My Lover’s Aunt

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I laid on my side, Robert tight against my back. His erection tucked between my legs resting nicely against my pussy, moving back and forth. His fingers toyed with my clit as mine slid around the large swollen head that protruded slightly into the open.

“In or play?” he whispered into my ear as he nibbled on the lobe.


“My favorite.”

I loved for us to masturbate each other while still having such close contact, almost having intercourse. Of course I craved those times when he was deep inside me.

Robert was the most wonderful man I had ever known. I almost didn’t meet him.

I sat at the bar, rum and Coke in front of me, wearing my best ‘fuck me’ blouse. At 41, I should have already learned how to meet a man that I wanted to keep around. I’d had one failed marriage and lost track of the number of guys I’d tried living with. For some reason it never worked. I dumped, maybe he dumped me, I’ve already forgotten, the last guy just a few months ago. Still trying to fill that empty spot in my bed. Always landing losers.

Early at night, the bar not was very crowded yet. Lots of trucker types, t-shirts and ball caps. Such an unusual crowd for this bar. I quickly skipped over them as I scanned the crowd. Bingo. Target at 2 o’clock. A Burt Lancaster looker. Suave, debonair, self assured. Everyone around him had a beer, he had a Scotch. I knew because I saw the bar tender pour a new one as I studied him. He was dressed nicely, not to the nine’s, but better than anyone around him. He seemed to be alone unless he was a different bread of trucker. I giggled to myself as I pictured a man wearing a tux sitting behind the wheel of a Kenworth.

He was leaning forward, talking to the bar tender. Couldn’t hear much of what they said.

“… what she is …”

” … fool …”

I rubbed my fingers up and down the glass, the condensation dripping over my fingers like my pussy was doing to my thigh. I was picturing him riding me like a bull in a rodeo, arm in the air, hips pounding me against the mattress, other hand gripping a breast for balance. Not for just 8 seconds either, but all night long, maybe into the next day. And no clowns needed to rescue him, he wouldn’t fall off.

An new glass was placed in front of him and he stood. Standing next to me, his body turned so I could only see his right side. My heart skipped a beat. Before I thought he was handsome 15 feet away, but a foot away, ‘stunning’ was the only word I could think of. That and ‘fuck me all the day and all the night mister’.

“For the lovely lady.”

Oh he had me now. “I don’t know you, but thanks.” Didn’t want to sound too easy.

“Robert. Rather than talk about who I am, it would be better to talk about what we are going to do after we leave here.”


“I bet you’re a ‘moaner’.”

I stared into his eyes as he talked.

I know you love a gentle touch.” He rested his hand on my thigh.

“Ohh” I moaned.

“I was right.”

He held my hand as if to lead me away. I started to move as he turned. I froze.

“Oh that? You won’t remember it’s there before long.”

How the hell could I not remember a missing arm. Oh fuck! Here I was, little miss perfect body, … and now I was being sweet talked into bed by some horribly disfigured and probably scarred man with the voice and face of a Greek god.

“Sometimes I wear an eye patch. That distracts everyone a lot.” He smiled, then the grin got bigger.

His confidence did make me forget, and quickly. I followed him like a puppy follows his master, my fingers wrapped in his. One of the women I’d seen before in the bar, now looking at me as if to question my level of desperation. I saw it in her face as she leaned against the back of a scuzzy guy in a dirty shirt, with Beylikdüzü Masaj Salonu a dirty cap, and a 5 day growth of hair on their face. I looked back with the same kind of expression. I felt I’d come out ahead.

He took me to his bedroom and sat me on the bed. As he removed his shirt, my mouth became dry, my heart almost stopped. I had no clue what I was about to see. I was in his spell now and didn’t care.

“It’s nice looking. Better to get this part out of the way quickly. I don’t want us distracted.”

He took my hand and gently placed over the end of his arm, rubbing my fingers over it. I was surprised at how soft it was. There was a single scar, just a faint line, and only over the end. None on the rest of his body. He was right, I did forget as he touched me in ways that I’d not been touched before. I was in heaven.

I moaned, I even screamed, as he wrapped his lips around my clit. I pounded the mattress with my fists, my hips bucked, his fingers filled my pussy, I covered them with hot juices, he drank from my well.

His hips lay next to my face, his cock resting on my mouth, my lips sliding along the warm underside, my tongue licking the depression directly under the large head. It bobbed, falling back hard on my mouth, as if it were demanding it be inside.

I opened my mouth wide. As it slid in, my lips rolled back across my teeth. I opened wider and let the sides of the velvety head touch the roof of my mouth. I forced my tongue to move in what little space remained in my mouth so I could rub it across the huge piece of taught skin on the head of his cock. I felt the whole cock pulse, throb. I knew he was about to fill my mouth with his liquid. I couldn’t wait. I didn’t have to wait long. I licked one more time. He gushed. It was warm, hot. The first gush tasted good. I felt it run down my throat as the second blast hit. I gagged a little. I swallowed quickly. I was ready for the next stream and the next. He was full and I was drinking it all. I was thirsty and he quenched the need.

I had forgotten myself, about what he was doing to me. As the last drops rolled down my throat, my body felt hot, the muscles tensed. A deep moan escaped as I pulled my mouth from around his cock. Racked with pleasure, I laid there and enjoyed the wonderful feel of him nibbling on my clit, my pussy lips, his fingers feeling all over the inside of my pussy, my cunt. Wave after wave of pleasure. Don’t let it stop, never let it stop. Please.

It never lasts long enough, no matter what. But this was near the top of the list, maybe one of the best. Robert was very good, a great lover.

The days, the weeks, were stupendous. Better than the beginning times with anyone else I’d ever met. What would ruin this one? I hoped nothing.

After a month, maybe a little longer, it seemed fast, just an extension of that first night, I was now pretty much living with Robert. I still had my apartment, most of my things were there, but when I came home from work, it was his place where I ended my trip. His arm wrapped around me, that short piece of an arm against my face, his lips on mine. Just the thought of him on my way home, sitting in traffic, made me moist. I could even feel it dribble down the top of my thigh some days. I could tell he was as anxious to see me as I him, his erection pressed against me as we hugged.

One night as I washed the few dishes from dinner, he stood behind me. His hand pulled my dress up and his fingers rested over my pussy, teasing my lips, my clit. Never quite going inside, but always threatening to. I laid the last dish on the counter and turned my head enough to kiss him on the cheek.

“Careful … you may have to fuck me.”

“Damn, that would be awful.”

He nibbled on my neck as his fingers Beylikdüzü Masöz Escort pushed inside me. His single arm holding me even harder against him. My hips squirmed against his rigidness pressing through his pants against the grove in my naked ass.

“Should we free the monster?” I reached back and fumbled for his zipper. Finding the tab, I pulled it down quickly. My fingers wrestling with the elastic of his underwear, I pulled his cock free at last.

I leaned forward, my hips protruding, up in the air. I could feel my pussy lips parting as his fingers spread them. The head of his cock pressing against my ass, my crack. I reached back and held his cock, aiming it, his one hand already busy. I felt the head touch my swollen pussy. I pressed it against my pussy, the head now resting between the lips. I thrust my hips back a little. It was in.

I gasped. “Perfect” I moaned, then thrust again. “Ah …” I moaned again.

His fingers held my clit tight, rubbing it, pulling on it. The combination of his cock in me and his fingers on my clit caused my orgasm to start quickly. I squeezed, he throbbed, I squeezed, he unloaded a shot of hot cum, another. I gasped. I screamed softly. He finished. I did too and laid my chest and head on the counter. I could feel him rest on top of me as he kissed my shoulder.

We showered together, taking turns washing each other. The wash cloth, draped over his short arm, moving over my chest. My hand wrapped around his cock rinsing it clean.

Still naked, we changed the sheets.

“I’ve mentioned my Aunt Jane?”

“Yeah. You’re Mom’s sister. Our age. The one with a missing leg?” I’d wondered how they had each become amputees, but I wasn’t about to fuck with the god’s by asking. Life was being too nice to me.

“That’s the one. She called me at work today.”

“How is she?”

“Fine. She’s going to be in town tomorrow for a few days. I asked her to stay here.”

I flipped the top sheet. It popped like a whip as it pulled from his hand. He smiled.

“Glad that wasn’t a real whip.”

“Baby, I could leave a nice red line on that sweet ass of yours.”

“Oh you say the nicest things.”

“Think Jane will let me ride her face?” I was just kidding. I’d never been with a woman. Not that I’d never thought about it.

“Maybe we could take turns being the saddle for her mouth.”

“You’ve thought about sucking your Aunt?”

“Hope you can understand. I’ve don’t a lot more than just think.”

“Robert! You’ve fucked your Aunt? I sounded surprised, but I had a big smile on my face too.

“We’ve been lovers off and on for several years.”

“Your Mom know her sister and you …”

“Don’t think so. Jane and I have been quiet about this.”

He stood holding a pillow case in his hands. It draped over his front, his cock making it look like a tent on its side. I walked around the bed and stood behind him, my hand over the pillow case stroking his wonderful cock. The one Jane had in her, the one I’d had in me. My other hand touched the end of his arm, fondled, caressed it. I’d accepted this part of him, what’s a little love between his Aunt and him? I can deal with that if it means just being with him.

I kissed his shoulder. “No Robert. I don’t mind. I hope you will share her with me.”

Robert and I held glasses of a 6 year old Merlot as we waited for Jane. Candles flickered on the table, plates set, the aroma of hot roast beef filling the air.

Knock, knock. Robert opened the door.

I had no idea what to expect. As she crutched into the living room, I got my first glimpse of a lovely tall woman. Tall like Robert. Tall like me. Dressed nicely, as nicely as Robert had the first time I’d seen him. Her skirt was short, but I Beylikdüzü Öğrenci Escort saw no sign of her right leg. Her crutches a tasteful wood, almost mahogany colored.

We walked towards each other, my hand extended. As we stopped inches from each other, she ignored my hand and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close, kissing me on the lips for a moment, more than a ‘hello’ kind of kiss. I could almost feel the tip of her tongue against my lips.

“Sandy. I’m so glad to meet you … at last.”

“Jane. Likewise. I’m glad to be part of yours and Robert’s life.”

“He mentioned that he had told you.”

“What’s mine is yours.”

“No Jane. He is yours. I just thank you for understanding.”

“Jane? Sandy? Can someone help me carve?”

As we sat, letting our dinner settle, finishing the last bit of wine in our glasses, Jane got up and filled a glass with water. She stood behind me, the glass now sitting on the table, her hands resting on my shoulders. The glass was still full. I wondered if she had done that as an excuse to stand behind me. She was sweet. I enjoyed her touch. I touched, more of a pat, her fingers lightly for just a second.

“That was a wonderful dinner.”

Her hands began to slide down the front of my blouse. I’d been with Robert long enough to almost forget what it was like to have two hands touch me. It was nice, soft, gentle. They stopped over my breasts.

“Nice.” She massaged my breasts through the material, her fingers sometimes rubbing my nipples. “No bra? I like that.”

“That feels good.” I looked up at her face.

“I want more.” She pulled me by the hand and I stood up. I followed her as she crutched toward the French Doors of the bedroom across from the dinning room, the king sized bed inviting us.

Sitting on the bed, she put both hands along side my face and kissed my lips, her tongue rubbing across my lips. I parted them. Her tongue filled and explored my mouth. Our tongues touched. I felt her hand unbuttoned my blouse and touch a bare breast, a nipple.

“Yes Jane. Like that.”

Her hand stroked my parted thighs, upwards, and touched my pussy. A finger dragged through the lips.

“You’re very wet.”

“You made me.”

“I’m glad.”

I reached under her skirt. My hand brushed the end of her short thigh on its way upwards. Her thighs parted allowing my hand to cup her pussy, a finger inside her.

“Someone else is sopping.”

“Been that way all through dinner thinking about you.”

Her face worked its way down my front, quickly.

Hovering over my pussy. “The taste of your wetness on my finger was too good to go slow.” She licked me once.

I was on fire. It was like no other lick I’d ever had. Not even Robert’s.

Robert undressed both Jane and me while he watched Jane make love to me. I touched his erect cock.

“No. This time is just for both of you.”

We moved towards the center of the bed as I turned to pleasure Jane. I had tasted myself, but I’d never tasted another woman. I was still on fire from what had just happened to me. Not a second thought did I have as I took the first lick, my tongue dragging from the bottom of her pussy lips to the very top, dragging deep inside the opening, parting them as it traveled upwards.

“A nice treat.”

“The first lick is always good. You did well Sandy. Very well.”

She raised her knee, rested her foot close to her hip, knee falling to the side. Her stump up, the end just resting in space. I ran my hand up the back of both thighs as I licked her clit. My fingers stopped as they wrapped over the end of her short thigh.

“Feels so good Sandy.”

“Gotten used to that feel with Robert’s arm.”

“His arm is nice.”

“I like this too.” I whispered.

“Me too.”

Jane’s business meeting ended and she stayed a few extra days. I had found a different love. Now I was a part of both of them. I knew they were a couple as much as I thought of Robert and me as a couple. They welcomed me, made me feel like I belonged. We found a nice house, lived together, shared one bed, and shared our love.

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