My Mom_(2)

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Aidra Fox

DeJuan kept me home for the next week. Everyday while him and my mom were at work I was suppose to clean the house and get some sun to keep my tan. Before bed everynight he had me kneel in front of him while he watched espn and give him a blow. When Tuesday came around gain I did not wanna go to tthe studio but he said I had to.

I was upstairs looking for something sexy to wear when DejUan came in and tossed me a t-shirt.”Don’t worry about finding something to wear we will pick out something for you at the studio.” he told me. On the way to the studio he told me this time there was gonna be no bondage and I better be a real good girl.

Once at the studio we went in and into the back by the dressing area. I was told to get naked and when I did a couple men came to watch. Standing there with all those eyes on me made me feel all grown up. Doing a couple turns and bending over I gave them a little show. Someone gave me a very short skirt that barley coverd my pussy and a white crop top that just barely covered my nipples.

As I stood there in my costume DeJuan came over and told me,” Now be real good if I hear you cried or did not want to play nice I will whip your ass with my belt in front of everyone, Understand me April?”

Nodding I told him I did. He then left with a couple men and a scared looking girl. Escort Ankara One of the black men who were watching me change came over and put a collar and leash on me and had me crawl to the set. At the set was Max and he was leashed to one of the props so he could not move. The guy who lead me over told me to go to Max and suck his cock. Looking up at him I said ok and crawled to the dog. Chocking back my tears I reached underneath max and started to stroke him. Almost at once he got hard and his red cock came out of his sheath. Opening my mouth I leaned in and engulfed the dog’s cock. I knew I must be turning red for the humilation of giving head to a dog while being filmed.

The camera guy was up close to us as Max’s cock was going in and out of my mouth. A few of the guys started to chant “dog bitch” at me as my head bobbed on the cock. As I got into a rythem I felt a hard stinging slap on my ass. When I looked back a black man told me to get back to work. Going back I started to suck harder on Max. As I did the balck guy pulled my skirt up higher and spanked me even more. In a little bit Max started to hump my face and then spurted his cumm into my mouth and down my throat.

After Max was done I was pulled away from him by the leash. The man who was spanking me came infront of me and dropped his pants. Ankara Escort His cock was as big if not bigger then DeJuan’s. “Are you ready for some ass fucking bitch?” he asked me as he rubbed some lube on it.

Nodding my head I watched as he walked behind me and aimed for my little white ass. Forcing his massive black cock into me I screamed. That only made everyone laugh. In and out he went. As he abused my asshole he called me his white trailor trash ho. With each thrust I would cry out in pain. What seems like for ever he finally pulled out of my ass. Haveing me turn to face him, had me lick my shit off his cock. I guess he was not happy how I was licking cause he shoved his cock into my mouth.

It was not long before he was throat fucking me. Holding my head in place till I thought I was about to pass out before letting me breath again. While I was servicing the first guy with my mouth someone came up behind me and entered my pussy. Keeping my hands on the ground i started to bob my head and swirl my tounge. When I started to humm on the cock in my mouth he just let out a low moan. Not to be out done the guy fucking me whent harder and faster. Someone form behind me told the guy fucking me to knock me up. My eyes went wide when I heard that cause I did not want a baby yet.

The guy I was sucking Ankara Escort Bayan pulled my face as far as I could onto him and shot his load into my mouth. Swallowing the load was kinda hard for it was so big. Looking up I told him thanks as he put his pants back on. About 5 minutes later the guy fucking me shoot his load into me. He then took my leash and tied it to the prop of the stage. When that was done the camera mad said cut.

The one who tied me to the prop helped me up and help fix my clothes. As we headed towards the showers he asked me “April wanna make some extra money today?”

“How would I do that?” I replied

“Take a special shower for us and you will get 50 more bucks and DeJuan don’t have to know.” he said.

Leading me to the last shower he had me strip and then handcuffed me to the floor with my hands on either side of me. Using a round piece of metal with some leather attached to it he kept my mouth open, Calling over the camera guy he then held up a sign that said “THE FARM GIRL GETS CLEANED UP”. Putting it down he pulled out his cock and started to piss all over my face and into my hair. Aiming he even pissed into my mouth. A few other men came by and took tuns pissing on me. At the end of it 9 guys took turns pissing all over me before i was uncuffed and allowed to take a real shower.

On the way home DeJuan told me I did good today and he was proud of me. Once home I took another shower and went outside to tan in the pool.

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