My Mom, My Sis and Me

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Mom and I were never really close to each other. Our relationship was always distant, more than a little bit on the colder side. But it all changed with some certain event: Dad died in a horrible car accident. It really hit mom, sis and me. It more or less destroyed each one of us. Dad was the center of our family. He was the one that kept anything going. Loved by everyone on an equal level.

The coping, grieving process was a nightmare. We all kept our shit together until and at the funeral, but then three people more or less broke down. Everyone did the bare minimum. Home somehow turned into a quiet grave with living ghosts in it. No one really talked about anything. No one spent time with each other. We all just lived, or better said existed, next to each other.

Luckily sis came up with the great idea to bring in some professional help. Some therapist that was known for helping out people in that kind of situation we were in. And it did help a lot. She, the therapist, had a lot of sessions with us. We talked a lot. About dad, about us, about us living together, about practically everything that was going on in our lives. And it worked, our lives got better again. We began to be a family again. We were closer than we ever had been before. The three of us began to spend a lot of time together. And I, not realizing that it was happening, slowly but steadily took over dad’s place. I somehow turned into the carrying father for my slightly younger sister and a husband — sort of — for my mom.

And mom and I got to know each other. We discovered that we shared some common interests: We basically liked the same music and the same movies. So we came up with the great idea to do some movie nights together. We basically just sat down in the living room, on the sofa, next to each other, enjoying a few drinks and lots of popcorn. We even asked sis if she wants to join in, but she politely declined our offer.

At first we met to watch some movies on random day, but after some time it was our regular — when neither of us had a date — Friday güneyşehir escort evening thing. With times, mom and I were dating less and less. We both loved our movie nights. We loved spending time together. Sis even, not that serious, began calling us lovebirds. We laughed every time she did that. Stated that nothing was going on between us two. But our seating positions during our movie nights told a different story. We went from sitting on total opposite sites of the sofa towards to sitting next to each other with our bodies touching to cuddling beneath a cozy blanket. Nope, it didn’t happened over night, it took some time. Probably a few months to a year.

And it wasn’t only happening on movie night. We were more or less sticking to each other all the time. We clearly were searching each others company. We even got touchier: Our bodies, or parts of them, were touching at every possibility. Sis took notice of it, and she commented on it. We, mom and I, just ignored her. Stating that nothing was happening between the two of us. But we both knew that it was a lie. We were falling for each other. And yes, one Friday evening, when sis was out for a date, we had a talk about it.

The talk started very awkward. Two people not knowing what to say, beating around the bush and being embarrassed. More or less as it always is when you talk about your feeling to someone else. In the end, both of us were relieved. We felt the same way about each other. We felt the same attraction towards each other. And despite the fact that we were mother and son — somehow a turn on for both of us, as we found out latter — we decided to just let go and see were it all will end up. After our talk, we watched a movie, cuddled next to each other beneath a cozy blanket. Our bodies touching as much as possible. But nothing sexual happened that day.

It was the Friday after that changed everything. Sis — as usual — was out on a date, probably fucking some guy she barely knew, mom and I were at home, enjoying each güneyşehir escort bayan others company, as we normally do. But this night was different. Mom was wearing a bathing robe. Not her usual comfy stay at home clothes. At first I wasn’t thinking much of it, but when she dropped the robe and a totally naked, beautiful woman was pulling our cozy blanked over her body, I immediately knew what she was up to. I just dropped my clothes and joined her beneath the blanket.

After we turned on the movie, hands were everywhere. Four hands were out exploring. Touching her nipples for the first time sent a shiver through my body. When one of my hands landed between her legs, while one of her hands was playing with my rock hard cock, we looked in each others eyes and kissed for the first time. No, no mother son kissing, the passionate kissing of some lovers.

That first kiss made all restrains disappear. No more holding back. My mouth was sucking on her rock hard nipples a few seconds later. Her hands were playing with my balls and my dick. And boom, I shot out my first load. I covered my mothers hands with my sticky love juice. I was embarrassed. Really damn fucking embarrassed. But she just looked me in the eyes, smiled and said the following: “So your mom really turns you on, son.”

Her saying that took my embarrassment away and I just said: “Yes, she does.”

After that, I we just kept on going. Mom just liked her hand clean while I was watching, horny me was back within a few seconds. My mouth was sucking on her nipples again. While my fingers were exploring the wet hole between her legs. Yes, mom began to moan. She clearly enjoyed my doing. And she urged me to stick my tongue between her legs. The good son I am, I did what she told me.

Sticking my tongue between her legs for the first time was probably the most arousing thing I ever did. It tasted like heaven. I was immediately addicted. Mom loved it. She had her first orgasm of the night. And she clearly wanted more. After escort güneyşehir me going down on her, it was her turn to go down on me. The moment of her mouth kissing and touching my dick for the first time, awesome. Then she sucked on my rock solid penis for the first time. While her hands were playing with my balls. I really had to focus to keep my load in. But I didn’t stand any chance. Boom, another orgasm for me. I dumped a big and nasty load into my mothers mouth. She swallowed it all. And she smiled at me afterwards. And the night wasn’t over now.

This time I needed some time to recharge. So we watched the movie. While cuddling with each other. Some time later we began to kiss. Our hands were playing with each others genitals. It didn’t took long until we both were ready to go.

She opened up her legs for me, her only son. And I got in position to shove my rock solid dick up the wet whole between her legs. One well placed thrust and I was in. It felt great. I just let go. I just fucked my mother. We both enjoyed it. We only did missionary that night. I fucked her gently first, then it went in harder and as deep as I could. She moaned a lot. I did the same. In the end, we both finished together. Two fireworks going off in two different brains in the same moment.

After we both were done, we just pulled the blanket over our sweaty bodies. Not giving a damn about making an even bigger mess. Not planing on cleaning up anything. We just watched a movie, cuddled and kissed like two lovebirds. Two lovebirds, a mother and her son.

We both lost track of time and then it happened, sis came back home. While my clothes were still on the floor in front of the sofa, while the room probably still was smelling like sex. It gave mom and me a little heart attack when she suddenly stood next to us. But sis took it cool: “So you finally did it. It was time.”

Then she told us a good night and left for her room. Mom and I just looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and kept on watching TV together until we barely were able to keep our eyes open. Then we went to sleep, in mom’s room, I took over dad’s bed, and with this day, all of his family duties. Except one, one neither mom or I knew that it was existing at all.

And yes, because I failed to mention it in the story: All participants are over 18. And yes, as always, it is just a made up story. I hope you enjoyed your read.

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