My Gay Crossdressing Vacation Ch. 05

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As I was falling asleep, I realized that the egg and the plug were still inside me. Terri must have put the plug back in after fucking me. I wonder where the remote for the egg is. Oh well off to sleep. I was dreaming, I could feel soft hands on my back and running over my panty clad backside. Then I realized that it was not a dream. A pair of delicate hands were feeling me and touching me and it felt great. I opened my eyes and looking into mine as she gave me a big kiss was Timinii.

Timinii is the male to female who is in transition who I was playing with at the pool and in my room before going out for the evening. I did not know her name at the time but learned it then and it is Timinii and not Tiffany as her boi name is Timmy. I was waking up and enjoying the kissing as I looked over at a clock and realized that I had been sleeping for less than 30 minutes. I put my hand behind her head and pulled those wonderful lips to mine. Our tongues danced and our hands roamed. Her delicate little breasts were a joy to cup and her nipples loved to be pinched. I ran my hands over her pussy cheeks and was rewarded with a moan.

She whispered in my ear begging me to fuck her. From this story you will have realized that I am not a top and I would much rather be fucked than fuck. I was about to tell her that when her tongue went back into my mouth and she told me that the little blue pill that she was placing on my tongue was a present from Daddy. I swallowed and wondered what was going to happen. She pulled me out of bed and dropped to her knees taking my still soft cock into her mouth while looking up at me with a mischievous grin. She stood up pulled my baby doll top off and pushed my panties to the floor. While kissing me she suggested that we take a shower.

The shower was nice and warm, Timinii was on her knees and with her mouth she took the elastic loop off from around my cock and balls. She then turned me around and with probing gentle fingers she pulled the plug out. My cock started to twitch a little as she took hold of the soft cable that was attached to the egg inside of me. As she pulled it past the inner sphincter I started to moan then past Demetevler Escort the outer ring and out and I was in ecstasy. She stood up and we went into a frenzy of kissing and we cleaned ourselves inside and out in anticipation of fun in bed.

We stepped out of the shower and Timminii grabbed a towel and dried both of us. She knelt down to do my legs but had no intention of any more drying. She started to suck my cock and then gently turned me around kissing my legs and then my pussy cheeks. Then! Her tongue flicked at my warm hole gently at first and then stuck that gentle tongue into me as if trying to fuck me. My cock was getting hard by then, she reached around and started to massage me and let out a few little giggles. She stood up and used my cock as a handle pulling me towards the bed.

I sat down and she sat on my lap kissing me with passion and then suggest that we smoke a joint. To do that we had to go out of my room and sit on the chair on the patio. I sat down with her in my lap and we lit the joint. Both of us still damp from the shower and both stark naked. We were taking turns taking a puff and then kissing the smoke into the others mouth. By then I had a raging hard on the likes of which I had not had since I decided that I was gay.

Once the joint was finished we knew no boundaries as we held hands and climbed back into bed. She was all over me moving with passion and sensitivity. She reached over to the dresser and got some lube and started working with her hands on my now hard cock. She straddled my chest and leaned forward to put her little cock into my mouth I sucked and licked for about 30 seconds when she climbed off maneuvered under me, put her legs around my waist and said “Please Fuck Me”. I was lubed up and hard and she knew what she was doing as she enveloped my hard 6 inches with ease.

This was my first time in quite a few years that I was doing the fucking and I was really enjoying it. Just as I was thinking that for someone like this I could become a top, I felt big hands on my back and Timinii moaned and said hi Daddy. I still had my breasts Otele gelen escort on and daddy reached around to stroke them as he rubbed his 8 inches all around my pussy. I realized then that I did not really want to be a top. Daddy came over to the side of the bed and put a big shot of lube into my mouth. He then put his beautiful cock into both mine and Timminii’s mouth while we were kissing.

I managed to get a lot of lube on his cock. He stood up reached for the poppers and gave them to me. I took a hit on the poppers taking care not to take too much as I was enjoying fucking Timinii and did not want to lose my hard on. It was fortunate, however that I took a little hit because he got behind me again and with no hesitation pushed his cock all the way into me. That got a groan, a moan and a feminine giggle out of me. As he thrust into me, I was matching his thrusts with mine into Timinii.

I could feel that hard big cock pushing in all the way and then slowly back out. Every hard thrust back in and I pushed further into Timminii. Timminii turned her face towards me and we kissed with gentle passion using lips and tongues. I was in heaven, my lips on Timminii’s my little cock in her pussy and Daddy’s big one using me as a sex toy.

I really did not want this to stop but the sensations were just too much. I could feel my cock start to twitch and on one out stroke started to cum. Daddy pushed in to me and pushed me into Timminii as I was cummimg his hard cock rubbing on my prostate. Just as I thought that I was fininshed, I could feel daddy start to tense up. His cock got more insistent and pushed into me as if trying to push me right into Timminii. He came filling me up with a full load of warm cum that leaked out of me around his softening cock.

As he pulled out, he walked around to our heads turned Timminii over and stuck his cum covered cock between our mouths. Timminii and I ended up kissing passionately around Daddy’s cock and licking up as much cum as we could.

Daddy pulled Timminii to her feet and was about to leave when he turned around and asked me about Balgat Escort my plans for the next day and Saturday evening. I had decided to spend some time around the pool and then get dressed and go out to the gay bars again. Daddy told me that there was going to be quite a large crossdressing party right here at the resort. This got my interest, so we discussed the possibility of getting together again for a sex filled evening. We planned that Timminii and I would meet at my room to get dressed and do our makeup and that Daddy would meet us in the parking lot at 8:30 for a quick outing enfemme before coming back for the Crossdressing party. With that decided they left.

It was now about 4:30 am and I realized that it was in fact already Saturday and I needed sleep for the coming evening. However, I still wanted more cock ad decided to take a walk around the resort. I pulled on a nice mauve pair of panties and a short tee shirt over my breast forms and went out for a walk. My room was just a short distance from the play area so I started there. I walked into the video room it was quiet being very early in the morning but there was one guy watching videos and stroking a very nice looking 7″cock.

He looked at me and took his hand away from his cock as an invitation. I walked over to him, got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. Slowly around the head and then using my tongue worked my way down the shaft. He was breathing real hard and started to tremble. He must have been stroking for quite a while because he grabbed the back of my head and shoved me as far on to his cock as he could and started to give me another delicious load of cum.

His cock was so far in my mouth that I could not breathe so I had to fight to pull off, he was not a bad guy and as soon as he realized that he was pushing me he let go of my head. I took a breath swallowed the cum in my mouth and throat and started to lick the left over from his now soft cock. He asked me not to swallow pulled me up and gave me a big kiss sucking on my tongue and taking some of the cum that was still on my mouth.

Now after 5:00 I was over tired and headed back to my room to sleep. On my way I met another late night wanderer who walked with me and started to rub his hands over my panties and pussy cheeks. I wanted to ask him into my room but was just too tired and said good night. I went to sleep with a mouth and a pussy full of cum wondering what time I would wake up for my last full day of vacation at the resort.

The last day next.

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