and he spurt his cream into my mouth, pulse after pulse, and then pulled out. I crawled back up the bed and opened his mouth to show him and I had taken it all, and then swallowed every drop of it.

I fell asleep next to him, topless, my tummy full of alcohol and cum, and slept until about 8 the next morning. I woke up and he was sitting up in bed next to me, admiring my tits, gently rolling one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I leaned down and kissed me gently.

“Shall I take you home? Mandy dropped your keys off.”

“Sure,” I smiled, and slipped my shirt back on.

Jim took me home, and I didn’t even leave my number. That was the last time I saw him, and I still think it was a fun, sexy night. I felt guilty at first, for ‘cheating’ on James, but hey, now I chalk it up to experience.


[I’m a full-time student, but will write when I have time. Comments? Suggestions? Please share! I’m open to new ideas. And if you’re interested, I do have a pic in my writer’s profile.]

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