My Greatest Sexual Experience

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Big Tits

I’m not much more than an average looking guy. About six feet tall, brown hair and brown eyes. Nothing really special your ordinary person can’t tell about me while walking down the street. The only thing you might catch, if your powers of observation hover slightly above the norm, is that I carry a level of self-confidence you don’t usually see every day. I’m twenty-eight years old, but for quite some time (I guess somewhere in that four year fog called high school), I realized I had been given something very special. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably heard this before, I know I’ve at least read it on more than one occasion… but I’ve been given a very large penis. Not huge, mind you, but very big. It’s just between nine and nine and a half inches long and even though my thumb and fingers can touch when I hold my erection in my hand, I think any bigger and the girl on the other end might have a tough time getting comfortable.

Now you might think, “Big penis… big deal,” but what’s really special about it, is that with this big penis I really know how to please a woman. I’ve grown insatiable since becoming sexually active, able to achieve two, three and even a recent (record) four orgasms at a time. Between ejaculations I stay (mostly) rock hard, and by keeping myself fit and active I’ve managed to keep a steady but rotating cadence to my lovemaking that really sets a girl off. If she’s never had more than one orgasm in one session, she’ll have more than one with me. And, if I’m lucky and I get that girl who claims to have never had an orgasm before in her life… when I get her in the sack, she has the greatest night of her life.

Like I said, something very special. And it may sound like I’m being cocky, I assure you I’m just talking about that level of self-confidence… besides you’ve chosen to read so if you don’t buy it then go ahead and stop here, I won’t be offended. The reason I want you to fit real nicely into this story before I really begin, is because it’s absolutely true. Everything I’m about to tell you is completely non-fabricated or embellished. If in the course of my writing I begin to exaggerate, I will let you know.

The reason I decided to write down this story is that even though I’ve had countless sexual encounters, I didn’t feel like there was one that merited a story worth anyone’s interest, except maybe my close guy friends gathered, a few beers deep, around the table at some noisy bar.

But something happened, just last week, that made me realize I could clearly define the single most sensual, provocative, incredible sexual experience I’ve ever had. I don’t know if anything this incredible will ever happen again, therefore it would be apathetic albeit anticlimactic to the memory of this event, if I didn’t write it down in all its lustrous detail. And so, because of that I not only do this for me… but for you, the reader. I hope you can feel one ounce of the excitement, I still feel every time I breath to this day.

My first sexual experience was on a yellow bus on the way home from school. A neighbor’s visiting friend slipped under the seats, without saying a word to me, and then reached inside the leg of my shorts and squeezed my penis. Because of her, needless to say, my masturbation sessions doubled in frequency and ferocity shortly thereafter.

Another memorable experience was a solo jerkoff session, when alone in the bathtub, surrounded by cooling water, I somehow slipped into another place entirely, not even thinking of sex or sexuality. I just worried about the feeling pulsing through my shaft. And when even that was gone, and my penis spurted it’s first creamy gob of cum, I hadn’t realized how powerful that moment was until through half closed eyes I watched the first stream hit the ceiling above the tub and drip slowly back onto my heaving chest.

I don’t know how long I laid there afterwards, but I slept more peaceful than I can remember on that night, and woke more refreshed and on an such an incredible high the next morning, that I hadn’t felt it since… until just last week – after the incredible encounter I will speak about in just a moment.

Losing my virginity was life-altering for me, but I don’t think that story is really entitled to be included in this particular anecdote. I remember glimpses of wonderful moments: my first slow-sex session, where I could feel the girl physically controlling the walls of her pussy, so that they massaged my cock, continually, even as I began pumping thick seed into her belly.

I also remember my first threesome (not that they happen often, contrary to popular opinion), two cute heads alternately bobbing up and down on my quivering penis. Then exploring one girl’s ass with my hands as she rode up and down in my lap while I took turns sucking on her tits and the other girl’s tongue.

I remember the excitement of fucking a woman – a real woman at age 38, while at 19 I could still be considered a boy. She had large untamed breasts that bounced, when they Beylikdüzü Anal Escort weren’t pressed hard against my chest. She had an annoying habit of biting my upper lip, and moaned louder than I would have liked her to… but god damn did she know how to fuck. She had stripped the bed of her sheets, all but one actually, and somewhere between ripping our clothes off and starting doggy style, she had managed to pull out a bottle of oil and by the end of our romp we were sweaty, sticky, gooey, dripping – and completely one hundred percent spent.

And then, for a long while, sex got boring. I had long decided it wouldn’t dominate or control my life the way I’d seen it do so to some friends, sometime lovers, and even my older brother. While they seemed solely interested in the orgasm or the new strange way to get off – I looked at it as less than a hobby. A good time that, suddenly, wasn’t even that good anymore.

Sure, I’d get my rocks off, and I loved the little noises girls made, the different ways they gritted their “fucks” and “fuck me’s” (they nearly always cussed, by the way). Two things really turned me off by the whole process, I guess you could say. One, was the constant retelling of the classic tale, whereby the slightly or not so slightly intoxicated club or bar chick, stumbles into the house, finds a non-slutty way to get to the bedroom (or the couch if she can’t even hold it together for that long), and then after the awkward condem pause, we’d have sex in a way that was completely new and excited to her, but was getting old and redundant for me.

Second, was that somewhere in the middle of this lackluster period of my life, I’d actually met, and fucked my match. She (a stunning exotic brunette) had come over with a friend (a cute blond) as a guest of my roommate. After the blond failed to score with my roommate, who for some reason decided to go to bed, I was left alone in the living room with the two.

The blond, turned her sights on the bottle of red wine on the table, and me, however I was more interested in her non-chalant fox of a friend. The brunette seemed so indifferent, even chiding me by saying my looks weren’t going to persuade her to do anything remotely sexual, except maybe stretching before she carried her friend out the door. After a little pushing she came out with the words I’d longed to hear for a while: “I’ve never had an orgasm.”

“What?” I replied. “Never?” She shook her head, explaining that she could somewhat satisfy herself with her fingers and a vibrator, but had never exploded between the legs. Not that she didn’t enjoy the intimacy and even raw-anamalistic nature of a good boffing – but she certainly didn’t feel I was worth the time. I smiled, then laughed, then pushed her blond friends head off my shoulder and looked her right in the eyes.

“I’ll bet you,” I said leaning forward, “a thousand dollars I can give you your first orgasm.” She didn’t miss a beat and responded by saying she didn’t have a thousand dollars to give me.

“That’s okay, I’ll take the hit – you don’t have any risk. If I don’t make you cum, I owe you a grand.” I took four hundred out of my wallet to show her I could float the cash, and after swatting away her (by now rather annoying) friend, handed it to her. ”Possible down payment.” She smiled and tucked it away. The blond spoke.

”Wait. No fucking way. I came here to get my pussy stuffed, not her. If anyone’s going to get laid, it’s me.” The brunette said nothing, and partly to impress her and partly to shut the blond bitch up, I stood.

”Okay,” I began. ”I’ll fuck you first.” She made some drunken noise of excitement and I saw the brunettes eyebrows raise. In less than a minute I was standing over the blond, who was wearing sneakers, socks and her top with her back flat on the couch and her legs bent high in the air. My jeans and briefs came down, both girls cooing in surprise and as the brunette crawled on her hands and knees closer to watch, I fit the head of my cock into the blond’s astonishingly very nice and growing very wet, pussy.

I really gave it to her, not starting slow, just slow enough to coat my entire length with her juices. She was pretty startled at the speed and depth I was playing at. Her opening moments of slight pain and slight adjustment, however, quickly turned into a jarbled collection of swear words and mindless grunts. Her pink skin was turning splotchy above the neck line of her top. Her nipples little rocks sticking out of the flimsy material. I reached down and pinched one, but stopped after it seemed to have little or no effect.

I needed to complete my endeavor. I had a goal I knew I could reach based off my impression of her and her current condition – if i could literally hit this right, she wouldn’t have the strength to speak again the entire night. I was slightly thrown off when I heard my roommate’s door open, I’m not comfortable fucking in front of non-participants and any guy either. He closed it Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort after a minute or two and I knew his eyes weren’t watching my balls slapping this stupid girls’ moderately unkept pubic hair anymore (I’m a completely shaved pussy fan, myself).

Once I knew the only eyes on me were the sparkling brunette’s I wanted to stare into as I pile-drived her to a night she’d never forget, I had a renewed vigor. It took another three minutes as sweat dripped down my face from the top of my hairline and the sides of my temples to put the blond – who under different circumstances wouldn’t have been too bad a bang – over the edge.

She let out that long moan that says, ‘keep going, but know I’m going to cover your dick in sweet honey’ and I watched as she grabbed at her shirt, stretching it out and exposing one of her small tits as the strap around her shoulder gave out and tore from its place. I pulled out slowly, my penis beating with my own heart as she slithered off the couch and sat propped against it on the carpeted floor. I knew I’d done it, I’d seen the look before. She was completely done for the night.

But I wasn’t, and as I turned and saw the hungry look on the brunette’s face, eyes locked onto my pulsing cock, I put my hand on her chin and brought her gaze up to mine.

”Look,” she said. ”I don’t give a shit about the thousand dollars, I don’t even care if you do bring me to orgasm tonight. All I know, is that right here – right now… I want to feel you inside me.” And she did. I sat down on the opposite end of the couch as she straddled me, completely naked. Her breasts were entirely real and her figure flawless. Even the small birthmark on her outer thigh had to be there or her body wouldn’t look right.

Now, our session was long. Too long to really go over explicitly (besides, we haven’t even gotten to the real reason I’m doing this… but don’t worry, it’ll come). My strongest memories and immediate recollections of that great fuck were following: one, halfway through, I really wished I hadn’t balled her friend, because I could feel an orgasm brewing.

Two, when I did spurt inside her the first time, she felt it and her eyes went wide. Scared, I think at first, but that passed before she had a chance to blink, and she went wild. I couldn’t see her most of the time, because some of her hair had stuck to her face while the rest was flying around both me and her. Her arms were around my neck, her inner thighs on my outer thighs. My hands roamed her back and the sides of her breasts.

When she came down on my shaft, I would sometimes run my fingers up her spine and she would react passionately, with a messy kiss or a calculated assault on just the end of my penis. She was pure velvet and it was such a perfect setup. The couch didn’t feel awkward, there was just enough light to be romantic but to see everything. My hands weren’t colder than the warm parts of her body, we quickly went beyond that point of sticky to my favorite slippery sweaty.

Sometimes, she would stop fucking to push the hair out of her face and shove her tongue in my mouth. Then I’d lift her using my legs, while holding her up by her ass and slowly teasing her snatch, which was at this time begging for a time out. She whispered softly:

”Should we break for a few minutes?” I answered her by swiftly turning her around so that her ass was in my lap and her back was flat against my chest. Her legs were bent and resting on the flats of her feet she started riding again, excited on the verge of screaming and laughing. My hands roamed her stomach, I could feel her muscles, moving and rippling.

I found her clit and attacked it with two fingers while my other hand cupped her breast and kneaded the soft skin around in my palm. She started breathing rapidly and I knew what was about to happen, even if she didn’t.

”Oh!” She began. ”My whole body is tingling! Like it all fell asleep at the same time! Oh, God. Fuck, it feels so good. I think it’s happening!”

”Tell me.” I whispered into her ear as I slowly nibbled and sucked on it. She ground her head into my mouth and clamped her hand over my fingers moving against her box. I started working both of her breasts with my free hand and matched her rhythm so that seven of my nine plus inches would leave her, before I would then disappear, balls deep, back inside.

”I can feel this tremendous heat. It’s growing from my pussy!” She took a few deep breaths. ”My nipples are going numb and my neck is so hot! And that thing you’re doing to my ear is driving me crazy!” She tilted her head back and smacked my hand working her nub. ”Oh, I can’t believe it! You were right. Holy shit, it’s really going to happen!”

”How do you know?” I exhaled into her ear, as she temporarily moved her arms away from her shaking torso to steady herself.

”I just know. I don’t know how, but I just know!” She grabbed that spot where my leg meets my hip with one Beylikdüzü Elit Escort hand and gripped my hand working her over with the other, pulling it away as she started shaking uncontrollably. ”Fuck. Fuck! Oh, fuck me. Yes. Yes! Yes! Oh, God! Oh, God!” She breathed deeply but rapidly for the remainder of her orgasm, which lasted about a minute. In that time, I came again, but I don’t think she really noticed.

She collapsed, looking exhausted and I held her, smiling inwardly. I carried her to my room, not even glancing at her passed out friend still lying awkwardly on the floor. I climbed in bed after I’d let her down and wrapped her in my arms. Before she nodded off she mumbled something about a thank you and I something else about her car before I closed my eyes with her and we fell asleep. For some reason, I couldn’t – even if I wanted to – get it up again for another round. Like I said, I had met my match.

The next morning was strange. Her friend was pissed and pounded on the door until we both got up. She was making so much noise I couldn’t say anything to the brunette before walking them to her car. Which then had a parking ticket on the windshield. She left saying she’d get my number from my roommate and as I watched her drive off I felt disappointed because I knew I’d probably never see her again. And that’s why I was in this slump. The silver lining is the related incident that pulled me out of that slump.

It was about four months later, I was walking around my apartment with a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth when there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, I saw the brunette, smiling. Her name is Julie and to cut the long boring parts of a good story down to short I’ll let you know we fucked crazy for two weeks, dated for six months, were engaged for the same period of time and now we’ve been married for three years.

So, Jules is the adventurous type, and although she only made out with a few girls on the dance floor for our first year of marriage, she did eat Kelly, the annoying blond, out in front of me and another one of her friends one drunken night on our sofa. The friend who was watching her had reached over and rubbed my hard cock through my jeans, and even though she was a little overweight and didn’t hold a candle to either of the girls having fun in front of us, I was still a little tempted to give her something to moan about. In the morning, I was sure as shit glad I hadn’t given into my temptations.

After a surprisingly olympic two and a half hour sex session one night, Jules and I were lying on the bed naked watching the news. She turned to me suddenly and blurted, ”My friend Stacey can’t get to a second orgasm during sex.”

”That’s too bad.” I replied, eyes not leaving the television. Jules sometimes had a habit of tantalizing me with a conversation that ended up going nowhere. I wasn’t buying it this time.

”If it was okay with me, and I could watch, would you fuck her?” That really threw me, because she’d never been outright like that before. I didn’t show it however, and responded with a simple no. Julie sat up, incredulous. ”Whoa. Really? I’m not kidding, it’d be okay with me. Why wouldn’t you fuck her?”

”Because,” I responded, ”it would open Pandora’s box. It might sound ridiculous, but if you let me fuck other girls I wouldn’t want you getting it from other guys.” She nodded.

”Oh, okay. I see where you’re going. What if I said, the only spice I’d need would maybe be to dike out every once in a while – and sometimes jump into your fuckscapades.” I laughed loudly.

”Come on, Jules. I can’t even take you seriously when you talk like that. We’ve been having one on one monogamous sex for the past three years what makes you think I’d buy your sudden altered sexual perspective?” She was quiet, the kind of quiet that reveals you’ve let something slip. ”Holy, shit.” I blurted, turning quickly and propping myself up on a pillow. ”You’re lezzing out on a regular basis, aren’t you?” She smiled and scrunched up her nose, then stole my pillow and screamed into it. ”You are!” I started hitting her with another pillow over the head. She looked up at me when I stopped with a wicked look.

”Does that idea turn you on?” I brought my hand down to my hardening cock and started to stroke it.

”Ever since I saw you go down on Kelly that one night, I’ve been using that image in my fantasies every time I jerk off.” Her wicked smile broadened and she reached for my swollen member.

”Ready to go again?” I didn’t answer her. I just climbed onto her back, spread her legs a little and then slowly entered her wetness.

So that really sets up what happened next. Not the foursome as it turned out to be, since Julie and Stacey were joined by Kelly, who I took a liking to in her sober version… but the situation that just completely blew my mind. You might be thinking

”What beats the first sex you had with your wife – or the foursome that you’re not hyping in the least bit way.”

Well, actually… it was just another session of one on one sex. Yeah, that’s right. If you’re highly disappointed I didn’t break out some story with a trapeze swing or some hypnotic powder, remember – this all really happened. I actually went back and scanned what I wrote above and nothing so far is embellished.

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