My Last Halloween

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Hello there, James here and this is an account of the Halloween party I threw for my special friends last year. Jessica my dear slave has been looking over my shoulder as I type this up and for a sweet submissive has surprised me a few times as she corrected me.

‘No Master that’s not what happened,’ or, ‘It was the other way round Master.’

I will see to her about the interruptions later, but as she is such a sweet girl I suppose I will have to tell it the way it was.

For those of you who have not read any of my previous accounts of my adventurous friends, I had better introduce us all. I am James, a slave master. I make and sell BDSM equipment. I also sell to a BDSM web site so you have probably seen pictures of an unrecognizable me and Jessica my very recognizable slave. I am of English stock. No longer married, no children that I know of. I will admit to being over 40 as my hair is going grey.

How do you know when your getting old? Your pubic hair goes grey as well! Jessica my live-in submissive companion is very skilled at removing that giveaway sign.

Jessica is a delight, she is very clever, has blue eyes, long strawberry blond hair, which she wears in braids. She is 26, can look like a sophisticated woman, or an innocent teenager, not beautiful, but very striking. She is tall, just a centimeter shorter than my 185cm, but very slender. As supply as a gymnast. Her skin is flawless alabaster, she dislikes the sun as she gets freckles, though I have never seen them. She’s a little sensitive about her breast size and wants to have implants. I have told her to wait until after she has had a child. She tells me that that is not likely as she intends to be with me for ever. She knows I had a vasectomy a long while ago. Oh to be so young! She is not only submissive, she is bi-sexual and a masochist. She has a very high pain tolerance and will always beg for more. She lost her virginity at fifteen, but had no real experience with men until we met just two years ago. She has a law degree and was a state champion swimmer.

Annie, My seamstress, machinist co-designer and sometimes cook also lives with us, she has a flat on the top floor of my old Victorian house. She used to be a high-class call girl, but has retired from that business. She had an unfortunate incident with a client which required a lawyer, which is how I met Jessica and then her. She is probably in her late thirties, may be more. She is petite, a size 6 with 34D breasts that Jessica is jealous of. Trim, taught and terrific, but she eats more than me. I have to work hard and play hard to avoid getting fat.

Annie has a strange phobia. She will not participate in any of our games unless she cannot see what is going on. She made herself a tightly fitted leather mask with a padlock that she wears to any of our sessions. She is Ok with fittings for other people, but will leave at the first signs of action, or put her mask on and then join in as a total passive doing everything she is told to do in silence. One day I will make her say something rather than respond to questions.

The twins, Johnny and Jimmy who live in the other top floor flat are still in college, also doing law. They are fit young bucks of 22 and I think confused sexually. They are good looking, 190cm with abs of steel, yet they are not into sports outside my dungeon. I think they were virgins before they came to me. They have never had a girl visit them in the year they have lived here. They are rather passive, but will act tough when prompted. They have submitted to my every command. They have short black hair, Jessica keeps their body hair trimmed and has had lots of fun with different stiles, saucy bitch. She did a


to their pubic hair within the first week so she could tell which twin was which.

Bea is quite a well known and respected professional person about my age, but can look older, or younger depending upon her mood. She is a dominatrix, a size 12 always smartly dressed. A woman with presence and not to be trifled with. She always wears lots of jewelry and is always quite heavily made up. She has a wicked sense of humor, her voice is a deep contralto. Her hair a dark red in a severe short style. Her eyes are green and quite large. She does not have an ounce of fat on her and is surprisingly strong. Oh and her legs go on forever! Bea in short skirt and fishnet stockings striding down the street is guaranteed to stop the traffic.

Bea also has two sub missives, Sylvia, about 30 is another size 6 with big breasts. She is a depraved masochist and will tell you to hit her harder, more or try here, to what ever is done to her. Once I drew blood and still she begged for more! Sally is probably not yet 21, a plump size 16 struggling to be a size 12. She is always saying sorry. She is also masochistic, but much less vocal. Her white skin goes crimson at the slightest touch. I have some fabulous photos of her with whip marks in nice places. She has dark brown hair and her eyes are almost black.

Billy Tipobet and her husband Bobby are a strange couple She is very much into BDSM, he reluctantly has followed her lead. She almost always ties him up and is constantly taunting him when she becomes a submissive slave. Telling Bobby to look at what they were doing to her! She then asks for him to be let loose while she is still restrained with obvious results. They are very well off, always well dressed. They are having a final fling before starting a family. Billy has her life totally planned out. Bobby is obviously entranced with his beautiful wife, a size 10 with olive skin, dark hair, tawny eyes and 36DD breasts. Bobby is almost un-attractive, an average non-descript man who can disappear in a crowd of three.

George and Francis are totally the opposite with George a struggling farmer who works his fingers to the bone and his equally hard working submissive wife. They would like to play with us more often, but a busy farm to manage leaves them little time. They are a delightful couple in early 30’s. They lost a child a couple of years ago and are debating adoption as Francis cannot have another child. She regrets only having had the one. She was totally inhibited when I first knew her. Bea and Jessica have bought her out of her shell. She is in awe of Sylvia, but could be her twin. George is a bull of a man almost as wide as he is tall with no neck and barrel chest. Francis is a little taller than him. He may be the shortest of us all, but has an impressive cock not long but very thick.

Michael is my step sisters ex-husband I had not seen him in the ten years before he came to visit at an inappropriate time, un-announced. Bea and her girls were trying out some new BDSM equipment at the time, Sylvia and Sally suspended naked and Bea almost naked in my dungeon. Somehow the front door had not been locked. He almost had a heart attack when he popped his head round the door to say hello. He lives interstate and was suffering from divorce blues until he met Bea. He now comes to visit me at any and every opportunity. He is late 30’s, short-ish, quite well off but looking for work here. As a research scientist he is rather tied to his present position. He is rather a nerd, but Bea has got his juices flowing. He has never really initiated anything, but is learning to enjoy being a sadist. This is the first time he has met the rest of the gang.

The Halloween party had been Georges idea some months ago and Bea had agreed to join in when she knew Michael was coming over. My visitors were to arrive a seven sharp smart casual. I was to provide costumes after a finger food dinner for a trick or treat party. I had prepared a set of typed up instruction cards for each of the players. There were a six sets of options on each card and the way the trick or treat was to be selected was with the throw of a dice, trick or treat with the toss of a coin. Who was to go first by selecting a card. I had dice and playing cards and a nice Double Headed silver dollar.

At six fifty the rumpus room was all set up, warm, with nice background music and the food set out. Time to begin. I told Jessica to take her clothes off and she was to serve all the drinks. She knew Bobby would freak out but willingly complied.

‘Master you are not nice!’

I took her discarded clothes, not much, a skirt and blouse with me as I made my way to the front door. Tossed them into the laundry and took the boxes of outfits back down to the rumpus room.

Annie was coming down the external stairs so I opened the front door and told her that Jessica was naked and was she alright with that. She laughed and told me she had the mask ready. I let her in and she helped me carry the costumes we had designed and made the previous week. She was the only one who knew what the costumes looked like. I had them all in labeled boxes. I had sent Annie back to the rumpus room with the last box when the door bell rang. On the dot of seven. I opened the door and all my guests were there. Each had a bottle of wine, though Bea also had a plate of delicious looking homemade chocolate rum balls.

I groaned, ‘All those calories Bea.’

She laughed, ‘You don’t HAVE to eat one, I am sure the others will eat any you don’t want. There’s only three each!’

I took top coats and pointed them in the direction of the rumpus room. ‘Jessica is in charge of the bar give the bottles to her please.’ I hung Bea’s smart coat and Billy’s mink up and found chairs to put the other coats on.

My guests took off together. I heard a loud roar from Bobby as he saw the naked Jessica beside the bar.

‘Good God James, it’s one of those parties again!’

Billy told him, ‘Shut up you fool of course it is!’

Bobby did as he was told and Billy gave Jessica a hug and quick grope then stroked her husbands face with a damp finger. ‘Aren’t you glad we came dear?’

Bobby muttered something, but managed a smile. By the Tipobet Giriş time I reached the rumpus room Jessica had been hugged by everyone except Bobby.

Billy told him, ‘Give her a proper kiss and be cool Bobby’. Bobby did as he was told. Jessica practically ate him. He was very flushed when she put him down.

‘Well that broke the ice.’ I thought to myself. I asked around for peoples preferences and passed the orders for drinks to Jessica and the party began. George, Johnny and Jimmy stood beside the bar watching Jessica’s every move. Bobby sat as far away from the bar as he could. Sylvia cornered Francis while Bea, Annie, and Sally cozied up on the lounger by the coffee table. Michael stood facing Bea leaning back on a bar stool. Billy started to ask me about the evening and what I had planned and what were the costumes like. I told her she had to wait and see. She boldly told me that as long as we sent Bobby into a real state she would be happy.

‘He is a good man, a fine husband, but has no imagination.’ she explained.

I could see that she was very casually dressed. The blouse was see through and she did not have a bra on and there was no panty line showing on her tight short skirt. Despite her constant questions she proved that she was aware of the looks between Michael and Bea.

She bent forward giving me a better look down the front of the blouse. ‘Is there something between Michael and Bea?’ she whispered.

I just smiled a ‘who knows’ smile. The food quickly disappeared and a few more drinks were served. Jessica was wicked with Bobby she gave him a one eyed smile when she placed Bea’s third Gin and Tonic on the coffee table. I saw Michael got the same look at Jessica’s display. He smiled at Bobby’s reaction. Bea handed the rum balls round and I just had to have one. I passed when the bowl came round again, feeling very righteous. ‘Ok lovely people, its Halloween and time for us Big Kids to play tick or treat. Let me explain the rules and what is planned.’

Billy chimed in, ‘First rule is that there are no rules!’

‘Trust You,’ said Bobby.

‘Now, now, Billy, Bobby, well not exactly rules, but a planned order of events. Each of us having a turn at trick or treat. Those boxes have some new costumes that Annie and I have designed and made for you. We hope they fit as we had to guess a little.’

‘Ok so each box has a costume it also has a typed instruction card in it. On each card there are pairs of actions, a Treat set and a Trick set. Some are quite mild some are not so mild. All are not specific as to gender. Some tricks may be considered as treats and vice-versa and there are six of each on the card. You will throw a dice to decide which ones are to be used for your trick or treat. No one has an action that should cause them to decide not to comply.’

‘Ok, so I will explain more as we progress because Jessica is going to go first. Jessica will go and get dressed in her costume, though I will have to help. Jessica will come back and show you her costume and after you have seen it she and Annie will be in the dressing room to help you change. You will go change as directed, the twins will go after Jessica. When we have all changed we will go down to the dungeon, there should be enough seats and Jessica will have her go at trick or treat. Any Questions?’

There was a few murmured ‘No’s.’

I took the box marked Jessica and James through the passage to the small study which was to be the dressing room. I gave Jessica her box and she opened it. Revealing a powder blue leather bustier. With lace-up sides. It was the work of seconds to put it on, it took longer to lace up tight. The soft leather pulled her waist in and pushed her breasts up, her nipples rested on the low-cut front. I pulled the Thongs tight and then tighter. Jessica shimmied about a bit and was soon satisfied.

‘Nice master makes my boobs look bigger.’ Annie had shaped the cups very expertly.

I took off my slacks and shirt and got into the black leather harness that was tight around the waist. There were leather belts for upper arms and a leather cod piece. Jessica helped me fit my equipment in place. She snuck a quick lick in as she did this. Then when I did not object sucked me fully into her eager mouth.

‘Thank you Jessica that is very nice, but I have to get dressed not erect.’

‘Yes Master.’ she said as she released my turgid member. ‘Ok Jessica here is your card, you only have two options, the cross or the carrousel. You can be dressed as you are, or naked. You will find out who is to fix you up and/or undress you by fanning out the cards and getting people to take one. The highest card gets to flip a coin, while you call heads or tails to decide if its trick, or treat. You can then double up, or pass to decide if your naked, or still in your costume. Then you will be fixed up to cross or carrousel. Now go flash your stuff. I will send Annie back here with you with the twins and Tipobet Güncel Giriş the party can begin.’

‘Yes Master.’ She gave me a quick peck on the cheek. She whispered ‘Love you Master.’ We went back to the rumpus room and after a few ‘Ohs’ and ‘Ahs’ Johnny, Jimmy, Annie and Jessica went back to get dressed. We had made some gladiator skirts for the boys. Strips of hard leather attached to a stout belt. Nothing else, though Jessica oiled their upper bodies while Annie made sure the belts were tight. We were soon joined by Johnny and Jimmy.

‘Ok Sylvia and Sally next.’ They soon returned in slave girl outfits that left one breast bare and the short skirt was split to the waist.

‘Ok, You next Bea.’ Bea took a little while longer to dress. A black patent leather set of belts that crisscrossed her body, but covered nothing. Michael whistled appreciatively, when she did a twirl for everyone to see.

‘Ok George. Your next.’ George had a similar outfit to Johnny and Jimmy but with an extra belt across his massive chest.

‘Ok Michael.’ He had a roman toga which became quite a hit as he wore nothing beneath it and it slipped down and off three times in the first minute. Bea gave his bare bottom a sharp smack the third time and promised more if it happened again. Michael lost his toga at regular intervals before it was his turn for trick or treat.

‘Ok Billy and Bobby you can go together.’ I caught Billy’s eye to make sure he got dressed up first. She caught my meaning and winked at me. Bobby as a gladiator did not come off. But Billy as a slave girl was splendid especially as her costume was totally see through.

Then Francis went in. She had a choice of costume a slave girl like Sylvia or a sexy set of ribbons like Bea’s, but made of silk. She surprised me as much as George to come out in the ribbons.

Totally naked with a shaved pussy and ribbons tight about thighs waist and under her bust. I knew there had been a lot of touching when she had put them on. I had had fun with Annie working out how to fix them on, there was just one button holding up several yards of half inch ribbon to her lush flesh.

George grabbed her and was rough with her already standing nipples. Jessica led a naked Annie into the room in her leather full mask. A dog leash and studded collar fixed round her neck. Jessica had a full cape draped round her shoulders.

‘I was a little cold.’ she explained. ‘Ok Folks to the dungeon.’ And so the main event started. ‘Do not loose your cards. I do have a spare set in the dungeon, but they will be harder tricks and not so nice treats!’

I took the playing cards, the dice and the silver dollar with me. I herded the crew down the stairs. Jessica led the way with Annie holding on tight. I bought up the rear with Billy pushing Bobby ahead of her. She pulled the hem of her costume up and gave me a flash of her bare bottom. I was going to enjoy that bit of tail later. Though it would be a different color when I had finished with it.

Most had found seats when I entered my dungeon, a large room, but with thirteen people in it, it looked rather crowded.

‘Ok Jessica trick or treat time, fan the cards out and see who gets to toss the coin.’

Jessica took the cards ‘Highest card wins.’ she said then went round the group. I of course already had an ace in my hand. No one else drew an ace, there weren’t any others in the pack.

‘Ok Me, collect the cards Jessica.’ I put them back into the box restoring the full deck in the process. ‘So Jessica. You have your instruction card now throw a dice to see which one of the six tricks or treats you have.’ She threw a 4. ‘Ok read it out.’

She said, ‘well trick is the carrousel, treat is the cross. That is not fair they are both nasty!’

‘Now, now, Jessica, call heads or tails.’ I tossed the coin.

She called, ‘Heads’ and heads it was.

‘Ok you choose.’

‘Ok the carrousel is more comfortable than the cross.’

‘Ok now you get the chance to double up. As you are, or naked?

‘Double up.’ she said. I tossed the coin.

She called. ‘Tails.’ It came down heads.

‘Naked.’ I said in triumph. Jessica made a face. ‘Ok dear strip off. And I will fix you up.’

Jessica was unusually silent and did not move. ‘Master can I do another double up?’

I said, ‘Of course, but I do not know what form that the trick or treat could take.’ The room was very quiet. It seemed everyone held their breaths.

‘Well you could use the new machine, or put some clips on my nipples or my labia.’

‘Yes I suppose I could. Call then.’ and tossed the coin.

‘Tails,’ she said. Heads came down.

‘Ok. The clips on your nipples.’

‘Double again,’ she said. I tossed the coin.

‘Tails,’ she said again, and again the coin came down heads.

‘Clips, or machine, want to call for which?’

She smiled and said, ‘Tails,’ and again the coin came down heads.

‘Ok. Clips.’ I had other ideas for the machine.

‘Oh Master, I cannot win a trick. Can I double up again.’

‘Yes, but I do not know what the trick will be if you loose.’ Jessica said quite meekly. ‘Master I have an idea what I want if I win and something you will like if I loose.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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