My Gay Experience Pt. 01

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Let me introduce myself. I’m Brad; I turned 18 a month ago. I attend running start along with high school, so I will have my AA when I graduate. I have been playing for the high school basketball team for four years. We have won the state title all three years and plan to this year. I was named tournament MVP all three years. Figures, I’m 6’5″ and play guard. I’m an overachiever on top of my high school and college classes. The college wanted me to play for them, but I preferred the high school. I had offers for scholarships all across the country. Still, I plan to play for the University of Washington since I will be attending their law school and also plan to have a double major, the other being political science.

I don’t date, have a busy schedule, and make few friends since I am busy. My parents are lawyers, as were my grandparents and great-grandparents. We live in Auburn, near Seattle, in a house my great-grandparents built, which I will acquire when my parents pass. We had deeded the house when my grandparents divorced. My great-grandparents willed me their estate, and I became worth millions when they passed.

When I turned 18, my parents bought me a Rolls Royce. They said I didn’t need a sports car; my great-grandparents died in a wreck in their Corvette. My main friend is Jim, a basketball player at the community college. He still needs the grades for the University but will also attend there this next year on a full scholarship. He is the star player at the college and will undoubtedly go into the NBA after graduating from UW.

This is the beginning of an account of my life, starting with my 18th birthday.

“My parents are going on vacation for two weeks,” I told Jim while shooting hoops at the college. I played some pick-up games there a couple of nights a week. I love basketball, though it is not my career choice; law and politics are. “Want to come over tomorrow? No school, we can hang out and watch some movies. I’ll take you out for Chinese food for dinner. You’re welcome to spend the night; no one hardly uses the guest bedroom.”

“Sure, sounds like fun. Sure beats the weekend at the dorm.” He replied, missing his shot, and I grabbed the rebound and took it down the court for a 3-point score.

“That’s it for me tonight,” he said, somewhat discouraged by my scoring off his rebound.

“Pick you up about 1:30 in the afternoon,” I told him as we headed to the showers.

I usually went on vacation with my parents, but I had some schoolwork to catch up on this time. I didn’t want to miss classes even though the schools were always happy to excuse me. It may have to do with being top in the class, or my parents were managing partners in the largest law firm in Seattle and big contributors at the schools.

I rarely dated. Last year I was elected homecoming king, and my date thought I would rent a hotel room. She was disappointed when I took her home after prom. Grades and basketball are my critical thoughts at this time of life. Marriage, a bucket list item, would come when I had achieved my goals, and sex was frightening with so many wrong possibilities, the major one being pregnancy from a burst rubber or a girl saying she was on the pill and not. I knew people who had that problem, and it changed their life.

This would be the first time I had invited one of the guys I was friends with to spend the night.

I picked Jim up, and he suggested we order Chinese instead of going to the restaurant. UBER could bring it to the house, and we would not have to drive over.

“You don’t want to be seen in my car?” I asked to which he laughed; his was a car needing some repair.

“Haw,” He responded. I would be willing to trade your cars though you would have to make some money. I can’t afford the car tabs,” he joked.

We got to my house. I showed Jim the guest room, went to my room, and changed into sweats and a T-shirt. Jim came downstairs in sweatpants without a shirt, his ripped muscles hd porno showing as he settled on the sofa beside me. I got chips, popcorn, and soda. Jim came into the room with a six-pack of beer.

He handed me one, took one for himself, and we settled in to watch one of the Creed films I had on CD.

“I think I have something better,” Jim said, pulling out a CD from the bag he came downstairs that had the beer. “You mind?”

“I’ve seen this one before, so no, go ahead and put yours in.”

The movie started; it was XXX. I’ve seen them before, but not this one. It was surprisingly Gay porn. I had never watched gay porn and never thought about watching it, so I didn’t say anything. It was a gang bang movie, and I noticed Jim’s sweats tenting well, and so were mine as I saw these guys being fucked and getting blow jobs, neither of which I had ever done.

Jim moved his arm around my shoulders as I watched. I had no idea what he had in mind. I am a virgin in all senses of the word.

“Pretty hot,” he commented. “Ever had your cock sucked by a guy?” he asked.

Staring at the screen, afraid to look in his direction, I told him no.

He pulled my mouth to his and kissed me. I was shocked. What should I do? Then his tongue moved into my mouth, and he started French kissing me. I had seen guys and gals do that in the porn I had watched but never experienced it.

I enjoyed it. I let him suck my tongue into his mouth as he pulled off my shirt, our bodies touching as we kissed.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Don’t stop. I have never kissed like this. It feels so hot.” I replied, my hands running through the hair on his chest.”

In the film, they had moved from kissing to oral sex with a couple of the guys; some of the others were full-on fucking.

“Looks like we are stretching our pants here. Let me pull yours free.” Jim said, standing and pulling down my sweats and then his as we were naked. He laid me on the couch and then straddled my body.

“Come on, just lay back,” he said, kissing me again as our cocks touched and our hands roamed. He went down and began to suck on my cock. It felt so good. I had never thought of having anyone suck me.

“I have wanted to do this with you for so long,” he said. “Let’s go up to your bedroom. Do you have a TV in there?”

“Yes, I will bring the CD.”

When we got upstairs, I put the CD on, and we lay in the bed, his arm around my neck, and watched the guys continue to have sex, fucking and sucking.

“This is new to me,” I commented, leaning in and taking charge to kiss him. Wow, this was awesome. “I want to take your cock in my mouth,” I told him, leaning down and sucking a cock for the first time. He rearranged his body so I was under him as he sucked, and he was now sucking me.

We are both 6’5″. Our cocks were about 7-8 inches, stiff and throbbing, pre-cum leaking out as we sucked away. It tasted so good, I could have sucked him forever, but then somewhere along the way, he would have cum.

“I was just tested,” he told me. “And you said you have never had sex with anyone, so we are both clean.” He had brought some lube with him, just in case, he said. He applied it to my anus and his cock.

“Did you like watching them fuck?” he asked to which is nodded my head yes. “Good, I am going to slide into you. It will hurt at first as I get past your sphincter, but then you will enjoy the rest of the ride.”

I could feel his cock pushing slowly into my hole. I was lying back on the bed, my legs spread out like a wishbone, and he was on his knees between my legs, slowly pushing in and out. At first, he told me to push out, which would hurt less as he moved inside. Right, he was.

“Oh, yeah, that feels good,” I said as he pressed against my pubic bone, his balls banging against my butt.

With his arm around my neck, he pulled me up, his cock slowly fucking me, his mouth now fucking me with his tongue. I moaned japon porno with pleasure. He then sucked on my neck and then back to my mouth. He was repeating to the other side of my neck.

“You are enjoying this?” He asked.

“Oh, yeah, of course, fuck me deep.” I leaned and sucked on his neck as we coupled on the bed.

“I’m getting ready to cum; where do you want it?” He asked.

“Deep inside,” I replied as streams of his cum began to fill my asshole.

Bringing his cum coved cock to my mouth, I cleaned him off, and then we shared his cum as we began to kiss again. Jim went back down and started to suck my cock. It didn’t take long before I exploded into his mouth, him taking every drop.

Jim returned to my mouth, and we shared my cum, both drinking our pleasure.

“Well, probably not what you thought we would be doing tonight.” He spoke.

“I probably never would have done it if you hadn’t initiated it,” I replied. “But glad you did.”

Well, let’s order some dinner. Afterward, I have another video I think you will enjoy, and it’s your turn to fuck me, or maybe we fuck each other.”

We ordered dinner, had it delivered, and enjoyed a talk about what had just happened.

“I have never engaged in sex,” I told Jim. “It is just not part of my list of life. Not that I did not enjoy it. I plan to play three years at the UW, one year in the NBA if drafted, then begin a career in law, with my eyes on politics, governor, senator, who knows.”

“You can have it all,” he responded. “Sex can be a nice distraction for the moment or a way of increasing your pleasure. It can be done on the DL (down low), so no one knows if that is a concern. I have friends who are married and play this way, some who would make a nice threesome for us if interested.”

“We will have to see. Let’s head back upstairs to enjoy the rest of the night. I will get the dishes later.”

Taking Jim’s hand, we returned to my bedroom and disrobed.

Jim leaned down on me as I sat on the bed and began to kiss me. Working down my body with his kisses, my nipples, my stomach, and the inside of my legs until he had my cock in his mouth.

I pulled him back up to my lips, grasping his cock as he did the same to me. He then got behind me, pulling me up on my knees, slapping both my ass cheeks until he could spread my ass with his hands, going down on my hole with his tongue. His tongue teased, his hands slapped my cheeks again, then he lifted me pulling my ass into his face, this tongue working my hole. It was such an experience.

Pulling me back up on the bed, on all fours, he slid his hard cock up and down my ass crack, teasing me with his fingers pushing in my hole. Finally, he pulled back and set the tip of his cock at my entrance. I wanted it so bad I began to move back as his cock slid inside me. Wow. I was moaning with pleasure, begging him to fuck me harder.

Jim pushed me down on my stomach as he continued to fuck me. His mouth sucking on my ears, his tongue exploring. I turned my head to the side as we were French kissing. He was riding me hard.

Pulling out, he turned me to my back. He was between my legs, lifting them to his shoulder and pumping away with his cock embedded in my ass hole.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his head toward mine to kiss him. His tempo increased as his cock slid in and out of my hole, his precum working as a lube. I thought, why would I want to give up on sex? It was so hot.

He pulled out and lay back on the bed. I climbed between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, my tongue sliding through his slit, then down his mushroomed head, down his shaft, sucking up the cum he had leaking out his cock. His hands glided through my curly hair, pulling it as I sucked.

I climbed into his lap, looking into his eyes as I leaned back and took his cock back into me. I rocked back and forth on top as he pushed up and down from the bottom. lezbiyen porno He pulled on my cock, stroking it as he fucked me.

Leaning back, I allowed him to slam his hard cock deep inside me; my cock was on edge from his stroking, and I shot my load on his chest.

I was laying back on the bed, being rocked deep, fucked, feeling his cock inside, the moment’s pleasure until he let loose, filling me deep with his cum.

We went and took a shower then I ordered dinner. He had gotten a call as I was walking down the stairs. When the order was done, he told me a friend he played with had called and was looking to play tonight. I told him I was with someone else, and he wanted to know if I might be interested in a threesome. I said, why not give him the address? This might be my last time sexually, so I might as well go out with a bang.

Kevin arrived at the same time as dinner. He was also a basketball player at the college, 6’3″, with light brown hair, pure blue eyes, and a basketball player’s body, muscles, and such. His lips were hot looking.

“Brad, this is Kevin,” Jim said. “Kevin, Brad.”

We ate and talked about basketball and life. Kevin was planning on the UW next year, so that we might be playing on the same team. We planned some time together working out in the gym and the weight room.

When dinner was finished, we headed upstairs to my bedroom. Glad I had a king bed; we had decided on it because of my size, though it would be useful for the three of us.

Jim and I were in sweats, and a T-shirt, and Kevin was a little more dressed. We all slipped out of our clothing and climbed on the bed. I ended up in the middle with the guys on either side.

Kevin had me get on my knees, then positioned his body between my legs and rimmed my ass. The feeling was incredible as his tongue probed inside me. Pulling back, he added lube to his cock and my sweet spot moving his cock into the edge of my hole, then pushed in.

“I am horny tonight,” he said. “It has been a few weeks since I had the opportunity to fuck Jim.

“That feels so good,” I replied. Kevin pulled back out, slapped my ass several times, then rested back, his cock bouncing. It was so hot. I turned around and pulled his cock into my mouth, taking his cut cock, sliding my tongue along his slit, tasting his salty pre-cum, then swirling my tongue around his mushroomed head until I slid his shaft down my throat. Jim had crawled behind me, gliding his cock along my ass crack while I brought Kevin’s cock to the back of my throat. It was 7-8 inches, causing me to gag. He pulled out and brought his lips to mine, his tongue gliding along the crease of our lips, pushing in until our tongues were tangling.

Kevin pushed me back on the bed and crawled between my legs; lifting them on his shoulder, he moved his cock into me, his balls banging against my skin. “Oh God, yes, fuck me,” I said as Jim stroked his cock next to my head.

“Oh, fuck,” I said as Jim’s cock pushed into my mouth. I changed position, Kevin lying on his back, and I went down on him with my mouth, taking his in without gagging. He pulled my leg over his head, and as I sucked his cock, he started rimming my ass again.

Back on my knees, I went, and for 20 minutes or so, he fucked me hard until I could feel his cum filling my ass.

When he had finished, He had me move my ass so it was next to his tongue, then Jim straddled me, pushing his cock in, while Kevin licked my hole and Jim’s cock while Jim was fucking. I could not see what was happening, but it sure felt great.

Jim was sticking his cum covered cock into Kevin’s mouth, then back in my hole. We were all moaning with pleasure. The action was so hot I shot my load at about the same time Jim filled me with his. Kevin sucked out the load from my hole and cleaned off Jim.

I invited them to spend the night as we took turns pleasuring each other.

At breakfast, we talked about my experience being the first time, and though I thought I would set it aside and continue my planned-out career, tasting someone else’s cum, having my ass rimmed and fucked, I know I could not avoid this as part of my lifestyle. I was hooked and looked forward to our subsequent encounter.

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