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It all started just months after my divorce form Michael. I had been very lonely and in need of some intimate comforting since I had come home from shopping and lunch with friends to find Michael in bed with the daughter of a family friend. They weren’t doing anything illegal since she was 18 but it was just the idea that we had just celebrated our 20th anniversary the weekend prior. We had what I thought was a great sex life and I had always indulged him when it came to sexual fantasies with the exception of allowing him to have sex with another woman or me another man. Though I had on a couple of occasions had sex with a woman and allowed him to watch. I never really enjoyed the sex that much but he always did and after she would leave we would always have great sex that would last for a couple of hours at least.

Then one night in June of that year I was waiting up for our son Billy to come home and started flipping through some of the adult movie channels. The one that I stopped on was a reality show that was discussing mother/son incest and it started me thinking. I can’t say for sure why but I knew that I needed some relief from the tension that had been building since I threw Michael out of the house. So as I watched the show I pulled up my skirt and began to satisfy my needs. It wasn’t long before I heard Billy’s car pull up and I had to stop and change the channel. But I knew that I would finish later so it was no big deal, even though I was extremely frustrated that he had gotten home to soon for me to finish.

The next morning I went to Billy’s room to wake him and he was laying on top of his blankets completely naked. I couldn’t help but see that he had grown into quite a man and was actually larger than his dad. I immediately closed the door and knocked to wake him because I didn’t want him to know that I had seen him and have him be embarrassed by the revelation. The other thing that shocked me was that I noticed right away that I was beginning to get wet and I knew that I had to go back to my room and change my panties before I went downstairs to make Billy his breakfast. I knocked on the door of Billy’s room and he answered pretty quickly as usual. I told him that it was time to get ready for his first class and that when he got downstairs I would have breakfast ready for him. Then I returned to my room and changed into clean panties and a pair of shorts to make sure that if this thing happened again it would be easier to at least hide it a little. Then I went downstairs to start breakfast.

You have to understand that the only reason I was still making breakfast for my 19 yr old son was simply the fact that I had always been a housewife and mother and I didn’t know anything else. When breakfast was ready I called to Billy and he came down to eat. As we ate we talked about the usual things that were going on in his and my lives and what the plans were to that evening. But, it was hard for me to sit there and talk to him after what I had seen and the reaction that my body had betrayed me with. And, of course once again I was feeling the same thing. When Billy finished eating he came around the table and gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed off to school for the day. At that point I ran upstairs once again to change my clothes before I started my day of cleaning and laundry.

Around noon I got a call from Julie a friend of mine that had a son Billy’s age. We had known each other since the boys were in kindergarten and were great friends. I knew that if there was anyone that I could confide in about this it would be her. And, since she had been through much the same thing as I had finding her husband in bed with a younger woman I knew that we share a lot of the same frustrations.

When Julie arrived she came in the back door as usual into the kitchen and I had a light lunch ready for the two of us. We sat down to eat and began to talk about all that was going on between me and Michael. It didn’t take long for her to steer the conversation toward sex and how I was dealing with that area of my life since the split. That is when I began to tell her about the show that I had been watching the night before and the feelings that I had felt that morning. I was almost in tears by the time I finished telling her everything and I told her that I hoped that we could still remain friends in spite of what I had told her.

It was then that she began to tell me about herself and her son John Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort and the fact that they had been having an affair since he had graduated from high school. She told me all about the fact that she had grown up in a family that and done much the same thing that she and John were doing for as long as she could remember. She had even slept with her brother and father after she had turned 18. She was very comfortable with the lifestyle and she thought that it might do me some good to talk about my feelings more so that I could understand where they were coming from. Since I knew that Julie had been a counselor for a few years when John was young and had moved up when she got her doctorate I decided that it couldn’t hurt.

As we talked I began to realize that there was a much bigger part of the population of our small town that we in the lifestyle than I could have possibly imagined. And, it was at that point that I also found out that my best friend had seduced my own son one night when he had stayed with them and she had slept with John and Billy at the same time. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that Julie, my best friend had slept with my son and even more than that it was a threesome.

She then began to explain that women our age had a sex drive equal to that of a male the age of our sons and that they were the only ones that could truly keep up with us in bed. She had learned that fact early in life when she had discovered her own mother in bed with her older brother. That is when her mother an MD had explained the facts of life to her and told her all about the incestuous lifestyle that she and her son had been living since he had turned 18. Julie’s mother had also explained that this type of lifestyle was only acceptable when both parties were of age and consented to it. Otherwise it was something that should never happen.

It wasn’t long before Julie headed back home to see her next appointment and left me to think about all that she had said. And that is exactly what I did for the rest of the afternoon and much of the evening until Billy came home from his last class around 9p.m. A few days passed before I saw Julie again and when I did she asked me about my feelings and what I had thought about all she had told me. It was then that I realized that she had also talked to Billy about the same things when he had stayed with them the night of their little tryst. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My own son knew about this strange and perverted lifestyle and was completely comfortable with it. Not only that but, had dreamed about such a relationship with me as well. It was then that I knew that I was in real trouble. It wasn’t going to take Billy long for figure out what was going on and try to start something with me. And I knew that if he did I wouldn’t have the emotional strength to say no. At this point I should explain that I was at that time a 38year old mom who had only had one male sex partner my whole life. I am in good shape because I work out three times a week and I have an all over tan from laying out by our pool at least three of four times a week with nothing on from the waist up.

That weekend it happened just as I had feared. Billy came home on Saturday night after spending the day with John and after supper as I was doing the dishes he came to me and slid his arms around my waist. When I asked him what he thought he was doing he replied that he felt it was time for me to move on with my life and forget about dad. Then he turned me around and kissed me on the lips in a way that told me that he had already decided that he would be the one to change my life. Without thinking I responded to his kiss as if he was already my lover. My mind kept telling me it was wrong but, at the same time my heart was telling me that this was exactly what I needed and I gave myself to him completely. It didn’t take long for my strong, handsome son to pick me up and carry me upstairs to my bed. But, much to my surprise he didn’t try to immediately begin to get my clothes off. Instead he continued to kiss and caress my face and arms. It was almost as if he would not go any farther without me making the next move to let him know that what he wanted was ok with me and what I wanted as well.

Before long I knew I had to have him as my lover and I guided his had to my breasts. At every step and with every touch he was gentle and loving with Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort me and did not offer to go any farther until I showed him that I was ready. Next I guided his hand to the front of my shorts and at the same time I opened my legs slightly to let him know that I wanted his had between them. And I began to explore his chest and arms so that I had a chance to get to know the body of my new lover. It didn’t take him long to begin gently massaging my secret place and I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. I knew that if he continued for much longer I could climax simply from his touch and gentleness. So I made the next move by rolling him onto his back and sliding on top of him. As I did I broke away from his embrace long enough to pull my shirt over my head to reveal my lacey white bra. And I pulled his hands up to my breasts as I leaned back down to begin kissing him again. I felt as if I was a virgin all over again with the amount of excitement that I felt with every touch.

Then I pulled him up to that I could pull his shirt off and see his bare chest and I began to kiss and lick my way across it in an attempt to let him know that I was ready for him to make the next move which he did without any help from me at all. He slid his hands from their places on my breasts around my body and unhooked my bra but, when I tried to pull it off completely he stopped me and told me that he would do it when he was ready. Then he lifted on breast out of it’s place in my bra and began lick and suck on it letting me know that he was experienced in the ways to satisfy a woman and he meant to use every trick he knew to make sure that this night would be a night that I would never forget. The part of sex that I had always enjoyed the most was the chance to have my husband’s penis in my mouth prior to him entering me and I wanted the same thing from my son. So I started to kiss my way down his chest to his belly and down the front of his pants till I could feel his manhood through the material of his pants. Then I opened the snap and zipper of his pants and slid my hand down the front of his boxers until I had my hand on his penis and I began to stroke it as I used the other hand to pull his pants and boxers down so that I could get to my prize more easily. When I looked up at his face I saw a look of passion in his eyes that told me everything I wanted to know about what I was about to do and at the same time he reached down and helped me pull his pants and boxers down and off.

I pushed his legs open and took my place between them so that I could better reach what I desired the most. As I took him into my mouth for the first time I began to realize just how big he really was and began to wonder if I would be able to handle him like I had learned to do with his father, who was considerably smaller in length and thickness. But, I knew that I had to try because I wanted him to pump his seed straight into my throat. I figured that since he was still so young that it wouldn’t take long for him to reach his first orgasm which I soon realized was not the case at all. After about 10 minutes with him in my mouth he pulled me back up and once again started to kiss me and explore my body. His hands went down my back to the top of my shorts and stopped and I knew that he was waiting for me to let him know that it was ok so I pushed his hands down onto my backside where he began to once again explore my body and bring me even closer to ecstasy.

As we kissed he rolled us over so that he was on top of me and he ground his pelvis into me to let me know that he was ready for the next step. So I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down so that he would know that I wanted him to finish undressing me. As he kissed his way down my body he finally removed my bra and lavished kissed all over my breasts. Then he began to kiss his way down toward the top of my shorts. When he reached the waist band of my shorts I reached down and unbuttoned them so that he knew I was ready and he finished opening them and pulled them down my legs and off my feet. But he left my panties on and kissed his way back up from my feet back to the top of my thighs were I felt his first kiss on my womanhood. Without even realizing it I began to move my hips in rhythm with his kisses and I could feel my panties getting soaked form what he was doing to me and I knew that he could both smell and taste the Beylikdüzü Genç Escort excitement that he was causing.

Without me realizing what was happening he pulled my panties out of the way and began to explore my most secret place with his tongue until he hit my bud and I groaned for the first time since this had started. That is when he knew that he had found the spot that he wanted and he began to gently suck on it as my groans grew louder and I began to reach for his head to pull him deeper into me. It wasn’t long and my first orgasm hit and I couldn’t believe how hard it hit me. I had never felt anything to intense and powerful and I screamed his name for the first of many times that night. But, he didn’t stop there instead he continued to pleasure me in the same way until he had given me two more intense orgasms. Then he began to kiss his way back up my body to my face and kissed me for the first time with an open mouth kiss and I could taste what he had been tasting and I knew that I wanted to taste more as I pulled his tongue deeper into my mouth and began to suck on it to taste even more of myself.

When I finally let go of his tongue and broke our kiss it was only long enough to tell him that I wanted him to make me completely his. I reached down between our bodies and took hold of his manhood and began to pull him toward my entrance and at the same time I pulled my panties to the side to allow him full access to me. As he began to enter me I moaned and told him to go slow because I didn’t know how much of him I could handle and, without hesitation he did as I asked. He worked himself slowly into me and let me get use to his size before he started to really let me know that he knew exactly what he was doing and exactly how to do it. By the time he had reached his first orgasm he had given me two more of my own.

When I felt him begin to swell in preparation for his orgasm I looked him in the eye and told him to go inside of be because I wanted to have is seed where it belonged. Within seconds I could feel him filling me full of more man juice than I had ever know was possible for a man to produce at one time. When he had finished he again rolled us over and pulled me down to kiss me again. He told me that he loved me and that he always would and would always be here for me no matter what happened. And we drifted off to sleep with my son still buried inside on my now sore womanhood.

When we woke the next morning I was still on top of him in the bed that I had shared with his father for the past 20 years. As I tried to move to get off of him I felt him start to grow once again and I knew that I couldn’t pull him out of me until I felt him go inside of me again so I began to move my hips lightly to help him get completely hard again before I lifted myself off of his chest so that I could ride his manhood to orgasm again. I knew that I didn’t have to worry about him getting me pregnant because I had gone through a hysterectomy earlier that year because of the onset of problems with my ovaries. But at the same time I also knew that it would be almost impossible for me to separate myself from my new found love.

That day we went shopping so that he could help me pick out a new bed for us to share and new lingerie for me that I knew he would like seeing me in. for the next three nights we slept in his bed because I couldn’t bring myself to take my lover into a bed that I had shared with another man. Our new bedroom suit was delivered Monday morning and I had it all ready when he got home from class that afternoon. It didn’t take long for him to let me know that he was ready to start breaking in the new mattress which we did over the next couple of hours before I pulled myself away from his arms to make us some dinner.

It is now six years later and Billy has graduated from collage and is working a great job in the city. We are still living together and are still lovers but, we are more than that now. The man who was once my son and the most important part of my life has now taken his place as my husband and lover. We were married in a private ceremony in Mexico just after he graduated. Of course the only ones that know about it are Julie and John who went with us and did the same thing in a double wedding. I have never been so happy in all my life and my only regret in the whole thing is that I can’t give my husband a child to complete our family. He has taught me so many things about life and love, sex and passion that I never would have thought possible and I have given myself to him completely. There is nothing that I won’t do for him no matter what he asks and he know it but he has never once asked me to do anything that could in any way be misconstrued as an attempt by him to bring someone else into our lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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