My Little Rose Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Authors note: sorry for the wait. The last version was rejected for smut. And the one afterwards.


I lay in bed naked and panting, feeling the traces of orgasm pulse through my veins, better than what usually pulsed through there. I turned over and saw the sleeping face of my boyfriend of six months, Garland. His naturally feminine features were beautiful in the morning light, and I caressed his face, causing him to stir slightly and snuggle closer to me.

I was simply enjoying the moment, with no thought of the past or future, simply lying in bed ascending through the heavenly sinful bliss of fornication.

For I was dreading today.

For our six month anniversary, I was to take Garland shopping for a new dress. Then we were to go dancing. How awful. I liked his current dress, a baby blue petticoat made of thin cotton and decorated with roses in different shades of pink. But he wanted a more sexy, expensive one that suited an older woman, and I hated it.

After we recovered from our natural high, Garland turned over me and traced invisible lines on my torso with his fingernails, making me laugh and shudder.

“You haven’t forgot our anniversary have you?” He sadly asked, expecting the worst. I fought back the logical urge to correct his vocabulary and smiled, shaking my head.

“Not at all. But you need to wait for your present,” I grinned, my tongue running across the top row of sharp teeth, and Garland frowned.

“Sex is not a present!” He pouted, thinking I had indeed forgotten. I sighed in exasperation.

“I’m taking you shopping and getting you a dress, then we’re going dancing. That’s your present,”

His bad mood and troubles forgotten, Garland squealed and attached himself to me, snuggling in. It was funny how mirrored our feelings were. Him in delight at the excursion and myself in delight that he was a quick shopper. I flung on a cardigan and Garland some jeans and a shirt so we could leave.

Getting to Harrods (yes, I’d been saving up for Harrods) we were welcomed escort bayan gaziantep by an acquaintance of mine, an irritably camp gay man named Christy Konly. He was older than me by two years and far taller. He led us to the dress section and began to play lapdog to Garland following him around suggesting dresses to push a sale. In the chaos, I noticed a garment I rather liked and skunked into a changing room.

After using my bank card to pay for the £80 dress, Garland began to search for me. He drew the curtain to my changing room before darting away and laughing hysterically.

He’d found me standing in front of a mirror wearing a multicoloured pink petticoat reaching my ankles. It was complete with a pink hat and corset. I stormed out in a rage, yelling at him in my ungracefully deep voice to come back. He emerged from the corner with his new dress in the plastic bag, his body shaking with joy. He lifted his iPhone and took several pictures before forwarding them to whoever he forwarded them to.

A group of women came in and in an impulsive urge of shame, I pulled up both into the changing room. I heard Christy greet the new customers. Garland continued his cackling.

“What’s so funny?” I demanded.

“You wear dresses!”

“Yes…but I never expected you would! Guilty pleasure hm?”

I noticed he had gotten closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me into a kiss, his tongue demanding entrance. I blushed at his sudden dominance and my cock began to harden in my dress. He broke the kiss and wrapped a lock of my hair around his chest creeping round and hugging me from behind.

“You know,” he began “before you I’d never been fucked, but I never said I’d never been the fucker,”

My eyes widened and he brushed his crotch in between my ass, and I felt his fully hard member rub against me. It made me gasp and raise my voice to sound feminine. This seemed to excite him even more and he pushed me into the wall, I began to breathe heavily and was in an aroused state. If Christy looked in, he’d see a man in a dress being pinned by his smaller boyfriend in jeans. We’d switched places- and I was enjoying it.

In my early twenties this had been a regular occurrence, but since becoming a teacher the pleasures of public sex had been denied me. I looked down in fright, just now realising how big Garland’s cock actually was.

“This will hurt Izaac. But I’m not going easy on you,” Garland warned, feigning confidence. My heart began to race as Garland balanced himself on my dress, and whimpered as I realised he was going to fuck me without preparation. I was afraid, but turned on and curious.

“Nn…Gar…” I tried through the kiss, but I was silenced with a tongue in my throat making me melt into my boyfriends touch. I heard the sensual unzipping of jeans and then a warm pressure against my hole. His hand covered my mouth to block the cry of pain I would emit as he entered me.

Tears began to stream down my face as his hard cock slowly entered me, making me mewl and cry out in a mixture of agony and bliss. I felt his hand around my throat. He applied pressure and I began to breathe harder until Garlands cock was buried in my ass.

Garland continued to kiss me, his tongue dominating my mouth and he bit down hard again, drawing more blood from my lip. He leaned down to lick the blood, sending a cold shiver through me and making my own member beg for release. I moaned.

“Garland…” I panted “please… Take me…”

Garland’s grin became a smirk and I clutched his back as his cock tore my anus, stretching the ring of muscle so tight I began to weep, he pushed in all the way before torturously pulling out again. He continued to thrust slowly, working into a rhythmic pattern of moans and gasps. I was no longer crying out, simply groaning at the intense painful yet pleasurable feeling. The pain heightened my arousal and suddenly I felt a hot burning down there. Garland had come inside me.

His cock retracted from my anus and i shuddered. Garland fell to his knees and pulled up my dress hem, exposing my legs to chill. He wrapped his bloodied mouth around my own cock before licking and enveloping my length in to the hilt. The sight of the mess below me made my cock pulse and throb, shooting my own seed into the hot mouth of my boyfriend.

Suddenly, the curtain was loudly pulled back and there stood a rather pissed looking Christy. He looked at the blood, cum, myself standing entranced and Garland out cold from orgasm.

“I won’t ask,” he tutted “Same as always Izaac. Oh, and you’re paying for that dress,” he said before fluttering off. I glanced at the price tag.

“You had to fuck me in a £250 dress?” I groaned. Garland shrugged guiltily. At least it fit me.

Later on we went dancing in the Pavilion hall, myself in a dusky blue suit which complimented my eyes and Garland in a pink dress shirt and grey slacks. He had his hair done in a way that made his feminine features enhance, and he looked adorable. We danced the waltz and rhumba, Garland didn’t know any of the steps so j thought him. I swirled him round and gazed into his wonderful eyes and allowed my hands to slide across the smooth skin. I was actually enjoying myself, and even more so when I discovered paying customers had a free whisky selection. Settling for Dark Fruits cider, it was clear to say I was not completely functional on the walk home.

I looked to my wonderful boyfriend walking gracefully in a juxtaposition to my fumbling, I grinned sillily at him.

“Who could refrain, that had a heart to love and in the heart the courage to make ones love known?” I asked him, remembering something Id read sixteen years before.

“What?” Garland asked, completely confused at my drunken stupor and uncharacteristic romance.

“What’s done cannot be undone. I have no regrets for my actions,” I kissed him deeply, my tongue surpassing his defences. “I love you Garland Pennington,”

Garland smiled softly.

“I love you Izaac Luke MacCloud,”

I kissed him once more, softly this time and continued the walk home, my arms weighed down by heavy dresses and a childish grin plastered on my face. I was in love and it felt awesome.

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