My Lesson

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My mother is an absolute stunner. She is thirty-nine years old, but could pass very easily for a twenty-nine year old. Mom’s height is 5’9″, her breast size is 34″, I have seen the bra’s after they have been cleaned, and am therefore very clued up on that score. Mom only wears the European type bra, which supports the breasts, but does not cover them. Mom wears her blonde hair in a shoulder length, hairstyle that she washes daily.

At the age of six years old, dad and mom got divorced, and to this day, I have no idea why. I last saw dad when mom required a month to complete her studies, to become an accountant. After obtaining her licence to practise. Taking into account the last time I slept over at dad’s for the month, I have not seen him for more than twelve years.

My friends also believe that my mother is a stunner and all wish that their mother’s would look only half as good as my mom. Mom’s secret to her beauty was a work out at the gym, as often as possible. This could exceed up to three times per week, all depending on her workload.

As an adolescent I would always imagine how mom would look, naked, and believe me, I would cum, like there was no tomorrow. Stream after stream, of cum would spew out. As time went on, I became bolder, and bolder, and jerked myself off, not only during the day, when I was alone, but also when mom returned from work, this would turn me on, to be caught in the act. I remember one time when mom, slipped into my bedroom, whilst I was jerking off, and I made out that I was unaware of her presence, and carried on jerking myself off. Mom never said a word, but I knew that sooner or later the question would arise, whether I had broken my virginity, and with whom. To date I was still a virgin, and not being proud of it either.

Mom on arriving home would have her shower, and put on a blouse, without a bra, and her cutaway jeans. Her nipples were always erect, as if proud. When mom’s jeans lifted, her blouse would also lift, and so her torso, became clearly visible, and was perfectly visible. It was smooth just like a baby, with silky smooth skin.

This sent a pang through Beylikdüzü Grup Escort to my cock, and on many occasions would have to be excused, and go to bedroom, to jerk myself off, before I came in front of mom.

One afternoon, I watched as mom was busy in the kitchen, making muffins, when once again, I could feel my cock beginning to swell, due to the fact that mom, was bending over to place the muffins in the oven and her buns were literally sticking out. Her nipples were also virtually coming out of her blouse as two top buttons, were as normal undone, but somehow the third button also became loose. Her nipples were almost out of her blouse and I got such a hard on, that I came under the table in the kitchen, there just wasn’t enough time to get out, and jerk off in the privacy of my bedroom.

After cumming I ran upstairs cleaned up, changed my pants and underwear, and then returned downstairs. Mom definitely gave me a look of knowing, but then just carried on, with her baking. If she only knew how randy this made me, she may not be torturing me to such great lengths. Suddenly mom turned around and told me that I should not be ashamed of my body as growing up, and seeing a woman, was natural. Their behaviour may seem odd now, but as time passed, everything would become clearer.

I was glad that mom had cleared this matter up, without making me feel like a total freak. Moms took the muffins out of the oven, and believe it or not, I got such a weird feeling that my cock just shot up, without any temptation. This time I never thought about anything but sitting well hidden below the table edge, where I could not be observed. When mom took the muffins out of the oven her blouse came out of her jeans, and mom made no effort to replace them, and placed the hot plate of muffins on the stove, her jeans lifted even higher, due to her hands extending upwards. Because her blouse was above her naval, and her jeans were slipping down her ass, I could see that at any moment her blouse may lift up even further. Alternatively, her jeans may slip down even further, if not both, at once Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort due to the fact that the next lot of muffins were ready to be placed in the oven. Without even taking a minute to let, her clothing settle down, she slipped the next tin, of muffins into the oven. This action pulled her blouse even higher, and was just under her tits. Whilst straightening up, she never had time to pull her jeans up, and so they slid even further down. Mom’s g-string panties were plainly visible, and even her mound could be seen. There was a silky blonde hair, which was shaven so as not to let her bikini swimming pants show her mound off. The panties appeared to be dripping wet.

Even after placing the uncooked muffins into the oven, mom just walked around the kitchen, trying to cleanup, any crumbs that may have fallen off the table, onto the floor. Mom made no attempt to pull up her blouse or even to pick up her jeans. When mom bent down to collect the crumbs, she got up, and her blouse was now just under her tits and her three top buttons were open but this made no difference. Her erect tits were clearly visible, and her jeans had slipped even further down, and were just below her panties, therefore her ass crack was showing quite openly. I came right under the table and through my boxers, and the cum, landed all over the kitchen floor. This was the first time that I had cum, in front of another person. Mom must have heard the splatter of the cum, and looked under the table, and saw the liquid.

My embarrassment was overwhelming, and I told mom about the problem which I was presently undergoing.

After the muffins had baked, and left on the stove to cool off, mom guided me through the door from the kitchen, and into her bedroom. I was so excited as mom had still not pulled up her blouse or pulled up her jeans. Mom told me to remove her blouse. I couldn’t believe my ears, so I just listened, and went ahead as if in a trance. After mom’s blouse was removed mom’s top, fell off her shoulders, and I just looked in awe, at this marvellous sight. I sucked on the nipples as instructed Beylikdüzü Manken Escort by mom, and then I tweaked mom’s nipples.

I kissed mom all the way to her naval, but her panties were in the way. Mom obviously also demanded that I remove them together with her jeans. This I immediately completed in record time. Mom then took my shirt off, and started to bite on my nipples but this had very little effect on me.

My shorts, and boxers which were soiled, were also removed, and then mom got down on her knees, and started to suck all the cum off my cock. I was also instructed to lie on top of mom, and to eat her pussy. Both mom, and myself were now in a sixty-nine position, where I was eating mom, and I was getting a blowjob. This ecstasy could not last long as I could feel that I was nearing another orgasm. After sucking mom, I found her clitoris, and mom started to moan softly, gradually reaching a crescendo scream, where mom was bucking and bumping up and around. After five minutes of this multi-orgasm, mom pleaded with me to place my cock into her pussy, this I unhesitatingly did, and within a few minutes I could feel my balls begin to contort and eventually they reached a stage where I could not hold myself any longer, and s I came, as did mom.

Mom immediately grabbed my dripping cock, and sucked off every drop, which may still be remaining on my cock. Naturally if mom could do that, then I followed suit and also sucked mom off, before I knew it mom had another orgasm, but not as violent as the previous ones.

I had proved it in the kitchen, and now by screwing my mother, who was definitely pleased with my actions.

After getting this invitation, I would often go to mom, as often as possible. In the meantime, mom was dressing differently namely her jeans were really cut away, and on many occasions she never even bothered to wear her panties so her mound could be clearly seen, when we were watching T.V., and mom would keep her legs lifted up at just the right angle. Mom’s blouses also changed in that she wore semi transparent blouses, without any bra. This was a real turn on, and on many occasions we would screw each other in front of the T.V.

I think that mom was also very lonely as she had not had a screw for the last twelve years, or longer, and had not dated, as she did not want to get intimate with anybody.

I was very pleased that I could please mom, as she was my idle to whom I had always looked up to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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