My First Gay Bar Experience Pt. 04

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This story is from the imagination of the writer. All characters are over 18. Enjoy.

Please read My First Gay Bar Experience parts 1 to 3 if you have not already.

Some weeks have passed since my pal asked me to move in with him. The condo we live in is a pretty good sized one. My first night there, he laid out his rules:

“Cock slut, since you live in my home you will abide by my rules. First, in my home I wear clothing and you don’t. Except for the thongs and g strings you own, that is your attire. You will also go bare foot. Second, you will make sure my home is clean and tidy. Third, even though I may be strict with my rules and discipline you, I am still your pal and we have our relationship.”

“I will obey your rules.”

That was five weeks ago and it is going very well. My pal makes enough to support both him and me but I kept my job and lessened my hours from forty per week to twenty. It was boring at first but I keep busy by exercising in the condo’s fitness room every day, running errands and keeping his condo nice and tidy.

Friday nights are when pal likes to surprise me. He decided to take me to the gay bar we met at; it had been months since we were both there. He dressed up, while I wore very little; a red tank top, shorts so short that one quarter of my ass cheeks could be seen and black low top sneakers. The men he introduced me to all congratulated him on his great “find.” I felt like a cheap slut and loved it.

One man, who he has known for eight years, took a liking to me.

“So, I see you have a nice man on your arm. How did you meet him?”

“Actually, it was at this bar.” He said this with a smile while rubbing my tight ass cheeks.

“It was Halloween, I never saw him before and I wanted him. He ended up at my place and showed his true nature by sucking my cock, like a good slut, then swallowing all my cum. I call him my ‘cock slut’.”

“Is that right? I like that. Perhaps he can pleasure me with those beautiful lips and body.”

“I do not know. What do you think? Shall I let this man partake of your beautiful body and lips? You may speak freely.”

This guy had a nice disposition. He was twenty years older than I was to my being twenty five. Standing istanbul travesti at six three, and at least two forty, he was a combo of fat and muscle- which looked good to me. His body type matched my five seven one forty, quite well. Humorously so, I felt.

My pal had alluded to, at times, “sharing” me with other guys but only if he knew them and I agreed.

“Oh, yes. I would love to.”

Pal continued feeling my ass cheeks as he spoke.

“Good. You are going to enjoy this. Come to my place tomorrow, say around nine at night.”

His friend looked at me with gleaming lust. “I definitely will.”

It was one thirty in the morning when we got home. He told me to strip.

“Kneel before me. You will make sure you pleasure my friend or else the new two foot leather whip I bought the other day, will get aquainted with your supple ass cheeks.”

I swallowed then nodded my head.

“Good. Suck me off.”

As he lowered his boxers, I licked my lips; I love the taste and smell of his cock. My hands wrapped around his seven incher. Mmm, licking the tip with its pre cum. Then slowly lowering myself onto his cock. As I began to fellatio, he took the back of my head into his hands.

“That’s it, cock slut.”

While bobbing my head up and down his seven inch shaft, I felt him getting closer.

“Fuck. Take what I shoot down your throat.”

His cock began shooting one load. Then two. Then three. Then. surprisingly, a fourth. There was so much of his cum to swallow. So I slowly drank it down while he continued to rub his still erect cock.

Just as I finished, pal took hold of my chin “I took a boner pill tonight. So get ready for more of what I know you desire.”

He stroked his cock faster. His moans almost become a low roar as he began to shoot his jizz towards my face.

“Look at me while I paint your face.”

His cock releases three streams of cum; it was so warm. My right hand continued stroking his cock- trying to squeeze out more jizz. I took some cum, that landed on my cheeks, and licked it off my hand.

“Mmmm, your jizz is so delicious. I’m so addicted.”

He laughed. “Your such a lewd cock slut.”

The next day, I wanted to look my best for pal’s friend istanbul travestileri who would be arriving later that night. So I got my hair trimmed; I keep it a high and tight style. For only my third time ever, I got a manicure.

I received a text from pal as I was leaving the shop:

My friend will be at my place at ten tonight.

After a lite dinner, I took a quick shower. While I toweled off, pal gave me my “clothing” for the night- a red g string and a new black leather collar. I was ready.

The sound of a persons hand knocking on the door could be heard at exactly ten pm sharp.

I was kneeling before my pal, licking the top of his cock’s head with my moist tongue, when he said

“Go! Answer the door.”

Slowly, I opened the door.

“Well. Well. I like a man who is practically naked, answering the door. That g string hardly hides your cock and balls.”

Walking slowly past me, I felt his left hand caress my left ass cheek.

“So tight and smooth.”

Looking at pal, he said “Do you make him shave his body hair?”

As my pal stood up, he hoisted up his yellow boxers “No. He is naturally hairless.”

“Very nice. I shall enjoy this sluts body.”

Pal addressed me “Cock slut take my friend into our special guest room.”

What is special about it you ask? Well, along with a queen sized bed, with wrist and ankle restrants. There two whips; one that my pal made from a discarded truck tire, the other is six foot long. There is also a flogger. These items hang just above the beds headboard.

There are two recessed lights in the ceiling. One has a soft white buld. The other has a forty watt red buld; the contrast is odd at first but you get used to it.

I led him over to the bed and closed the door.

“What’s your pleasure?”

Litely slapping my right cheek he said firmly “Listen up cock slut! When your with me, you will address me as master. And I will call you cock slave. Is that clear!”

While looking down, I said in a low, submissive voice, “Yes, master. It is clear master.”

“Good. I want both your hands up against the wall over there.” He pointed to the right. “Spread your legs shoulder width apart and stick that smooth, supple travesti istanbul ass out.”

“Yes, master.”

I took slow, erotic steps over to where he pointed.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw him looking at pal’s collection of devices of discipline. He grabbed the home made whip.

“Listen to me you fucking cock slave, you make one murmur while I whip that soft ass, and I will make sure that your pal punishes you even harsher than I will.”

*Thwack* *Thwack *Thwack*

“That’s a good cock slave; you take punishment well. Has your pal done this frequently to you?”

“No, master.”

“What a shame.”

*Thwack* *Thwack*

“Had enough?”

The pain was bad, yet I knew I would answer in the affirmative. I did not want to show this man any fear. Yes, I am a submissive but can also show strength at the same time.

After four lite whips, he told me to stay where I was. Dropping the whip, he undressed and walked over. Gently rubbbing my ass, he kissed my neck and whispered in my ear.

“Now you will pleasure my large dick with that cock slave tongue and mouth.”

Grabbing a pillow he told me to kneel and feel his manhood; he was large- at least eight inches.

As my hands moved over his shaft, pre cum slid down from his slit.

“Mmm, your cock is so big, master. And your pre cum is delicious.”

Moaning, he replied “Take it all down your throat. A good cock slave like you will surely know how.”

It was a struggle deepthroating his cock but I did.

The noises of my mouth gagging on his dick along with my slurping from my spit, echoed off the walls.

“That’s it, cock slave. Gag on your master’s immense manhood.”

I keep sucking him for at least fifteen minutes before he gave me his delicious load.

“Fuck. Swallow it all, my cock slave.”

Grabbing the back of my head, he squirted all his jizz down my throat. As I swallowed, I played with his balls. I was sucking him into bliss.

As he came down from his orgasm high, he told me to look up.

“You are a good cock slave. Your pal taught you well.”

There was a knock on the door and pal entered.

“So how did my cock slut do?”

Still kneeling in front of his friend who’s erect cock was staring at me, I slowly began to move both my hands back and forth.

“That’s it. Keep doing that. Make me cum again.”

“Well, that answers my question.”

After the door closed, I wrapped my lips around his delicious cock for a second round.

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