My Mother-in-law, Jennifer Ch. 01

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Michael married the wrong woman. Something he never figured while dating his girlfriend, Heather, proposing to her, and marrying her, he shouldn’t have married his wife. Of all women he should have married, he should have married her mother, his mother-in-law, Jennifer, instead of marrying her daughter.

Author’s Note:

Since they’re not blood related, sex between a mother-in-law and son-in-law is not deemed incest. Yet, because they live in the same house, a forbidden, sexual relationship between Heather’s husband, Michael, and her mother, Jennifer, is still deemed incestuous. A slippery slope of love, lust, and infidelity, not only had Michael broken his marriage vows to have sex with his mother-in-law but also Jennifer betrayed her daughter to have sex with her son-in-law.

# # #

With no one more shocked, confused, and troubled than him, a marriage he thought would last forever, Michael married the wrong woman. Something he never would have figured while dating her and after proposing to her, he should have married his mother-in-law, Jennifer, instead of his wife, Heather. No longer in love with his wife, he was in love with his wife’s mother. Instead of sexually wanting his wife, he sexually wanted his mother-in-law.

Troubled by what to do, Michael revealed his secret, sexual desire for his MILF of a mother-in-law, Jennifer, by writing a love story. He included in his story everything that he sexually wanted to do to his mother-in-law and everything that he wanted her to do to him. Then, allowing her to find his love story, he put it somewhere he knew she’d see it and read his story written about their imagined, forbidden, and incestuous, sexual, love affair.

With them not blood related, having sex with one’s mother-in-law is not considered incest. Nonetheless, not to mention that it was cheating, having sex with his mother-in-law was forbidden. Yet, even more than that, when living under the same roof with his wife’s mother, whatever sexual relationship Michael had hoped to have or has had with his mother-in-law is indeed deemed incestuous.

Obviously, something in their DNA, just as he fell in love with his wife at first sight, he fell in love with his wife’s mother at first sight too. Living together in the same house and seeing her every day made his sexual frustration undeniable and his sexual lust for his mother-in-law impossibly unbearable. In the way that he wanted to have sex with Heather when first meeting her, he wanted to have sex with Jennifer when first meeting her.

Now, day after day, week after week, and month after month of not being able to hold her, kiss her, make love to her, and tell her that he loved her made him crazy with sexual desire for his wife’s mother. Every time he saw his mother-in-law, he wanted to hold her, hug her, and kiss her. Every time he saw Jennifer, he wanted to touch her and feel her through her clothes. Every time he saw her, he wanted to strip her naked and have incestuous sex with her.

As if they were both witches casting a love spell over him, something he thought would never happen and something hard to comprehend, he was in love with both women. Seemingly impossible to love two women at the same time, he felt as if he was the bachelor on The Bachelor TV show trying to decide which of the final two women to give a rose to and propose. Conceivably, he could lose both women. Conceivably, he could end up alone with his bad self.

Yet, the more he found out about his wife and the more he knew about his wife’s mother, exchanging his love for one for the other, indeed, Michael was in love with his mother-in-law. In the way that he thought he loved his wife, no longer in love with her, he was in love with his mother-in-law now. Yet, even though they were compatible and had a good time when together, he didn’t know if she felt the same way about him.

“I love you, Jennifer,” he said as his last words before falling asleep to sexually dream about her while alone in his bed and with his hand wrapped around his erect, naked prick.

With his wife working crazy hours as a nurse and seldom home, he spent more hours with his new mother-in-law than he did with his new bride. Moreover, his wife spent more time with her best friend, Samantha, than she did with him. She graduated nursing school with her and now worked together at the same hospital.

As if Heather was still single instead of married, while working her 12-hour shifts, she ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Samantha instead of with her husband. While home alone with her mother, Jennifer, Michael ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with his mother-in-law instead of with his wife. It was impossibly difficult to make a new marriage work when they only saw one another a few hours a day. It was understandable that the sexual attraction he once felt for Heather enough to marry her, he now felt for her mother to want to bed her.

Yet, sadly and distancing himself from his wife, after Beylikdüzü Zenci Escort a while, he knew Jennifer better than he knew Heather. Sadly, and distancing herself from her husband, after a while, Heather knew more about Samantha than she knew about her husband. After a while, he wanted Jennifer more than he wanted Heather. After a while, his wife wanted Samantha more than she wanted Michael.

Compounding his new relationship with Jennifer and distancing himself from his marriage from Heather, he had so much more in common with his wife’s mother than he did with his wife. After a while, he’d rather spend time with his mother-in-law than with his wife, and she’d rather spend her time with her son-in-law than with her own daughter. Only, with her his wife’s mother after all, he didn’t know if she had sexual feelings for him in the way that he had sexual feeling for her. Yet, more than just sex, it was love. He loved his mother-in-law. He truly loved his wife’s mother.

Something his wife didn’t yet know, with him in love with her mother, he wanted to divorce Heather to marry Jennifer. Something Michael didn’t yet know, with her in love with her lesbian lover, she wanted to divorce her husband to marry Samantha. As complicated as it was sad, they all needed to come clean and be honest about how they felt or didn’t feel about one another.

With his wife serious, distant, and boring, her interest was all about her job at the hospital and all about her nursing career. Conversely, his mother-in-law was fun and funny. In just a few short months, Heather’s new job and career as a nurse had change the woman he fell in love with to the woman she was now. In just a few short months, with them slowly drifting apart, understandably, Michael’s feelings of love for his new wife were transferred to his sexual desire for her mother.

# # #

I met Heather, an emergency room nurse, when I drove my friend to the hospital after he hurt his hand and needed stitches. A tall, sexy, and pretty blonde, I never expected love to happen at all places in a hospital emergency room. Yet, one look at Heather, love at first sight, it happened. Even in her nurse’s scrubs and with her long, blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, especially with her in her nurse’s scrubs, she was as sexy as she was beautiful. Even though I was healthy, she made me want to be sick so that she’d nurse me back to health.

A breath of fresh air after dating single mother women, divorced women, angry women, neurotic women, women with issues, drunken and drug addicted women, and fucked over women, Heather renewed my belief that I could find my dream woman. Even though she was so young, albeit not as young as I thought she was sexually, an understatement, this woman was no virgin. If anything, in the way that she loved sex and loved sucking my cock, she was more of a whore than a good girl.

“Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me harder. Fuck me faster. I need to cum. Make me cum, Michael. Make me cum. Now that you gave me a sexual orgasm with your fingers and tongue, give me another sexual orgasm with your big, hard cock,” she said whispering her sexual lust in my ear before screaming my name with her second, sexual orgasm. “Michael! Michael! Oh, my God, Michael!”

Right from our first date, not wasting time with tickling, teasing, and foreplay, she wanted sex. Right from our first date, when she gave me a blowjob in my car while allowing me to feel her naked tits and finger her erect nipples, never have I had as much sex as I’ve had with Heather. Before we were even married, in a short, six-month period while dating and engaged, we had a lifetime of sex. Having more sex than most couples have in 30-years of marriage, we had sex two and sometimes three times a day, every day, whenever she wasn’t working.

“Let’s have sex again,” she said after we just had sex.

Sex, sex, sex, forget about talking, watching TV, dining out, or going to a movie, our dating relationship and subsequent marriage was all about sex. When she wasn’t working, our marriage was all about licking, fingering, stroking, sucking, and fucking. Whether it was in the morning or late at night, with her always the one to initiate us having sex, as if she was a horny, perverted man instead of a reluctantly shy and modest woman, she was insatiable. As if she was a testosterone filled, young man, she was always in the mood and ready to suck and fuck.

Never have I met a woman so sexual. Never have I met a woman so horny. Never have I met a woman who was always ready to suck and fuck. As if she had been just released from a woman’s prison after serving a long stretch, or was in the navy and had been out to sea too long, never have I met a woman who always wanted sex.

In the way that men have one sexual orgasm and then want to sleep, Heather had multiple orgasms and never wanted to sleep. As soon as I finished masturbating her, she wanted me to masturbate her again. Beylikdüzü Manken Escort As soon as I finished eating her, she wanted me to eat her again. As soon as I finished fucking her, she wanted me to fuck her again. I couldn’t masturbate her enough, eat her enough, or fuck her enough. I couldn’t give her enough sex. Sex, sex, sex, was what she wanted. She always wanted more and more sex.

When I looked up nymphomaniac in the dictionary, sure enough, there was a photo of Heather naked and on her knees while sucking a big dick. If I refused to have sex again and needed a minute to recoup my energy, with me never saying no to a blowjob and with her always ready to blow me, she’d start sucking my cock while stroking my cock. She wasn’t a woman that any man could say no to whatever and whenever she wanted anything. Especially when it came to sex, whatever and whenever she wanted it, she got.

With her so pretty and so sexy, especially in the way that she wanted sex and obviously needed sex, I couldn’t say no. How could I say no? I couldn’t disappoint my baby. I couldn’t dissatisfy my new bride.

While watching her head bob up and down and side-to-side, with her really wanting to blow me and obviously enjoying sucking my cock, it was hard to resist her interactive blowjobs. As if it was a compliment to her cock sucking skills, she always wanted me to cum in her mouth. In the way that the light made her lush, blonde hair glisten as if she wore a golden halo, a woman that I not only cherished but also worshipped, she was my golden angel.

Sexually teasing me, she’d stare up at me with her big, blue eyes while removing my cock from her mouth to show me her lips kissing my prick and her tongue licking my prick. Then, stroking me faster and harder while sucking me deeper, she’d make all of those slurping, cock sucking sounds that I loved hearing. Deep throating me, I loved it when she took my cock too far down her throat and gagged.

‘My baby gagged on my cock. Heather choked on my cock,’ I thought while watching her cough. ‘How hot is that?’

In the way that I sometimes can’t breathe when eating her pussy, call me crazy but there’s something sexy about a beautiful woman gagging on my cock. Call me crazy but it made me feel that I had a super, big prick whenever Heather choked on my dick. Whenever she gagged on my cock, she made me feel that she really wanted to suck me. Whenever she chocked on my cock, she made me feel that she couldn’t get enough of me. By far, with no contest, and no comparison, Heather gave me the best blowjobs I ever had.

No woman has ever wanted to blow me in the way that Heather wanted to blow me. No woman has ever been as determined to make me cum in her mouth as my wife. As if she was my personal, porn star who was hoping to win an AVN award by filming the best blowjob scene, that was Heather. As if she was a thousand-dollar call girl wanting to sexually please me so that I’d call her again, she put aside her personal, sexual pleasure to sexually satisfy me.

With her having the medical knowledge and the associated skill of a urologist, I wondered if they taught her how to suck cock in nursing school. If they teach sex education in public school, why wouldn’t they teach nurses how to suck cock? Male reproductive organs are part of physiology. How hot that would be for a nursing professor to teach young nurses how to give blowjobs by volunteering them his erect, naked prick?

“Except for the male nurses in class, who may watch instead of participating, gather around me and get down on your knees,” I imagined the nursing professor saying. “Today, I’m going to teach the female nurses how to properly stroke and suck cock. This is called a circle jerk where you masturbate me while sucking me,” he said pulling down his zipper and pulling out his prick. “Don’t worry, you’ll each have a turn blowing me. Then, as if playing Duck, Duck, Goose or musical chairs, you’ll never know which young nurse will be lucky enough to receive a mouthful of cum and swallow my warm, oozy load of sperm.”

# # #

Much like any normal, red blooded man, it takes me a few minutes after I’ve ejaculated to get hard again but not Heather. She’s already wet and ready for sex again all the time. While allowing me to fondle her naked breasts and finger her erect nipples, there’s just something about a beautiful blonde, sexy woman attached to my cock by her mouth that immediately makes me hard. In the way she gave her patients mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save them, she gave me mouth-to-cock resuscitation to erect me.

“Oh, my God, Heather. That feels so good. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Blow me, Heather, blow me. Suck my prick. Stroke me faster. Stroke me harder. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth,” I said while putting a gentle hand behind her blonde, pretty head. “Oh, yeah, that’s it baby. Suck me deeper. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

Whenever Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort I mentioned cumming in her mouth, she became even more sexually animated. As if she was as sexually excited for me to cum in her mouth as I was sexually excited to cum in her mouth, she’d stroke me faster and suck me deeper. Obviously, she wanted me to cum in her mouth as much as I wanted to cum in her mouth. Obviously, she wanted to swallow my load of cum as much as I wanted her to swallow my load of cum.

“Cum, Michael. Cum. Cum in my mouth,” said Heather removing my cock from her mouth to speak. “I need to swallow you.”

Then, as if she was holding and licking an ice cream cone, she’d smile up at me with my prick poised by her red, full lips. She’d continued to hold, stroke, and lick my prick while kissing my prick before taking me in her mouth to suck my prick again. Then, stroking me faster and sucking me harder, she was determined to make me cum. As if it was her mission of mercy to save me from my horniness and sexual frustration, she was my sexy nurse of erotic pleasure and sexual debauchery.

Thinking that I’d have a medical emergency, it was a good thing Heather was a nurse. She’d stroke my prick so fast and so hard that I thought she’d pull it from my body. She’d suck me so hard and so deep that I feared my testicles would come through my pee hole along with my cum. When someone said that a woman could suck the chrome off a bumper, not that bumpers have chrome anymore, no doubt, they were talking about Heather.

Obviously, not kidding myself that she was a shrinking wallflower, she must have been very popular in nursing school. Without doubt, in the talented way that she sucked cock, a huge understatement, I wasn’t the first man she sucked. Obviously, with women not born with cock sucking skills, it was blatantly obvious to me that my cock wasn’t the only cock she enjoyed sucking. I’d pay to see her at a CFNM strip club sucking whipped cream from strippers’ cocks.

‘Suck it, Heather. Suck it. Suck every bit of whipped cream from their cocks,’ I imagined cheering on my wife.

Most women dabble when giving head, not Heather. Most women give pretend blowjobs, not Heather. Even when they do suck cock, most women don’t swallow. Never wasting a drop of cum by spitting it out of her mouth, heather always swallowed. Most women, even though they say they do, don’t enjoy sucking cock but not Heather. The real deal, a very talented cocksucker, my wife loved sucking cock.

If I counted all the hand jobs and blowjobs I received since I was an 18-year-old, pimple faced kid on prom night, that number paled in comparison to the number of hand jobs and blowjobs that Heather gave me. I’ve never received as many hand jobs and blowjobs since I met Heather. With all of the women I’ve had sex with combined, I’ve never ejaculated as much cum since Heather started giving me countless hand jobs and blowjobs. I’ve never had as much sex since Heather made love to me before fucking me.

With nurses not as modestly moral as the rest of the women in our puritan society, perhaps because they’ve seen so many naked people, I couldn’t help but wonder how many cocks Heather had stroked, sucked and fucked. If there was a crown given for the Blowjob Queen, the crown would be worn by Heather. Nonetheless her sexual past, as long as she stayed true to me once engaged and honored her marriage vows after we’re married, I’d much rather have a whore in my bed than a virgin.

# # #

Yet, something that bothered me more than it obviously troubled her, I was 9-years-older than she was. Having always dated women my age, a year or two younger or older, a big deal to me now than it would be later, I was 31-years-old when I met Heather. Barely an adult, she was 22-years-old and fresh out of nursing school. With her seemingly so innocent and so naïve and with her smiling face and bright, blue eyes, I felt like a pervert sexually seducing someone so young and seemingly so innocent, that is until she took me in her mouth.

“Oh, my God, Heather. I’m going to cum,” I said on our first date and the first time she blew me in my parked car. “Don’t stop. I’m going to cum.” With that all of the encouragement she needed, as if her mouth was a powerful vacuum, she sucked the cum right out of me.

As soon as I said I was going to cum, not thinking that she’d want me to cum in her mouth on our first date, she stroked me faster and harder while sucking me deeper. As soon as I said I was going to cum, not giving her hand or mouth a rest, she continued stroking me harder and faster while sucking me deeper. As soon as I said I was going to cum, not pulling me from her mouth, obviously wanting me to cum in her mouth, she continued sucking me. As soon as I said I was going to cum, she made sure that I did.

Obviously, Heather wasn’t as innocent as I thought she was. Obviously, for a 22-year-old woman, she had more sex than I thought she did. For a 22-year-old woman, no doubt, she had already given more blowjobs than I received in my 31-years of living. Depending if I viewed her as the love of my life or as a whore, depending upon if I embraced her or rejected her, I wasn’t about to kick Heather out of my bed and eject her from my life. Indeed, a keeper, she was one-of-a-kind.

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