My First Time with a Woman…

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Hi! My name’s Katie.

I had finished work for the day at her local high-end fashion store. A grueling day of walking around the store ad infinitum had left me feeling exhausted and emotionally depleted. A break-up from my boyfriend the day before hadn’t helped things. People were asking me for opinions on which items matched which . . . and it was just something I couldn’t be bothered with.

I left the store feeling too sore to feel good about knocking off work for the day. I was hanging out for a stiff drink and maybe binge-watch some Netflix when I got home. However, on my walk through the mall to get back to the parking lot, a massage parlor caught my eye.

I’ve never seen that before, I thought. It must be new.

Intrigued, I decided to check it out. “Natural Energy” was its name.

Seems kind of cool, I thought. Might be a good way to take the edge off and get my legs feeling better.

They all appeared to be old Asian ladies. Sixties, seventies, maybe. I wasn’t usually a fan of guys massaging me unless they were my boyfriend or were especially attractive. On one occasion, I had Çankaya Escort a particularly nice-looking guy get me nice and wet as he massaged my inner thigh. On that occasion, though, I had to suppress my urges and fuck my then-boyfriend the minute I got home.

I walk into a secluded room with a massage table. A young Chinese woman walked in. I’d say she was in her early- to mid-20s.

She was absolutely stunning. She could have been a model—easily. Her make-up was exquisitely applied, her facial features soft and symmetrical. She wore a pastel blue shirt that hid a beautiful set of perky breasts. I mean, come on, girls can admire them too, right?

Anyway, I got myself nice and relaxed, jostling until I was comfortable.

She didn’t say anything. She just smiled and got to work.

“How much do you want me to take off?” I asked, innocently enough.

“As much as you’d like,” the masseuse asked. “I have a modesty towel here,” she added.

I thought, what the hell—I’ll just take it all off.

I stripped down and hopped on Keçiören Escort the table, face-down.

At first, I just felt relaxed. She knew what she was doing. Her hands were firm but soft.

I was in a secluded room, so I felt like things were private.

It was surprisingly comfortable. There was a hole with a padded rim that I could rest my head down on. A thin, disposable sheet was placed on top of the bed to keep the massage table clean.

She started working her delicate hands down my back, getting surpassingly close to my butt.

“Mmmm,” I murmured.

“You like?” the masseuse asked.

I did like. I did like very much.

After a couple minutes of this, she moved her hands onto my butt. Bit by bit, she got lower.

But I wasn’t stopping her.

I was liking it.

I was newly single.

Fuck it, I thought.

I moaned. I tried not to make it too loud. I didn’t want anyone entering the room.

“It’s okay,” the masseuse said. “It’s locked.”

She reached under the towel, her lubricated Etimesgut Escort fingers feeling up my thigh. It felt so wrong . . . yet so right.

Then she did it. She started to tease my vulva with her fingers.

I moaned again. I had to restrain myself.

She started playing with my clit beneath the towel.

Holy shit, I thought. I’ve never even kissed a girl before, never mind done anything like this!

I started dry-humping the table, although “dry” was far from an accurate description.

She slipped her fingers inside me. I could feel myself throbbing as she pleasured me. I leaned up a bit so she could get a better angle. She got faster and faster, making me tense up to an unbearable degree. I felt like I was about to burst.

Her movements became more and more vigorous, penetrating me nice and deeply. I could feel myself on the brink of a spine-tingling orgasm.

It hit. Hard.

I felt the orgasm whir inside my head as I squirted all over the sheet.

Good thing it was a disposable one this time, I thought with a smile.

My head still spinning, I got my clothes back on in a daze and gave a $50 tip to the masseuse on top of the normal fee. I asked her if I could book an appointment next week. She told me I could. She said she had a massage table at home and was looking to practice some new techniques. I got her number and her name and then left the store with a smile from ear to ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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