My First Sexual Experience Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

My first sexual experience: – Alone!

I had been in the working world for a couple of years now, doing a boring secretarial job. Summer holidays were here, and for once, I had managed to save up during the year, and was on my way to the coast for a holiday of a life time.

Finally the day arrived for my leave to begin. I boarded the plane, and headed for the coast. I was normally quite a modest dresser and today I was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans with a shaped t shirt. In my suitcase however and largely because I was going to the beach, I decided to pack my short skirts, low cut tops, my sexy underwear and my skimpy bikini. The plane landed on time, and my courier was there to take me to my B ‘n B accommodation 80km away. I arrived about an hour later to a fantastic venue. I could see the sea from my window, and it was just awesome. The B ‘n B owner and his wife were friendly and made me feel at home right away. He offered me something to drink, which I accepted, after which I was left alone to unpack in peace.

The weather was awesome, and I mentioned to the owner, Dave a few minutes after I finished unpacking that I wanted to go down to the beach. He told me that if I wait about 1 hour, he and his wife Angela were going out, and they would give me a lift to the beach. Although the beach was only about 800 m away and I could have walked there, I decided I would just relax for a while so I accepted his offer.

Dave was a lovely guy; I suppose he was in his mid to late thirties and was pretty good looking. It looked like he worked out at the gym, and judging by his skin colour, he spent some time on the beach as well. His wife, Angela, who I had only briefly met, seemed like a lovely person too. She was casually dressed in a tight fitting pair of shorts, and a spaghetti strap top under which I noticed she had no bra. She had a shapely but well filled figure. Her hair hung in a short pony tail, and seemed to have some tints in it, (or was that bleaching from being in the sun too much?)

As I waited for Dave and Angela’s promised lift to the beach, I decided I would get into my bikini. I removed my travelling clothes, and all my underwear. I happened to glance up at this point, and caught sight of my figure in the full length mirror. I paused and looked at myself. My hair was well kept, short, but nicely styled, and it was natural in colour, which was brunet. My face was round and full, but not fat, my green eyes looking back at me. I looked for wrinkle lines, but didn’t see any. My breasts hung nicely despite no support, and my nipples which were only slightly darker than the rest of my breast sat perfectly in the middle of them. My breasts were not too large, but not too small either. My size C bra fitted them perfectly.

My stomach and waist line were well proportioned, and seemed to fit the size of my breasts. I was fortunate that my stomach was flat and Bahçelievler escort my belly ring highlighted this. My vagina was neatly trimmed, with just a small 2.5 cm strip of hair protruding above my vagina. I could just make out the tip of my clit through my lips.

As I stood in front of the mirror, I turned to look at my back side. I had a well proportioned butt that flowed into my thighs and smooth shinny legs. I was happy with the way I looked. Although I was happy with my body, I suspected that many a guy found it good to look at, for I was always catching men’s eyes as they traveled over my body.

On a few occasions, some of these encounters had led to a date, and I had in the past gone out with one or two guys, but they had never led to anything. Not even to a simple kiss!

At this point, I noticed some movement by the window of my room, and turned to look out. To my embarrassment, but my suspicions confirmed, the gardener was standing there looking and admiring my body. I squealed, covering myself in the appropriate places and he disappeared. But somewhere deep down inside me, I felt good about someone seeing me naked, and there was a small twinge between my legs. I didn’t know what that meant at this stage, but it felt good.

I quickly got dressed into my Bikini. It was a white bikini, which I occasionally used when I wanted to get a sun tan, as it covered very little of my body. My breasts escaped from all directions when I put on the bra, and the panties although not a G string were very skimpy and were held in place by a tie on each side. As I put them on and tied the sides together I noticed that they hardly covered my vagina. Hiding it just enough to make you wonder what was behind them but at the same time, revealing enough that if you followed the lines of my body, you would know what was there. I had been told that men find that extremely sexy.

I put on a pair of tight denim bootleg shorts, and a really skimpy top from which my breasts tried to escape. I was ready for the beach

Dave called out that he was going, and as I climbed into the car with him and Angela I was aware of Dave’s eyes lingering ever so slightly on my body. Again for some reason, this excited me, and for a second time that day I felt that strange yet nice feeling between my legs. The trip to the beach was short, and I jumped out. Dave mentioned that they had a few things to do in town, and would come down to the beach when they were finished to catch some sun. He said if I was still around and found them before they left, he would give me a lift back.

The beach was rather full due to the fantastic weather, so I moved a fair distance from the crowd. I just wanted to relax, and didn’t want to be bothered by noise and kids balls that strayed my way. I found an isolated spot about 200 m from the nearest person on the far end of the beach. I stretched Bahçeşehir escort bayan out my towel, and lay down with my book. I must say, it was nice to feel the sun on my body. I stretched out on my tum, raising myself on my elbows and I read. As I lay there and read, I started thinking about the fact that I hate to see people with tan lines when they wear skimpy clothes, and here I was, doing just that. I quickly loosened my bikini top, thereby removing all possibility of getting tan lines on my back.

It felt good to be free in the sun. As I lay there reading, I was aware that my butt was going to have a large panty tan on it. I quickly looked around to make sure no one was near me or approaching me. On seeing that I was undisturbed, I loosened the two side ties of my panties, and flipped the bottom part off.

To all intensive purposes, I was lying naked on a public beach (something I had never done before). And this was a bit of an excitement to me. As I kept a watchful eye on people, I turned over, revealing my breasts and pussy to the world, but with no one around, I wasn’t too concerned. I lay there for ages, and it was great feeling the sun on my now pert nipples and the warmth of it on my clit. I opened my legs slightly to allow the sun to get into my slit. As I lay there, watching to make sure no one came close, I again felt that strange feeling between my legs.

I’m not sure if it was because I was naked, or because the gentle breeze was brushing my clit, or just the fact that the sun was shining on me, I do not know, but it felt really good down there. Never having felt this good down there before I was wondering what was going on. I lowered my hand to feel, I ran my finger through my slit, starting at the top by my clit and working down towards my butt hole. Wow I thought to my self that felt really great. I did it again, only this time, from the bottom up. As my finger traveled slowly up my slit, it felt even better than before, and seemed to glide up to my clit much easier. As I removed my finger, I realized it was slightly damp.

What was going on? I did it again, to an even nicer feeling, and again my finger was wetter than before. This was good, whatever was happening. And here began my first sexual experience, alone.

Before I knew it, the feeling between my legs had grown to such an extent, that I was fixated by the feeling and I almost got into a rhythm, with my finger rubbing my clit and my hips coming up to meet my finger every time I moved it down. I could now feel my wetness running through my slit, and onto my butt. This was really good, so I added a second finger, and continued. I was totally engrossed in what was happening to me down below, enjoying more and more the sensation coming from my pussy. I noticed my other hand had on its own moved from my side and was now on my one nipple and was rubbing my nipple between Escort Bakırköy finger and thumb; this too was a great feeling.

I felt my body begin to tense, and the speed at which I rubbed myself and the pressure I applied increased in proportion to the growing pleasure. Next thing I know was I let out a groan, my body tensed, my hips lifted, and my pussy seemed to pulsate, as my hand got really wet. I later found out that I was cumming. At the time I didn’t know what was happening, but it was such a great feeling that I wanted to do it again. I thought to my self, “Why haven’t I done this before?” I lay there, absolutely relaxed, my pussy still giving out the odd pulsation, and my hand soaked. Boy that was good.

I was brought back to reality when I heard a small noise in the distance. I was suddenly aware of my surroundings. I hadn’t been watching for people, and the small noise I heard had come from a group of five 18 or 19 year old teenage boys who had taken up standing about 3 m from me. Each of them had a hand inside their pants and I could see movement. I had no idea how long they had been standing there, but judging by the pleasure the boys were having, they had watched me cum. I blushed and shouted at them to get away but they just stood there. I grabbed my towel and covered myself up, and chased the boys away, there hands still inside there pants. I vowed never to do that again in public, but the feeling and excitement it generated was so great, I wanted to feel myself again.

A few hours had passed by and it was getting late. I got dressed into my bikini, feeling slightly sticky between my legs, and put on my shorts and top. I picked up my towel and went to see if Dave and Angela were still on the beach.

I found them packing up. My timing was great. We travelled back in the car together, and they told me about a festival that was taking place in the town tonight, and wanted to know if I would like to go with.

I agreed. When I got home, I went into my room, and undressed. I lay in front of the mirror and spread my legs wide to see inside my slit. I noticed it was sticky and had a slight sheen on the inside.

Not knowing what had happened, I wanted to watch my self do what those teenage boys had seen earlier in the day. I propped my head and shoulders on a pillow and watched myself as I rubbed my ever wetter vagina and clit till I came again. I must say, it was difficult in the end to keep my eyes open, but I did try. It felt just as good as it had on the beach; although this time I noticed a small wet patch on the carpet where my butt had been. What a great sensation.

I went to have a shower to clean up, and as I moved the nozzle of the shower head over my body, I picked up the same great sensation between my legs again. Before I knew what had happened, I was cumming in the shower with the shower head pulsating on my pussy.

I quickly dressed, this time, feeling totally confident and liberated; I put on a very sexy pair of black lace panties, a very short mini skirt, and a low cut tight fitting top with no bra. I noticed my nipples standing erect through the top. After about 50 minutes, Dave called me and said it was time to go to the festival.

(To be continued)

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