My Mom in My Arms…

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Hello everyone. I am Kartik and thank you all for your response to my earlier story with Asha. Today, I am going to narrate an incident which was told to me by one of you readers who contacted me.

Brunda, if you’re reading this, please contact me on my email ID (given at the end of the story).

Nayan lived in Mumbai with his mom Janvi and dad Suresh. Although they pretended to be a happy family on the outside, both Nayan and Janvi were sick of Suresh’s drinking and abuses.

Suresh would get drunk nearly on a daily basis and lament about how his wife and son have ruined his life! Sometimes, he even beat up Janvi. There wasn’t a single night that she didn’t cry.

Nayan was working now and was earning well. He had tried convincing his mom since years to just leave his father and go with him, but she denied in fear of reputation in society.

Nayan was always suspicious of his father so he hired a Private Detective (PD) to follow his father and find out some secrets. Nayan was sure he would get something and then using that, he would convince his mother to leave his dad.

After almost a month, the PD got in touch with Nayan and shared that his dad was having affair with 2 women. Not 1, but 2! Although Nayan was happy to hear this as it would finally convince his mom, he was angry at his dad for cheating on his beautiful mother.

Janvi was in her late 40s but was fit and lean. She was fair with a cute round face and expressive facial features. Her breasts stood out at 34DD against her lean body. Nayan had spent many nights masturbating, thinking about his mother.

The next day, Nayan took a leave from office as he wanted to tell everything to his mom. Suresh left for office and then Nayan went to Janvi.

Nayan: Mom, there is something I wanna tell you

Janvi: Oh, please tell me it’s about a girl, you found a girl for yourself?

Nayan: No mom, I’m not interested in relationships right now. It’s about dad..

Janvi: Nayan, I have told you many times that I can bear his abuses but can’t bear the disgrace of society.

Nayan: Not even if dad was cheating on you?

Janvi looked at her son özbek gaziantep escort in anger and slapped him! Nayan looked her in the eyes. Janvi somehow understood that Nayan was telling the truth. She slapped him again with tears in her eyes. Nayan showed her the photographs that the PD had clicked of his father being intimate with 2 different women.

Janvi’s legs became weak. Nayan held her and hugged her. Janvi started crying and howling. Even during this emotional moment, Nayan could not help but think about his mother’s breasts that were getting crushed on his chest right now!

Nayan badly wanted to masturbate but could not possibly leave his mom in this condition. After hours of crying, Janvi calmed down. Nayan again insisted on them leaving the house. Janvi agreed. Nayan quickly went and packed 2 bags of their belongings.

Before leaving, he left a note on the table for Suresh that he should not bother to find them or else they will make the photographs public. Nayan left 2 photos with the note.

The mom son duo couldn’t possibly leave Mumbai as Nayan had his job here. They rented a hotel room for the night. Janvi had stopped crying but was staring into nothing. Nayan made her lay on the hotel bed.

Nayan sat beside her and tried to hug her. He kissed her on her forehead. Even though Janvi was going through this horrible episode, all that Nayan could think of was fucking his mom. He thought of this as a good opportunity.

Nayan started kissing Janvi’s hands and cheeks. Janvi was not resisting. She lay there on the bed, just breathing. Nayan paused for a while and then resumed kissing her all over her face. He had not touched her lips yet.

Janvi was wearing a blue top and blue lehenga. Nayan was in his black track pants and white t-shirt. He removed his t-shirt and lay on top of his mom. He looked Janvi in the eyes. Janvi still had no expressions.

Nayan kissed his mom’s neck and licked it slightly. Nayan got off his mom and wore his t-shirt. He wanted to fuck his mother but not like this when she was in a coma like state. He was about gaziantep özbek escort to get off the bed when Janvi held his hand.

Janvi got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. Nayan did not understand what to do. He was feeling slightly guilty of taking advantage of his mom’s situation. After 2 minutes, Janvi came out of the washroom, completely naked!

Although Nayan was waiting for this since years, he was unable to move because of shock. He just stared at his mom’s nude body.

Janvi’s fair face was complemented by long locks of black hair which now rested on her breasts. She had very sexy breasts of 34DD with brown nipples. Although they sagged a bit because of her age, Nayan didn’t mind that at all. Her flat belly was studded with a beautiful navel. Her vagina was hairy and her thighs luscious.

Janvi came to the bed and lay in the same position as earlier. She looked at her son and nodded her head. Nayan went near her and started kissing and licking her body. He first went for her breasts as he had only imagined them naked all these years.

Janvi had a weird feeling of satisfaction and shame. A part of her was screaming to make her son stop, while another part of her wanted to do this. She saw this act as some kind of revenge against her husband for cheating on her. She imagined Suresh’s face when he would come to know that his wife had let their son fuck her. That fired up her pussy and Janvi started responding to her son.

Nayan kissed her lips and Janvi responded back with deeper penetration of their tongues. Nayan quickly removed his clothes and got naked with his mom. Janvi roamed her hands all over her son’s body. She saw his erect dick and was proud of her son’s girth. Although not very long at approx. 6″, Nayan’s dick had an amazing girth of almost 2″.

Nayan kissed his mother’s lips, her neck, slowly coming down and resting on her breasts. Janvi meanwhile held her son’s dick in her hands and rubbed it. Nayan sucked on his mom’s right nipples while his hands twisted and twitched her left nipples. Janvi let out small moans of pain gaziantep özbek escort bayan and pleasure.

While giving her son a handjob, Janvi touched her pushy with her son’s dick. It gave her goosebumps and her pussy became wetter. She realized that this was more than just revenge sex. She wanted to get fucked by her son as badly as Nayan wanted to fuck his mom!

Janvi got up from the bed and made Nayan lay on the bed. She got on top of him but facing the other way. Janvi took her son’s dick in her mouth while she pushed her ass behind, indicating Nayan to start licking her pussy. Janvi was an expert at blowjob and she licked the entire length of her son’s dick, even licking his balls.

Nayan licked his mom’s pussy. Although it was hairy, Nayan did not mind that as he had waited for this for years. He also inserted a finger into her asshole. Janvi was being careful to not to bite her son’s dick in excitement. She was experiencing this pleasure after years. Nayan started spanking his mom’s ass while sucking her pussy.

Janvi could not control anymore. She turned around and sat on her son’s dick. She got up slightly, positioned Nayan’s dick right below her pussy and then slowly sat on it. Janvi’s pussy was tight and her son’s extra girth made it painful. Nayan tried to insert slowly and finally it was in.

Nayan gladly told his mom that he just lost his virginity to her. Janvi smiled and started riding her son’s dick. Nayan was overwhelmed at this sight of his mom’s boobs bouncing as she rode his dick and moaned in delight!

Being his first time and that too with his dream girl- his mom, Nayan could not hold for long and he cummed within 5 minutes. Janvi smiled and told him it is okay. Nayan was worried that he had cummed inside his mom but Janvi reassured him stating that she had had her uterus removed so there’s no chance of her getting pregnant.

Nayan lay his mom on the bed, spread her legs and started licking his mom’s pussy. Janvi clinched the bed sheet as she closing in on a massive orgasm. Soon, Nayan was licking his mom’s pussy juices as Janvi panted for breath after such an intense orgasm.

Janvi pulled up her son over her and kissed him again. She had tears in her eyes. Nayan asked her if she regretted doing what they did over the last hour. Janvi smiled and said she couldn’t be happier and wouldn’t want to stop what they have started. Nayan smiled and the mom-son duo slept hugging each other.

I hope you all liked this incident. Please let me know your feedback on

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