My Latino Concubine Ch. 01

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After an unhappy 12-year marriage to a woman with a bad temper and a colossal ego, I got divorced. The sex had been increasingly rare the last few years and was never that great to begin with, since she was a very selfish lover. And even though I was now 40, I was as horny as ever and was ready to return to the frequent sex binges of my single days. But I didn’t want to deal with that kind of ego, so I decided to try something different – find an illegal alien, take advantage of her desperation, and make her my concubine. My mission took me on a drive of about 1,500 miles to El Paso, Texas.

There, on a Saturday night, I walked the streets near the Mexican border like the sexual predator that I am. I saw some good prospects and thought about who to pursue and how. But then, while I was checking out a couple of young Latino hotties, another one found me. “Give me a dollar,” I heard in a strong foreign accent. I turned around and I saw a gorgeous young Latino woman who looked like she was in her early 20s. She had perfect brown skin, was 5’0″ tall and 120 lbs., and had thin, silky jet black hair that went to the middle of her back. She was wearing a sleeveless white shirt, a pair of gray elastic shorts and a white pair of flip flops. Her shorts only covered about 1/3 of her solid thighs and the top of her feet looked very hot.

After looking her over for a few seconds, and especially staring at her feet, I made eye contact with her. The look in her eyes said “Please, I’m desperate.” So I decided to take advantage of that desperation.

“Walk over to that park bench and sit on your knees,” I commanded her sternly. She paused for a few seconds in confusion, but then obeyed me. When she was there, I removed her flip flops, then walked back to examine her soles. “Oh shit,” I moaned in ecstasy. They were the hottest two things I’d ever seen. At once, the almost made me melt and say “Awwwwwwwww, aren’t they cute,” but at the same time, they were so erotic that they got me hard as a fucking rock. I knew right there and then and I was going to lure her to my hotel room and worship those soles. I looked down and noticed that her flip flops were size 5. I didn’t realize that feet so small could be so hot.

After about 30 seconds, while staying in that position, she turned her head around and looked at me, obviously having no idea what I wanted from her or whether I was going to help her or not. “Come with me,” I commanded. She was frozen. Then I reached into my front left jeans pocket and pulled out a roll of several hundred dollars in cash and held it just a few inches in front of her face. “Look, you asked me for a dollar. I’ll give you a lot more than that if you come with me.” Her eyes opened widely and she apparently was conflicted between wanting my money and being afraid to go with me. After thinking it over for several seconds, she slowly put her flip flops back on and looked at me as if to say that she would do it. I took her by the hand and walked her about six blocks to my hotel room. We didn’t say a word the whole time and I felt through a vein in her hand that her pulse was very quick.

It was an expensive high rise hotel used mainly by business executives, so she very much stood out in the crowd when I walked her through the lobby and into the glass elevator, which we took to my 17th floor room. She clearly felt very much out of place. When we got to my room and I unlocked the door with my free hand, she paused, not sure that she wanted to go through with this. But I nudged her and she walked through, seeming like she didn’t want to but was afraid that I would force her if she resisted. As soon as she was in, I quickly closed the door and locked all the locks, which prompted a gasp from her. But then, as I turned on the lights, Bahçelievler escort she slipped off her flip flops, realizing that she was going to be staying there for a while and might as well make herself comfortable.

“Strip me,” I commanded her. She paused and stared at me. I wasn’t sure if she was refusing or if her English wasn’t good enough to understand what I had just said. So I rephrased it and spoke more slowly. “Take all of my clothes off now.” In a process that took about three minutes, she slowly and reluctantly took off my T shirt, shoes, socks, jeans and finally my underpants, which caused my massive hard on to pop out. As soon as she’d completely taken off my underpants, she stood back up and her eyes were glued on my fuckstick. After staring at it for several seconds, as if she’d never seen a man’s private area before, she said in awe “It so big.”

“Yes it is,” I confidently responded. “And how does it feel?”

She gently gripped my shaft with her small right hand and said “It so hard.”

At that, I took her by her left hand and walked her over to the desk, pulled out the chair, sat down at the edge, looked her deep in the eyes and commanded her “Show me what you can do with it.” She slowly but instantly dropped to her knees, took my hard on in her right hand and stared at it from up close for several seconds. She stared at it all over, clearly fascinated by it, then planted a little kiss on the spout, which was oozing pre-come. She then opened her mouth and took me in as far as she could without gagging, which was about 2/3 of the way, then started sucking as if she were trying to suck a very thick milkshake through a straw. After she got used to that, she started licking me all over, while still sucking the same way. By this point, it was obvious to me that this was her first blow job, but I didn’t mind. I loved being her first and experiencing her experimentation. After several minutes, her tongue glided across the area right under my spout and I let out a moan. That seemed to give her confidence, so she did it again, and I moaned again. Obviously wanting to impress me and get as much money out of me as possible, she repeated that act over and over.

At first, I was mostly watching the look of innocent curiosity on her face, but as the blow job went on, my eyes shifted to her soles and that got me even more excited, especially knowing that I’d be worshipping them in just a few minutes. I also started running my fingers through her hair and massaging her head. Soon, the repeated licking combined with the steady sucking was too much. I knew I was about to come but I intentionally didn’t tell her, because I wanted to see her reaction. As the pleasure of my orgasm began and filled my entire body, I forced myself to show no reaction, but I shifted myself slightly so that my first shot would hit the roof of her mouth. This being her first time, I was concerned about choking her if my come suddenly hit her throat and she wasn’t prepared for it.

The first shot came out and splattered all over the roof of her mouth. She instantly jumped in surprise but kept on sucking and licking until I was done and had almost filled her small mouth. As I stopped coming and got soft, she kept me in her mouth and looked up at me. Our eyes locked on each other and I think she was looking for a sign of my approval, and I gave her one. “Good girl,” I said smiling. She smiled, too, which was the first sign I saw that she was comfortable and wanted to go further. At that, I placed my hands under her arm pits and guided her up on the chair, where she straddled me, I took her in my arms, closed my eyes, tiled my head to the right and slightly parted my lips – she took the cue and, after being very submissive Bahçelievler escort bayan up to that point, shoved her face toward mine. We had a deep, passionate, open mouthed kiss. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she’d already swallowed my entire load.

After just a few seconds of that, I placed one hand on each of her ass cheeks, picked her up, carried her over to the bed, threw her down and jumped on her. From there, I ripped her clothes off in about five seconds and got even hotter when I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra or underpants. We resumed kissing and as we tongued each other, my hands explored her body and she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me. She didn’t have much on her chest, but I’m much more of a foot/sole guy, so that was fine with me. And she had a huge, thick bush, which I assume had never even been trimmed.

And that bush was now soaking wet, making it apparent that she had been turned on even longer than I suspected. Upon feeling that wetness, I decided to dive right in. I moved down and, sensing what I was about to do, she let out a loud gasp. And as I buried my face in her small cunt and placed my tongue on her swollen clit, she exploded with hysterical screaming. As I ran my tongue up and down, back and forth, left to right and in circles, she took a deep and dramatic breath, then screamed her lungs out, and kept repeating the process, sporadically saying “That good!” Her body began trembling very quickly but I held her in place by wrapping my arms around her thighs.

She came over and over and soon my face was as soaked as her cunt. I kept increasing my speed and she keep increasing her screaming. Less than an hour earlier, we had never met. Now I was giving her feelings she’s never experienced and probably didn’t even know were possible. I knew that she was getting the better end of the deal – I was only getting sex while she was getting sex PLUS material gain – but I didn’t care. Sex was my drug and it felt great to be getting to stoned on it again after all those years.

After a little over half an hour, and probably at least 20 orgasms, her inexperienced clit finally had its fill. She went into violent convulsions and though I tried to hold her in place, this time she cried “Please stop.” But I wasn’t ready for down time yet. My hard on was back and I slid up and entered her. She spread her legs, as if telling me that it was okay to fuck her. And that’s exactly what I did. As I pressed, I discovered that she was indeed a virgin, so I tried to be gentle.

I pressed my fuckstick firmly against her cherry, cupped my hands around her shoulders and then grunted right in her ear “Hold on tight.” Her nervousness returned and she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me while our front upper bodies were pressed hard together. I began pushing slowly but steadily. She cringed, prepared for pain, and finally she popped. As she did, she winced but remained fairly composed, only getting slightly tearful. I stayed in one position for about a minute and let the pain ease while letting her get used to having a long hard object inside her.

Then I slowly pulled out everything but the head and drove in as far as I could. I’ve gotten my entire 7.25″ inside several women but this one simply wasn’t big enough. I got most of it in, though, and liked fucking someone so small, as it enabled me to fill her up completely. I also loved that she had the tightest cunt I’d ever fucked. The way her cunt walls felt clasping onto my fuckstick was amazing. I went very slow and after a few thrusts in and out she began moving her body in a perfect rhythm with mine. At that point, she opened her eyes and we maintained intense eye contact throughout the fuck. After about Escort bahçelievler five minutes she began coming, though more calmly than when I was going down on her.

The contraction of her cunt sent me over the edge and she and I ended up coming together as I had one of the best orgasms of my life. I kept a slow speed, which makes the coming feel better and last longer. And in this case, it was an extreme high; a perfect way to top off my hottest experience in well over 10 years and of my my hottest ever. After I came, our eye contact continued and she now seemed very emotional. She breathed very heavily and appeared to be on the verge of tears. “How are you, Honey?” I asked after a couple of minutes.

“I good,” she assuringly responded.

“Me too!” We passionately kissed again, but only briefly this time, as I was burning to worship her soles, which were the reason I brought her to my hotel room in the first place. I knelt at the end of the bed and went to work on both of them, giving them hundreds, maybe thousands, of kisses, licks and sucks, all over. They were the smallest soles I ever worshipped and also the best. She didn’t respond to what I was doing, but I didn’t care. I had pleased her a lot already and was going to take extra good care of her to reward her for the phenomenal pleasure she’d given me and hopefully would continue giving me.

I can worship a pair of soles for hours but having already gone down on her and kissed her for so long, my tongue was tired and my saliva was almost gone in about 40 minutes. At that point, I crawled up and turned her onto her left side so that we were face-to-face. She now was grinning widely.

“What’s that smile about?” I asked.

“That why you take off my shoes!” she answered. “You like feet!”

“Yes, especially soles!”


“The bottom of the feet!” She just smiled and give me a quick kiss on the lips. Then I said “Come on, let’s take a hot shower together and get you cleaned up.” I took her by the hand to the shower and each of us watched the other completely from head to toe. She had a little blood on her thighs, but much less than I expected. After the shower, we got under the covers and cuddled. She fell asleep almost instantly and after a few minutes, I got up and went through her pants pockets, trying to find out any information that I could about her. In one pocket, she had $17, which I guess she’d made from begging. There was nothing in her other pocket, not even an ID. I re-joined her under the covers and we spent the rest of the night with me lying on my back while she rested her head on my right shoulder and I held her in my arms.

When I woke up the next morning, she was already awake and now looking uncomfortable again. It was obvious that she wanted to talk. She was reluctant at first, but after I assured her that I would help her and that I wouldn’t tell on her, she opened up. With her mediocre English skills, said that her name was Emy and that she’s a 24-year old from Honduras. She was denied an American visa so she took a series of bus rides from her home country through Guatemala and finally up to Juarez, Mexico, where she sneaked across the American border.

Realizing that she was in the kind of desperate situation I was going for, I then asked Emy if she knows how to cook and clean. She said yes, so I made her an offer. I showed her a picture of my house – which seemed like a mansion to her – and told her that if she’ll be my maid and give me all the sex I want, she can live with me and I’ll provide for her very generously. She was ecstatic and quickly accepted my offer. From there, we drove back to Indiana and she began her new life. We’ve been together for a year now. She’s an excellent maid and always works nude. Our sexual relationship is awesome and keeps getting better. And the better her English gets, the more in depth our conversations get and the closer our friendship becomes. We’ve never had an argument and each of us greatly appreciates the other. We each do a great job fulfilling what the other was seeking and more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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