My Mother’s Transformation

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Double Penetration

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


[[This is my first story. English is not my first language so please have oversight with possible grammatical issues. This is not for everyone so if this topic upsets you please do not read it. This is only the first chapter so it’s more of an introduction into the story. I welcome all feedback and criticism. All characters are 18 or older. Please enjoy!]]

My Mother´s Transformation

Chapter 1

The Descent

I can´t believe what I´m seeing. I´m falling apart. My gut is wrenching itself to death, my breath is falling short, and my dick is involuntarily growing rock hard. There, on the screen, is the most important person in my life. My greatest love in the world, my mother. And she is getting fucked doggy style by the person I hate the most, my bully. She is moaning like a porn actress, her big ass bouncing on his dick, his hands on it while he is balls deep inside her pussy. The pussy I came out of. I break down in tears.


My name is Randy. And this is a true story. I wish it wasn´t. I wish it was just some sick make-believe. But it happened. This is the story of how my mother became a cock-hungry slut, and how things will never be the same.

The Beginning

I woke up that day like any other day. I was a normal, albeit a bit awkward, teenager who had just turned 18. I wasn´t without friends, and I would probably even have a girlfriend had I just not been so socially awkward and downright weird at times. I don´t know why I couldn´t talk to girls the way other guys do. Why I couldn´t flirt and know what to say. To be honest, I was too shy to even try.

It had always been my mom and me. And as I went downstairs there she was, getting breakfast ready. She was my rock in this world. Long, thick and wavy black hair, pouty lips and green almond eyes, a sight of safety and love. Back then I was aware of but would never think about her body. Her full breasts, slightly tanned white skin, and of course her shapely ass. My mom never worked out a day in her life. It was all natural. But she was my mom, basically asexual. She never really had boyfriends or anything. I was her life. But she always made sure to look good. Even now her makeup was perfect, her sleeveless white shirt with her long black skirt that hugged her noticeable ass. She didn´t look like a model or like one of those fitness girls, she looked like a real, beautiful woman with all the fillings in the right places, and yet far from fat. Any man would be lucky to have her.

– Gina: Excited about school? – She asked sarcastically, knowing I hated it – Come on sweety soon enough it´ll be over, why don´t you just try to enjoy it a little? My best days were in high school you know.

– Randy: I hate it mom, just lay off me please.

– Gina: Your impossible…

I would have enjoyed it, I would if it wasn´t for him. Jeff. I hated him. Every day he would taunt me or call me names. Or embarrass me in front of everyone else. Including the girls. And the girls loved him. Everyone knew he had lost his virginity back in junior high. How? He was a total dick, and not very smart either. He just thought he was. We had actually been friends Escort Bayan back in elementary school. But then puberty kicked in, and he became one of the “popular” kids and didn´t want much to do with me. True, he rarely got physical. But he always made fun of me. And I was too much of a wimp to do anything about it.

I arrived at school and everything went well that day. All up until Jeff showed up. Of course, he skipped his early classes. As he got loud cheers from his pals in the hallway he immediately started telling about how spent he was after fucking Sandy all night.

– Seth: Your fucking shittin us man? Sandy? You fucked her?

– Jeff: Bro I´m telling you she came over last night, I was snapchating her, got her all fired up and dropped a casual invite. Come on guys you know how this works it´s not like you´re Randy over there who´s never seen a naked girl.

– Seth: HAHAHHA, hey Randy have you ever seen one man?

– Jeff: Of course he hasn´t he probably doesn´t even watch porn cuz his mommy told him not to!

“Hahahana” was all I heard. As usual, I was too afraid to say anything, so I just left. I heard them laughing in the background as I was leaving. Nothing more really dramatic happened that day, and I went home as usual. Mom wasn´t home yet, so I made myself a snack and went up to my room to play some video games.

A little later my mom came home, I helped her bring in some grosseries, and we sat down to eat.

– Gina: So honey, I joined the rest of the world today and got an Instagram.

– Randy: What?

Somehow this didn´t feel good. I don´t know why, but it didn´t. Mom never had any social media, and now she has an Instagram. It felt like she was, exposed…

– Gina: Yeah I tried to find you but I´m so bad with technology. Can´t you add me or what it´s called?

– Randy: Umm sure, but why did you get an Instagram?

– Gina: Oh Karen was showing me these beautiful pictures at work and said it was really nice and just a bunch of pictures. You know nothing complicated like Facebook. I just thought why not, I mean everyone else has it.

– Randy: Sure what’s your username?

– Gina: xxxxx

As I searched up the name I was even less happy to see she was open. 5 pictures, 2 of her face, 2 modestly dressed but still showing of how good she looked. And then the 5th. A longer tight black dress shot in profile, making it clear her ass was out of the ordinary. I didn´t like it, but it´s not as she was naked. Still, I had a bad feeling.

The Lead-Up

The next day as I walked by Jeff´s table at lunch he shouted out “What up milf hunter?”. At first, I didn´t even think he was talking to me. But as I understood he was, I just looked at him not knowing what he was talking about.

Jeff: I asked you a question man!

Randy: I-I don´t get it.

Jeff: Dude Instagram suggested your mom as a friend to me last night. Holy fuck she´s a real milf! You probably chase her around with your dick out all over the house!

“Hahahahahah” came as a loud chorus from everyone else at the table. Including Sandy who was sitting there as another of Jeff´s slut conquests.

Randy: Dude that´s my mom your talking about.

Jeff: Hey I get it man Bayan Escort I would too if my mom looked like that. It´s a shame she´s not getting any dick lookin that fuckable!

Randy: Fuck off.

Jeff: Well no worries man I´m gonna give it to her goood – he said as he was humping the table and making all his stupid friends and his slut laugh.

I just uttered another barely audible “fuck you” and went over to my own friends.

Ben: Was Jeff being an ass again?

Randy: Yeah.

Will: What did he say?

Randy: He was calling my mom a milf and saying a bunch of inappropriate shit.

Ben: Fuck him man, like she or any other real woman would even look at his sorry ass! Let him feel all important with his high school sluts like Sandy or Angie.

Ben´s words made me feel immediately calmer. Sure Jeff was a dick, but who cares. He would probably shit his pants around my mom anyway. I almost felt like telling her just so she could embarass the fuck out of him in front of his parents. But on second thought it would be too embarassing to even bring up.

As I got home the house was empty as usual. I made myself a snack and went up to play some video games. Mom came home later, she came into my room to say hi then went to shower and prepare dinner. When she called me down I noticed she hadn´t set a plate for herself. I asked her if she wasn´t going to eat, and she said she was going out with some friends from work to eat. Oh ok I thought, it wasn´t that unusual for them to do that.

About a little more than an hour later she was all set to go out, and wow did she look good. High black heels, a tight black skirt that ended right above her knees, and an all-covering tight black sweater with an elegant black coat over it all. Her make-up made her large eyes stand out even more and perfume filled the living room with a wonderful smell I couldn´t identify. The only thing that stood out from her all-black outfit and black hair, was her green emerald necklace I had given her as a present on her last birthday perfectly matching her bright green eyes.

Gina: Do I look good?

Randy: Too good mom all the sleazebags will hit on you – I said laughingly.

Gina: Oh shut up there are a ton of younger girls there for them to hit on. Maybe you should come along and find one for yourself? – she said with a wink in her eyes.

Randy: No thanks I´m all about the business.

She laughed at my no-sense reply and left to the Uber waiting outside after giving me a hug. “I´ll be back around 10-11 at the latest” she said as she almost danced out of the house.

The Night

A little sick of the video games for the day, I sat down to watch a movie. Poured my self some of my moms wine and lit up a cigarette. Aah sweet freedom! I didn´t really drink or smoke, but it was nice to act a little adult when I had the house to myself. As far as the law was concerned I was an adult. A glass here or there my mom wouldn´t notice, and the pack of Lucky Strikes I had hidden away in my room, 3 months later it still wasn´t done. I was no near Jeff who drank every weekend and a lot during the week as well. A pack of cigarettes lasted him a day at the most. That guy will probably die of a heart attack at 40 Escort pounding his mistress or something, I thought to myself.

After two movies and feeling a little tipsy after I broke the one-glass rule, it was slightly past 11 and mom still wasn´t home. I got a little worried and called her, she answered right away.

Gina: Hi sweety is everything ok? – in the background I heard loud music and people talking, mom was talking really loud herself.

Randy: Yeah sure mom just checking if you´re on your way?

Gina: Actually sweety after dinner the girls dragged me along to a bar HAHA! I´ll be here an hour tops.

Randy: Ok mom have fun.

Gina: Love you sweety!

Randy: Love you too mom.

Well that´s a first, mom at a bar… I thought to myself. Oh well, guess she needs some fun too. With no more movies to watch I decided to jack off a little and go to bed.

As the clock was past midnight and mom still wasn´t home I went on Instagram and saw that she had uploaded a story. She was selfie-filming herself, Karen, an average looking woman her age, and Tina, a younger woman around 25 that looked pretty good. Both Karen and Tina were more provocatively dressed than my mom and when she noticed the camera Tina started mock-twerking at it. Mom gave her a playful smack on the butt. She was clearly drunk. I immediately got hard and jacked off to Tina twerking on my dick.

As the clock was now past 1 and no new stories I decided to give mom another call. This time after a few rings it went to voicemail. I tried again and after 3 rings she picked up. But all Í heard was undecipherable noise.

Randy: Mom?

Then I heard a somewhat familiar male voice laughing, music in the background, and then a female voice that sounded like mom out of breath saying “What the fuck”, and the next second the line was dead. I immediately called again but this time no answer and then voicemail. The same thing happened the next 3 times I called. And the next 5. I was besides myself. Was mom ok? What the fuck was going on? Who was that guy in the background? I smoked a cigarette just to calm down and didn´t know what to do. Should I go there? I didn´t even know what bar they were at. I didn´t have Karen´s or Tina´s numbers, and nothing new on Instagram. After what seemed like forever I heard the phone ringing and was overjoyed when I saw “Mom” on the screen.

Randy: Hello?!

Gina: Hii sweety, I´m so sorry I didn´t hear the phone ringing. I´m leaving now I should be home in 30 tops!

Randy: You answered once but it was just a bunch of weird sounds.

Gina: Really? No idea honey I´m coming home now see you soon.

This time, as promised, mom was home in 20. But it was clear her night had been pretty wild. Her hair was not as fixed as it was when she left. Her make-up wasn´t really on point either, and her skirt wasn´t really fixed either. Frankly it looked like she had fallen down, rolled around once and got up again. Also, she was clearly drunk, albeit a bit sobered up. All she told me was that they went to the bar after dinner, had a few drinks, danced, and went home. As for the strange phone call, she insisted it must have been someone in the background talking. Fine, I guess I overreacted but I just got worried. I hugged her, and she kissed me good night, and I could of sworn there was some red on her neck, right around the necklace I gave her.

I finally went to sleep. Blissfully unaware of the horrendous thing that had transpired on this fateful night.

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