My Neighbor’s Submissive Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Reality

My phone rang at seven AM, jolting me out of my deep slumber. I fumbled to find it and groggily looked at the number, as the paralysis of sleep slowly ebbed from my bloodstream. It was him. Adrenaline rushed in, the way it does when you oversleep and realize you are late for an important meeting.

I answered, “Good morning, Sir, did you sleep well?”

“I did, yes,” he responded, “but you missed my text earlier. I’ve been since six o’clock, and I had to make my own coffee.”

A lesson delivered clearly and succinctly.

Mortified, I stammered a sincere apology. “I am very sorry, Sir, I was soundly sleeping. I was very tired from..”

“marissa, I am not interested in why you didn’t answer my text, nor do I care to hear your apologies. You will fall short quite often until you are fully trained. What I expect is your commitment to make mistakes only one time, and to learn from them.”

“I understand, Sir. It will never happen again,” I committed.

“What won’t happen again, marissa?”

I fell back on my lesson from yesterday to be more specific. “Sir I will never fail to reply to your text in a timely manner.”

“marissa, that is a ridiculous thing to promise. You most certainly will miss another text at some point. Try again, what is it that you have learned today?”

I thought about it and realized quickly what he meant. “Sir, I have learned that you rise at six o’clock, and that you expect coffee at that time.” I paused. He waited. “Sir, if it pleases you, I would be honored to prepare and bring you coffee each morning at six o’clock. If I may ask, please instruct me how you like it, and I will make it such.”

“That’s better, marissa. I like my coffee black.”

“Is there something else I can do for you this morning, Sir?”

“Yes, it’s why I called you. Come over as soon as you can. My cup needs a refill.” He hung up, before I could acknowledge.

I hurriedly attended to my personal needs, showered, shaved, applied my make-up, wig, and dressed in a merlot, sleeved dress that stopped above the knee, accessories and black four-inch pumps. Not the most appropriate attire, perhaps, for a Sunday morning, but as a newly outed sissy, I was eager to show off my styles.

I rang his doorbell and waited. After five minutes, I rang a second time, and waited some more. Several cars drove by, and I could feel the drivers’ eyes burning into me as I stood there, exposed. Finally, I realized that since he had ordered me over, he simply wanted me to come in. I opened the door and announced my presence.

He called from the bedroom, “marissa, did you see my newspaper in the driveway?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied. Being a quick study, I asked no further question, and went back outside and up his driveway, where I retrieved the daily compilation of depressing stories and advertisements, lying in a plastic bag at the grassline near the street. In the daylight, that far from his house, I felt very exposed and vulnerable to discovery, a situation that I’m sure he rather enjoyed. A furtive glance up and down the block only served to confirm that if I was revealed, it was not obvious. However, understanding that my morning ritual would be to bring his coffee and newspaper, revelation was only a question of time.

“There’s a serving tray in the dining room,” was the greeting I received on reentry. I went into full service mode, and carefully arranged his coffee, newspaper and a napkin, and carried it upstairs.

I had not expected him to be naked, but there he was, relaxed, on his bed, reading. It was my first time in his bedroom, and I instinctively waited at the threshold until he acknowledged me, which might have been thirty seconds. During that time, I looked furtively at his magnificent cock, which was soft and yet still larger than mine at its most erect, a state I found myself moving toward.

“There you are, finally,” he said, offering both my cue and a mild reproach. I entered and moved to his bedside. See him make no movement, I carefully moved the items I’d brought to his night table, turning the cup handle so it was easily reached. I waited for his next word or movement. We were clearly on his time, not mine.

“It’s best if you wait over there,” he instructed, pointing to a corner of the bedroom next to the window and dresser. I retreated to the spot that I would come to know quite well over time, as he sipped his coffee and started on the newspaper, a cursed thing that mostly blocked my view of him, other than when he swapped out sections. Still, I felt happy to be in his presence, and although there wasn’t a ‘thank you’ I felt that he was pleased with me.

After a while, he put the last section of paper down. I could see that the situation was amusing him, because his cock was enlarged. Not hard yet, but definitely indicating arousal. He looked at me and asked, “is there something you want, marissa?”

“Yes, Sir. I would like to suck your cock again. It is beautiful, and I loved sucking you last night. Pendik Grup Escort If you’ll allow me, I think I will do a better job today, and bring you more pleasure.”

“I see,” he replied. “Still, you weren’t here when I needed you earlier, and you were slow to arrive and I had to tell you about the newspaper. I would have thought you would anticipate that last. And anyway, it’s just coffee and a paper. Not a big deal. So, tell me. Do you think you have earned a reward?”

Crestfallen, but understanding his view, I replied, “No Sir, I do not think I have earned the right to suck your cock today.” But I was quick to deduce that, since he’d had me stay around, there was a chance of redemption. “Sir, is there another task that I can perform for you?”

“Why, so you can suck my cock?”

I thought carefully before responding, and realized something important about myself, my yearnings, and his expectations.

“Sir, there is no higher reward for me than to be permitted to suck your cock. However, doing any task for you, such that your life is made easier, would be a task that I would be honored to perform.” As I said the words, I realized how true they were. Yes, I was crazy for his cock, but I was equally obsessed with making him happy in any way that I could.

“Good answer, marissa,” he said, smiling. “My laundry needs attending. Also, the bathrooms need to be cleaned. But you are not dressed for those tasks.”

“Sir, I would be honored to do those tasks for you. I don’t mind doing them in …”

“Go into the second bedroom, you’ll find something more appropriate in there,” he interrupted.

I had some notion of what I might expect, having an active imagination and many fantasies, but what I saw took my breath away. It was lying across the bed, a complete ensemble, all satin and lace. A sissy french maid uniform, complete with apron and headpiece, with ruffles everywhere and lace around the collar and hem. The color was the very definition of pink, as were the five-inch heels that were set by the bed. My initial shock was replaced by excitement. My Master actually wanted to emasculate me even further, to bring out my sissy nature in full bloom. He was not one to do things part way. No, we would be venturing deep into this new relationship. I felt like I was on a roller-coaster, and having left the platform, all I could do was settle in, hold on and enjoy the ride.

Everything fit perfectly, which surprised me. On the night table I found three small padlocks. There were not for decoration, and I knew what was expected. I locked each heel onto my feet, and with some effort managed to lock the dress on as well. After adjusting the headband and checking myself out in the mirror, I made my way back to Edmund’s bedroom. He again had me wait at the threshold, and after a minute or so, apparently satisfied that I would wait until called, he looked up.

“Come,” was all he said.

I entered, and proceeded to display myself from all angles at his command.

“marissa, you look beautiful in that uniform. How does it feel?”

“Sir, it fits perfectly and feels very nice to wear.”

“And how does it make you feel?”

“Sir, I feel like a true servant. This uniform makes me feel not as though it was made for me, but rather that I was made for the it.”

He smiled. “I’m glad you feel that way. I was thinking the same thing.” After a pause, he asked me another question. “How do maids typically behave when entering and leaving a room where their Master is present?”

Having fantasized about this situation many times, I knew the answer immediately, but admitting as much was difficult. I finally found the words. “Sir, a good sissy maid will correctly judge whether to enter immediately or await her signal, she will curtsey each time she is entering and leaving her Master’s presence, she will remain silent unless given permission to speak, and she will also correctly judge whether to depart immediately or await dismissal.”

“Exactly correct, marissa. Would you like those rules apply to you when you are dressed as a sissy maid?”

“Yes, Sir, if it pleases you” I replied eagerly.

“Very well, marissa. You are dismissed.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I replied, and followed with my first attempt at a curtsey. It was a clumsy attempt, and I realized that I needed to practice that maneuver. He said nothing, but I could see by his expression that he was impressed. I vowed to nail it quickly.

Over the next several hours, I started two loads of laundry, and while waiting for the first dryer cycle, I proceeded to scrub and clean his bathrooms. When the first dryer load finished, I ironed his shirts and pants, hanging them in his closet. I removed his clothes from each dresser drawer, refolding and organizing them carefully and neatly, separating colors. I lingered over the briefs in one drawer, taking far longer to organize them than necessary, jealous of how they spent their days in proximity to his cock. I found joy in performing each Pendik Manken Escort task, knowing that every action I was taking was making Edmund’s life easier and more enjoyable. I took great care to perform each task as perfectly as I was able.

In the meantime, Edmund had gone down to his study, and realizing where he was I was as quiet as I could be, so as not to disturb him. He came up a while later and changed into his running attire. He left for his run, leaving me alone in his house to tend to my domestic duties for the first time. I took that opportunity to run the vacuum over all, knowing how loud and annoying the sound is.

I had finished all the laundry, bathrooms and vacuuming, and was just finishing up rearranging his clothes drawers when he came home, all sweaty and hot, and so amazingly sexy. He entered the bedroom, and I stopped what I was doing, and curtsied. He shed his clothes on the floor as he moved toward the bathroom, and I watched his bare ass below his muscular back as he walked away.

“Have a towel ready for me, marissa,” was all he said.

He stepped into the shower, as I entered the bathroom. I selected a towel, and proceeded to kneel by the shower door, so that he could reach it easily upon exit. I stole a glance at his magnificent body while he lathered up and washed away the sweat, and cooled down under the soothing spray. He stepped out right in front of me, took the towel and dried his head, face arms, and torso. His cock was mere inches from my face, and I was captivated by it. He handed me the towel and moved his leg forward. I carefully dried each leg and foot, and then started patting his cock and balls, lifting them to dry underneath. He turned around and I dried his ass. Such a beautiful, muscular, masculine ass.

He bent forward, slightly, leaning on the vanity, and an audible groan came from my lips.

“Do you like what you see, marissa?”

“Yes, Sir, your body is beautiful from every angle,” I replied.

He held his pose, and with that offered unspoken permission for me to continue speaking.

“Sir, if it pleases you, may I kiss you there?”

“Kiss me where?”

“Sir, may I kiss your ass?”

“Isn’t that what you’ve been doing since we met?” He laughed.

I laughed, but more from profound embarrassment. He was right, I’d been metaphorically kissing his ass the whole time I’d known him. Now I was asking permission to actually do it.

“Yes, Sir, it’s true.”

“Well, get to work then, show me how much you love being an asskisser.”

I planted my lips on one cheek, then the other, as a way of starting. With each kiss, I became more enthralled, and my passion increased exponentially. My kisses moved all around his firm and manly posterior, migrating closer and closer to the center. I kissed him up and down in there, ever so close to his rear passage. It drew me to it, and when I could hesitate no longer, I planted a reverent and passionate kiss directly upon his asshole. I heard pleasurable sounds filling the room, and realized they were not all of my making. He was enjoying my ministrations, and so I redoubled my efforts. My hands parted his cheeks further and I french kissed his asshole, making passionate love to it with my lips. My tongue darted out and I licked and tickled his nether opening as though it were the love of my life. He adjusted slightly to make himself more comfortable. With neither forethought nor permission, I stiffened my tongue and started probing, invading his opening, trying to make his experience one he would not soon forget.

“That’s it, marissa,” he whispered hoarsely, “stick your tongue in there, deep as you can. Worship my asshole, show me how you love it.”

I wished my tongue were longer. I pushed as deep as I could, straining my neck to get an extra millimeter of penetration. I wiggled it around, and stabbed in and out, trying every technique I could think of to maximize his pleasure and show my utter devotion to the task.

The thought occurred to me how far I’d gone in debasing myself. Here I was locked in a pink sissy maid uniform, with my tongue up his ass as far as it would go. My body shuddered, and I moaned deeply into his canal. My panties felt damp. I realized that I had orgasmed from the act of worship I was performing.

Edmund suddenly spun around, and his cock nearly knocked me over, so large and so rigid it was. He grabbed my head and without ceremony, thrust his massive tool into my mouth, and began fucking my face. His performance was dominating. I relaxed my body and felt his power as he thrust repeatedly, forcefully and deeply into my willing and eager oral cavity. This was a power fuck, and it would not last long. His strong hands held my head; I would have been unable to stop him, had I been so inclined. But there was no thought of stopping. I was in awe of him at that moment, a raw animal lust having overtaken his normally staid demeanor, I knew that I had brought him to this point, and I gave myself to him fully, needing Pendik Masöz Escort perhaps as much as he did, to bring him through to the conclusion. I was a vessel for this powerful force of nature, and that was all wanted out of life at that moment.

His breaths shortened and grew louder, and his cock grew even harder. Suddenly he pulled out, and began jerking his massive erection in his powerful hands. I knew what was about to happen, and I looked up at him in awe and lust. He looked into my eyes as he grunted, and shot jet after jet of hot, milky ejaculate all over my face. It covered my forehead, pooled in my eyes, stretched across both cheeks, and over my nose, my lips and my chin. There was so much, and it was so warm and wet and wonderful. He put his still hard cock back into my mouth, but this time allowed me to control the action. I suckled on his flesh, reveling in the heat and texture. I felt more ejaculate, perhaps another spurt or two, and it tasted devine. He pulled out and leaned against the vanity. The cum on my face started to drip, and I caught all that I could and tried to channel it into my mouth, so ravenous was I for his seed.

I reach out and took him back into my mouth, bathing his cock in my mouthful of cum, until he was soft, at which point he withdrew again. He stepped back into the shower to rinse off, while I waited, kneeling, my face surely a wreck, and reflected on my day so far. I had worshiped my Master’s ass, and he’d fucked my mouth and marked my face with his cum. This after having performed domestic duties for him. It was only around noon on the second day of my true submission to my Master. I was in heaven. I loved this man. I loved my new life.

It occured to me in a flash that he would need a new, dry towel, and I was almost too late in coming out of my blissful state. I managed to grab a clean towel and handed it to him as he emerged a second time. This time he dried himself as I waited. “Clean yourself up,and clean the bathroom, then meet me in the study,” he commanded.

I found him at his desk, studying. He nodded me in after a few minutes. He handed me a redlined research paper he’d been working on. It was a hundred pages or more. “Incorporate these changes into the document, marissa. I’m going out. I expect it to be finished when I return. I also expect it to be mistake free.”

“Yes, Sir, I will do my best,” I replied.

“Of course you will. Your best needs to be timely and error free.”

I set to work, as I heard the garage door open and close. Again, I found myself alone in his house, doing another menial task, one that he should not spend his valuable time and energy doing. It excited me to be used in this way, but I was anxious, because I didn’t know how much time I had to finish. I am a fast typer, and I have a good method for ensuring that each redline is incorporated. I highlight each as I go. I made rapid progress, and felt confident that my changes were accurate. The research paper was a study of the psychology of power, and how certain people are able to bend others to their will. The later sections of the paper had some rather shocking examples of power display by Dominants over their submissives. It was clear that he wanted me to know what was happening, and what might happen, as though he knew that there was nothing I could or would do to stop it. Truth be told, I was quite excited, and terrified, by what I read. I doubted that I could endure most of the examples that I read and edited, but I hoped that if he demanded it that I would learn how. The reader will hopefully forgive me for not elaborating, so that these things will be revealed as the occurred.

Three hours elapsed, and I had completed the edits. I had just begun a second pass to ensure no errors, when the sound of the garage door brought me to full alert. I knew that I was prone to typographical errors and for the first time, I was fearful that I would fail his test. He didn’t come to the study immediately, and I took every extra second to recheck page after page. I was just over halfway through when he entered. Instinctively, I stood at attention, hands in front, eyes down.

“Save the file to my cloud and log off. I will read it from my den.” He commanded. “Put away the groceries that I bought. Take careful note as you do of what I like. If you finish, then find something productive to do while you wait for me to call you in.” I did as ordered, moving quickly and quietly to place his purchases in their logical places. Not having been summoned, I found the cleaning supplies and set to disinfecting and cleaning his countertops, stove, and sink. Next, I wiped down his cabinets, and swept the floor. How was it that these tasks caused an erection? I was about to start wet mopping when he beckoned.

I curtsied as required, but the moment I entered, I knew I was in trouble. “This is your best, marissa?” He was shaking his head, clearly disappointed. “I’m sorry, Sir, I ran out of…”

The hand came up,and I stopped talking. “Every word of excuse you spoke, will add to your punishment. There were three mistakes in the first fifty pages, and fourteen more in the rest. Seventeen errors. Had I not caught them, you would have caused me great embarrassment when I turned this paper in. I am very disappointed in you. I expected better.”

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