My First Time

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When I was in my late teens, I couldn’t let a minute pass by without thinking about sex or a day without jerking off. I was obsessed with my penis. Even for a kid, I built up a pretty decent collection of hardcore magazines and a couple of videotapes to masturbate to. Both my parents worked full time, so I had free run of the house to totally strip down, lie on my bed and beat my meat while watching the hotties on the TV screen have everything done to them that I wish I was doing. You see, the girls my age only wanted to kiss, and never seemed to want to fool around any further than that. For that matter, I didn’t want to respect them, I just wanted to fuck them and have them blow me with no strings attached. And as for the girls that would go all the way? Well, my parents and their friends would hardly approve of their social standing so it was a no win situation.

As with anything a kid does repeatedly, over and over, I began to get comfortable with jerking off, so much so that I had set aside times to do it. For instance, if I jerked off early in the morning, then I could jerk off again after school and be ready again for that night before I went to bed. But by doing it so much, I started to get sloppy about my clean up. Instead of flushing the incriminating Kleenexes full of my wad, I started to let them build up in my trashcan. I always wondered if our maid knew what she was emptying, but I didn’t think too much about it. I figured she had no clue what a 18 year-old boy was doing in his room alone all the time. But I would soon find out just how much she knew. When I ran out of tissues, I started using gym socks to drop my load into and then I would put them in the hamper and they would come back as good as new. That’s when Lisa, our maid, comes into the picture.

She used to come by every Friday for a few hours and do her work. Well, on one Friday afternoon I was busy stroking my cock to a Club Magazine when I heard a knock at my bedroom door. I immediately froze, realizing that my clothes were piled on the floor out of reach and there was an incriminating bottle of moisturizer lying next to me on my bed. I knew my parents weren’t home yet, so I figured whomever pornhub it was would figure I was asleep and would go away. Not the case, the doorknob turned and in walked Lisa. After she realized what I was doing she quickly looked at the floor, made a noise of disgust and rushed out into the hallway. I got all embarrassed and started to put my clothes on apologizing for what she had seen. After I got dressed, I asked her what she needed as if nothing had happened. She then informed me that she realizes I have certain needs and urges to act on those needs, but she would appreciate it if I would either stop masturbating into my socks or stop putting them in the laundry. I felt like a kid getting his hand caught in the cookie jar. She stressed she wanted to tell me directly and not go to my parents and embarrass me. My mother would have been horrified thinking that my sperm was swimming with all of her expensive clothes and my father would have thought I was a bigger freak and disappointment than I already was. I thanked Lisa, and strangely enough, from that point on we had sort of a bond with each other. Like we were sharing a secret or something.

One day, Lisa made a joke about how light the laundry seemed without all my socks in it. My face turned red and we both laughed it off. Then to my surprise, she told me how she thought it was cute. I was thinking, how cute is a 18 year old who can’t keep his hand off his dick? But I decided to go with it anyway. I never really thought of Lisa as particularly attractive, I guess I always thought of her as just the maid and not a person. But on this day, I realized that she was quite attractive. Her hair was pulled back and she had beautiful olive skin. She had a nice round ass and a beautiful set of breasts. A solid C cup if I had to guess, and they seemed to defy gravity. Then she caught me off guard by opening up personally. She asked me why I didn’t have a girlfriend that could take care of my needs. And I answered that at my all male school, there wasn’t much of a chance to meet girls. She then told me that her ex used to watch a ton of porn and that it always bothered her. I told her I had no choice, that fantasizing porno 92 could only take you so far. She still expressed disappointment that I watched it and stated that she felt it was degrading to women. I then jumped on the opportunity and invited her to judge for herself with what was in my collection. Surprisingly, she agreed and said it couldn’t be that bad if I spent all my time watching it.

I put in one of my newer tapes that was a collection of blowjobs and facials. This one always got me off. At first she kept looking away, but then I noticed that she seemed to be enjoying it. I immediately got hard and couldn’t believe my good fortune of watching a porno with a woman. She then asked me if I was excited and I told her yes. So she said,?so normally you just pull it out and stroke it?? I replied yes and with an attempt to cut the sexual tension, I said “that’s when I put the sock over my dick.” She laughed and told me she’d like to see my jerk off. I wasted no time in pulling my pants down and freeing my raging hard-on. She looked at my cock, as if surprised at how big it was. I maybe got two strokes done when I started to cum. I shot a giant load over my stomach and the remainder ran down my fist. I could hardly believe the sensation I was feeling. This was clearly the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. Then my senses cleared and I apologized for cumming so early. Lisa had already grabbed a towel and started to clean me up. The sensation of someone else touching my body was enough to give me another monster erection.

I looked up at the TV screen to see a huge breasted blonde on her knees sucking on a huge cock, and that’s when I felt Lisa’s warm lips envelop my own cock. I froze and she stopped and asked if something was wrong. I said no, and begged for her to continue. She went back down on me, kneeling on the floor as I sat on the edge of the bed. I wasn’t even interested in the blonde on the TV who’s own face was now covered in cum. I was more interested in the full lips that were working their way up and down my shaft. I could feel another explosion, so I warned Lisa that I was going to cum again. As if she didn’t hear me, she qiqitv porno then worked harder and harder on my cock. Sucking up and down, up and down. I came and felt the load being sucked out of the tip of my cock, and not a drop was wasted. She swallowed it all and then looked up at me. It was all I could do to not pass out. That was the best feeling of my entire life.

For the next hour, Lisa then allowed me to use her as a science experiment. I turned off the VCR and put all my attention to her gorgeous body. She had huge dark nipples that I tongued and kissed. I then asked if I could eat her out, and she let me. She even interrupted me when I was doing something wrong, or paying too much attention to the wrong area. I even made her cum by licking her clit and basically taking her whole cunt in my mouth and licking and sucking. After I spent about 10 minutes down there, I felt like I had a milk mustache.

That’s when I felt like I was ready for the next step. I had gotten another hard on and I asked Lisa if I could fuck her. She obliged and opened her legs. I got on top of her and fit my cock into her waiting vagina. It felt so warm and soft. We passionately kissed as I banged my hips into hers, and me not even caring that her mouth was full of my semen earlier. I maybe lasted 2 minutes inside her box. I pulled out and started to blow my load all over her stomach and chest. She reached down and jerked me off. It was wonderful. In the preceding hour, I had just sucked my first set of tits, gotten my first blowjob, eaten out a girl AND lost my virginity. Over the next few years during visits to home from college we tried everything. I then realized that she might have enjoyed this more than me. I think she was lonely, so much so, that she would let me try anything with her. She would always give me head and swallow my load when I asked for it. Other times, I would beat off in her face or fuck her tits and she was still loving it even if she didn’t get to cum. She even let me fuck her in the ass, always insisting that I cum inside of her. While other times, she would let me eat her out and finger fuck her ass for what seemed like hours. We were each other’s sex slaves.

Through it all, we never let anyone in on our secret sessions, but I sometimes wonder where she is now. Just thinking about her gets me hard. She was the best sexual experience of my life and I still beat off to the memories of those fuck sessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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