My Life as a Wittol Ch. 07A

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We had been settled into our home for a few months and mid-week a few coworkers had invited me to go fishing with them over the weekend. I was surprised that CJ seemed annoyed because I had accepted without talking to her first. She remained cold as the trip grew closer.

Saturday morning had finally arrived and I kissed her goodbye after my coworkers and I loaded our gear into my van for the overnight adventure. As I kissed CJ goodbye it was apparent she had grown quite upset.

Several years later CJ told me later all about what happened while I was gone. CJ watched out the kitchen window as my van backed out of the driveway as she called her friend Stephanie and asked what her plans were for the evening. Stephanie told her they had planned to go to Snoops for the evening but didn’t expect to stay until the club closed. Stephanie, after hearing that CJ would be spending the night alone, invited her along and even offered for her to spend the night at their apartment. They made plans to pick up CJ on their way to the club. CJ had just enough time to pick out some clothes and prepare for a night out partying and dancing at Snoop’s.

When Rick and Stephanie arrived CJ was looking hot. She had decided to wear her short denim skirt along with a thin top that was short enough to show her tiny waist. It was obvious that she had decided not to wear a bra. Her nipples were particularly noticeable as the thin material draped over her young perky breasts. As a kicker to me she had worn the new boots I had recently surprised her with.

When they arrived at the club CJ was surprised and disappointed to see Max, one of the other bouncers, at the front door instead of Roger. Max gave her a big hug and told her they had missed her at the club. She asked about Roger and Max told her that one of the bartenders had not shown up and Roger had to fill in behind the bar.

Max had been working at the club for a few years. He had a good steady job but worked at the club on weekends to help pay off his school loans. Max was maybe ten years older than most of us that hung out there and very seldom went to any of the after hour parties.

Roger noticed CJ as she walked inside and he yelled over the noise as he waved her over. He gave her a big hug and held her a bit longer as her small firm breasts pressed against his chest. She briefly told Roger about our little quarrel and that she had decided to go to the club without me. He told her he had missed her and to make sure she came to him for drinks and he would not charge her.

Without asking her what she wanted to drink he handed her a Mojito, the tequila drink special for the night. As she took a sip she made a bitter face and realized the drink has been made stronger than usual. She looked quizzically at Roger and he cunningly smiled as she walked off.

CJ and Roger talked often throughout the night as she went to get fresh drinks. Roger told her he was not having a party that night but that CJ was welcome to stop by for a while and get high. She was reluctant to accept his offer but as the evening grew late the drinks seemed to grow stronger as her inhibitions lowered and she started to think about Roger’s offer, knowing it would almost certainly end with her in his bed once again.

About a half hour before closing Stephanie asked CJ if she was ready to leave and said that she and Rick were leaving to go home. Stephanie seductively smiled as she suggested that CJ spend the night at their house. CJ paused as she looked inquiringly at Stephanie and then Roger and then smiled as she spoke loud enough for Roger to hear, “Go ahead, I have a ride home.”

Stephanie looked casually at Roger then CJ and she whispered to CJ, “Are you sure you want to do this?” CJ nodded and Stephanie again whispered, “You know where this will end up. Just be careful and don’t screw things up with Jon.”

CJ watched as Rick and Stephanie walked off and she almost changed her mind, but just then Roger handed her another Mojito and both knowingly smiled as their eyes met. She casually sipped her drink from the straw as she looked into Rogers’s eyes and smiled as elicited thoughts of his big cock filled her mind.

Roger had made arrangements for Max to close the club that night. Roger and CJ left just before closing. They sat in Roger’s car in the back parking lot and smoked a few bowls of pot as they talked.

CJ leaned towards Roger and reached down between his legs and shamelessly watched her hand as she stroked the bulge in his pants. Their lips met again and her arousal grew as they kissed. Her tongue slid into his mouth as her hand aggressively rubbed up and down the long cock as it began to swell.

As their kiss broke her head leaned back, her eyes still closed after the lustful kiss. Her head slowly rose as her eyes gradually opened and she smiled as she looked into Roger’s eyes as she told him, “Damn!! That is some good pot…”

Roger smiled knowing the strong Mojitos had worked and he laughed as he told her, “I can tell you are enjoying üvey kız kardeş porno it.” He spread his legs further apart as her hand slid down over his balls. His head slowly feel back and he moaned as CJ gently caressed them.

As her hands fumbled with his belt bucket, she held his eyes as she softly spoke, “Yeah… it makes me want to suck your cock too.” She smiled as she teased, “Do you want me to suck your cock here? …we might get caught by one of your friends or coworkers… Or maybe even your boss?” Her eagerness was evident as she looked into his eyes, “…or you could just take me home and fuck me.”

She chuckled as she heard the low hum as Roger’s seat slowly reclined and she watched as her hand slowly moved over the big bulge in his shorts. She smiled as he laughed and told her, “Or… Maybe both.” They both worked at unfastening Roger’s shorts and as his hips rose, CJ hurriedly worked the shorts past his knees and they fell down around his ankles.

She gazed at his familiar cock as she took it in her hand and slowly stroked it, his legs parted again as her hand slid down and cupped his balls. She quietly moaned as she caressed Roger’s impressive manhood.

Roger lay back with his hands behind his head as he enjoyed CJ’s sensuous hand job. He watched her face as she stared at his cock and he asked her, “You like playing with my cock, don’t you?” He watched as CJ continued her stare and nodded her head.

He asked her, “Which do you like better… playing with it, or sucking on it?”

Slowly she broke her gaze and looked Roger in the eyes as she seductively smiled and told him, “Oh… So I get my choice? I like both choices, but I think you know my preference.” She held his eyes as he watched her head slowly moving lower. Several inches away from her lips touching the fat head she turned and paused as she watched her hand slowly slide along the hard shaft.

She told him in a soft voice, “I love sucking your cock… I love the feel of this nice fat head… the way it feels as my lips slide up and down your hard cock…” She teasingly ran the very tip of her tongue around the head.

She quietly asked him, “So what do you like better, me stroking it… or me sucking this gorgeous fat head?” CJ smiled as she already knew his answer. She chuckled as she felt Roger’s hand lay gently on her head.

He smiled as CJ moistened her lips with her tongue and they both groaned as her soft wet lips slowly slid over the head as she gently sucked it into her warm wet mouth. He watched as her lips slid slowly along the hard shaft. He could feel her soft moaning as the gentle vibrations seeped into his cock.

She gently stroked the long shaft as her lips slid slowly up and down over the sensitive crown. Occasionally she would pause with just the head in her mouth and gently suck as she fondly caressed the familiar crown with her tongue, Roger especially liked it when she played with the tiny hole with the tip of her tongue.

With Roger’s continuous pressure on her head, CJ was able to take a little more than half of his hard shaft in her mouth. She could feel his cock growing harder and she knew he was getting close. As his gentle thrusting became more intense, he held her head in both hands and he pushed deeper into her mouth.

CJ’s lips were eagerly sliding up and down the hard shaft when she was startled by a gentle tapping on the window. As she looked up she saw someone standing outside and realized they had most likely watched as Roger fucked her mouth. She was relieved that it was not the police, but quite embarrassed when she saw that it was Max. Her breathing slightly rose with her excitement as she wondered how long he had stood in the dark and watched.

Max had loaned his car to his younger brother for the evening but he was supposed to return Max’s car before closing and had not shown up yet. Max was stranded without a ride and needed a ride home. Roger asked CJ if it would be ok to give Max a ride home and CJ hesitantly agreed. CJ was still very much aroused and was hoping that Max didn’t live too far away.

CJ was surprised when Roger turned onto our street and pulled into our driveway and parked in our space at the back of the home. She looked at Roger with a confused look and asked, “I thought we were taking Max home?”

Roger told her Max lived further away and it would take some time to drive there and then all the way back. Roger smiled as he told her, “We’ll just smoke some pot.” Max held up a twelve pack of as he chimed in with, “And drink some beer”. Roger smiled at her and said, “We’ll have our own little after hour party… Maybe have a home warming party and break in the new place,” Roger added as he opened the car door.

CJ was still very high from the pot as well as aroused from the unfinished blowjob in the club parking lot. After she unlocked the back door she hesitantly led the two guys into her home. She became nervous as the two guys followed her into the small living xnxx porno room. Roger pulled her to him and kissed her, and as their kiss broke CJ stared into Roger’s eyes with a look of concern. She feebly shook her head and mouthed the words, “Please… no.” CJ had rebuffed Roger on a few occasions when he had asked her to do a threesome with him, but it was always with his friend Alex from LA.

CJ heard the click of a lighter and she knew that Max had loaded another bowl. She frowned at Roger as he took the glass pipe and placed it to her lips. CJ inhaled the potent smoke and continued to look into his eyes hoping he would not ask her to do a threesome with Max, while at the same time she became more aroused as she imagined the two guys taking her to a new sexual high.

Roger again put the pipe to her lips and she eagerly took another big toke. She closed her eyes and held the potent smoke in as she relaxed. She decided to see just how far Roger would let the threesome go.

Roger guided her to the sofa and they sat, Roger on the end as he pulled CJ next to him in the middle of the sofa. Max sat their beers down in front of them and sat on the other side of CJ. He held up his beer and smiled as he toasted, “Here is to good friends, good parties, and pretty ladies,” and the three laughed as they tapped their long necks together.

With his finger on her cheek Roger pulled her face towards his and their lips met in an excited kiss. She softly moaned as she felt him cup her small breast. Her hand reached behind his head and she pulled him tighter as her lips pressed hard against his and their kiss grew in intensity. She momentarily tensed as she felt Max cup her other breast and start to caress it. She whispered into Roger’s ear, “Oh Baby… Max is feeling my tit.”

Roger moaned as he leaned back and watched CJ squirm and moan as they each caressed a breast, each teasing a nipple in their own way. CJ looked at Max and he leaned in and kissed her. Max slid his hand up her loose top and he began to squeeze and rub her bare breast. She whimpered when he took her nipple between his fingers and squeezed as he twisted and pulled on it.

She jerked as her body reacted to the sudden pain and her nipple pulled free from his teasing fingers as he reluctantly let go. She froze momentarily and looked into his eyes. The look of uninhibited lust was evident on her face. CJ eagerly pulled his head down and as she started to kiss him she felt his tongue pressing against her lips. She let her lips open slightly and then she forcibly sucked his tongue into her mouth. She eagerly caressed his tongue with her own, and slowly sucked it as she would a small dick.

She broke the kiss from Max and turned to Roger and pulled him into another passionate kiss. Just as she kissed Roger she felt Max’s hand sliding lower and she suddenly closed her legs tight. She tensed and froze as she looked into Roger’s eyes. In a low almost whisper she gently panted as she told Roger, “Oh Baby… Max wants to play with my pussy.”

Roger gently moaned as he asked, “Do you want him to play with your pussy?”

She paused briefly before she slowly nodded her head as she gazed into Roger’s eyes. She softly sighed as she felt Max’s hand slid under her short skirt. His hand moved higher and the skirt rose exposing her white lace panties. Roger gently tugged on her leg and gradually her legs hesitantly started to part.

She softly moaned as she felt Max’s hand slide between her thighs. Her hips gently rose as his hand slipped down between her legs. Roger looked into her face. He could see how aroused and excited she was and he heard her as she faintly whispered into his ear, “Do you want me to fuck Max? Is that what you want…?”

She looked into Roger’s face and she grew more excited as she saw him smile as he slowly nodded his head. Roger smiled as he told her, “We are both going to fuck you.” Her breathing quickened as she slowly opened her legs to Max while Roger leaned in and kissed her again.

As she felt Max trying to get his fingers under the top of her panties she broke the passionate kiss with Roger. She pressed her hand against Max’s, hesitant to let him go further. She looked into his lust filled face and realized how badly he needed her at that moment. She let go of his hand and pulled him down. Their lips met once again in a passionate kiss.

She softly groaned as his finger slid gently along her wet pussy. His finger moved deeper as her lips started to open. He found her clit and started to rub his finger gently around the aroused bud and she responded by rocking her hips faster and moaning loud. Then she trust her hips upward as his finger quickly slipped easily inside her very wet and aroused pussy.

She felt her heart racing as his finger slowly slid inside her and her hips started to rock as he started to fuck her with his finger. She held his head to her sensitive nipple and her hips moved fast in sync with his finger. He bit her nipple and she cried out and pushed zenci porno her hard aroused nipple against his lips.

She rocked her hips violently and she yelled out, “Oh yes… don’t stop… please don’t stop…” Just a few moments later she moaned loud as her orgasm started to rush through her body. Max pulled his finger from her and she cried out, “No…” She tried desperately to guide his finger back to her wanting cunt only to be frustrated even more as he denied her. Finally out of frustration she slid her hand inside her panties and thrust two of her fingers in her pulsing pussy and aggressively finger-fucked herself through an intense orgasm.

In the haze of her orgasm she heard Roger tell Max, “Didn’t I tell you she was going to be a wild fuck?” and she realized that Roger and Max had set her up.

CJ eventually calmed after her powerful orgasm and as she looked up at Max she saw that he had removed his shirt and was working on pushing his pants over his ankles. She gazed at his hard cock as it proudly stood up. She took his impressive cock in her hand and slowly stroked it.

As she turned to look at Roger she realized he had removed all of his clothing and he sat naked next to her. She took Roger’s fat cock in her hand and gently wrapped her fingers around it as she looked into Roger’s eyes and moaned, “I almost forgot how big this thing really is.”

He lightly chuckled as he asked, “Almost forgot? Have you missed it?”

She longingly gazed at his cock as she slowly stroked it and caressed it gently in her hand as she softly said, “Oh yes… you know how much I like big cocks, especially yours.”

Roger pulled her to him and their lips met in a passionate kiss and his hand slipped under her top and cupped her breast, caressing it as he whispered in her ear, “I have missed these little titties too.”

She raised her arms as they pulled the top over her head and tossed it. Roger kissed and licked down her neck and then leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth and she felt him start to suck on her breast next to her nipple.

She angrily pushed him away and sternly cautioned him, “You can’t mark my breasts anymore.” He just smiled and took her nipple back in his mouth without answering. Again she pushed him back and he looked at her questioningly as she again sternly warned him, “I mean it, you can’t mark me!” She made him promise not to mark her. Satisfied, she lay back and pulled his lips back to her nipple and softly moaned as he caressed it with his tongue. In the back of her mind she knew she should not trust him, but her lust had eventually won out.

He leaned up and told her, “I think you have unfinished business you need to take care of.” CJ looked at him with a questioning look. He chuckled as he told her, “The unfinished blow job at the club… remember?”

CJ smirked at him as she slid onto the floor and took his cock in her hand and started to slowly stroke it as she gently rubbed his balls with her other hand. She smiled and laughed as she reminded him, “Max is the one that interrupted us just as you were ready to cum, maybe he should be the one finishing the blow job for you.”

Both guys laughed and Roger spoke first, “Nah… we don’t think that is going to happen.” His fingers gently pushed through her long hair and she felt them tighten and start to pull her head towards his cock. He smiled at Max and nodded as her lips slid down over the soft crown.

CJ’s lips slid easily along the hard shaft. Roger gently pushed her head down as he forced his cock deeper. He guided her head up and down until she had a nice rhythm going and then he just lay back in the sofa and enjoyed the blow job. He watched her lips glide along the long wet shaft as her head moved up and down.

CJ had sucked Roger’s cock enough times to know what he liked and what aroused him the most. She would hesitate briefly when only the head remained in her mouth and suck gently as her tongue slowly circled around the head. She would let his hard cock slip from her mouth and as she held it up, she liked to kiss and lick that tender area just under the spongy head.

He liked for her to lick and kiss along the hard shaft and then as she got to the fat base she would hold his heavy ball sac in her hand as she tenderly licked and kissed his balls. He especially liked it when she would suck one of his balls into her mouth and gently caress it with her tongue.

She felt movement behind her and looked over her shoulder just as Max knelt behind her and as he moved up closer he used his knees to spread her legs. She lay her head next to Rogers’s hard cock and rubbed her face against it as her breathing rapidly rose. She moaned as she felt Max’s hand on her lower back and she moaned softly again as he slipped his finger in the gusset of her panties and eagerly pulled it aside exposing her wet pussy. She felt the hard crown press against her pussy and he impatiently began to slide the head along her wet pussy as he searched for her love canal.

She groaned as he found it and her pussy willingly opened and accepted the crown as it slipped into her. She started to push back against him as he slowly worked his cock deeper in her with each gentle push. He started to fuck her slowly but forcibly until he had gradually forced his cock all the way inside her.

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