My First Master

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In my mid 20s I learned to embrace the fact that I am a slut. I mostly did this by taking control over my situation and enjoying myself. Up to that point I had stumbled around and had whatever sexual experiences had come my way but at this stage I started to actively pursue the things I was keen to experience.

The biggest one of these was Domination. I had enjoyed being sexually submissive for a long time but I soon learned that most guys arent actually all that dominant. Most people aren’t that binary in their outlook. The next big lesson I learned was that most men who said they were Dominant, weren’t actually when push came to shove (or slap came to tickle as the case may be).

I yearned to experience real Domination. That said I was still nervous and scared. Many of the guys I encountered were weird or dangerous, so it took a lot longer to find the right person than I had initially hoped. I wasn’t (and still ain’t) into the “lifestyle” or the “scene” so I’ve never looked too hard in that direction.

I started spending time on Collarme. It was on there that I met C. He was in his mid 40’s, divorced and most definitely Dominant. He knew when to push me, when to pull back, when to tease, when to yell. He crawled into my brain and took up residence there.

We spent a couple of weeks chatting online. Then he gave me his number. Eventually I texted him. Soon we were texting a couple of times a day. Then we started chatting on the phone. After about a month I asked if we could meet. He took me for coffee. We chatted for about an hour, then we our separate ways. He led me down the garden path but I had to constantly choose to open the gate.

We had discussed a lot of different things over the weeks and we both had a pretty good idea what turned each other on. Then the big day finally arrived. I was to spend the day and the night with C at his house. He was going to train me to be his slave.

The day before C emailed me a long and detailed questionnaire that I was to complete, print out and bring with me. Other than that I was not to bring anything else specific. Here is a copy of the questionnaire:

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Country: Wales

Height: 5’4″

Bra size (females): 32a

are you a virgin? No

if not when did you loose your virginity? 12

sexual preference? Straight but curious

Shaving: (do you shave any of the following, and if in a style what style)

legs: Yes

arms: armpits

back: No

chest: No

pubes: yes, bald


How often do you masturbate: Daily

where do you normally masturbate: In my room, in front of the computer

do you use any objects: Sometimes

how long does it normaly take you to climax: It varies, but usually about 5-10 minutes

can you climax more than once in a single session: Yes

have you ever masturbated with someone else watching in real life:Yes

have you ever masturbated with someone else watching on webcam:Yes

Sex Toys:

do you own any sex toys: Yes

what are they: Dildo, vibrator, handcuffs, ropes, flogger

which is your favourite: vib

at what age did you get your first toy: 18


have you ever tried a anal dare: Yes

do you like anal insertion: yes

what have objects have you used: Dildo, vibe, pens, candle

have you ever had anal sex: Yes


have you ever flashed anyone in real life: Yes

have you ever flashed anyone online: Yes

have you ever been flashed in real life: Yes

have you ever been flashed online: Yes

do you enjoy flashing and why: Yes in the right circumstances but it’s not something I’ve done a lot


do you consider yourself a exhibitionist: a little bit.

what is your most public dare you have done: went for a naked drive with my boyfriend. There were a lot of red lights!!

where is the most public place you have been naked on a dare or bet: see above

what is the longest time you have been naked: does sleeping count? a day

have you ever been streaking: yes

if so where: on my way to the beach to go skinny dipping

have you ever been skinny dipping: Yes

if so where: see above


do you have any fetishes: Yes

what are they: Spanking, being naked outside, different types of pain (pulling, slapping, etc), bondage, submission

favourite experience of a fetish: naked car trip.

worst experience of a fetish: lots of meh ones but no really bad ones so far

Slave & Master:

Are you a slave or a master or both: Slave

are you a sub or a dom: sub

do you have a slave: no

do you have a master: not yet

what is your favourite part of being a slave: I like giving up control to another person, the suspense about what will happen next.

what is your favourite part of being a master:

what is the most embarrassing thing you have had to do as a slave:Fill this thing out!

what is the most embarrassing thing you have had a slave do for you:


do Tipobet you have any limits for dares: Piss, shit, blood, needles, permanent marks

why are these your limits: Not excited by any of those things

have you had any bad experiences because of breaking these limits:No.

Below are listed several D/s activities. Please rate each of these from 1 to 6:

1 = YES!!

2 = Mmmm, I like this

3 = Doesn’t excite me, but I’ll do it for you

4 = Absolutely not!!

5 = Intriguing, but scary

6 = Embarrassed to admit I want this

1 _____ Spanking, by Hand 169 _____ Hot Wax 5

2 _____ Leather Paddle 570 _____ Fire and Ice 3

3 _____ Wooden Paddle 571 _____ Needles 4

4 _____ Belt or Strap 572 _____ Cutting 4

5 _____ Switch 373 _____ Abrasions 4

6 _____ Deerskin Cat o’ Nine 374 _____ Electric Torture 3

7 _____ Leather Cat o’ Nine 375 _____ Digital Sex 3

8 _____ Braided Cat o’ Nine 376 _____ Directed Masturbation 6

9 _____ Knotted Whip 377 _____ Vaginal Sex 1

10 _____ Rubber Whip 578 _____ Oral Sex 1

11 _____ Single Lash 579 _____ Vibrators/Dildoes 2

12 _____ Cane 580 _____ Strap-ons 6

13 _____ Fiberglass/Plastic Rod 581 _____ Anal Sex 6

14 _____ Riding Crop 682 _____ Anal Plugs 6

15 _____ Furlined Paddle 283 _____ Multiple Penetrations 6

16 _____ Mental Bondage 284 _____ Anilingus 6

17 _____ Silk Scarves 385 _____ Vaginal fisting 4

18 _____ Nylon Rope 386 _____ Anal Fisting 4

19 _____ Cotton Rope 387 _____ Fantasy Rape 6

20 _____ Chains 388 _____ Directed Bisexuality 6

21 _____ Leather Bonds 189 _____ Threesomes 1

22 _____ Spandex Bonds 190 _____ Groups 1

23 _____ Plastic Wrap 391 _____ Foot Kissing 4

24 _____ Body Bags 492 _____ Kneeling 2

25 _____ Steel Shackles 393 _____ Crawling 6

26 _____ Arm Sleeves 294 _____ Lead on Leash 6

27 _____ Straight Jackets 395 _____ Dirty Words 1

28 _____ Breast Bondage 696 _____ Verbal Abuse 1

29 _____ Genital Bondage 697 _____ Public Embarrassment 6

30 _____ Gags 698 _____ Face Slapping 6

31 _____ Leather Cuffs 199 _____ Cross Dressing

32 _____ Infibulation100 _____ Secret Sex in Public 1

33 _____ Spreader Bars 1101 _____ Public Display 5

34 _____ Ceiling/Wall Hooks 1102 _____ Public Sex 5

35 _____ Cages 3103 _____ Public Whipping 5

36 _____ Slings/Swings 1104 _____ Infantilism 4

37 _____ Stocks 1105 _____ Golden Showers 4

38 _____ Crosses 1106 _____ Enemas 3

39 _____ Pillory107 _____ Innocent Dress 1

40 _____ Suspension, on Toes 2108 _____ Slutty Dress 1

41 _____ Suspension, Full 1109 _____ Prim and Proper 1

42 _____ Outdoor Setting 2110 _____ Ultra-Feminine 1

43 _____ Indoor Setting 1111 _____ French Maid 1

44 _____ Public Setting 6112 _____ Child/Baby Roles 3

45 _____ Semi-public Setting 2113 _____ Slave 1

46 _____ Private Setting 1114 _____ Macho

47 _____ 1 to 3 Hours 1115 _____ Biker 3

48 _____ 3 to 6 Hours 1116 _____ Leathers 3

49 _____ Overnight Duration 1117 _____ Spandex 3

50 _____ Blindfolds 1118 _____ Rubber/Latex 6

51 _____ Hoods 2119 _____ Masks/Hoods 3

52 _____ Headphones/Earplugs 3120 _____ Costumes 1

53 _____ Tickling 4121 _____ Lingerie 1

54 _____ Feathers/Fur 4122 _____ Garters/Stockings 1

55 _____ Sexual Teasing 3123 _____ Corsets/Cinches 1

56 _____ Sexual Denial 4124 _____ Boots 1

57 _____ Chastity Belt 4125 _____ High Heels 1

58 _____ Pinching 4 126 _____ Tattooing 4

59 _____ Hair Pulling 1127 _____ Body Piercing 4

60 _____ Nipple Clamps/Clips 6128 _____ Branding 4

61 _____ Clothespins 2129 _____ Maid Service 3

62 _____ Genital Torture 6130 _____ Shaving

63 _____ Weights 3131 _____ Humiliation 6

64 _____ Cock Rings 1132 _____ Foot Worship 4

65 _____ Ball Stretchers 1133 _____ Exhibitionism 2

66 _____ Water Torture134 _____ Voyeurism 2

67 _____ Ice 135 _____ Hand/Ankle Cuffs 1

68 _____ Oils, Lotions, Spices 1

That lunchtime, I made my way to C’s house and knocked on his door. In my hand I had a copy of the questionnaire as directed. I was wearing jeans and a tank top with trainers as he had told me to dress casual and comfortable. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew I wouldn’t be leaving there for 24 hours (unless things went horribly wrong). I was so excited but so nervous I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking.

C answered the door. He was also dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. He was in good shape. About 6′, dark hair with a day or two’s stubble. He invited me in and shut the door behind me. “Relax”he said to me. “Tea?” I nodded and followed him down the hallway of his suburban semi to the kitchen.

“Take a seat”, he nodded to the kitchen table. “Milk? Sugar?” I stammered out my tea order. While the kettle boiled C busied himself with things. I looked around and took in the normality of my surroundings.

C Tipobet Giriş brought the teas over to the table and sat down next to me. “Did you bring the questionnaire?”. I nodded and handed it over. “You smoke right?” I nodded again. “Let’s have a fag and a cup of tea before anything else, alright”. I smiled and nodded. My nervousness must have been so obvious to him.

“At any point if you aren’t enjoying yourself, do you remember what to say?” he said to me as I lit up.

“Red’ I said ‘to stop everything. Orange if I need you to slow down or back off a little bit, but not stop. Green if I’m really enjoying something and I think your holding back for my sake.”

“Excellent. Your a quick learner”.

He studied my questionnaire as I finished my cigarette and tea. “Ok. As soon as you are ready. I want you to go into the living room next door. The curtains are open a little bit to let a bit of light in but the lights are off. Leave things that way. Take off all your clothes and fold them neatly in the corner. There is a blindfold on the coffee table. Put it on. Stand up straight, hands by your side, in the middle of the room. Do you understand?” He looked deep into my eyes. I nodded. “Can I use the toilet first?” “Yes, the toilet is the first door on the left in the hall. Go directly into the living room when you are finished”. I nodded.

I went into the toilet. I didn’t need to go, I just needed a minute to psyche myself up. I took a couple of deep breaths and looked at myself in the mirror. I reminded myself that I could leave whenever I wanted. That I asked for this. With one last deep breath I unlocked the door and went out.

I glanced back towards the kitchen to see what C was doing but the door had been shut behind me. I spotted the living room door and went towards it. I crept the door open, not knowing what to expect. The room was dimly lit. All the curtains had been pulled but the ones that lead out to what I assumed was the back garden had a small gap left in them. Just enough light so that I could make out the shapes of the furniture. A couch, an arm chair, a tv mounted on the wall, a glass coffee table with nothing on it except a little black fabric swatch that I took for my blindfold.

I moved into the middle of the room and started to undress. I started with my shoes and socks. i stuffed my socks into my shoes. Then I undid my belt and slid out of my jeans. I folded my jeans and placed them on top of my shoes. Next came my tank top. After I finished folding that I took a moment, standing in this middle aged man’s living room in my underwear to consider my situation. I quickly shook off that thought and took off my bra and then my panties. Placing everything together I placed the pile neatly next to the door. Then I picked up the blindfold.

It turned out it wasn’t fabric but leather. One of those blindfolds that has a curve under each eye and a gap for your nose, with an elasticated strap to go around your head. There was also a toggle on the strap so that it could be tightened so that it stayed in place. I found the place I thought I should stand. Pulled the blindfold onto the top of my head and then down over my eyes. I reached back and tightened the toggle so that it wouldn’t slip off. Then I put my hands down by my side and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally I heard movement from the kitchen. I tensed in anticipation.

Then I heard the unmistakable sound of someone walking upstairs. Shortly followed by the sound of a shower running. “What the fuck is going on”, I thought to myself. I started to notice how chilly the room was. I hadn’t noticed it being cold when I came in but now, stood here unmoving I could feel goosebumps starting to appear on my forearms and my nipples began to harden.

Soon I heard the shower stop. I tried to picture in my mind what C was doing. ‘Drying himself off. Would he be dressing himself or would he stay naked? Was he going to shave before he came down here? What kind of shower regime did he have?’

Then I heard the bathroom door close and C started to come down the stairs. I tensed in anticipation.

But then I heard the kitchen door go. ‘Oh my god! What is going on! Should I check that he remembered I was in here?’ I could hear him moving around but I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. ‘Is he preparing something for me? What kind of kinky thing might need so much preparation in the kitchen? Stuff with food?’ I was going out of my mind.

Then I heard him on the move again. He was at the living room door! I heard it open. Then close. There was a click of a light switch and the door closed. I stood a little straighter. I was so nervous. I had no idea what was coming next.

I could sense him move in front of me. He must have been 3 or 4 feet away. My breath was speeding up. I so desperately wanted to move. To make something happen.

He started to circle around me. He was obviously taking in every inch of my nakedness. I had never been comfortable naked. This was so hard. I wanted to cover up, to hide myself. I had this image Tipobet Güncel Giriş of him judging my body and finding it all wanting. My tits aren’t big enough, my ass not tight enough, my lips not plump enough…

“Spread your legs shoulder width apart”. I moved my feet to comply. “Put your hands behind your head”. I did as I was told.

He moved in closer to me. I could feel his presence. I could smell the soap on his skin. I could smell the ciggarette he’d had, on his breath. I was trembling.

“Here are the first set of rules.

You will do as you are told. If you don’t you will be punished.

You will refer to me as Sir. If you don’t you will be punished.

You will aim to please me at all times. If you don’t you will be punished.

In return, if you are good you will be rewarded. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir” I stammered.

“Good girl”. I felt him move. Then I felt a finger touch my lower lip.


I parted my lips and opened my mouth a little. He ran his finger around my lower and top lip completing the circle. Then he pushed my lower lip down towards my chin until it pinged back. Then I felt the tip of his finger on my tounge. I immediately closed my lips around it and started to suck.

He pulled his finger out of my mouth. “Uh uh uh. Who told you to close your mouth?”

“Eh…no one”

“Eh…no one, Sir!”

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir”.

“That’s two infractions already little girl. I’m feeling generous, so I’ll give you a choice. Tops or tails?”

“Tops or tails, Sir?” I asked quizzically.

“That’s three infractions now. Do not question me again! Now if you don’t choose, I’ll choose for you. Tops or tails, girlie?”

“Eh…tails Sir, I think. Is that the right answer?”

“Four infractions. You will speak when spoken to”.

I heard him move away from me. There was the noise of some things being moved. Possibly a box. Then he came back towards me. There was a sound of furniture being moved. I got the impression the coffee table was being moved out of the way. I felt him circle around me. He put his arms around my waist. I heard the sound of metal on metal, then I felt something being tightened around my waist, a belt maybe?

“Bend over and grab your ankles”.

I did as I was told. It was a surprisingly scary move to make with a blindfold on. I felt so exposed, so nervous.

“Each infraction will cost you 10 strokes. That’s 40 strokes. You will count out each stroke out loud. At the end you will thank me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”.

C positioned himself at my left side. I felt his hand on my ass check. Then his other hand grabbed hold of the belt around my waist. I felt it cinch around my stomach.

His hand gently rubbed my right cheek. Then WHACK!


“1, what?” he asked insistently while he rubbed my warming ass.

“1, Sir”. Then WHACK!

“2, Sir”. Then WHACK! The pattern repeated itself over and over. Each time he gently rubbed my ass before slapping it hard and I counted it out.

The first 10 strokes were all on my right cheek. The next 10 on the left. By the time he was 20 in both my ass cheeks were burning.

When he moved back to the right check for the second set I was breathing heavily. The blood had started to rush to my head.

WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK! (on my right cheek)

“21,22,23,24,25 Sir”.


“26,27,28,29,30 Sir”.

WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK! (on my right cheek)

“31,32,33,33,35 Sir”.


“36,37,38,39,40 Sir”.

He started to rub my cheeks again. “Good girl. You’ve done well. Stand up, put your hands back behind your head. Tell me how you feel?”

“Light headed Sir. And my ass is on fire.” I felt him step in front of me.

“Such a lovely little body” he said as I felt his hands on my stomach. His hands reached around and squeezed my ass. I gasped. “Mmmm and such a lovely ass, particularly now that it’s glowing red”.

He circled around behind me and cupped my breasts. “Its a shame these perky little titties are so small”. I blushed, embarrassed. “I would consider implants, if you want people to stop confusing you with a teenage boy”. My embarrassment deepened.

His right hand moved from my nipple up to my throat. He gently squeezed while he whispered in my ear “I’m going to abuse and destroy all your tiny little holes. I’m going to leave you gaping and dribbling. And then your going to beg me for more. Aren’t you my dirty little fuck slave?”

“Oh god yes Sir”. His other hand moved from my breast down past my belly button to cup my pussy.

“Jesus whore! You are soaking. How big a slut are you?”

“I’m a massive slut Sir”.

“Yes you are. Your MY slut.” He said as he slipped a finger inside me. I melted.

After 2 or 3 strokes inside my increasingly wet pussy he pulled his finger out. Next thing his finger was in my mouth.

“Suck it clean little whore”. I gulped it down, tasting my own juices. “Tell me what you want right now more than anything?”

“Your cock in my pussy Sir”.

“You’ve a lot to do before we get to that point. Put your hands down and behind your back” he said as he stepped away from me. I followed his instructions as I heard him rummaging in the box again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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