My Motherly Duties Ch. 05 – Cass

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I suddenly wake up as I hear my phone vibrate on my nightstand. Lying down, I turn onto my side causing my heavy breasts to roll onto the mattress as I hit the snooze button. Lying on my back again, I stretch and press my bare thighs together, squeezing my clit. I sigh, remembering how ever since my brother Brad came back from college, Heather, my mom, had stopped waking me up with her head between my legs and giving my pussy a shower of kisses, licks, and probes. I woke up much better when she was my alarm clock.

I know that it’s a little selfish of me ’cause she’s been giving me orgasms all year-round. I did live at home with her and bused to school every day while Brad lived up North in a college dorm. I guess her giving Brad the extra love now is to make up for lost time, but I still feel Heather is treating Brad with favoritism. Growing up, she liked my brother way too much more for no goddamn reason. I’m smarter than him. I’m more athletic than him. I have a job and he doesn’t.

“Fuck,” I mutter as I whip the sheets off of my body and expose my skin to the cooler air. “Youngest siblings always have it easier… What does he have that I don’t?” I wonder as I sit up and see the answer to my question on my wall of sex toys: a cock.

This angers me a bit.

Even though Brad is super capable of fucking her hard and deep (which I know from first-hand experience), I know that he doesn’t. When the two of them are together, they kiss, stroke, finger, lick, and even suck in front of me, but his cock is never between her legs.

I scoot down on the bed until my position was in front of the mirror to start my daily skincare routine. But first, I use my hands to cup my breasts towards my face. Left, then right, I lick and suckle my nipples until they were my preferred hardness. I then thoroughly lather my body with my various rubs and oils and spend extra time on my bounteous boobies and finishing with my hands lingering between my legs.

Missing my mother’s morning munches on my pert, pretty pussy, I wonder why she likes spending time with him in bed over me. I’m confident that I can eat pussy better than he can, so if that’s all the sexual pleasure he can give her then I should be the clear favorite- but that’s only if that’s the only thing they do.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I was just about the spitting image of Heather, just taller, a bit more athletic, and less blonde.

I feign a smile and pose in the mirror, flexing my shapely legs and running my fingers through my landing strip. I threw back my shoulders and thrust out my chest as I tuck in my tummy. I frown.

I hurry to my dresser and put on some makeup and brush out my messy hair.

Back to the mirror. Put on another smile. Try some new poses. Frown.

I hurry back to my dresser and put on more makeup, some onto my boobs this time: I contour them so they look bigger. I apply a layer of nail polish to my fingers and toes. Blue. I pull on some black stockings and lastly, a garter belt to keep them up.

Mirror. Smile. Pose. Think.

I was pretty… right?

My smiling fades as I lay back down. Maybe. Hopefully. Surely. Unlikely.

Almost. Definitely. Not.

A thought crept up on me like a spider: if Brad and I fuck behind her back all the time, why couldn’t they do the same behind mines?

I shiver.

No, I tell myself. Brad wouldn’t do that to me… would he?

For better or worse, my thoughts were interrupted by someone saying something in the other room.

“Could you please open the envelope, Mom? That’s the result of that econ exam, right?” My ears perked. It was Brad.

“It is,” she replied with a giggle.

“Then open it!”

“I will, Brad, just give me a minute,” she said before I heard the telltale wet noises that I knew to be them kissing from countless hours of hearing it.

I shut my eyes.

This went on for some time and after a while, I couldn’t help but get turned on. I had to make a decision. Either to rub myself to the sounds of my lover kiss another woman or be normal and sit tight. I blink. “Well,” I think aloud. “If she won’t get me my morning orgasm then I’ll do it myself,” I mutter to myself as I put my fingers between my legs.

Eventually, as I got myself to the edge of climaxing, I hear a slight pop of the suction of their lips breaking and Heather giggling.

“Great. Now you’ve smudged my lipstick,” she says.

“Excuse me, but what? You kissed me!”

“Yes, but you could have easily just said ‘no’.”

“You know I can never say no to Mommy.”

“And that’s what Mommy counts on,” Heather says, giving bursa escort bayan him a quick kiss.

“MomMy, mOMmy,” I say quietly, mocking Heather. So weird.

“Ok, hold on a second- Mom, I have the taste of cherry in my mouth right now… don’t tell me that was your lips.”

She pauses before responding which led me to believe she was blushing- Heather does that a lot- especially around him. “Yes,” she squeaks.

“Mom!” he scolds half-heartedly as I chuckle. “You’re a grown-ass woman and you wear flavored-lipstick?!”

“Can we just move on to what I was about to say?”

He pauses. “Sure, but this isn’t over.”

“Thank you,” she replies as I hear her spit before hearing the slick rhythmic noises that I knew to be a handjob. “Ok… now before I open this, remember the reward system we used to have?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“The reward system? Honey, remember when you were small and scrawny and couldn’t do push-ups, and I set some goals for you with rewards if you completed them?”

“Ohh like-“

“The five push up reward was some movie ticket, the twenty-reward was-“

“-New shoes and the fifty-reward was-“

“A new bike!” They say in unison as they laugh.

I sigh. Growing up, I never had a reward system. Suddenly I gasp as I tickle my g-spot.

“Anyways,” Brad starts. “Thank you for pushing me to work on my body like that. Without you, there’s probably no way I would look as sexy as I do now.”

“Aww,” Heather coos. “No problem, baby. Hey, I’m sure you miss the taste of cherry; thank me by- Ohh,” she moans before I realize what was happening. They started kissing.


I lay there, waiting for their incestuous lip lock to finish as I rub myself. I had no idea where this conversation was going to lead or if it was even going to finish. I knew Heather has work today, and by how things were going-

“Oh Brad,” Heather moans once more. “No pussy! I said no, Brad. Oh my goodness- Brad!” I hear the sound of clothes falling to the floor and someone falling onto a chair. “Mm,” she hums. “You fuck me so fucking well.”

My heart skips, fearing my worst nightmares might be unfolding. Was Brad cheating on me? Was he lying to me when he said he loves me? Did-

Suddenly, Brad grunts. “This is the cherry I’d rather be tasting.”

My ears perk.

“Fuck, you eat that pussy,” she croons as I let out a huge sigh of relief.

“He’s not cheating, just eating her out,” I whisper. “Just eating her.”

“Ohh, don’t stop,” Heather orders. “Don’t you dare fucking stop licking your mother’s labia, alright? Oh, fuck yesss,” she hisses.

As much as I hate Heather, I realize that her talking dirty to my Brad like that was turning me on more than I’d like to admit as I feel my breathing speed up. I spread some cold lube onto my clitoris that I warm up by rubbing with my favorite two-fingered motion while listening intently to her vocals and his slurps.

“Does that pussy taste good? Yeah? Aww, thanks, sweetie!”

I quietly giggle at her innocence as I squirt some more lube on my digits and start fingering, listening intently to my brother’s grunting and licking with Heather’s soft moans.

“Do you know who’s the best, fucking, pussy eater?” she asks, gasping. “Yes, you… fuck.”

My masturbation falters. In my mind, for sure, that was me. Realizing that the person I love the most in this world held that title instead gave me a bittersweet feeling.

However, my self-fucking quickly picked back up as Heather tipped over the edge and into Orgasm Chasm where I was quick to join her, getting fuel from her vulgar vocals and my fast fingers.

Heather was the first to calm down from her climactic high, telling Brad how good he was.

“What can I say?” he replies. “This pussy made me all those years ago. The least I can do is make it happy,” he says as I hear a soft kiss.

“That’s my boy,” Heather giggles.

I hear Brad chuckle softly. “Without it, I probably would have ended up as a wasted cumshot or something.”

“Hey,” she interjects, somewhat stern. “Cumshots aren’t a waste, honey. I read somewhere that they’re good for your skin! Why do you think I wear your cum around the house when Cass is away?”

I blink. My hands gravitate back between my thighs at the thought of that image. The next thing I knew, my knees were behind my ears, lube was working it’s way past my rosebud as I tickled my g-spot. I felt so full.

“Anyway, where were we?” Heather asks.


Suddenly, they both burst out laughing for a reason I didn’t know.

“Oh, gorukle escort the reward system!” Brad remembers.

“Oh my god, yes! Thanks, honey. Hey, Mommy has to leave for work soon so could you be a dear and get some wet naps and clean up this mess?”

“You know I can’t say no to you,” he repeats before I hear him give her a quick peck and leave.

It was a little tough for my finger to make passes with my tight ring holding onto it for dear life. But hearing Brad pad around the house, I realize his erect cock was probably swaying side to side with each step. Closing my eyes, I imagine him coming into my room and fucking my ass. My fingering sped up as I started to open up. ‘”Ff-” ‘uck me’ was what I was about to say before my eyes fly open and my hand covers my mouth. I didn’t want them to hear me.

Eventually, Brad returns with the wipes.

“Thanks,” Heather says to him. “Anyways, I was thinking we bring the reward system back.”

“For this test?”

“Yeah, exactly. For each grade, you’ll get a different reward.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“I thought you would,” Heather giggles again.

“So what kind of rewards will I be getting?”

“I was just about to say that.” She clears her throat. “The rewards you earned when you were younger made your body look better, right?”

After some thought, he responds. “I guess, yeah.”

“Right. so, this reward system is gonna make your body feel better. So, if you get above an 80, you get a blowjob.”

Another pause. “I’m intrigued, but Mom, you give me those all the time!” he says with a chuckle.

“True, but most of those are to wake you up or make you calm for a test or whatever,” Heather explains.

“Right, right… like how the facials are for your skin-“


“And how me eating your pussy is just for the nutritional value of your cum-“

“And is much more convenient and cost-effective than making breakfast.”

“So much more,” Brad chimes in.

“Exactly,” Heather says with a long exhale.

For a moment, there was a brief and awkward silence; but only for a moment.

“So,” Brad starts. “What’s the reward if I get a 90?”

“Oh, well, I was thinking-“

“Wait, before you say that, some of your cum seeped between your butt-cheeks so, so I can wipe it easier, could you please raise your ass off the couch?”

“Oh, sure, honey,” Heather replies. “Actually, how about I just bend over instead? Alright,” she says as I heard the crinkling of the sofa’s leather. “So,” she begins again. “If you get a ninety, you get to put that thick cock somewhere it has never gone before.”

“A condom?” he jokes, making me smile. He was right, not that I was complaining. The feel of his cum jetting into my-

“Brad, please focus, I’m trying to be serious.”

“Sorry, Mom,” he says as I hear him pull another wipe from the pack.

As Heather was thinking of the words to say, I had a scary suspicion about where my brother’s cock was going to go.

“You know, um, well, at one point, I didn’t have you and it was just Cass, your father, and I? Your father and I, you know, we loved each other very much and so, I got pregnant with you and… and do you know where- do you know what part of me you came out of?”

I feel my asshole clench around my finger. I didn’t like where this was going.

“Of course,” he replies. “Out of righht-“

I hear Heather yelp, startling me.

“Please take your fingers out of me,” she squeaks.

“You know I can’t say no to you.”

“Thank you,” she sighs. “So, if you get a ninety,” she pauses as if wondering whether or not she should say what she was about to say as if there were pros and cons that she needed to weigh. Eventually, she decides that the pros outweigh the cons. “If you get a ninety, your cock gets to revisit your place of creation.” She clears her throat.

Next came a stunning silence.

What was she doing? Did she just offer to have..?

No. No way. Impossible. Mom wouldn’t.

But if she did, what would Brad say? He’s always saying shit like ‘he can never say no to her,’ but this is different… right? He loves me. He wouldn’t do this to me. He wouldn’t betray me like this.

But then an intrusive thought re-invades my mind that just wouldn’t go away: What if he loves her more?

“So,” Brad starts as he found his voice. “Do you mean if I get a 90 on this test,” he pauses. “If I get a ninety, we have sex?”

Heather hesitates before answering.

“Yes.” She replies. “Well, only if you want to. Like, you want to right?” bursa merkez escort bayan she asks, with a slight voice crack.

I gulp. Moment of truth.

“Of course I do, Mommy,” he said as I shut my eyes.

I take my fingers from my holes and clean them. I don’t think cumming again was possible after that. Hurt was welling up inside me. I knew that Heather’s ass and tits were bigger than mine, she has decades of experience on me in bed, and how Brad never makes love to me in front of her, but…

My eyes shot open as realization slapped across the face. He always loved her more and I was just too dumb to see it.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck this pussy ever since I got my first boner,” he said, confirming my thoughts.

“Oh, Brad, you flatter meee!” she yelps again before her breath grew ragged. “Young man,” she says in between her gasps. “If you keep licking me like that, you’ll have another mess to clean up.”

My pussy clenches. Was he munching her again?

As I tilt my health to listen, the sounds of sloppy tongue lashes answer my question. I dip my fingers into my pussy before easily sliding them back up my ass, coated in my juices. Perhaps another orgasm in me, after all.

Momentarily, the wet noises stop, but only long enough for Brad to say: “All of your mess will end up on my face, which I’ll proudly wear.” Then, the sounds were back in full force; this time in conjunction with Heather’s moaning, Brad’s growls, and my own fingering.

My mind was a buzz.

I find out that the person I love the most in the world prefers our very own mother to me, but the sounds of him making her cum had my holes begging for release.

“Oh, Brad!” She coos. “You’re feeling naughty today, aren’t you?” she says playfully.

He chuckles. “I’m just doing a thorough job cleaning your ass.”

“Yeah, but- fuck- I think you’re being a little too thorough, wouldn’t you say?”

Was he..?

“Well I think,” he said between licks. “I think that this is completely necessary. What if some of your cum seeped into this little rosebud back here?”

“Then why are you using your finger?” she laughs.

Yup. He was; my brother was fingering my mom in the asshole. I bite my lip to hold back a moan of my own.

“So, what’s the grade I need to get my dick back here?” he says suggestively.

Heather pauses. “Excuse me?”

Uh oh.

“Well,” he pauses. “If I get a ninety, I get this hole.” He pauses as he did something to Heather’s pussy. Whatever he did, Heather did not react. “What do I have to get, to get the other?”

“You can’t do anything,” she said sternly.

“I can’t?”


“Why not?” he inquires.

“Because I said so.”

As I welcome a second finger in my backdoor, I had the same question as Brad: why? Alone, I enjoy butt stuff almost as much as I enjoy front door play, but having both holes involved was the ultimate experience. As I listen to Brad profusely apologize and Heather get up and get dressed, I had to wonder; for what reason would such a sexually comfortable woman like her have for abstaining from anal?

“Mom, please just leave me the envelope so I can know my reward,” he begs.

“How many times do I have to tell you? No!” I hear the door slam shut.

As the house went silent, my fingers froze, before slowly sliding them out and pretending to be asleep. I know what happens next- at least I hoped I did.

Eventually, I hear the sound of footsteps gradually get louder until they stop at my doorstep- it turns out I was right.

But then Brad surprises me by climbing onto my bed, careful not to ‘wake’ me and did what Mom should’ve done this morning: he crawls between my legs and starts kissing up my thighs. A smile crept onto my face as his kisses grow closer and closer to my forbidden zone. When they finally made their incestuous contact, I let out a whimper which he dutifully ignores, focusing on what mattered.

He carries out long, broad strokes with his tongue across my wetness; each lick collecting my wetness like a sponge yet making me release more; each lick licking away any insecurities I had that he didn’t love me; and each lick swelling my appreciation for him as a brother, a friend, and a lover.

And as his mouth ensnares my clit in his tongue and lips and his fingers reach deep inside me and started pulling my inner trigger, my whimpers grow louder and more frequent. But when his thick, powerful fingers start double-teaming me, I lose it. My fidgets turned to violent thrashes as I climax.

He was patient and caring, holding my hips still with one strong masculine arm of his, keeping me where I needed to be as he was working me through my first real orgasm of the day.

Only once my high had partially subsided did he release my little nub and look up at my flushed, gasping face with a look of pure contentment.

He smiles. “Morning, baby.”

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