My Friend’s Brother Pt. 02

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***This is a continuation of my story titled “My Friend’s Brother.” Both are 100% true stories and are part of my life that I miss***.

So, it was a couple of months since Tom jerked me off and I came all over him and the pull out couch that summer night. I basically spent the entire summer at their house hanging out. It was never awkward and little was said between us about that night. There was a group of five of us that hung out together all summer – myself, Tom, my friend Steve (Tom’s younger brother) and two other guys. It was a great summer, we had the run of the house as Tom and Steve’s parents were gone every weekend. We played basketball during the day and partied most nights.. Steve and the other two guys were okay hoop players, but didn’t take it as seriously as me and Tom did. He and I were definitely the athletes in the group. We were very competitive especially towards each other as we both knew the others could not hold a candle to our hoop games. Because of this, I found myself going to Steve’s house just to play basketball with Tom. Most times it was just the two of us playing one on one, but the others played once in a while. Although our night on the pull out couch was usually on my mind (always when I masturbated!), there was no sexual tension between us. Little did our friends know that I watched him lick my cum off his hand only a couple of months ago.

Today was one of those evenings where Tom called me to play basketball. I was home shooting at my own hoop by myself so I said I’d be over soon. When I got there it was Tom, and the two other guys playing 21. Steve was not there as he just started working at a local gas station. I joined them in playing 21, but soon was bored with it and suggested we play two on two. We only played for about thirty minutes because the other two had to leave which was fine because we had very little sunlight left. The two of us went into Tom’s house to get some water. It was a Saturday night so as always Tom and Steve had the house to themselves. The only difference this weekend was that their parents were coming home early the next morning so Steve decided against a party that night.

We sat on the couch with our waters and started watching the Red Sox game. Steve still had a couple hours of work left and we decided we’d have a low-key night with just the three of us having some beers. Tom and I watched the game and talked about what was happening on the screen. Neither of us was sitting at the far sides of the couch, but we weren’t right next to each other either.

“I’m ready for a beer, how about you,” Tom asked me as he was getting up off the couch.

“Always,” I responded, not wanting him to have to drink alone.

He got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen. This was not the first time we had been alone together since our night several months ago. In those alone times that followed that night nothing had happened nor even came close to happening. I’m not sure how he felt about that night. Perhaps it was just a drunken mistake that he wanted to forget about or he was embarrassed for initiating it. Whatever the reason it was a one-time event that ran through my mind on a loop whenever I would stroke myself alone.

Tom was gone getting the beers for a while. It wasn’t until I heard the bathroom door open that I realized he stopped off on his way back.

“Here you go,” he said as he handed me a beer. “Sorry it took so long, I had to stop to take a piss,” he said as he sat down on the couch.

“Not a problem,” I replied, noticing that he was sitting a little closer to me now than when we initially started watching the game. We continued watching the game while finishing off our beers.

“We’ll need to have Steve pick up some more beer on his way home from work,” he said, taking the two empties to the kitchen and grabbing the last two beers from the fridge. “Make it last, it’s all we have left,” as he handed me the can and sat down. He was as close if not closer now. My thought was to say something like”Dude, why so close?”, but given our previous exploits I decided not to.

As we sat watching the game Tom’s right hand was flat on the couch between the two of us. I noticed it because it just looked like an awkward position to be in. Anyway, I began to notice his hand was moving ever so slightly towards me until it was on the couch, resting against the side of my thigh.

“Oh my fucking god, is this happening again?” I thought to myself. “There’s no way to pretend I sleeping if it is happening again”

Tom’s movement was very slow and deliberate (this was his approach the first few times we hooked up. It finally got to the point where he would just drop to his knees and I’d pull out my dick) His hand crept up Büyükesat Escort the side of my thigh for what seemed like hours. Finally, his hand came to rest on my cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening again. In the two plus months since it first happened, I had sworn to myself that I wouldn’t initiate another hook-up, but I’d be more engaged if it ever happened again. With that thought I borrowed a page from his book and let my hand slowly creep across that couch until it was resting against his thigh. As he did to me, I then worked it up to the top of his thigh. I was so nervous. If I took this step there was no going back. Tom was now rubbing my cock somewhat aggressively through my shorts. It was now or never for me so I moved my hand to rest on his cock. I can still remember the feeling in my stomach when I felt his hardness through his shorts. It was a mixture of excitement and fear. What did I get myself into? I should stop and just let him jerk me off again. It’s one thing to get jerked off, it’s totally different if you do the jerking.

Tom’s hand was now sliding into my shorts in search of my cock. Once he found it he wrapped his fingers around it and gently squeezed it. My mind instantly went blank and my only focus became our two cocks. It took me a few seconds, but I finally managed to get my hand into his shorts. When I grasped his cock I paused in disbelief realizing I had a rock hard cock in my hand and it was not mine! He seemed similar in length to mine, but a bit thicker. I stroked him a few times as he did to me. Neither of us said a word as we sat with our hands in each other’s shorts. This went on for a few minutes as I grew more comfortable. I was still nervous as hell, but found myself enjoying it more. I decided to check out his balls so I slid my hand down his shaft. Tom let out a slight moan when I got to his balls. I cupped and slowly massaged them. He had huge balls that were resting on the couch when I found them. We played this way for about 10 minutes. Our positioning on the couch was not great with our shorts on and Tom sensed it was time for a change. He pulled his hand out of my shorts and slid slightly away from me.

“Are you okay with taking our shorts off to get more comfortable,” he asked me.

I completely surprised myself when I quickly answered “yes”.

With that he leaned down and untied his sneakers, took them off and then stood up. I followed his lead and did the same. We were standing side by side in his living getting ready to undress for each other. Tom went first as he grabbed his shorts and boxers and pulled them down in one motion. I wasn’t looking directly at him when he disrobed, but I saw his hard cock when it sprang free from its constraints. When I did the same, Tom was looking directly at me. There I was, my hard cock exposed to him waiting to see what happens next.

Tom sat on the couch so I did the same. We were side by side jerking one another again and it felt amazing. It was clear who was leading this adventure. Everything Tom would do I would follow with the same. He spit on his hand, I spit on my hand. He focused on my balls or cock head – same focus on him. One of my most vivid memories of that day was that I was enjoying his cock almost more than the pleasure he was giving me. The feeling of my hand being full of his hard cock had me so excited that I was basically willing to try anything. And with that thought, I did.

I shifted myself away from Tom a little. I still could reach his cock with my hand and continued to stroke him. As my courage was building I stroked faster which caused him to let out another moan. He was enjoying the pace of my stroking and lost focus on my cock. His stroking was erratic at best. This was my opportunity to live out the fantasy I’ve been jerking myself off to over the last two months. I leaned to my side and down towards Tom’s lap. It wasn’t the most graceful movement to get there, but I was inches from his throbbing cock. I was amazed how smooth it looked up close. He had a thick patch of pubes that ended at his balls which were shaved. I didn’t waste any time as I was afraid I would change my mind. I licked the tip of his cock making him jump. I licked the underside of his shaft and found it felt as smooth as it looked. I then licked the entire length of his shaft which he seemed to enjoy based on the moaning he was doing. I did this for a minute or two while rubbing and squeezing his balls. Tom was reaching for my cock and was only able to grab hold and tug a few times before I needed to shift my weight. The leaning over and to the side was taking its toll on my back. I decided it was time to switch positions to properly live out my fantasy Elvankent Escort as I had imagined it in my jerk off sessions at home.

I got myself back to a proper seating position, but only for a second as I had other plans. I quickly got off the couch and got on my knees in front of Tom who was still seated on the couch. Neither of us said anything but knew what was about to happen. I grabbed Tom cock and immediately put it in my mouth.

“Oh my fucking god,” is all he managed to say.

Now I was officially a cock sucker. I bobbed up and down slowly, careful of my teeth. Truth be told I was enjoying doing it. I felt dirty, but in a good way. He tasted good too which is a weird thing to say. It was my first time so I was probably only getting four inches or so before it was too uncomfortable. I would periodically take a break to lick and suck his balls (which were enormous). I was doing something right as he was moaning and telling me how good it felt. I was starting to really get into it and reached down to stroke my own cock while sucking and stroking his. He must have noticed my jerking myself because he said “hold on,” as he got up and threw the pillows and back cushions off the couch.

“I’ve never gone this far with a guy before,” he said as he was fixing the bottom cushions. “But I really would like to try sucking dick”.

“This is my first time too,” I responded. I was excited by the thought of getting my dick sucked.

“I want to keep doing it so maybe we could try a sixty-nine.”

We awkwardly sat back on the couch not sure what to do next.

“Why don’t you get up and I’ll lay down. You can then get on top of me,” said Tom

So, that’s what I did. Once on top of him I went right for his cock spitting on it before taking it in my mouth. I would alternate between sucking as deep as I could and just licking his swollen head. Meanwhile, Tom took me in his mouth for the first time and I thought I was going to cum just from the warmth. It felt so fucking good. He was struggling a bit because my hard cock naturally wanted to spring back out of his mouth and towards my stomach. Probably not the

best position for two guys sucking dick for the first time. It still felt amazing and a bit surreal to be getting a blow job with a dick in my mouth. Tom was good at it too! Certainly better than the high school and two college girls I had been with. His hands were wrapped around my hips pulling my cock down deeper into his throat. He was basically taking all of me at the point. He adjusted his hands to my ass and spread it a bit. I was surprised at how being exposed like this furthered my excitement. I didn’t think it was possible. I was hoping he would brush my hole with his finger like I sometimes do when I jerk off, but he didn’t. Instead he stopped sucking and removed my cock from his mouth.

“Let’s get on the floor where there is more room for us to be on our sides” he said

We got up off the couch and moved the coffee table to the side. Aside from the obvious pleasuring of each other, it was some of the simple things that stuck in my mind when thinking back on this day. The thought of how at ease I felt being completely naked with a raging hard on and just casually moving furniture around in order to be more comfortable sucking my friend’s brother’s cock. The craziness of that alone was unbelievable.

As we laid down on our sides, I found myself face to face with Tom’s cock again. He really did have a nice looking dick. Hard and thick with a slight curve to the left. I could see the precum on the head was beginning to drip so I moved in with my tongue to clean it again. Continuing to clean him with gentle flicks of my tongue as well as long licks was causing Tom to buck his hips. He wasn’t far off from blowing his load. During my fantasy masturbation session thinking of this moment, I was always convinced I would take his cum in my mouth or on my face. Now that I was actually blowing him I wasn’t so sure. I was excited to try my mouth, but I was nervous about the taste and even more nervous that I would really like it. All the while I was trying to decide how to handle his load, Tom was expertly sucking my cock and balls. He was so close to deep throating me, but just not taking enough. At one point he shimmied his body down a bit and lifted my ball sack. He began licking the area between my asshole and my ballsack. I was in heaven and everything began moving quickly. As he was licking he was me jerking off.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” he said while thrusting his cock in my mouth. I was gagging as he pushed further. Using my hands I grabbed his hips to try to control how deep he pushed. He caught on and pulled Beşevler Escort back a bit which allowed me some time to catch my breath.

“I want you to cum on my face.” I couldn’t believe I just said it, but I did and I meant it. I wanted his cum. I wanted it in my mouth, on my face and body. My mind was racing. I wanted it badly. I wanted to look like the pornstars covered in cum after taking a huge load. I began suck him furiously.

“Cum for me, Tom,” I said over and over. I was jerking his shaft while attempting to take him as deep as I could. I could taste the saltiness of his precum. I loved it and was now possessed with the thought of tasting his full load. Tom was breathing hard and bucking his hips more.

“Here it comes,” he said.

With that warning I took his cock out of my mouth and kept jerking him. We were still on the floor laying on our sides as the first shot landed on my cheek, ear and side of my head.

“Ohhh, fuck, fuck,” cried Tom as he was cumming.

I wanted his jizz so badly as I shifted to get the next loads in my mouth. Tom was like a geyser, his cum landing on my face and finally in my mouth. I immediately knew I made the right decision when the first shot entered my mouth followed by several more. I also knew this would not be the last time I would taste another man’s cum. It tasted a little like my cum, but much saltier. It was delicious as it filled my mouth and slid down my throat.

“Oh my fucking God,” was all Tom could say as I took is cock in my mouth and tried to suck the cum out of him.

He jumped back as his cock head was so sensitive after just cumming. I moved forward and grabbed his cock. I wasn’t done yet. There was still cum at the base of his cock and I wanted it. I leaned in and licked the base clean.

I layed back down on my side, hardly believing what just happened. There I was with cum on my face and hair. The taste of Tom’s cum still in my mouth.

“What the fuck just happened to me” I thought to myself.

It was like an out of body experience…and I couldn’t be happier it happened. I actually lived out my fantasy to suck off and swallow another guy!!

Lost in a trance, I was startled when Tom’s mouth once again engulfed my hard cock. He stopped for a moment as I was moaning. He pushed me onto my back and swung his leg over my legs. He then pushed himself down my body until his face was level with my cock.

“I think you and I have the same fantasy, but I still haven’t lived mine. I’ve been thinking about sucking you dry since I jerked you off on the couch that night. I know you were awake. You did a good job faking, but when you came you opened your eyes,” Tom said smiling while lightly licking my cock head causing it to twitch.

“I did taste you cum that night though,” he continued.

“I know you did, I saw you lick it from your hand,” I interrupted.

“You saw that?” he replied, licking the underside of my shaft from my balls to head.

“Yes,” I responded…. “and now you can get right from my cock if you want.”

With that Tom filled his mouth with my cock. He was on a mission as he sucked me so hard and fast that I began to get dizzy. He would only pause to catch his breath and would then be right back at it. His mouth was so warm and my only thoughts were how good he was making me feel. Tom continued to suck me like I have never been sucked before. He was only using his mouth on the shaft while he massaged my balls.

I could feel it start as my balls began to tingle and I think Tom could sense it. He pulled off my cock and told me he wanted me to cum on his face. I stood up and Tom brought himself to his knees.

“I want your cum,” is all he said as he reached for my cock. This time he took it in its entirety. His nose was buried in my pubes as he choked a bit. That didn’t slow him down though. My cock would appear and disappear just as quickly as his drool dripped to the floor.

“I’m going to cum,” was all I managed to say as my first load shot into his throat. I felt my legs weaken as Tom took my load with a little gag. He pulled me from his mouth and continued to jerk me.

“Yes, cum on me – I want it on my face,” Tom said as he stroked my cock and pointed it at his open mouth.

I shot at least four or five large loads of cum at Tom landing in his hair, on his face and most importantly in his mouth. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum I shot on him. I felt like I was going to collapse as the last spurt left my cock. Tom continued to stroke me as he slapped my cock on his cheek and eventually put me back in his mouth.

“You taste so good,” he said while licking what was left of my cum off my cock and balls.

As I stood over Tom watching him clean my cock I was struck with the feeling of disbelief. Had I really just sucked off another guy and had him suck me off? As much as I fantasized about the exact scenario, I never thought it would actually happen.

“Why are you smiling?” Tom asked.

“I’m just thinking about how much fun you and I are going to have from now on!”

….and we did. More to cum!

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