My love for Tanner P3

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-Three weeks later-

We played our first marching show. Our show name was “The new age of Music” we played three songs… We opened with “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”by Daft Punk • “Everything”by Michael Bublè • And Closed with “Fire Flies” by Owl City.

I was so happy that Tanner and I got to preform together. But I was even happier that the next day would be his birthday!

I had recently told my mom and dad about my decision of being gay. They weren’t happy about it but they support me. They agreed to have tanners surprise party at their house.

After the game I took tanner with me and we went for a drive to kill time so everyone could get to the house. All 143 band members would be there. I took him to sonic and got us a milk shake that we shared. I got a text from Landon, our lead snare, that everyone was ready.

We make it home and pull up to the drive way. Everyone else had parked at the school about 4 blocks away so he had no idea.

“Ima take a shower”
“No now Tann. I wanna show you something”

He complies and follows me to the sliding glass patio door.

“Stand right here”
“Just stand there and look”

With that said I flipped on the lights and everyone stood Şerifali Escort there and yelled “happy birthday!!!”

I gave tanner a hug and almost kissed him but caught myself before outing myself and him.

We had cake and ice cream and opened gifts.

The party ended and we cleaned up. We as in me, mom, Tanners mom and Tanner. It didn’t take very long but it was tedious work cause mom didn’t want anything in her years for the snooty Hudson’s next door to see.

Tanners family leaves and mom tells us to go to bed. But I had something different in mind. 😉

Tanner starts to strip but I stop him. “I wanna play a game”

“What kinda game”
“Truth or dare”
“Ok baby I can role with that.”

We both sit in the floor.

“I’ll go first” I say “truth or dare?”
“Have you ever….ever skinny dipped?”
“No but I’d love to some time…ok your turn Truth or dare?”
“I dare you….I dare you to kiss my foot”
“Ok” without hesitation I grab his foot and give it a big kiss. “Truth or dare?”
“I dare you to…to strip down to only your socks for the rest of the game”

Tanner looked at me with a look of fear.
“Tanner…..r u ok?” I move over next to him.
“Yea Şerifali Escort Bayan it’s just that…. I’ve never been naked in front of someone before. And I..”
I stop him with a kiss. “Baby you don’t have to be scared around me. I love you with all my heart and no one and nothing will ever change that.”

I straddle Tanners stomach and lean over him. He takes my shirt of and I take his off. I look at the clock and it says 12:03am

“Happy Birthday baby”

He smiles and pulls in for a kiss. He continues undressing me and I undress him until we’re both naked. I lay on top of him just breathing.

“Yes Aaron?”
“I want this to be you best birthday ever… You can do anything you want to me.”
“Baby just being with you is all I want.”
“Tanner…I’m ready..”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes…I want to make love to you.”

Tanner agrees to. The get a condom out but I told him not to worry about it. I’d never done anything and neater had he. He gets some lube from the bathroom and lubes my hole and puts some on his dick.

Tanner was about 6 maybe 6.5 and cut while I was 6. Cut.

“Baby it may hurt a. Little.”
“Please tanner just do it…I’m ready”

He pushes and Escort Şerifali pops in. I cry a bit but tell him to keep going. The pain was filled with pleasure at the same time. Soon he starts going faster and it doesn’t have the pain any more. “Faster” I say.
As Tanner pumps my ass, he leans in for a kiss. We make out and my moans at muffled by the kiss. About 10 minuets later tanner cries out “I’m gonna cum baby”
“Fill me up baby, don’t stop!”

He did as he was told. 7 warm jets of cum fill my ass with his juice. This sent me over the edge and I shot at least 5 times.

Tired and exhausted, Tanner falls to the bed beside me.

“That…was the best…birthday present ever baby.”

With that we clean ourselves up and get back in bed. He kisses me good night and holds me tight.

That’s it for part 3. Ill try my hardest to get part 4 in tomorrow. Hope you enjoy. Comments and likes are appreciated. I know it’s been going kinda slow but like I said, I can’t just add crap that never happened to make it better. Btw I don’t think I mentioned that tanner and I are both 17 now. And that birthday party was for his 16th birthday. Sorry I’m just trying to get 247 more charioteers so that it will let me publish the story. So ya this is a romantic story not a sex tail about something that never happened so don’t think that by reading on that it will turn out that way. Well that’s just about it COMMENT AND LIKE!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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