My First Kiss

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It was a warm Sunday. I had been out with my friends to the beach. We were four of us – two guys and two girls. I was the eldest at 20 and the three of them were 18 years old. They were my weekend friends who would pick me up for a drive to the nearby beach that we would start at around 3 PM in the afternoon. We would reach the beach at 4 PM and be there until 6 PM. We would then drive back and each of us would get dropped.

This Sunday, I was in a mood to swim. However, I had not taken my trunk or swim suit. I anyway decided to take a chance and jumped into the water. My friends just stayed and watched while I jumped around the waves in full costume – jeans and shirt.

Soon, one of the girls joined me. The other guy and girl just stayed back at the beach and watched us, while we both played around in the waters. She was fully clothed in jeans and sweat shirt. It began to get dark and we came out of the water and tried to dry our clothes without removing them, thanks to the heavy wind. We then jumped into the car. I and my swimming partner were at the back seat.

The girl with me, was just my friend and not my girlfriend. However, today she was in a different mood. She said she was tired and rested her head on my lap. She has long hair, that was dry now and I caressed her hair. I then caressed her arms, running my soft finger nails gently on her arms, up and down and up and down. My other hand was on her hair, gently brushing them back. I could feel her twitch and she had one of her arms around my legs, while her head was still on my lap. I realized that my finger movements on her arms and hair had sort of excited her. She gave me a look from the corner of her eyes and they were closing as though she was in some sort of hysteria. She began biting her lips, while her free arm began to tighten around my thighs.

My cock began to straighten out and the hardness was clear for her to feel. She raised her head slowly and smiled at me. She again rested her head on my lap and this time, her other arm slowly freed my thigh and came up to my hardness below my jeans. She slowly touched it and withdrew. My finger movements began to speed up and her fingers touched my male hardness below my jeans. She slowly rubbed it for a few minutes.

Just then, the car stopped and I realized that I was home. I jumped out after about 5 minutes of chit chatting and good byes, making sure that my hardness had gone back to normal and nothing was visible. She smiled once again, touched my arm and said goodbye. That’s the first time in two years that I realized we had a different kind of feeling for each other.

Next day, I was back from work early and was at home, watching television. She called me and said that she was on her way back from office and wanted to meet me over dinner. She said she was carrying dinner and that she would be home in about thirty minutes. I was not quite sure what this was all about and the bell did not ring in my mind at all. I was my usual self, when she walked in.

She took the food out of the boxes and onto plates and brought them over to the living room. I said, I was not hungry yet, so she set the plates back in the kitchen and came and sat next to me on the sofa. We spoke about office and how our day had been. I, for no reason, took her arm and began gently rubbing my finger nails over her arm, up and down along the length of her arm. We continued to speak and she inched closer to me.

For once, I thought, she moaned, as she closed her eyes and laid her head on my right shoulder. Suddenly, like lightning, she moved on to my lap and kissed me on my lips. It was a long kiss of about two minutes in which I was so caught by surprise that I was taken aback. I pulled her back after sometime and asked her –

“Why did you do this?”

She said – “I don’t know. I felt something inside me while you moved your fingers on my arm and I just reacted by kissing you.”

“Wow!” is all I could say, while I kissed her back and this time it was a much wetter and longer kiss.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Her lips were full. I pulled her hair back and held them with both my hands while I began biting her upper lips and then her lower lips, softly. I then pushed my tongue into her mouth again and this Pendik Escort time, her lips parted fully and her mouth opened. She responded back with her tongue into my mouth. We hugged each other hard, while we continued to do this wet kiss for about five minutes.

I then released her, made her get off me, got up and pulled her to my bedroom. The room was dark, except for some stray light from my neighbour’s window and some from the hall where we came from.

I had the bed on the floor. I pulled the curtains shut. I then kissed her again and she responded fully to my tongue movement inside her mouth. I felt a strange heat in my body, not sure if it was inside me or outside, She was holding me tightly and not letting me move. I could hold myself no longer and I moved my hands under her sweat shirt. I pulled them off in one go and she stepped back, surprised.

“Why did you do that?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, just relax.”

“Are you sure what you are doing?” she asked.

I said, “Yes.”

“Have you done this before?” she asked again.

I said, “No,” which was the truth.

I then kissed her again and slowly brought my lips out of her mouth to her neck. She tightened her grip on my hair and then around my neck, as she pulled me closer to her. She raised her one leg onto my right thigh and around my back. Her other leg was a support on the floor. I continued to kiss her leg, while her moaning slowly increased. I was getting excited by her response and her moaning. My kisses became wetter and harder as I slowly bit her on her neck. I felt her shiver as she dug her finger nails in my neck. She was getting more and more excited and so was I. I moved my kiss a little lower and could feel her heart beat loud and clear. I moved my hands from her buttocks to her bra strap, which I very easily removed.

She gasped, “Are you sure?”

I gave her a reassuring look and told her that this was something very normal between a guy and a girl. She smiled and clung on to me again, while I removed her bra. She was confused and at the same time, shy. She hid her breasts with her arms and turned her back on me, against the wall. I held her from behind and kissed the nape of her neck.

She moaned again and this time, leaned onto my chest. Her arms moved away from her breasts. I slowly ran my finger from down her stomach up to her breasts, which were actually not very small. The reason I say this is because, she was skinny and tall with long hair and her breasts were actually never evident. I thought she was pretty flat chested. So, I was actually surprised to feel her not so small breasts. I ran my fingers over her nipples, while she had her hands on mine.

My tongue continued hunting from behind her neck to her ear lobe. I gently breathed into her ears and she gave small laugh. I then continued to run my finger around her breasts and touched her nipples that were hard. Being almost dark, I could not see her breasts, but my imagination was running wild.

I then gently bit her ear lobe and she gave out a short scream. She turned around and clung on to me tightly, with both her arms around my neck. She began to pull me down on to the bed.

I laid her down gently and pulled out her jeans. Along with her jeans, out came her panties as well. Through the stray of light in the room, I could see her body as she lay looking me, shy and yet, excited! I studied her thin body, her long legs and her firm breasts and dark nipples. I tried to part her legs to have a look at the gorgeous sight that I had only visualized in my dreams when I was alone. She tightened her legs and did not allow them to part, while she giggled and pulled me closer to her. I kissed her in her mouth and we had a long and hot kiss, our saliva melting in each other’s mouths. I could feel her body heat as much as mine. She pulled out my sweat shirt in one go and again pulled me closer to her.

I lay down by her, resting on one arm, while my hand slowly circled her breasts and then moved in circles around her nipples. She kissed me hard and I kissed her back, biting her lower lips. She pulled back in pain, but smiled.

“Naughty” she said.

I continued to kiss her face and then her neck, as my hands continued Kurtköy Escort to play around her breasts and her hard nipples. Her moaning increased and she gasped for a second. I was not sure why she did this, but my fingers continued to play around her breasts and lips around her neck. I bit her chin and then her neck, on the left side and then on the right side. She held me hard. Our bodies were sweating and was hot. I could feel her finer nails dig into my neck and then down to my back, as her hand went down to my male hardness. I moved my hands down to her thighs and slowly parted her legs. She resisted, but I was stronger and so came out a winner.

She finally allowed my fingers to touch her soft part between her legs, while she help me tightly. I kissed her breasts and bit her nipples. She again gave out a short squeal and tightened her arms around my neck. My hands spread her leg wider and fingers gently played on the hair between her legs. I gently parted her soft vagina lips. She was wet. I could feel the arm juice on my fingers. She moaned loudly as I began running my fingers up and down her vagina. She was all wet and she kissed me hard. I kissed her back. I then slowly inserted my left forefinger into her vagina mouth and she gave out a loud moan. She help me even more tightly and my finger found its way into the vagina walls. I rubbed her soft inside walls of her wet vagina, moving my finger deeper. I then withdrew my finger in one go and she again let out a gasp. I then inserted my middle finger of my left hand. This time, I moved a little deeper and faster. I then began moving my finger in and out. Each time, my finger went in, I went a little deeper, until I could feel something hard at the end of her vagina. I circled my finger around it and she began moaning loudly, asking me to stop.

She said – “I have a strange feeling,” in a very soft husky voice, as she leaned her head back and I could feel a gush of liquid on my finger inside her vagina.

The hot liquid was streaming out as she bent her head further back and I began moving my finger harder into her.

She let out a loud sound, raised herself and clung on to me hard, her finger nails almost ripping my skin off my back, while she bit me on my neck first and then on my lower lips.

She quickly got up and moved over me. She pulled out my pants and my underwear.

My hard cock was in her arm and she exclaimed – “This is so big. Is this how it is with all men? How can such a big thing go into a tiny hole here?” she said, as she pointed to her vagina.

She didn’t know what to do next and so I pulled her down and made her lie on her back again. I kissed from her neck, down to her breasts and nipples and moved down to her legs. She spread her legs without thinking or resistance. I moved my lips down to her hairy vagina and bit her gently on her clitoris. She screamed loud and pulled my head away, while she laughed. She then pulled my head back to her vagina and this time, I parted her vagina lips with my mouth and toughed her wet inside with my tongue.

I spread her legs wide and parted her vagina lips with my fingers. I then kissed her vagina and began moving my tongue up and down her vagina. She pulled my head hard and closer while she shivered and she soon oozed out her wet hot juice from her vagina. I got a taste of her vaginal juice. I then moved up and quickly kissed her in her mouth, while she help me tightly, with her fingers digging onto my back.

She crossed her legs on my back and said – “Come inside me.”

I was very excited with her moaning, shivering and her wet pussy. I had never expected such a response from her and slowly tried pushing my hard cock into her vagina.

She gave out a shout, as she said – “Not so hard, it’s paining. Be gentle.”

I tried again, as she spread her legs wide and held her vagina lips wide open with her fingers. I tried to push my way in, but she felt more pain and my cock had hardly gone a few centimetres inside. I pulled out and watched her, as we both breathed heavily from our last 40 minutes of love initiating session. She was sweating and my sweat was dripping onto her body.

She looked at me longingly and said’ “Why can’t we do it? Why is it so difficult?” Ümraniye Escort

I looked back at her, equally frustrated and not having an answer. My only thought was that having reached so far I cannot give up. The heat inside me was pushing me to go with one thrust, but my heart did not want me to give her pain.

I lay down beside her. Our excitement was turning to desperation, as both of us faced each other, not knowing how to break this ultimate barrier.

I knew I could not stop and also I could not let her excitement or mine, die down. I kissed her slowly and my fingers were again between her legs and into her vagina. In no time, while I kissed her neck and down to her breasts and nipples, my fingers went deeper into her and again found the hard spot inside her that as suddenly filled with hot liquid again. My hardness retuned and we were both excited and we both wanted each other so badly. She began biting my shoulder and my neck, while her finger nails tore my skin at my back.

I suddenly had an idea. In this excited state, I ran to the bathroom and took some oil and rubbed them on my penis. I took the bottle back with me to the room and spread her legs. I applied some oil near her vagina mouth.

“What? What are you doing?” she asked, as I gently put my penis back to her vagina mouth and pushed into her.

I moved over her and held her tightly in my arms, around her neck, as she gripped me. I gently pushed my cock into her vagina mouth, deeper and deeper, very slowly. Her breathing became heavier, as she tightened her legs around my back. Suddenly, the head of my penis was inside her and she screamed. I was afraid, I might have hurt her.

She closed her eyes and said, “Push, come into me. Ooooooh! Yes! You are in me. Yes!” and she kissed me hard in my mouth.

I could feel my hardness right in her as my penis moved slowly into her depth. Finally it stopped and she spread wider to allow it to move further in.

Once I was sure my penis is all inside her vagina, I sat up on my arms and looked at her. There was a triumphant feeling on her face and I must say, it was mutual. I slowly began moving my penis out and in, very slowly. She began moaning, as she closed her eyes and turned her face to the right.

I kissed her on her ear lobe and down on her neck, as she held me tight and said, “Harder.”

I began moving my penis faster and each time I felt I was deeper inside her. What a feeling, man! I felt light, as though I was being lifted in the air and the heat inside me slowly began to raise up further. I began pounding into her, faster and faster, as her legs bounced on my back and her fingers dug deep onto my back. Her eyes were closed and there was a smile on her lips as she slowly tilted her head back. I knew we were reaching a point, a moment that we would want to remember forever. I lay down on her and kissed her neck and face, while my pounding into her was reaching its crescendo. Her wetness was so hot and so juicy that my cock was being pulled into her deeper and deeper.

We were one now, our bodies and mind and I guess the feeling was mutual, as her moaning and screaming became louder and she began kicking my back with her legs wrapped around me, while she said, “Yeesss! Hardereeee. I am thereeee. Yeessss. Am coming in you. Oooohhhhh!!”

She dug her teeth on my neck and I bit onto her neck as I could feel a gush inside me.

And then I stopped and pulled out of her, while the juice from inside me spread over her vagina and stomach.

She just pulled me hard and held on to me and sad – “I love you! Sweet-heart. Don’t let me go. Hold onto me. Oh darling! This is heaven! Oh my! Oh my! Ooooohhh! It feels so nice inside me and outside me! Oh God! Oh Gog! This is so nice! Please hold me tight, sweet heart. Kiss me! Bite me! Kiss me!”

I responded back to her requests by biting her face and then her lower lips and her upper lips and then her neck and then lifted her and embraced her hard, as we slowly melted into each other.

We sat like that for some time and then slowly kissed each other.

She lay down again and said, “Please lie next to me, sweet heart and hold me. Caress me and kiss me.”

I did that and we continued caressing each other for some time.

That was my first sex experience ever and man, I must say, it was something. It’s been 14 years now, but I still remember every moment of it, as I gently ran my fingers on her hair and she slowly dozed off. This will be in my memory till the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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