My Need

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Big Tits

I pull into the driveway and notice all the lights in the house are off. Walking through the front door, I hear a soft rustle as I close it in the dark. A rough hand suddenly on the back of my neck, shoving me against the wall in the front hallway. My face stings from where it connected as I slammed into it. He’s pushing me with the one hand as his other tears at my skirt, yanking it down without unzipping it and I hear it ripping. Sigh, there goes another. It’s going to be one of THOSE nights, I think breathlessly as I stand there immobile while he furiously rips every bit of clothing from my body.

Finally I’m naked, still pinned, as his hands start roaming over me, rough and hard, pinching, smacking, invading. He presses up against me, his teeth biting into my shoulder as his hands twines into my hair, twisting my head painfully to the side as he bites up my neck, harder with each bite so I’m biting my own lip to keep from crying out. His mouth is at my ear as his free hand shoves between my legs and comes out soaking wet. He pushes harder against me, my breasts smashed against the wall painfully.

“My cunt.” he growls in my ear, gripping my ass and squeezing hard.

“Yes Sir!” I squeak out. His hand leaves my ass and smacks my exposed cheek.

“Shut up. Cunts don’t talk.” He grips my Bycasino hip and pulls it away from the wall, pushing my head down at the same time so I’m bent at a 45 degree angle, face still pressed to the wall.

“Hands on the wall and don’t move.” Hard words, bitten off and I rush to obey. He steps back and I hear the tell tale slide of his belt coming out of the loops in his waist band. I tense, anticipating that first hard slap, and he doesn’t disappoint me. Crack! Immediately my eyes start to water as I absorb the first sting. Crack! Crack! Crack! In quick succession. I let out a whimper and immediately feel his hand in my hair again, jerking me and back against him painfully.

“What did I say, cunt? Not another sound.” And I’m back against the wall again, bent, as he works on my backside, my thighs. The pain is intense, tears streaming freely now, but I’m determined not to make a sound. I feel like my entire body is on fire, but he’s not slowing, continuing to rain down blow after blow in a steady rhythm until I can’t bear it anymore and a loud sob escapes me. Immediately the belt stops and his hand is in my hair, pulling me up and turning me towards him this time, walking me back until I feel the cool wall against my burning bum. His hand slides around to my throat, pressing back so I can barely Bycasino giriş breathe, pinned between him and the wall.

“Having a hard time following instructions? I said not a sound. Your mouth tonight is not for communicating. YOU are nothing but holes for me to fuck. On your knees.” As his hand on my throat pushes my roughly down. He’s already unzipped and hard, jutting out at me as I fall. His hands grip either side of my head as he pushes his cock into my open mouth, all the way to the back if my throat and deeper, his hands pulling me onto him as he shoves, then he shoves harder, pressing my head back against the wall and I can’t breathe, my throat constricting around his cock as he starts thrusting in and out. I feel my head bang against the wall with each in thrust as he fucks my mouth, viciously, violently, spit and saliva pouring out of my mouth as I gag and choke on him, which only serves to motivate him to fuck my face harder. Fast and faster now so I don’t even have time to gasp between thrusts. My vision goes black and my knees buckle and suddenly I know no more.

I come to as we walk into the bedroom, but everything is upside down and swaying. I realize I am hanging over his shoulder a split second before he dumps me roughly on the bed. I move to scramble across the bed, seeking Bycasino deneme bonusu a moment to get my bearings, but he grabs my ankles, yanking me back to the edge of the bed, flipping me onto my back. Holding my feet in the air, spread wide, he glares down at me.

“You passed out cunt. How am I supposed to enjoy myself on an unconscious little girl?” He asks as he shoves into me. I’m wet but so tight, stretching deliciously around him as he buries himself inside me. My eyes roll back and he slaps me, hard.

“Look at me.” I stare up at him as he slams into me, over and over.

His hands leave my ankles and reach for my breasts, gripping and squeezing, so hard my eyes start to water again. He sees this and his grin grows. He squeezes harder, still pumping ferociously into me. I cry out and he slaps me again, a triumphant gleam in his eyes. Again and I feel myself tightening around him, my orgasm building. Another hard slap and I nearly cum but he abruptly pulls out of me, climbing onto the bed, straddling me, gripping my head again and forcing his cock into my mouth, hard and deep, bruising the back of my throat as his head slams into it. I gag and struggle but he only pulls me tighter to him, my face smashed against his abdomen as he fucks my mouth. Suddenly he releases my head and surges over me, pushing with all his weight straight down my throat. I’m pinned beneath him as he starts to cum, snarling as his seed shoots already halfway down my throat, right to my stomach. Groaning, he rolls off of me and we both lay there gasping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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